Blackbird by Anna Carey (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

From the author of the Eve trilogy comes the breathless story of a girl racing to figure out who she is—and how to stay alive. When a nameless girl wakes up on the subway tracks, she knows only one thing for sure: people want her dead. Can she find them before they track her down? This pulse-pounding contemporary thriller is perfect for fans of The Maze Runner, The Darkest Minds, and Legend.
*Things I Know Are True: *
I am in Los Angeles
I woke up on the train tracks at the Vermont/Sunset station
I am a teenage girl
I have long black hair
I have a bird tattoo on the inside of my right wri… show more ▼st with the letters and numbers FNV02198
People are trying to kill me

Blackbird by Anna Carey——Published in 2014

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