Desired by Dragons (Dragon Shifter Mega Bundle) by Scarlett Grove (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

The ultimate dragon mega-bundle from Scarlett Grove
For the first time, all the dragon shifter stories that have enthralled Scarlett’s readers have been gathered into one huge collection. Here’s what you’ll find inside:
Alien Commander’s Bride: Lexi Garcia will do anything to protect her family … even mate with one of the Draconians she hates. If only Commander Nash Or weren’t so sweet … and sexy.
Alien Warrior’s Mate: Loretta Franklin has come to New York looking for a job, but General Mylash Shin has other plans. He’s certain she’s his mate … but can he convince her to leave her fam… show more ▼ily and her planet for a life among the stars?
Alien Fighter’s Woman: Tabby Wilson joins the Draconian mating lottery to escape a dangerous threat. Commando Oro Nix is busy defending Earth … but he can’t resist his human bride. When Tabby’s trouble follows them both, can they survive?
Alien General’s Wife: Indigo Robertson is too shattered by grief to accept love … even when it’s offered by her new mate, Vlosh Torr. When the Draconians’ ancient enemies invade Earth, can Indigo and Vlosh join together to defeat them?
Alien Architect’s Bride: Octavia Reynolds is determined to stop Draconian Grand Architect Joss Noro from turning what’s left of her beloved New York City into another Draconian colony – and that’s before she discovers he’s her mate. Will Joss let a “backward” human persuade him, or will his stubbornness destroy their relationship?
Fire Dragon’s Baby: Celeste longs for a family of her own. But her Galatonian mate, Fire Prince Salvatt Dorr, is trapped on his planet, fighting off territorial challengers and the looming madness of the mating thrall. Can she reach him in time?
Air Dragon’s Baby: Space pilot Sophia Castillo takes a huge gamble when she agrees to travel across the galaxies to reach her mate, Galatonian Air Prince Elair Purr. When her ship is attacked by the Mulgor, Elair must risk everything to save her – and their child.
Water Dragon’s Baby: Schoolteacher Ella Turner stops playing it safe when she enters the mating lottery. Her mate, Galatonian Water Prince Shay Vishak, will die if she doesn’t accept him. But the Mulgor are lying in wait for Ella’s ship … can Shay rescue her in time, and still defend his kingdom?
Earth Dragon’s Baby: Cora Brighton and her mate, Earth Prince Magmus Murcul, must work together to reach each other, consummate their fated love, and then defeat the Mulgor once and for all. But will they have a home to return to if they succeed?
The Dragon Princes of Endor
This four-part completed serial follows the saga of Dani, Conyac, and Trav. Destiny, passion, and danger await as the princes struggle to save their world…and Dani is forced to choose between them.
The Event: The sun goes dark, magic returns to the world…and Orion Silverdrake, a dragon-shifter alien, appears in nerdy librarian Lucia Amador’s apartment to tell her that not only is she the reincarnation of a powerful witch — she’s his mate. Can Lucia accept her new reality?
Alpha Dragon’s Virgin Bride: Desdemona Hawthorn takes refuge with other newly-awakened witches, only to find herself wrestling with memories of a previous life, when she had two powerful suitors: -both of whom seek to claim her again, in her present world. But with an evil alliance of vampires and dragons trying to take over the planet, how can she trust either one of them?
The White Queen: Ice dragon Joon D’Fray is a genetic biologist. She’s searching for a cure to the plague that has left the Draxos race with almost no females. But on her twenty-first birthday, her life changes forever.

Desired by Dragons (Dragon Shifter Mega Bundle) by Scarlett Grove——Published in 2018

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