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Chapter 1

Chapter Text
chapter 1One Friday in the summer of 1992, a boy of about 12 years old was running as fast as he could with a backpack on his back full of important objects towards the police station, urgently looking for someone to help him, because he had the time counted, before his father returned home, as he entered the station he approached the nearest counter where he could see two young officers sitting organizing some papers.?-I need to talk to someone about something very important please,” trying to steady his breathing he spoke loudly as he approached one of the officers who was sitting down.?-What is so important? – he said tiredly, looking at some papers in his hands.?- a complaint,” he said confidently, his voice a little steadier.?-Well boy, we’ll give you some forms to fill out and we’ll call you when your report is in effect,” the officer handed the boy three sheets of paper with a paperclip.?-But it’s urgent, I really don’t have much time,” he said desperately.?-What is so important?” he said, raising his eyebrow, observing the boy who was in front of him, he had blond hair with a little extra weight but without being exaggerated, with an average height for his age, with blue eyes in which you could see anguish and desperation.?-Childish abuse,” he said confidently.?-You know that kind of thing can’t be taken lightly, right??-I know, I have proof in my backpack, it’s really important and I don’t have time, I could be found out,” he said on the verge of collapse.?-Well follow me, hey probie dial detective addams and tell him to come here it’s important and to child services.?-Yes sir?-Why children’s services??-You’re a minor boy you can’t testify alone and if you are it’s because you don’t want a guardian to know or am I wrong??-No sir- he bowed his head?-He was interrupted by the arrival of a tall, half bald man with a short, curly-haired lady accompanying him.?-What happened that you need us so urgently? – asked the lady?-We will talk about it in a safer and quieter place, let’s go to the interrogation rooms, boy follow me.?The four of them together started to walk, the boy was coming in his head going over carefully all his actions in case he hasn’t missed anything to inform correctly to the officers but with a bit of insecurity, he knows that what he is doing is the right thing, but he is not sure, he is afraid that those people can’t help at all and that the situation will get worse for the person involved in this.?-Hey kid, this is it,” he said pointing to a door, “go in and take a hundred, we’ll go in after you, first we have to do some things, okay? – The policeman saw the boy as insecure and nervous, so he tried to calm him down by making his voice sound less harsh.?-Okay.?As soon as he disappeared through the door he approached the detective and the lady from S. I (children’s services).?I’m Officer James Ford, I called you because the boy who is inside said he has come to make a report about child abuse, when he arrived his voice was not stable, he looks awake and he said it is urgent and he doesn’t have much time- -He is the victim??-He is the victim,” asked the concerned lady, “I am sorry for my manners, I am Anna Stoll from child services, I hope we get along well in this case”.?-I don’t think he’s the victim, naturally he would have shrunk when we spoke to him and he wouldn’t have followed us so confidently,” said the detective, “Nice to meet you, detective Jackson Addams at your service.?-I don’t know what it’s about, that’s why I asked for him, he’s a minor so I couldn’t question him and he said he has evidence in his backpack,” said the officer, “well why don’t we go in and get started,” said the officer.?-Well after you, miss stoll?-Thank you detective addams?Upon entering they found the boy sitting in a metal chair hugging his backpack as if his life depended on it and in front of him was a table of the same material as the chair, with two other places for the officers.?-Well boy, by regulation we have to record this whole session, do you agree,” said the detective sitting in front of him, next to him, Miss Stoll and Officer Ford stood in a corner watching everything.?-Yes, sir.?-Well, I’m detective addams, miss stoll next to me is from child services and the officer who will be accompanying us is officer ford, okay??-Yes sir,” he said with his nerves on edge.?-Well, why don’t we start with some routine questions??-Did you come voluntarily??-Yes, sir.?-Are you informed and agree that our entire conversation is being recorded??-Yes sir, I totally agree,” he said, a little desperate.?-Well, could you tell me your age??-12 years old sir?-What is your date of birth? he said, writing down all the answers the boy gave in a notebook -June 23rd, 1980- he answered.?-June 23, 1980,” he answered confidently.?–Now if boy what’s your name??-Nice to meet you officer’s my name is Dudley dursley.

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