Dangerous Obsession by Cristiane Serruya (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

My desire for Sophia consumes me night and day. I know my jealousy pushed her away, but I’ll do anything get her back. Even if that means dealing with shady, underground lords.
I’m enthralled with Sophia. Now that she’s finally agreed to be in a relationship with me, I’ll start to push her boundaries, introducing her to my darker side. But I’ll need to be careful, so I don’t scare her away. She’s too good to lose.
I’m excited by Alistair’s kinkiness but scared, at the same time. I wonder if I can tame him. But what if I do and he finds out about my terrible pas… show more ▼t misdeeds and then rejects me. Because, really…who wouldn’t?
Beauty, BDSM, and billionaires come together in a sexy contemporary romance romp. Steamy and suspenseful, if you liked E.L. James’ Fifty Shades or the titillating tales of J. Kenner, you’ll LOVE the TRUST series! USA TODAY Bestselling Author Cristiane Serruya does it again with another love story. Don’t wait and one-click today!

Dangerous Obsession by Cristiane Serruya——Published in 2013

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