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Description: 26 letters x 26 drabbles per letter = 676 drabbles. Oh lord.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyHermione Granger/Severus SnapeHermione Granger Severus SnapeDrabbles Yes again look – Freeform I like them ok? Other Additional Tags to Be Added Will update as necessary

Summary: Summary:

26 letters x 26 drabbles per letter = 676 drabbles. Oh lord.

Notes: Notes:

The prompt list I’m using comes from seaside-writings here: will update, tag, and warn as needed.

Chapter 1: A

Chapter Text


The tiny kitten mewled pathetically, but no one heard it. It curled its paws further under its thin body, fighting against a shiver as the wind blew through the rotten boards of the porch it hid under.

Warmth bloomed around it as something heavy settled over it. The kitten looked up with a startled squeak.

¡°Ease up, kid,¡± a large orange cat said. He nuzzled the kitten to tuck it more firmly under his fluff. ¡°I¡¯ve got a place for you, but we¡¯ve got to get you warm first.¡±


The big cat smiled. ¡°I¡¯m Crookshanks. You¡¯ll love my owner.¡±

¡°So, what do you think?¡± The slimy man smiled, his thin lips pulling back painfully to show sharpened teeth that seemed barely human. Hermione fought down a shudder, reminding herself that she was a Gryffindor and didn¡¯t get unnerved by the near-paranormal.

¡°You swear this will work?¡± she asked instead. His grin widened.

¡°On the river Styx, if you wish.¡±?

She took a deep breath, released it slowly, then nodded. ¡°We have an accord.¡±

The skeletally thin man moved instantly, slicing her across the abdomen. Blood spilled, instantly absorbed into the shroud below.?

¡°He won¡¯t thank you.¡±

¡°Eventually he might.¡±

¡°Capricorn and Virgo are shining bright tonight,¡± Luna observed. Beside her, Parvati snorted.

¡°They¡¯re not even in the same hemisphere, Luna. Honestly. Leave astrology to a real Seer, all right?¡±?

Luna didn¡¯t respond, her attention focused on the quiet couple on the far side of the pub. Severus Snape, still just as dark and dour as ever, sat across from the newest professor at Hogwarts, Hermione Granger. She was speaking passionately about something, her cheeks tinted pink.

And though they weren¡¯t touching, their auras entwined with rapturous light.

Luna chuckled. ¡°Of course, Parvati. You¡¯re right. I know nothing about astrology.¡±

For some, adventure was a word that smelled of the undisturbed dust from eons ago. For others, it carried the oppressive humidity of the rainforest. Still others felt the heart pounding terror of escape with a stolen artifact.?

But for Hermione, adventure now took a different form.

¡°This is impossible,¡± her husband muttered. She looked up from the most beautiful baby in the world to smile at Severus¡¯ struggle in the Muggle car.

¡°You solved that puzzle in Egypt.¡±

His voice was muffled as he strained to connect a clip. ¡°That was easier than this car seat, I assure you.¡±

The breeze blew her hammock gently and flicked the brim of the oversized hat she wore, but Hermione didn¡¯t mind. She was comfortable in the shade with a tall glass of water- lots of ice and a slice of lemon, just she liked it- on a low side table within easy reach. Her book had fallen and she hoped the pages weren¡¯t getting bent. She¡¯d fetch it in a minute.

¡°You¡¯re stuck, aren¡¯t you?¡± Severus asked, his deep voice heavy with humor.?

She gestured to her distended belly. ¡°Remember that flipped tortoise we found?¡±

¡°…I wasn¡¯t going to say anything.¡±

¡°And in this room, I was thinking we could go Baroque,¡± Lavender said, crossing through the threshold to yet another giant room. Malfoy Manor had, on Draco¡¯s forfeiture, passed into Severus¡¯ hands. And since their marriage, what was his was also hers.

And apparently Lavender¡¯s, or so it seemed. Hermione shook her head in wonder at the enthusiasm the blonde woman showed for everything involved in redecorating. She¡¯d appeared at the front door that morning and immediately started on ¡°aesthetics¡±.

¡°Or I could just throw a match,¡± Severus muttered. ¡°Char is very in right now.¡±

Lavender glowered at them both.

¡°Another letter?¡± Ginny asked with concern, lifting an envelope that fairly oozed with glitter. ¡°Where are they all coming from?¡±

¡°I don¡¯t know,¡± Hermione replied, lighting another stack on fire. ¡°Ever since that article-¡±

¡°Ohhh, I forgot.¡± Ginny grimaced. ¡°Most Eligible Bachelorette on Market Again, or something?¡±

¡°Yes.¡± Another stack flamb¨¦ed. The flames reflected in Hermione¡¯s eyes but she hardly paid attention. ¡°It¡¯s not that I don¡¯t want someone, but¡­¡±

Ginny slid a glance to Hermione¡¯s coworker. ¡°Say, Severus, did you-¡±

Severus snorted. ¡°If I was interested in courting her, I would respect Hermione¡¯s intelligence and bloody well



¡°Wow.¡± Her eyes were wide in her flushed face and her hair was a wild mane around her head. The pillow had long since been tossed away and she laid in a limp heap across the bed. Her limbs were loose around her and she hadn¡¯t regained the strength in any of them yet, not even enough to slap at her lover¡¯s fingers as he trailed them across her ticklish ribs.

¡°I told you,¡± Severus said, his voice betraying the smile he was trying to hide.?

¡°Remind me to never doubt you again.¡± Hermione snickered.?

¡°Oh, please do,¡± he purred.

He liked clean lines. Straight lines. Smooth strokes across the page. Modern lines, those were the best. They flowed so gently from his shoulder, so easily.

His buildings were said to be sharp. As firm and unyielding as their architect. Severus Snape was a man with a vision and that vision accepted no curves or deviations.

Ah, but his wife was another story entirely. Hermione was all curves and coils and softness. Many marveled at how they could have possibly gotten together, let alone stayed.

But they didn¡¯t know their secret: He worshipped her. And she allowed him to soften.

Hermione stared at the paper, not picking it up. She could read it just fine from its place next to her cauldron.?

¡°Exceptional work!¡± it said. ¡°Well thought out. You¡¯re going places in your life, young lady.¡±

It made her feel sick. Every day in the potions classroom with Slughorn at the helm made her sick. She didn¡¯t understand it, but she missed Snape. He barely acknowledged her work at all, even when she¡¯d poured her soul into it. He never gave her a higher grade than she deserved.

She tossed the graded paper in the trash as she left.

¡°You dropped this, Miss Granger.¡± A paper fluttered into her field of vision and she snatched it before it could fall into her pumpkin soup. Unfolding it, she was surprised to see that it was her returned potions essay, the one she¡¯d thrown away. She turned to see Professor Snape walking away, but he motioned behind his back that she should turn it over. She did and saw a spidery note:

¡°Do not feel poorly that your lack of enthusiasm is being rewarded. You are wise to question Slughorn¡¯s motives but you have earned the grade he awarded. Well done.¡±

¡°I accept only the most deserving students in my advanced classes, and I will suffer no shenanigans here. You are here to learn and I am here to teach you. Should you at any point fail to learn, I will no longer waste time on your education and you will be removed from my classroom. But be warned, such actions will reflect poorly on your future ambitions.¡±

Hermione smiled at the audible gulps of her fifth year class. She turned to flick her wand at the board and heard, ¡°I thought she was supposed to be the


Professor Snape.¡±

Hermione didn¡¯t bother opening the doors as she stormed out of the building; her magic was so high and her mood so volatile that they simply melted out of her way as she approached.

¡°And another thing-¡± she shouted, but was cut off.

¡°Mrs Snape, we appreciate your passion for the safety and wellbeing of our animals,¡± the aquarium executive director said. ¡°However, your methods-¡±



methods should be in question, sir!¡± Hermione shouted. ¡°Merpeople?! In cages?!¡±

¡°They aren¡¯t-¡±

She pointed imperiously, her magic flaring. ¡°You will be hearing from the Regulation of Magical Creatures department. I¡¯ll see you closed.¡±

She stared at the mess around her. Books and scrolls and scraps of papyrus. Gorbkin, the goblin who had been assigned her case, looked at her with as gentle an expression as she¡¯d ever seen.

¡°It¡¯s all yours, Miss Granger,¡± he said kindly. ¡°We¡¯ve proven the connection and you are the last heir of Family Binns.¡±

¡°How is that possible?¡±

¡°When Professor Binns moved on late last year, we were able to retrieve his paperwork. He has- had several items of interest to Gringotts. Though I suppose they¡¯re yours now.¡± Gorbkin stood. ¡°I¡¯ll show you to your vault, Miss Granger.¡±

¡°Mrs Snape, it may not mean anything,¡± the doctor said. He continued to speak, but his words became a buzzing, background noise that was easily ignored. Her husband spoke in response but he too was a drone. All she could hear was the pounding of her heart. Sweat trickled along her neck. Her breath came in short puffs.

¡°Hermione?¡± Severus asked. With difficulty, she lifted her head.

¡°What are the chances that it¡¯s nothing?¡± she asked. ¡°I¡¯ve lost two parents and four grandparents to cancer. So what are the chances?¡±

The doctor grimaced. ¡°Let¡¯s focus on the positive¡­¡±

¡°…I see.¡±

¡°Where are we going?¡± she asked for the seventeenth time. Severus fought not to roll his eyes.

¡°I¡¯m not telling you and if you ask again, I will blindfold you so your brilliant mind can¡¯t make any logical deductions from the boarding signs.¡±

Hermione pouted and opened her mouth to speak, but a sign caught her eye.

¡°Chile? Why are we going to-¡± She halted, both in speech and in motion, catching Severus off guard and nearly knocking him to the floor. ¡°You got access to the dig and didn¡¯t tell me?!¡±

He chuckled. ¡°There, see? Brilliant. Now get moving.¡±

She fiddled when she was anxious, he¡¯d noted over the years of their working together. Hermione Granger was not a person who sat still, even when she was focused, but when she was agitated or upset, her fidgeting took on a desperate edge. She reached for paper, started shredding it casually, apparently not noticing that it was one of her own wedding programs.

¡°Hermione,¡± he said, reaching out a hand to still her movement. ¡°We don¡¯t have to do this.¡±

¡°No, I want to, Severus!¡± she said. ¡°I just¡­ all those people. Staring…¡±

He smiled. ¡°Run away with me?¡±


¡°I¡¯m sorry,¡± Hermione said, ¡°this isn¡¯t addressed to me.¡±

The delivery man looked up from his clipboard with a tired and irritated expression. ¡°This 6 Beagle Ct?¡±

¡°Yes, but I¡¯m not-¡±

He shrugged. ¡°Doesn¡¯t matter, Miss. Sign here.¡±

¡°I can¡¯t accept someone else¡¯s package, sir!¡± She tried to hand it back but he set his clipboard on top.?

¡°Just sign, please. I have about a thousand other deliveries to make.¡±

¡°But I-¡±

¡°Excuse me, Miss Granger,¡± someone said. A voice that belonged to a dead man. Ice washed through her veins as Severus Snape stepped forward. ¡°I believe that¡¯s mine.¡±

¡°I am decrepit.¡±

¡°You aren¡¯t.¡±

¡°A sad old sack of bones barely held together by thin tendons and fraying sinews.¡±

¡°Ew. Also inaccurate.¡±

¡°A disgusting old lecher who doesn¡¯t deserve the beautiful flower of youth that is his wife.¡±

Hermione looked up from her book with a wry grin. ¡°Is this your way of asking for sex?¡±

Severus held a hand to his heart, his expression wounded. ¡°Please. I would never be so crass!¡±

She rolled her eyes and returned to her book. Several long moments passed in silence before Severus spoke again at her side.

¡°Unless you were interested.¡±

¡°I lived in constant fear for months-¡±

¡°And I for years.¡±

¡°I was on the run-¡±

¡°I did what I could to keep you all safe.¡±

Her chin wobbled as she whispered, ¡°Harry died.¡±



died, Hermione,¡± he whispered back. Cautiously, he lifted his hand to brush a knuckle against her cheek. ¡°What is this really about?¡±

¡°I¡¯m¡­¡± She sucked in a deep breath. ¡°I¡¯m still scared. All the time. I see them. In my sleep, when I¡¯m awake. I can¡¯t-¡±

He folded her into his arms, rocking her gently. ¡°Shh, I¡¯m here, love.¡±

Safe at last, Hermione finally cried.

¡°Where to this time?¡± Hermione asked, her smile wide in her young face but her eyes so old and flat they nearly froze Severus. ¡°The Titanic again?¡±

Severus snorted a laugh through his nose. ¡°No, I pulled something special for us this time.¡±

¡°Ooh, a special assignment? Color me curious.¡±

Severus tapped at the wall panel, setting the time coordinates. A void appeared and they stepped in.

They were on a beach. The waves lapped gently at their feet.

¡°I¡¯m confused,¡± Hermione said. Severus hushed her with a kiss.

¡°You need a break, and I¡¯m here to make it happen.¡±

She flicked the lighter again and again but the saturated cloth refused to light. She snarled behind her mask but tears gathered in her eyes at her failure. She had to do this. She couldn¡¯t do nothing. Doing nothing had already cost her everything. She-

The rag flared to life, startling her badly.

¡°For fucks¡¯ sake, don¡¯t drop it!¡± someone shouted in her ear. Warm hands settled on her shoulders. ¡°Throw it quick but don¡¯t let it drip on you.¡±

Her arm moved and the molotov cocktail broke with a satisfying flame against the wall emblazoned with ¡°Voldemort for PM!¡±

¡°Hermione Granger,¡±
the voice boomed, but though it was loud, it didn¡¯t hurt her ears. It seemed to pass harmlessly through her instead. As though she wasn¡¯t solid. As though she were-

¡°Oh,¡± she said quietly. She lifted hands now transparent and as light as air. ¡°I see.¡±

the voice responded.
¡°I have a proposition.¡±


¡°A choice.¡±
Hands- or wind?- moved and two doors appeared in front of her.
¡°In the first, Paradise. In the second-¡±

¡°Is that a library?¡±

¡°…Will you please let me finish my-?¡±

But Hermione was gone, the entirety of human knowledge now hers.

¡°You¡¯ve been to


of these places, Gran¡¯pa?¡± The tiny girl¡¯s eyes were huge in her face, a face so similar to her grandmother¡¯s that Severus was reminded of a certain day more than 50 years ago when a bushy haired, buck-toothed eleven year old raised her hand so high, her desperation for attention so great that she knocked over her chair and lost points.

He smiled and answered, ¡°Your grandmother visited and taught at all of these places. I was merely her helper and devoted follower.¡±

Hermione laughed behind him. ¡°Don¡¯t listen to him. Grandpa caused all the trouble.¡±

It had niggled and bothered him for months. Ever since Lucius had turned his attention from her pleasing curves to gaze with some smugness at his companion, and asked, ¡°What exactly


your relationship with the Granger girl?¡±

Severus hadn¡¯t been able to answer then, or now. Jealousy still crowded his throat. He watched her concentrate on her work at the other end of their workspace. Her eyebrows drew together in the most adorable way. He wanted to kiss-

¡°Are you all right?¡± she asked, and he snapped back to himself. She smiled. ¡°What are you thinking about?¡±

¡°Just¡­ friendship.¡±

¡°I¡¯m sick.¡±

¡°You¡¯re not.¡±

¡°I could be. I had a cough.¡±

¡°Last week and for less than a day.¡±

¡°Still. I shouldn¡¯t be around¡­ people.¡±

¡°You would prefer to be around dogs?¡±

¡°I would prefer to be around anyone but the Weasleys.¡±

¡°…And their children?¡±

A sigh. ¡°And their children, yes. I¡¯m happy for them, of course, but¡­¡±

A matching sigh. ¡°That¡¯s perfectly all right, love. You¡¯re allowed to not be blissfully happy at someone celebrating an event you¡­ may not.¡±

¡°I never will.¡± A slide of sheets as someone adjusts. ¡°Normally I¡¯m ok with it, but-¡±

¡°We¡¯ll stay home.¡±

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