Exotic Desires Vol. 2 by M. S. Parker (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

When I discovered that Nami was born into royalty, I knew that she was right. Our worlds didn’t belong together. We needed to move on. The problem was, I didn’t know if I could.
Reed Stirling is trying hard to forget ever meeting the exotic princess who crossed his path in Europe, but as much as he’s trying, he can’t. As he heads back to Philadelphia, he knows he has a choice to make, a choice that is going to change the direction of his life forever.
All Nami Carr wanted was to experience a couple days like a normal person. She’d told herself that she could let Reed go and focus on her du… show more ▼ty for her country. Now, she isn’t so sure.
Don’t miss the exciting second book of M.S. Parker’s newest smoking series, Exotic Desires.

Exotic Desires Vol. 2 by M. S. Parker——Published in 2015

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