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After the shameful departure of Heir Sirius Black, The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black would not lose any more children even if it meant sending the Spare away from the war.


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After the shameful departure of Heir Sirius Black, The Most Noble and Ancient House of Black would not lose any more children even if it meant sending the Spare away from the war. Years later, Regulus lives a lavish full life far away from the people willing to persecute him for his families crimes. That is until the wards of Grimmuald are disturbed. For the first time, The Blacks will be on the right side of history.


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Chapter 1: Regulus

Chapter Text
Gwyn looked absolutely divine in the mornings. Sun poured in from the uncovered windows and caressed her sleeping form. Dark brown hair messily covered her face, slightly rising when she exhaled, arm lazily thrown around him. Tiny sighs escaped from her mouth as she prepared to wake up. Regulus must have been a fucking saint in his past life if Mother Magic chose to bless him with Gwyneth Beauchamp as his wife because the man he was today certainly didn’t deserve her. Not even a bit. It was quite a miracle her father hadn’t shot him down where he stood when he asked his only daughter for a waltz. She had taken Regulus’s hand and led him to the dance floor before her father could take out his wand. A beautiful life together flashed before Regulus’s eyes after the very first dance.  “Stop staring at me you creep.” Gwyn murmured without opening her eyes. Oh yes, she was the one.  “How do you know that I’m staring at you? I think you’re the one who’s staring at me.” Regulus said, smiling contently, pulling her into his arms. Her warm breath tickled his neck.  “You’re thinking about me too loudly.”  “Not everything’s about you Mrs.Black.” Stroking her naked sides, Regulus could faintly hear cries coming from somewhere around the house. The baby was up. Gwyn came to the same conclusion. “Rory’s calling you.” She rolled off him, trying to conceal her grin in her pillow. Now that the baby was sleeping through the night, Gwyn latched on to every ounce of sleep she could get especially when Regulus was around to tend to her. “Mommy’s sleeping in today.”  Chuckling, Regulus pressed a kiss to her temple and threw off the covers. “Anything you want love.” Chucking on a pair of trousers, he headed towards the door.  “Wait,” Gwyn called out, “Check on Elio first and then go to Rory. He gets a bit sad if he thinks no ones coming and-” “I’ve got it, Win,” Regulus said over his shoulder. The floor was cold under his bare feet making a shiver crawl up his spine. His wife hated the heat summer brought to Spain and so she kept the house bordering on freezing at all times. Scattered throughout the halls, house elves bowed to him as he passed, all getting a head start on the day’s work. Regulus took the hidden staircase a floor down to the children’s wing, Rory’s cries growing louder the closer he got. She would have to wait just a second.  The nursery wing was Regulus’s favorite part of their manor. Painted along the whole wing, enchanted animals moved from room to room, keeping the babies company and entertained. When the sun went down, the ceiling reflected the night sky, pointing out every constellation there was. Every toy a child could ever want filled the cupboards awaiting the children to grow up and play with them. Short bookshelves lined the walls, a different bedtime story for every night. The whole wing felt like a warm hug. Even the ground felt as if one were walking on clouds. It was everything Regulus wished he had when he was a kid. It was a place full of love. By far the best part about it was the occupants.  Elio Julien Black , tracing the gold name plate on the door, Regulus stood in front of his son’s room. Light shone from under. Elio was up and waiting for someone to come get him. Regulus tapped on the door not wanting to alarm him, surprises weren’t his thing. No answer but he didn’t expect one anyway. Grasping the handle, Regulus pushed open the door revealing his son’s room. Big grey eyes looked up at him from the bed across the room. Crazy black curls covered Elio’s head perpetually getting in his eyes. “Hey buddy, did you sleep well?” Still no answer. Today was not the day apparently. Internally sighing, Regulus held out his hand for his son to take. The 3 year old jumped out of his bed, and ran across the room clasping his fathers hand. Elio led him into the hall, towards his sister’s room making Regulus smile. For such a reserved kid he sure knew what he wanted.  Cordelia Margo Black read the white and gold door across the hall. She sure had some lungs on her. Entering the baby’s nursery, Elio sprinted forward and tried to stick his head through the bars of the crib, peering at his baby sister. While Elio took after Regulus, Rory was the splitting image of Gwyn. Faint freckles covered her nose complementing her dark brown hair and amber eyes. At only 8 months olds, Rory attempted to stand in her crib with the assistance of the bars, stopping her crying only when she saw Elio reach out his hand to stroke her small head of hair. This was truly the life.“There’s my girl,”Regulus raised her from the crib over to the changing station. Changing diapers was an art a teddy bear and hours of practice helped him master. As humiliating as it was having house elves snicker behind his back it was worth every second of Gwyns prideful smile. Unfortunately Rory’s crying resumed right after. She was hungry. Looked like his wife wasn’t sleeping in for any longer.“Looks like-” WHOOSH! A powerful wave of magic overtook his body, nearly causing him to drop the baby. Tongue rolling to the back of his throat, Regulus quickly put Cordelia back in her crib and clutched his neck. In a split second it was over. Tugging on his pants, Elio’s called for his fathers attention sensing something was wrong.  “It’s-it’s fine love.” Regulus faked a smile. “Do you want to say good morning to your Mother?” Elio nodded.  “Tippy!” Regulus called out. With a pop, the head elf of the house appeared in the center of the room.  “Goooooood morning! How can Tippy help?” The old elf took to fussing over Elio, her favorite child, before waiting for a response.  “Can you take the children up to Gwyn? Cordelia’s hungry and Elio wants to see her. Some things come up…work related.” Regulus threw in for good measure. No one was supposed to bother him while he was working.  Getting the hint, Tippy automatically perked, “Oh of course Master, Tippy will take the babies to the Lady of the House. You go one, shooo.” Regulus kissed Rory’s fuzzy head and handed her over to the elf. Mussing up Elios hair on the way out he sprinted down the hall nearly flying down the staircases to his private study.  Only the wards of Grimmauld reacted that badly when breached. No one should have been able to enter it. Except for one.  A giant bird awaited his arrival perching itself on the mound of important papers Regulus never got around to organizing. It was a Phoenix. Just his luck.  A sigh slipped out of his mouth, “You don’t happen to be lost, do you?” Its head tilted to the side, “No I reckoned you weren’t. Hand it over then.”  Out of thin air, a letter appeared singed from flames. He needed to sit down for this.  Taking out a silver letter knife, Regulus sliced off the ends of the envelope, letter slipping into his awaiting hand. Not one to show weakness even to a bird, he pushed back his hesitance and opened the folds of the parchment.  
Dear Lord Black,
I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. You are not a very easy man to track down but I assume that is not without reason. The way you have been treated in Britain would have any man putting up all protections. I know you are not one for false courtesies so I will get to the point. 

To start off the first topic of discussion is your older brother Sirius. Before you throw this letter in the fire, please hear me out. It is a matter of grave importance. On the night of October 31, 1981, James and Lily Potter were killed by he who calls himself Lord Voldemort as known by the Wizarding world. Their house was being kept a secret under the Fidelious charm by Sirius Black, or so we all thought. Without alerting anyone, the Potters decided Peter Pettigrew would be a better and less obvious choice than Mr. Black and changed Secret Keepers. Unfortunately, Peter Pettigrew had been swayed to the Death Eaters side not long before and gave up the location of his friends and their child. He is also the one who caused the explosion that killed those Muggles. Your brother is innocent. I have failed not only him but you. Sitting on the Wizengamot, I should have tried my hardest to give him an honest and fair trial. For that, I am truly sorry. 

By now, I expect you have felt the wards surrounding your childhood home move. As the previous Heir of your House, Sirius was able to enter, seeking asylum from the Dementors and Aurors that are still viciously chasing him after his escape. This is where I must ask you for a favor. As you may have heard, Lord Voldemort has returned. I beg of you to not only let us use your home as the Headquarters of The Order of the Phoenix but join us in this war. Your professional talents could sway the tides of the upcoming battle. I assure you, I will do everything in my power for your family to remain safe and untouched by it. 

Send your answer back with Fawkes as soon as possible. 

Do not let the actions of your family hold you back.
Albus Dumbledore

Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry 
 Regulus threw the letter down on the mahogany desk, actions being followed by the giant birds eyes. Good to know Dumbledore’s audacity hadn’t lessened. All Regulus could picture at this moment was sitting in an uncomfortably cosy chair being asked if he had something to tell the Headmaster after Sirius tried to kill a student with a werewolf, as if he had something to do with it. Innocent, what a joke. Murderer or not, Sirius was certainly not innocent. The only innocent people in Britain were the ones Dumbledore deemed worthy to fight his wars, the rest left out to dry. And his ‘professional talents’? HA! That was laughable. His talents would have him locked up in a second if the public knew what he did. Dumbledore’s subtle threat wasn’t missed there, as if Regulus cared. But going back to Britain? Now that was an idea. Fourteen year old Regulus had been shipped off to France to be groomed by Lord Arcturus for his newfound role the moment the sole of Sirius’s shoe hit the pavement. His grandfather refused to lose the last remaining hope their House had to Walburgas crazed perception of reality. Short visits to Narcissa became the only connection Regulus had in Britain, all leading to tabloids filled with retelling of the Blacks crimes. Real nice place. An ugly part of Regulus would never admit the hatred he felt for Sirius for ruining Britain for him. For ruining Hogwarts. Regulus wouldn’t change his life for anything in the world but the immature part of him couldn’t help but wonder what his life would have been like if Sirius hadn’t thrown it off course. Maybe he could walk down Diagon Alley without people spitting at his feet. As much as Regulus hated knowing Dumbledore was getting under his skin, he had a point. He wasn’t Sirius or Bellatrix. It would be nice to hear the Black name on the right side of history, for his children to know the blood running through their veins was capable of good. Avoiding the war made Regulus used to working in the shadows and he would do everything in his power to make sure Elio and Cordelia shone under the sun. Regulus was a coward. Or a traitor depending on who you asked. Lucius never made it a secret how much he despised him for being sent away and not coming back the moment he became of age to fight alongside his brethren. This sentiment was shared by the rest of High Society. A short return for Draco’s Presentation, resulted in mothers throwing their daughters at him to possibly redeem the disgraced new Lord, while fathers sent veiled insults of the meekness of his House. Outside of Society, word had gotten around, most likely from Sirius, that the Blacks thought Regulus was too weak and soft and had to be sent away from the fighting now that the older tougher brother was gone and not able to protect him. The Blacks would do anything to make sure they had a new generation even if it meant hiding the frail one. And yet they wondered why Regulus never came back, what lovely people. It was selfish. Very very selfish. The Black family moved from London years ago, all the money in Gringotts transferred over to their private banks, houses put in stasis, extended family estranged. Elio and Cordelia would forever be happy here. Gwyn was happy here. She had followed Regulus around the world and left her own family behind in France to marry his dishonored self. And yet Regulus wanted to go back. A half filled hole lay in his soul where London was supposed to reside. He wasn’t done with them yet. They would go to Britain and join The Order. The Most Ancient and Noble House of Black would stand for something else now. The Blacks would be victorious. And the only person people would have to thank would be him.  I look forward to it. The Lord Black elegantly wrote on a piece of parchment and handed it off to the phoenix. It didn’t leave.  “I don’t know what you’re waiting for, I’m not going to feed you.” The Phoenix lowered its head to caress his hand as if consoling him for what had just happened. Of course Dumbledore would have a demented bird to match its owner.  “Fine, then stay there. I’ll warn you though, Tippy hates birds.” Without waiting for an answer, Regulus stood from his desk and strolled out the door.  His wife had a new house to renovate.

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