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Description: Calla Potter, as Master of Death, is in charge of her very own dimension and decides that if she is to be in charge of this world, she first needs to learn what it means to live here.

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Summary: Summary:

Calla Potter, as Master of Death, is in charge of her very own dimension and decides that if she is to be in charge of this world, she first needs to learn what it means to live here.It… doesn’t go all that well. It’s just lucky for her that dying doesn’t mean staying dead. Not for her, anyway. And to think that she once thought of herself as a child soldier; in this world kids who still have baby teeth and gaps are sent to fight against adults. But… if this is her world, doesn’t that mean it’s up to her to change it?,Summary:

In which our heroine finds herself in the Elemental Nations (voluntarily), takes on the duties of being Death (kind of voluntarily?) and orphans a baby by sending his parents on to the afterlife (under duress and without other options).

Notes: Notes:

Hiya. I haven’t written anything in … well, nearly a decade, I think. So my writing has atrophied and thanks to lockdown, I think my vocabulary has as well. And I should mention I have neither watched nor read Naruto, just read copious amounts of fanfictions, so let me know if anything isn’t right and I’ll see what we can do. And I have never before posted on AO3. Wish me luck.So big question – should Calla be together with Kakashi, Itachi or Shisui? I like them all, so deciding is hard :(Let me know what you want and think :),Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

First time on Archive of Our Own (hiding from my 7years hiatus on (*whistles innocently*). So Disclaimer – don’t own anything.And never written Naruto before – to be fair, I’ve neither read or watched Naruto, all I know comes from fanfiction (so, so many of them). Hope you enjoy and letting you know, I haven’t decided on a pairing yet. Up for grabs are Calla/Kakashi, Calla/Shisui and Calla/Itachi. Vote! Please! And please review 🙂

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter Text

?The decision should have been hard, but in many ways it was one of the easiest decisions she had ever made. Once, a long time ago, she had hoped to make this world hers, to make this her home, to leave the Dursleys and their legacy behind her, far behind.Instead, she now kept in touch with Dudley ¨C who had changed so much he was largely unrecognisable from her childhood tormentor ¨C and the Wizarding World had done its best to force her hand and leave them behind. Calla had been happy to give them the benefit of the doubt when she entered the world at eleven, and returned at twelve, but they took and took and demanded more at every turn, disparaging her at every turn and tearing her down only to turn around and praise her the next day.No more. She had had enough. Her friends had bounced back, had a reprieve and family bonding and support but Calla had only ever had her friends and, as much as she loved them, she needed to heal and she needed to find herself ¨C who was she, when she wasn¡¯t pressed to fight for her life? She had no hobbies which didn¡¯t relate back to her need to defend herself or others, no friends aside from the Weasleys, Hermione, Ginny, Luna and Neville.Her second easiest ever decision had been to give Hermione the right to vote on behalf of the Potter and Black seats. The last thing Calla needed was more fighting, arguing or attention on her. No, thank you. Hermione, who already had a long list of changes she wanted to enact in the Ministry (sorted by order of priority and so the small changes added up and built on each other. Hermione had learned from her early attempts at Hogwarts to forcefully convert people and push for SPEW), was more than welcome to her power and prestige to support those changes.Everything she cared for, which largely amounted to her photo album and the Deathly Hallows, had been securely tucked away along with a large amount of her fortune converted into jewellery and gold. Her goodbyes had been said, her testament written in case the Ministry attempted and pre-emptive fortune and title grabbing, and everything secured for long-term storage.No one ¨C not even Ron and Hermione ¨C knew where she was going or when ¨C if ¨C she was coming back. Well, Luna might. Luna knew a lot of things she shouldn¡¯t ¨C or technically couldn¡¯t ¨C couldn¡¯t have any knowledge of and yet knew it anyway. Either way, Calla was not just leaving the Wizarding World behind, she was not just leaving England or UK, she was leaving the entire dimension. As it turns out, Master of Death has a lot more meaning than she thought (yep, that lack of cultural introduction class at Hogwarts once again came back to bite her in the ass).Calla had asked for another world, one with magic but where she would be unknown, where she could live in obscurity without a prophecy hanging over her. Death had delivered. She didn¡¯t know much about the Elemental nations ¨C except that they spoke Japanese, a language she had learned with the help of a half-year intensive course filled with potions, spells and artifacts to help increase memorisation and get rid of her damnable accent under the attentive and strict attention of her tutor Mamasaki-sensei. But Death promised her that world, it would be hers ¨C hers to judge and reap, hers to live and die in, as often as she wanted, if she wanted. And boy did she want.The first attempt hadn¡¯t worked out so well.She was in the Elemental Nations, alright, but had regressed in age as the power of the spell had drawn on her and Calla may not have learnt and practised her new powers as Master of Death as much as she should. And, well, the power needed to come from somewhere. With her Death powers too undeveloped to handle the full transfer and physical changes and her stubborn refusal to give up her magic, something had to give. Her entire physical body needed to create and build a Chakra system within it to fit into this world, her brain and magic needed to learn to accommodate until it infused even her soul. So it de-aged her body until she was four years old.And she promptly died within a few days of arriving in the world, through the careless swipe of a giant animal (did it have tails? Or were those tentacles?) to which she may as well have been an ant. It hadn¡¯t even been aggressive, just a slight swing of the tail to balance its movement as it walked along and she had been launched into a nearby mountain and died.She decided to give this world a few decades ¨C or centuries ¨C to develop before she would rejoin.The second attempt she made it for a whole year ¨C almost, anyway. It had been stupid, she knew that, but Hermione always had said she had a saving people thing. So when she had seen grown man chase and corner a small child ¨C the age her body currently was, she admitted wryly, or thereabouts ¨C she had jumped in.The little boy had died anyway. She had bought him a few extra seconds by jumping in front of the knives launched at the child, but he had perished anyway. There were no other adults around to protect him and his child armour would not protect him from a determined assault by these people.He had black and white hair (like a skunk, she thought, but the smile it should have evoked wouldn¡¯t come when she remembered how young he had been as he died) and she didn¡¯t know his name. Finding out would be easy ¨C his soul was under her domain, and unlike many worlds without an afterlife, this one had one and it allowed for reincarnation. So, she could find out, but she didn¡¯t want to add another name to the people she failed.Was it worth it, she wondered? She could have come to this world after spending another few decades with Ron and Hermione. Maybe she would have found a way to heal there. Now she was well aware of any triggers, but surrounded by war. And where she had always resented Dumbledore for forcing her to be a child soldier, it paled in comparison to this world. She, at least, had been eleven. Toddlers, children who had gaps in their mouth with teeth growing in, were sent to the frontlines and fought with knives, hands, feet, and chakra. They had armour specifically for tiny child bodies.This was not what she had hoped for.But then again, it never was. Hogwarts and the Wizarding World hadn¡¯t been. Life wasn¡¯t fair. She would simply have to do what she had always done. Buckle down and accept her situation for what it was. Fight for what she could and give up on what she couldn¡¯t.In the end, Calla decided to see what this world would be like in another hundred years. Maybe then they realised that sending your next generation into slaughter isn¡¯t the best method for a sustainable future. And it doesn¡¯t get you the most stable adults either.It was different this time, the century hadn¡¯t yet come to pass before she was called upon. There was a pulling sensation behind her navel, like a portkey, only not quite. As it turned out, she had been summoned. Well, not her. Or kind of, at least. They had called upon Death, or a lesser version, a helper of it at least.The current Hokage (Fire shadow? What the hell was that? What had happened?) had summoned her. There were weird painting remnants on the ground (a ritual?) and a huge nine-tailed fox was beside her, wrapped up in golden, glowing chains.Yep, this was definitely weird. She wondered whether this guy wanted to kill her. And what were they doing to that poor animal? Was it still animal abuse if the animal was as tall as a high-rise building? And there was a woman with red hair, bleeding profusely, out of whose body the chains were coming (she did a double-take at the chains, blood and desperation before her brain even had a chance to connect this red-haired woman to her own mom).The air was filled with screams and desperation but it took another moment before she noticed the tiny, naked screaming babe lying on the alter, still covered in birthing fluids, before she turned her ire on the man before her.Calla didn¡¯t know if the fox and the babe were intended as sacrifices (some people worshipped Death and a distant part of her wondered what Tom Riddle would have made of that). Or if he intended to bind her as they had the fox. Or sacrifice her? Although, who tried to sacrifice Death?¡°¡­Shinigami?¡±The blonde man in front of her, who had introduced himself as Minato Namikaze, Hokage, had paused upon realising she was not what he expected and instead was confronted with what looked like a young child.¡°Why did you call me?¡± Calla bit out, tension lining her body, magic pooling inside of her, ready to come to her aid, used to fighting on her side.There was a slight pause where the man seemed uncertain, before a pained cry from the red-headed woman made him stiffen and fix his gaze on her, refusing to glance away at the poor, screaming woman.¡°I want you to secure half the fox in my son, in return for the other half and my soul,¡± he demanded, half-entreating, half-demanding, clearly used to obedience (and desperate) yet simultaneously aware he had called on a higher being.Releasing her tension slightly ¨C he clearly didn¡¯t intend to fight her ¨C she reached out to touch him, amused to find that he was trying to both watch her actions carefully and not flinch away from her. Within the blink of an eye she knew all that Minato Namikaze was.?

An orphan, abandoned, scared, desperate for attention and to prove himself.

Tutored by another orphan who became a legend, excelling and training until he bled, until he blacked out, soaking up sparse praise and improving ¨C always.

In love with the vibrant, vivacious redhead, who was loud and demanding, who shone and stood out in colourless world.

Abandoned by his teacher for a better model, another burdened and raised up as the new child of prophecy.

Taking care of a small child ¨C so tiny ¨C already twisted and torn up inside by Konoha, clinging with desperation to what he knows to justify the death of his father and viciousness of the city and people he defends with his blood, sweat and tears. Another genius fed to the war.

A team of children. Another abandoned orphan desperate for attention. A fan girl who wants to heal the world. And his student, still clinging and desperate, hindering his own progress for his obstinacy and refusal.

And the slaughter of thousands, in a few precious moments. Man, women, children, their only crime standing and opposing his city. He kills them all and is hailed a hero on his return.

He loses his team. One dies in the war and leaves his student with an eternal reminder, another commits suicide at his student¡¯s hand to save their city. And his students begs until he allows him to disappear into ANBU.

The war ends and he becomes Hokage.

Married, expecting a child, so happy, so excited, planning an entire life.

It all ends now, today. He and his wife will die, leaving behind his child to a village which has already taken too much. His student will never leave ANBU. They have not had time to designate another, so on paper his own teacher will become the child¡¯s godfather. He will never stay behind to take care of his son. His wife¡¯s teacher has long passed away.

But there is no choice.

There never was.

He was Hokage.

Village before family.

His plans to get the clans and civilians closer together, to extend graduation age and help genius children further, to revamp the academy schedule, to create a better functioning bureaucracy and change ANBU will never happen.

He had not even trained another Hokage yet as he himself was still learning.

Konoha would flounder, struggle but this would help them make it through.

The village needed a Jinch¨±riki. And the nine tailed fox could only be sealed into an Uzumaki thanks to the vast amount of Chakra it contained.

So he would proffer his son.

Calla stepped back, mouth drawn into a bitter grimace, eyes hooded as she stared at the tableau before her. Another father sacrificing himself for his family. Another mother killing herself to save her child. Another baby the sole survivor.But she hadn¡¯t learned enough of her Death magic, didn¡¯t know enough of Chakra in this world to circumvent this bargain. In summoning her, Namikaze had already forfeited his soul. She had enough skill to extend that to the binding, so he would not have to sacrifice more, but that was all she could do. The fox, too, had a soul and yet he would be imprisoned merely for existing, for his power, and the baby didn¡¯t have a choice either.¡°I am sorry, Namikaze-sama. I would spare you if I could,¡± she admitted to him. And she would. He was a murderer, his kill count was in the quadruple digits by now, but he wanted to change the system for the better, and she would have liked to see what he could have done with it.Unfortunately, this wouldn¡¯t happen. Not in this world, in her world.She let them say goodbye, and gathered their souls, ensuring they would be together in the afterlife. It was, very literally, the least she could do for them.For the fox she gently took the more angry part of him, steeped in hatred, and shrunk it until he was the size of a normal fox and slowly vanished from sight, allowing him to stay in the world as a ghost, or accompany her if he wished. Although it was horrible that she had to take his choice away from him, this small choice, at least, she could grant him.The other part she put in the baby, adding runes to the existing design as a failsafe to call upon her if something went awry. It was her first time trying something this intricate and Calla only hoped she had done this right.Death kept telling her there was no right or wrong as she was, in this world, the ultimate arbiter of whether something was right or wrong, but that still clashed with Calla¡¯s own standards and morals.Hidden, she watched as an old grey-haired teen came upon the scene and exchanged a few words with Namikaze-san prior to his death. She hoped he gave better instructions for the care of his child than her own parents had, although she didn¡¯t hold out much hope after what she had seen in his soul.It was entirely too reminiscent of Dumbledore ¨C coming in after the big bad is defeated, claiming the child and absconding with him.Okay, so maybe Calla still had a few hang-ups with her old headmaster. To be fair, she had come to this world precisely so she could have a break and deal with her issues but considering how quickly she had died each time, she hadn¡¯t really had time for that.She watched as people rallied, recovering bodies and helping people out from underneath buildings. Children, teenagers and adults mourning and grieving, horror-stricken screams mingling with those from the injured and dying. A grey-haired teenager ¨C the student? ¨C fell to his knees in front of the blonde-haired man, tears scouring tracks across his ash-covered grimy face, a facemask dangling torn, the porcelain mask cracked and broken on the ground between his teacher and his wife.Calla bowed her head and allowed herself to disappear entirely. She didn¡¯t want to go far, wanted to see what happened to this place, to Konoha and the child ¨C to Naruto.

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