Fanfic: A Down and Out Christmas by maraudersaffair (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: It¡¯s Christmas and Draco and Scorpius have nowhere to go. Enter very sexy and very single Harry Potter.

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Summary: Summary:

It¡¯s Christmas and Draco and Scorpius have nowhere to go. Enter very sexy and very single Harry Potter.

Notes: Notes:

Written for 25 Days of Harry and Draco 2021. Un-beta’d. Thanks for reading!

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Draco Malfoy and his son were poor, very poor. They lived in Knockturn, in a little flat with cold floors and chipped paint. The flat had one small bedroom and a grimy old fireplace, and windows that let in only the weakest of light. Still, they were happy. Draco had fallen a long, long way in society. Before the war, he had been somebody, and his family had been admired. The Malfoy lineage had been legendary¡ªrespected. Now both of his parents were dead and the Malfoy Manor was property of the Ministry. There was a debate in the Wizengamot on whether to tear it down or make it into some sort of sad museum. Draco went numb inside when he imagined people roaming about the rooms of his childhood home, gawking at his family¡¯s artifacts. But it was for the better, or at least that was what Draco told himself. He didn¡¯t want to raise Scorpius at the Manor, among the remnants of the Dark Lord¡¯s crimes. Oh, no, no. He and Scorpius were a little unit. They made do. And, quite shockingly, they found ways to flourish. Sometimes, they hit roadblocks. Sometimes, people tried to make their lives a struggle. Then, when Scorpius was seven years old, they faced the biggest of obstacles: homelessness.

Harry Potter was late. He was always late. He wasn¡¯t busy, not really, but somehow he still found time slipping away from him.Harry was expected at an important meeting at his favourite charity. Harry¡¯s whole life was charity work, but he liked this one the most because it focussed on the welfare of children and because he had helped found it. The charity was located between the boundaries of Diagon Alley and Knockturn Alley, and its entrance was a harassed-looking door that was pinned between a smelly apothecary and a chaotic bookshop. The door led to a cramped set of stairs that really needed a remodel but they were adequate for now. The stairs twisted and turned until they gave way to a grand reception area with soaring ceilings. It was all underground but the windows were charmed to let in bright, happy light.The day that Harry was late for his important meeting, the reception area was filled with cheerful Christmas trees and the windows contained scenes of shimmering snow. There were people around, especially children. They noticed Harry and turned shy or curious or even frightened. He plastered on a soft smile and zigzagged his way past the small families, but then someone snagged his gaze. Harry stopped abruptly. In the corner, near a grand Christmas tree covered in golden ornaments and tinsel, stood Draco Malfoy. Without even making the choice, Harry crossed the room toward Malfoy. Malfoy saw him coming and pulled a small boy closer to him. The boy looked like Malfoy, he looked so much like him, and Harry nearly stumbled.¡°Hello,¡± Harry said, and he was strangely breathless.Malfoy seemed quite unhappy. ¡°Hello,¡± he said, almost sternly. He raised his pointy chin. Harry stared and stared at Malfoy. Malfoy looked different but the same. He looked¡ªhe looked¡ª ¡°Are you Harry Potter?¡± Harry blinked down at the boy. ¡°Well, yes.¡± He blinked again, trying to gather his wits. He dropped to a knee and managed a big smile for the boy. ¡°What is your name?¡±¡°Scorpius Draco Severus Malfoy. Dad told me he wanted to name me after my grandfather, but he was in Azkaban when I was born and well, it¡¯s not a great idea to name somebody after a criminal, is it?¡±¡°Scorpius,¡± Malfoy said, alarmed. Harry was utterly charmed. ¡°You have a lovely name. I especially like the Severus part. He was a very brave man.¡±Scorpius nodded seriously. ¡°Yes, Dad told me that, too. I wish I had known him.¡±Harry tore his gaze from the boy and found Malfoy pink in the face. ¡°You have a wonderful son, Malfoy.¡±¡°I know.¡±Harry stood and shoved his hands into his pockets. ¡°Oh, no,¡± he said, motioning to the window behind the tree. ¡°The charm¡¯s broken.¡±¡°What?¡± Malfoy and Scorpius turned. ¡°Cool!¡± Scorpius said. The window behind the tree showcased a large, luminous moon, snow-licked tree branches, and a sheet of falling fluffy snow. ¡°I will have to get someone to fix it,¡± Harry said.¡°Oh, no! Please keep it like that! It¡¯s so cool.¡±¡°All right.¡± Harry grinned down at the boy again. He was even more late now, but he had to find out what Malfoy and Scorpius were doing here. ¡°Are you here to make a donation?¡± he asked politely.Malfoy flushed so hotly that he looked almost purple. ¡°Oh, no, Mr Potter,¡± Scorpius said, sounding entirely unaffected. ¡°We¡¯re here because we have nowhere else to go.¡±

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