Fanfic: An Adventure (Una Aventura) by digthewriter (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Neville needs a Spanish tutor and Charlie is available.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyNeville Longbottom/Charlie WeasleyGinny Weasley Original Male Character(s)Post War Harry Potter Epilogue What Epilogue | EWE speaking a different language Spanish Flirting Fluff Happy Ending minimal angst lots of talking lots of flirting meeting at pubs Tutoring Tutoring Spanish Cute boys cute boys being cute Original Male Character – Freeform original male character of color – Freeform Original Male Character of Colour – Freeform Charlie is cute charlie has no filter neville gets smitten neville is thirsty

Summary: Summary:

Neville needs a Spanish tutor and Charlie is available.

Notes: Notes:

Unbetaed. Written for prompts for NEVILLE100

Chapter 1: Una aventura

Chapter Text
“You know you can use a translation spell,” Ginny told Neville as she sat across from him at the cafe where Neville was going to meet his tutor. “I don’t know why you think you need to learn the language.” Neville raised an eyebrow at her. “Aren’t you the one telling me it’s hard for you to meet people when you’re travelling? Because a translation spell can only translate¡­so much. Besides, I want to learn Spanish so I can travel more of South America than the one country I am visiting right now. And if I’m going to Brazil, I’ll use the translation spells for Portuguese.” She rolled her eyes at him. “Well, I don’t think you’re going to flirt with the plants.” Neville laughed at that. “Why are you just so against it?” “I’m not against it,” she said in a defencive tone. “I don’t see the point¡ª” Their conversation was interrupted when Ginny’s brother suddenly showed up at their table. Ginny looked annoyed to see him but Neville was genuinely surprised. Why was Charlie there? “I’m here for the tutoring job,” Charlie said, looking like he was trying to hide a smile. “What job?” Neville asked, confused. “To teach you Spanish,” said Charlie. “But¡­?” Neville looked at Charlie who was smug and glaring at Ginny, who in turn, looked frustrated. “Charlie is the one who answered your advert,” Ginny said, pushing her chair back and standing up. “He’s also going to Colombia and is fluent in the language.” “Oh, there are dragons in Colombia?” Neville asked, feeling stupid. Of course there were. He’d just read about them when he’d discovered the article about new magical vegetation in Tolima. “Por supuesto, hermoso,” said Charlie with a wink.Neville immediately blushed. It was going to be an interesting journey.

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