Armipotent by HotIce (Read for Free, 889,791 Clicks)

Tang Shaoyang, an orphan who dropped out of the middle school to fight on the street as he found out school was useless for a penniless orphan like him.Tang Shaoyang dropped out of his school, fighting on the street, and made a name for himself. Berserker Tang from Youyouliucun.Afterward, Dragon Wing triad recruited him and everything was good for him. Even though the public deemed him as a tumor of society, Tang Shaoyang was having a decent life. Until one day, everything changed as an absurd and strange game started.[… Game starts! Stage one: Survival for The Fittest!]After the game started, zombies appeared out of nowhere.

Armipotent by HotIce

#System   #Kingdom Building   #Apocalypse   #R-18   #Level System

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