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Description: “I hate you.””That’s not what your potion says.”

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Summary: Summary:

“I hate you.””That’s not what your potion says.”
a harry james potter story.prisoner of azkaban-half blood prince.
*I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters or any aspect of the Wizarding World. This all belongs to J.K. Rowling. I also do not agree with any of her statements or opinions about the transgender community and think she is quite disgusting. *


Chapter 1: prologue

Chapter Text
Unbearable pain.
That was all Delilah could feel as she writhed uncontrollably on the cold, stone manor floor. Her father stood menacingly over here in the family’s large drawing-room. With each flick of his wand, blinding pain surged through her petite body, unlike anything she had ever felt before. Dark crimson blood tattered her pale blond hair and dotted her pale skin beneath the tears in her Hufflepuff Quiddich jumper. Well, his jumper. At least, it used to be. Then, for a moment, the spell lifted. Two days before she was set to begin her fifth year at Hogwarts, her father had found out where her loyalties lie.
“How dare you defy the Dark Lord? You are no daughter of mine. Fraternizing with Mudbloods and traitors. Pure filth! You should be grateful, be pleased that he was even in the presence of the Dark Lord,” Lucius growled. Slowly, Delilah raised her head, her chest heaving, momentarily feeling relief. Glancing up at the blurry figure above her, she met Lucius’ cold, piercing blue eyes, silently begging her father to stop torturing her. He met her eyes for a split second and quickly looked away. She knew what was coming next.
“Look at me and tell me you are not a blood traitor. Swear your allegiance to the Dark Lord. Take my hand and make the Unbreakable Vow that you will bring glory to the Malfoy name or die trying,” Lucius sneered, extending his arm out for her to take. Delilah wanted so badly to do this, to make the suffering and pain end. She longed for her family to be whole again. More than anything, however, she wished to avenge him.
Spitting blood out of her mouth, she took a deep, shuttering breath. “Never,” she spoke confidently.
Raising his want high above his head, Lucius Malfoy shouted the Cruciatus Curse, feeling no remorse. As the all too familiar pain coursed through her veins, Delilah felt herself slipping into darkness. A small smile spread across her face as the world faded into nothingness.

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