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Scarlett Greengrass, a pure-blood Slytherin legacy, and how her life interwined with our favorites Gryffindor’s crowd back in the 70’s.


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Scarlett Greengrass, a pure-blood Slytherin legacy, and how her life interwined with our favorites Gryffindor’s crowd back in the 70’s.

Chapter 1

Chapter Text

Chapter 1: About the past 1967-1968
December 25th, 1967
 I hated big events, big crowds. I wasn’t at ease in the middle of people. That was making me real nervous. My parents were very disappointed in me, as they often said so. Anyway, they were kind of always disappointed in me, so that wasn’t bothering me as much as before. I was growing out of it, I guess. Especially since my new nanny, a French witch named Claudette, was giving me a lot of affection, something I wanted for as long as I could remember. She was like a mother, to me. My parents were… Fine, I guess. They were scolding me often, but mostly… They were never really home. My real family was mostly our mansion’s staff. It was fine by me. There was Agnes, our head-house maid, she was very stern, but also very protective of me. Then, there was our cook, Arthur, with his funny mustache and his big heart, always giving me sweets behind Agnes’ back. Teddy, the old gardener was the grand-father I never had. No, really, most of the time, I was enjoying myself pretty much. I especially liked to prank all of those lovely people, to their immense despair. Just last night, I managed to hide a bunch of Cornish pixies on the broom cabinet near the kitchen. They’d been discover by a very angry Melvin, my father’s footman. Agnes gave me a very boring sermon about my pretended wickedness. She gave me biscuits, after, so I didn’t take her that seriously. And it’s wasn’t wicked, nobody was in real danger, it was just… Very funny. To see Melvin, that horribly stuck-up man, shouting like a girl and making movements like dancing to get rid of them… It was hilarious, really, and totally worth it.  But, let’s go back to the present. I was really comfortable with the people that surrounded me everyday. But outside of that small close circle of my home, I wasn’t. Being a home-schooled only child, I was even more nervous on nights like this one. Big events. Full of people. And their children. Tonight was the annual big christmas ball that my parents were holding. Valmont and Irene Greengrass were part of what they liked to call the ‘’privilieged society’’, being one of the Sacred twenty-eight, the elite of the wizarding world, the pure-blood families select club. As for myself, I was their only child, Scarlett. It was my first time attending one of those oh-so-important social events between the close circle of the Twenty-eights . Since I was now eight years old, they decided that I was old enough to take part in those soirées. I was so very satisfied, until then, to just look at it from afar, happy to not participate. Claudette told me that I was an introvert, that being surrounded, especially with people I didn’t know, was tiring for me. Well, I didn’t need a big long word to know that. My parents took me with them and introduced me to everyone that entered the big and ornate ballroom. It was tiring indeed. It lasted more than an hour. As soon as they told me that I could leave their side, I did. I went straight for the succulent looking-buffet, stuffed my plate, then went to hide directly under a lonely table that had the purpose of holding the hostess’ gifts. The lacy white tablecloth was going all the way to the floor, it was perfect. It was half-transparent, enough to dissimulate my presence for most, but also enough to not be in the complete darkness while hiding under it. I saw enough to be able to eat, picking things with my fingers. Half-way through my plate, I put it aside and just lay my head on the wall, sighing from relief to be alone.  That soirée was ridiculous. People were laughing too hard, pretending too hard, dancing like fools. I hated it. Also, I hated my dress. Mother gave it to me, saying that the bottle-green was going splendidly with my chocolate eyes. She asked Claudette to braid my hair, something else that irritated me. I usually always let my long white-blond hair loose. When I was intimidated, I could always hide under a curtain of it. Tonight I couldn’t hide behind it, my hair were tied in a braid that was resting on my right shoulder. And those shoes! Small uncomfortable shinny black shoes, that I wore tonight for the first time, they were hurting my poor feet…  As I was contemplating removing them, the tablecloth moved and someone came to sit next to me.  
This seat is taken? He asked me. 
 Because he was a he. A boy my age, if my introductions were still fresh in memory. Hm… One of the Black boys, I recall. Forgot his first name, though… I just stared at him, surprised by his intrusion.  
Oh, those were good, you mind? He said, not waiting for my answer and taking one of my remaining Arancinis. 
 I still didn’t say nothing.  
You’re Scarlett, right?
 I just stay there, staring intently at him, feeling like I would prefer to run than to talk to him. He was kind of… good-looking. With his short brown hair and his grey eyes, and his dimple that was showing when he was smiling, like he was right now.  
Okay, then, no problem if you don’t want to talk. I can talk for the both of us. I’m Sirius, by-the-way, he said. I understand if a boggart ate your tongue or something… 
It’s not… I began, with a very annoying high-pitched voice. It’s not that, I added, feeling very stupid. 
Oh, so you’re talking, then, he said, taking another arancini. Can I ask you a question? 
Hm, yeah? I said. 
Why are we hiding here? He asked. 
I was hiding here, you didn’t have to join, I replied. 
Why are you hiding here, then? He persevered. 
Because… I hate crowds, I said with a small voice, ashamed at my silliness. 
Well, I mean, crowds aren’t that bad, in general. But I must agree with you, this is one horrific of a crowd, he said with a smile. I mean, those adults are each one meaner than the next. It was the first time I was seeing you, though. 
It was my first appearance, as a matter of fact. I don’t particularly like it, I said, looking down at my hands. 
But, we’re at your house, are we not? He asked, frowning. 
So… Why are we hiding here, don’t you have a better hiding spot than under the gifts table? 
I mean… Sure… I said, thinking that I could’ve hide in the old gardener’s shed. It was my palace of solitude, full of toys, self-made art and trinkets. 
You invite me? Pretty please? I wish to be out of here as much as you do, he said with a grin. We could try to sneak out. 
Well… Sure… I said. 
Let’s go, then, he said, taking my hand and pulling me out of under the table. 
 We didn’t make it to the door before our parents caught up on us and we were separated in the crowd… 

April 30th, 1968
You two are cute, together. I’m sure your parents are so pleased, and already planning the wedding, said Bellatrix, as I was trying to sneak out of the party with Sirius. 
 I frowned, letting go of Sirius’ hand at the same time he let go of mine.  
Bella, leave them alone, they’re just kids. They don’t need to hear about depressing stuff like this yet, said Andromeda. 
Of course, you would say that, you take nothing of this seriously, hanging out with that ridiculous muggle-born at school, replied Bellatrix. 
Bella, leave her alone, began Narcissa. 
 Sirius pulled on my sleeve, rolling his eyes at the three sister’s quarelling.  
Come, I’ll show you my favorite hiding spot, he hushed as we left the Black sisters to their more and more intense conversation, the three of them forgetting all about us in the process. 
 He lead me through a door hiding a staircase going down. We arrived in a fancy dining room. Just passing through, he opened a door leading to a pantry, and pointed a square grate that he opened, revealing a strange conception.  
What is this? I asked. 
As you surely already guessed, my house is pretty old and hasn’t always been a wizard house. At first, when it was built, it was owned by a muggle family. My parents hate to be reminded of that fact, though… Anyway, that thing was kind of an elevator of sorts, for the maid and staff to bring food on the upper levels of the house. Of course, the exits were almost all blocked… He explained.
Almost? I asked. 
Almost. Nobody never use the attic… Come on, hop in with me! He said, before he climbed on the shelf and patted the place next to him for me to follow. 
Is it safe? I asked, a little afraid to go. That doesn’t look like it is… 
Don’t be a wuss, Scarlett, he teased me. 
 That was pretty much our dynamic, each time we saw each other within the last months, aka three times, we would snuck out to be far from the boring and snobbish crowd. Sirius would tease me and push me toward mischief (I have to say, I wasn’t that hard to convince in that area) every chance he got. Today, the dreadful reunion was in honor of Sirius’ father birthday. Orion Black, a terrifying stark man, who was apparently turning 39 this year. We stayed a little longer than our usual, because we wanted to taste the gigantic and mouth-watering devil’s chocolate cake before we go.  
I’m not a wuss, I pouted, before I climbed to sit next to him, my heart hammering in my chest from the fear of free-falling from this thing. 
You so are, he said, grinning at me. Ready? Help me pull the rope. 
 I grabbed the rope and pulled with him. Apparently, that was what was making us go up. A home-made elevator of sorts. I’m not sure how many minutes it took us to reach the attic, it seemed dreadfully long, since we were in complete darkness, but at some point, Sirius blocked some sort of mechanism and took the rope from me, to roll it around something. Then, I heard him lifting the grate. It was pitch-black in here.  
I can’t see anything! I complained. 
Come, I’ll lead you out of here, then I’ll light up some candles, he said, before I felt him getting out from the elevator. 
 Then, I felt his hand reach for mine and I let him guide me out.  
How can you see, it’s so dark? I asked. 
I don’t see a thing, I’m just used to this place, I know it with my eyes closed, he bragged. Wait here, he added, letting go of my hand. 
 30 seconds later, I heard the sound of a match and the light of it when he light up candles. The room illuminated gradually. The room was kind of vast, surely an ancient big bedroom, with one wall that was descending with the form of the roof, in front of me, an old closed door to my right and and very dusty and round window to my left. I turned this way, to look down. We were pretty high up,the narrow house made in length and height rather than in width. Then I turned back to the room and looked around. There was an old and dusty’s bed near the window, with an old cabinet with vanity and with a small bench under it. The walls were covered with a fading old flowery tapestry, whom was beginning to peel off at some places. Sirius was occupied in front of the old fireplace, trying to light it up, to chase off the cold humidity of the place.  
What is this place? How come your parents don’t use it? I asked. 
It was clearly sealed up from the other side, there’s no stairs that come up here, from the floor below. I really discovered it by coming up with the food elevator… He said, his back to me, while a flame was appearing in the fireplace. 
 He got up and turned to me.  
So I kind of made it my headquarters, the only one who knows about it is my little brother, Regulus, and he never would spill the beans, especially because he’s terrified of our mother’s wrath, he said with a snort. He doesn’t come often, he doesn’t want to take the risk of getting caught. It’s stupid, really, no adult could come up here, he said with a crooked smile. 
 It was true that the way up here was clearly not made for an adult, it was too small… I turned around and saw an old dark green plush chair covered with magazines on it and all around it. I went closer and took a magazine in my hands. The images on it weren’t moving, like they were supposed to. And the title wasn’t something I knew about, it was called ‘’ The «Rolling Stone’’.   
What is this? I asked, turning toward Sirius. 
A muggle magazine, I have plenty of those, and books, I hide them all in here, he said with a smirk. 
It’s muggle…? I asked, looking back at it. 
 I’ve never really had muggle stuff like this in my hands, it was kind of fascinating. I pushed the magazines and books away from the chair and sat on it, removing my shoes and folding my legs under me. Sirius did the same, taking another magazine and sitting on the floor, his back to the wall. We stayed silent for a while.  
You don’t think she was serious, right? I asked, breaking the silence. 
Who? He asked, frowning at me. 
Your cousin, Bellatrix, I said. 
Oh, don’t mind her, that’s what I do, he said. 
But, you don’t think our parents wants us to… 
Well, y-yeah, I stutter a little. 
Do you want to? He asked me with a grin. 
I… Not to offend you or anything, I began. But, wedding do not interest me that much, I added. 
We can agree on that, I don’t plan to wed either, he said. 
 There was a moment of silence after he said that. Then, I couldn’t refrain from saying what I had in my head.  
I want love, I said with a small voice. 
Love? He asked with a frown. 
Yes. Like the one in the books. My parents, they’re wed, and they don’t look like they love each other. I want to be loved, not to be married, I said. 
That sounds like a good plan for yourself, he said, smiling at me. 
And what do you want for yourself? I asked him. 
I want to be free… He answered, staring at me, his eyes shinning with conviction.

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