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Description: After Hallowe’en in 1981, Severus Snape went back in time to his fifth year at Hogwarts. This time around, he kept his head down, kept out of notice, and kept Lily’s friendship. Now, he and Lily have graduated, and they’re on their way to Norway to study at Dragehiet, a thousand year old dragon reserve and interdisciplinary academic institution. What will Severus do with his freedom?

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Summary: Summary:

After Hallowe’en in 1981, Severus Snape went back in time to his fifth year at Hogwarts. This time around, he kept his head down, kept out of notice, and kept Lily’s friendship. Now, he and Lily have graduated, and they’re on their way to Norway to study at Dragehiet, a thousand year old dragon reserve and interdisciplinary academic institution. What will Severus do with his freedom??Volume 2 of 3Note: This work will NOT make sense unless you have read part 1 of the series.

Notes: Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

Hello everyone! We’re launching straight into a brand new setting with worldbuilding galore. Please check out Bryggen on google street view – the little alleys like Bredgarden are amazing.On that note, I’ve realised I may need the Norwegian equivalent of a Britpicker. If there is a Norwegian reader out there (I’ll take Swedish or Danish too, frankly) who’s willing to answer occasional questions about translations and broad setting things like ‘is it easy to get tea in a Norwegian cafe’, please let me know in the comments!I know many of you are looking forward to Dragehiet – I certainly am – but I needed to get Lily and Severus to Norway first. We’ll see Dragehiet next time.For now, please tell me what you think – and ask questions if you’d like!

Chapter 1: 1583

Chapter Text

Fifteen hundred and eighty-three days before and eight hundred and eighty-five days after Severus Snape made a deal with Time, he stood on the deck of a ferry as it approached the docks of the Norwegian city of Bergen. Above his head and Lily’s, he held a large blue umbrella, sheltering them both from the rain that their guidebook had assured them could be experienced in Bergen at least two hundred and twenty days a year.?

They were both dressed Muggle style: Severus in grey trousers and a maroon t-shirt; Lily in denim jeans and a floral blouse. Their wizarding and winter clothes were packed away in their trunks, which were, in turn, each occupying about as much space as a ball of socks in their respective bags.

It was already well after five PM local time, but the sun was still high in the sky – unsurprising, for the beginning of July this far north. The two of them had been on the ferry since yesterday evening, and at Lily’s suggestion, they weren’t meeting their new teachers until tomorrow afternoon. Tonight and tomorrow morning, they were going to explore Bergen’s wizarding quarter.

After so long waiting, before and during their voyage, the final minutes until they disembarked should have been easy. They weren’t. But, eventually, the two of them stood on Norwegian ground, free to wander as they willed.

Lily wasn’t interested in idle wandering – she grabbed Severus by the hand and dragged him down the broad street before he could even get out the map. “You’ve looked at the map a dozen times already, and it’s not that complicated,” she insisted, grinning at him. “We go this way until the big cross-street, turn left, go


way until we hit the water again, and then look for the coloured houses. Easy!”

Severus grabbed her by the elbow just before she fell backwards off the curb. “It would probably be even easier if you watched where you were going,” he suggested.
Their guidebook had pictures, of course, but even wizarding photographs couldn¡¯t capture the full wonder of Heks Gate. A pair of blue-painted wooden buildings, four storeys high, fitting seamlessly between the red and yellow ones on either side. An archway where their walls joined, leading from cobbled street to a narrow, wood-floored alleyway. At first, the buildings pressed close on either side, but then the alley opened up, doors and windows on either side, stairs to the next level, walkways crossing overhead, and everywhere, the signs of magic. Even now, at the end of the day, Heks Gate was bustling with people, some in muggle clothes, some in robes, some in a mix of the two. If half the shops hadn’t already closed for the night, Severus would have spent hours there – and he realised with a thrill that he’d


to. Tomorrow, and any free day he felt like paying the floo toll, he could come here and dive into the bookshops, explore the artificer’s, wander the second-hand shops. He could even afford to buy things, if he chose.

Lily was similarly entranced, mouthing the names of the shops as she tried to work them out, and Severus was suddenly convinced that she was going to try to learn Norwegian on top of Latin.

They reached the end of the narrow street, marked by the white-painted stone walls of Kollgars Bank, and Severus forced himself to think of practicalities. Accommodation first, then the bank, then dinner.


they could plan what happened next.
There was something odd about having to make your own bed in a hotel room, but Severus didn¡¯t particularly mind. Lily, meanwhile, was flopped on top of her bare mattress, staring at the ceiling. ¡°I should not be this tired,¡± she said. ¡°I spent most of today sitting on a boat.¡±

¡°You spent half of last night sitting up with seasickness,¡± Severus pointed out, opening up his trunk. He¡¯d bought it new, only a week ago – the single most expensive thing he had ever bought in his life – and he loved it. Unlike most trunks, it stood on one end when opened, the lid acting like a wardrobe door. The lid was about ten inches deep on the outside, but on the inside it was lined with four drawers, each two feet deep. It was one of these Severus reached into now to retrieve sheets and pillowcases for his bed.?

The other half of the trunk was even better. The bottom half was a simple cupboard, but when the two doors were opened, he could fold down the wooden panel that covered the


half and have a small, neat writing desk. And the top half was split into a series of neat compartments for parchment, quills, and ink at the bottom, and a bookshelf at the top which could be slid back and forth to show any trunk-wide span of its twelve-foot length. Writing desk, wardrobe, personal library, and equipment storage all in one, the trunk may have been expensive, but Severus thought it was worth every knut.?

Lily, on the other hand, had bought three shrinking laundry bags and could now fit all her clothes in her handbag if she really wanted to. Speaking of which¡­?

¡°If I get my robe out now, can you put it in your bag tomorrow?¡± Severus asked. ¡°I don¡¯t want to have to get out my trunk once we leave here, but we¡¯re going to have to go to muggle shops if we want to find long johns at a decent price.¡± He¡¯d altered the pockets in all his trousers so he could swap the drawstring pouch Julie and Marlene had made him from outfit to outfit, but he mostly used that to carry money and his wand, and the mouth of it wasn¡¯t big enough to shove a robe through.

¡°That¡¯s fine,¡± Lily agreed, turning her head to look at him. ¡°Could you leave the writing desk set up? I¡¯ve got to write all those postcards I bought if I¡¯m going to send them in the morning.¡±

¡°You realise you¡¯ll have to leave out almost everything?¡± Severus pointed out. ¡°Anyone could read them.¡±

She shrugged. ¡°The important part is that we both got here fine. Want to write the addresses so I don¡¯t need to mention you?¡±

¡°You just want to skip the boring bit,¡± Severus said, tucking his blankets in at the foot of the bed. ¡°You¡¯ve got the addresses written down?¡±

¡°Red book in my handbag,¡± Lily said, rolling onto her side and propping her head up on one hand. ¡°There¡¯s a paper bag with the postcards and stamps – just leave one unaddressed for my parents, I¡¯ll do that one myself.¡±

¡°Do you care which postcard goes to who?¡± Severus checked.

¡°Nah,¡± Lily replied. ¡°They¡¯re all basically the same.¡±

The postcards all showed the colourful buildings of Bryggen, as Muggles saw then – with a narrow, blocked-off gap where the blue buildings of Heks Gate were. For the first time, Severus wished he or Lily had a camera – but they probably wouldn¡¯t use it much, anyway. They weren¡¯t here to be tourists. They were here to learn.

Dear Julie,

Made it to Norway!?

Seasickness is horrible, but I’m here now, and Bryggen is



I’ll write you a proper letter to tell you all about it once I’m settled, but for now, I’m sending everyone postcards to let them know I arrived okay. I have no idea how fast the mail is here, so we’ll see which gets there first!

Alice is playing postman for me so we can send letter packets back and forth in a batch and not worry so much about getting mail over the North Sea.?

Keep safe,


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