Falcondell (The Devil’s Son) by S J Crabb (Read for Free, 151,559 Views)

What happens when you go to school with the ultimate bad boy? Grace Gray soon finds out as there isn’t a hotter girl around than her and despite her attempts to stay hidden with Ash Knight around it proves impossible. The trouble is Grace has a secret that must be protected at all costs because if it is discovered then there will be Hell to pay.New school, new family, new life? Having moved around all of her life Grace longs to settle down and live life as a normal girl. The trouble is she is far from normal and is protecting a secret that must never be discovered. So who’s great idea was it t… show more ▼o send her to live in a town rooted in fear and at the mercy of the Knight family? Jake Knight rules the town through violence and intimidation and nobody gets in his way. His nephew Ash is the leader of the most feared gang in the area and is used to getting what he wants. It’s never difficult for him as there is not a hotter guy around than him and he just takes whatever or whoever he wants. Grace has other ideas though and vows to keep well hidden from him by joining the “Invisibles.” With her cousin Gabe as her protector she cannot fail – or so she thinks.However Ash soon discovers that not everything in life is easy and he finds himself in unfamiliar territory. Fighting demons of his own he is drawn to Grace like a moth to a flame. His evil girlfriend Skylar is not about to let him go easily and you would not want to get on the wrong side of her. No, High school is never easy and what happens at Falcondell is the stuff of nightmares. If you like a good High school romance with a bad boy to die for then this is for you. Can somebody who is so good ever be with somebody who is completely evil? Ash and Grace are at opposite sides of the spectrum and this year changes them both forever.

Falcondell (The Devil’s Son) by S J Crabb——Published in 2016

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