Fanfic: 2021 Idea Test Bed Bunny Farm by Genuka (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: What it says on the title.Anything that evolves past Bunny/Drabble/Outline will gain its own separate posting.First up! The Worm – Wildbow universe!

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Summary: Summary:

What it says on the title.Anything that evolves past Bunny/Drabble/Outline will gain its own separate posting.First up! The Worm – Wildbow universe!

Notes: Notes:

FYI: I now have a collection open for those who want to treat my bunnies as prompts! Have fun!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

(See the end of the work for more notes.),Notes:
This Bunny Farm was requested by a reader to slot all my bunny ideas into as I have done before actually having enough to post at least a first chapter beyond a drabble or bunny. This way people can share ideas or point out my logic flaws to be fixed in a more filled out story.Enjoy!

Chapter 1: Worm – Healer’s Rebirth (bunny/outline)

Chapter Text
Plot Bunny:
Panacea – Amy Dallon, wakes up one morning with an extra set of memories from someone. Currently leaning towards: Adult Harry Potter / Tony Stark / Stephen Strange (possibly better option) / Taylor Herbert (after Gold Morning) – anyone selected might have read random bits of Worm or a fanfic from Worm either in the past life or in the in between state of death- Coil Memories not recommendedAfter waking as Panacea and integrating the new memories gets into discussion/argument with Shaper Shard. Bargains a change in “destructive nudges”. This results in notifying the PRT that a powers requirement for developing and occasionally using Shaper for combat has been neglected and would they help set up something please? This may or may not have the Dallons in trouble and Panacea taken away from them under neglectful or abusive care reasoning.{{Panacea Amalgam removed from the care of New Wave as a failure to nurture or variant of abuse because biotinker going insane from inappropriate power uses is bad.}}Shaper Host highjacks or acquires Administrator Shard from Taylor or intercepts it in some fashion – alternately becomes friends/business partners/teammates with Taylor. Contessa helps somehow?Irritated Bookworm suggested tossing in Avatar tLA pieces and memories from Aang for Taylor but Katara for Amy with attached elemental bending. I randomly wondered what would happen if Zuko’s memories popped up in someone, mainly thinking of Amy or Taylor but also wondering about Uncle Iroh’s memories… Azula’s onto Coil or one of the Slaughter House Nine? Maybe on Jack Slash?
Starting Snippet/Drabble on this one – Memories to be merged undecided:
[~*.^.*~]Panacea woke where she had crashed in a chair in the hospital break area. The only thing different to what her fog and exhaustion clouded memories told her at least physically was the small fleece blanket thrown over her. It took her a few tries standing up for her mind to realize she was stuck, paralyzed and unable to move anything but her eyes and eyelids. The fear and panic struck her before she reflexively reached for her power to try and check what was wrong even though she had proven to herself time and time again that she couldn’t use her power on herself. In her panic something small in the back of her head snapped and suddenly she had a mental sliding switch in the back of her mind labeled self, others, and off.Before she could gather her wits to investigate it further something else slotted into place as she was swept up into a new set of memories. Memories that didn’t originally belong to one Amy Dallon/Panacea or at least not this version of her. Gasping she tried to fight her way free of the memories, ignoring them in favor of stability as her sudden movement sent her sprawling on the floor. Her head hit the floor sharply and her mind crashed into blackness.

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