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Hermione has gotten into her dream school, the only problem is she can’t find a flat. Luna offers that Hermione stay with her. The two are complete opposites, but soon enough Hermione starts to develop feelings.


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Hermione has gotten into her dream school, the only problem is she can’t find a flat. Luna offers that Hermione stay with her. The two are complete opposites, but soon enough Hermione starts to develop feelings.,Summary:

The graduating students have an assembly. Hermione thinks about some things.


Hi! this is the first chapter of hopefully an extended project with luna and hermione getting together at the end. i have the next couple of chapters written and they just need to be polished and i will post them soon. i mostly wrote this for me bc i like their dynamic but if u guys enjoy it too that’s a bonus, :))

Chapter 1: it starts…

Chapter Text
The seventh and eighth years were gathering for a special assembly in one of the ground floor classrooms. It was large and shaped like a Greek theatre or a lecture hall, with rising seats and a speaking platform. It was a first years classroom but it often got co-opted for big meetings.Hermione arrived early and made her way up to the back of the room where she could watch everyone as they came in.She always looked for spots in a classroom that offered a bit of privacy, a vantage point. It was a habit from all those adventurous years with Harry and Ron. Ron always teased her saying she’d rather sit at the front and be a goody two shoes.That might’ve been true once.She still liked answering questions and actually being engaged in the learning, (a rare occurrence in those later years as they prepared for war) but when you sit front and centre like that everyone watches you. She didn’t need those extra expectations. People were judgemental enough without making yourself a target.The room was made to conduct sound and as people started filtering in a cheerful raucous of conversations started to build. Some seventh-year boys, noticing the absence of a teacher, started mucking around, flicking colour change charms at the furniture.The furniture was painted over every summer but at this point in the year, almost every desk had a dick or a swear word carved into the paint. Hermione vaguely remembered an instance in their first year when Ron had tried to spell his name onto one of the desktops to impress her but only ended up charring it. Ron never had been good at control.Ron was always in her head. Fuck.It had been two months since their break up. They hadn’t talked to each other at all for the first two weeks after. Hermione had hated herself for it. She’d felt like she had misled him, betrayed him, something like that. It was delusional.They sounded right in theory. “Ron and Hermione”. They bounced off each other in a way that was familiar after 7 years. They were best friends. A relationship that was automatic after all they’d been through together. She loved him and valued him.But not as her one and only. Not as “boyfriend and girlfriend”. It was incomprehensible and it ticked off Hermione to no end.Ron hadn’t understood when it ended, but she knew. It just wouldn’t -hadn’t- worked. Magic, at its most basic level, is instinct. That’s why little kids have chaotic magic always exploding and sparking. But when kids grow up they get taught how to control the energy and the instinct. There are ways to be intentional rather than emotional. Hermione liked that. That she didn’t have to rely on her emotions, that there were instructions and methodology and she could be in control.Ron wasn’t like that. He was easygoing. But that wasn’t the right word, because he was emotional too. He was complicated. Vague. And he wasn’t good at control.Hermione didn’t hold it against him. It didn’t make him a bad or lesser person. Just not the person for her.She knew she wasn’t exactly an easy person to love either. She never did anything without intention. It took the romance out of things sometimes.A large group of seventh-year girls arrived. She spotted Ginny’s redhead easily amongst the dark robes. Luna’s silver hair shone brightly too. The hall continued to fill up.Neville came and sat next to her. Draco came in with his group. A couple of people from the Hufflepuff quidditch team came in with red faces, and just as they were about to be late, Harry and Ron snuck into the hall and sat next to Neville.Harry strategically moved in front of Ron so that the exes had two people sitting between them. Hermione refrained from rolling her eyes.“Hey,” Neville said in greeting, “It’s good you made it. I almost forgot this was on, to be honest.”Hermione was a bit less tactful.“You’re almost late. ”“Sorry, we had a free period got a bit distracted,” Harry replied.“Chill out Hermione, Mcgonagall’s not even here yet,” Ron added.Hermione sighed.McGonagall stormed in a few seconds later with her hands full of parchment files and kicked the door closed behind her before slamming the papers down onto the podium. The usually composed Professor had been noticeably more irritable around school lately.Hermione could hardly blame her, with two year groups worth of leavers to sort out, staff shortages, new security measures, and wary parents to deal with.The room quieted quickly.“Right you lot. As you know, at the end of this year you will be graduating from Hogwarts, hopefully with plans for a work placement or tertiary education. This morning you should all have been set an appointment time for a careers meeting with your head of house. We will be documenting each of your plans for next year, and working with you to make sure that you actually have the qualifications you need to achieve those plans. This documentation includes an updated address, the occupation you intend to pursue, and your course of tertiary study if applicable.”McGonagall paused, adjusted her glasses and gave them all a good hard look. In the silence, someone coughed. A couple of people laughed. McGonagall took her glasses off and set them on the podium with a sharp click. They quieted down again.”Due to the recent war, there are some extra things to be adressed. As a school, we intend to keep in touch with you next year for our own administration and … to support you. We know that you have all been through a lot. We are still your teachers, we care about you and we are here to help. Please see me or your head of house if there are any issues of any kind. If for some reason you lack parental support . . . again please see me. We do not want you to feel alone next year.”McGonagall looked down at her papers again, shuffling through them. The room stayed silent. No coughing this time.McGonagall’s speech was a painful reminder of the aftermath that people didn’t talk about much. It had been almost a year since the war. Almost a year since the battle. Things had been normal and peaceful for almost a year. A year doesn’t seem like nearly enough time to get better, yet somehow . . . When you go to your classes, have dinner at the house tables, gossip in the common room. It’s easy to forget. Things feel okay. But there are also all of those little moments.Hermione hates Christmas now. The songs, the snow, the smells. It’s too hard. All she can think about is the snake, Harry, the broken wand. The horrible, uncertain terror. She has an irrational fear of apparating, even tagging along with someone, she always thinks about Ron in the forest. Without the constant danger pressuring her to keep moving always, she just can’t do it anymore. She knows the others have issues too. Harry can’t stand blood. In potions the other day he accidentally cut himself with a small paring knife and had a panic attack in the hallway. Ron’s taken up knitting. Hermione thinks she knows why.Finally, McGonagall finished her shuffling and had split the pile of forms into two.“Miss Weasley, Miss Lovegood can please you hand these out for me?” she asked, gesturing towards Ginny and Luna.The two girls take a stack each and make their way through the classroom, passing the forms out.“Please fill these out so that we can put all of the correct information on your graduation certificate. On the back, there is a space to write about any special complaints, issues etc. You can also come and speak to me personally afterwards. I’d like these handed back into my office by the end of the week so your teachers can look over them before your career meetings next week.”The class starts shuffling around, looking for quills and chatting, albeit more quietly than before. Luna’s finally made her way to the back row where Hermione’s group sits and hands four sheets to Ron to pass down.“Oh, hey, Hermione,” she calls out, slightly leaning over Ron, “Do you think we could meet up later? I think you chose the same topic as me for the potions essay and I was wondering if we could share books. I asked in the library and they said you’d issued them all.”Ron pressed back into his seat and snorted.“Yes, sure,” Hermione says. “I’ll be in the library after dinner if that works for you.”“Great,” Luna grins and steps back.Hermione nods vaguely as the girl heads back down the steps, her hair swishing.“I want to put Healer but I haven’t technically gotten into the course yet. Should I put it down? Do you think it still counts?” Neville asks as he passes her a form.“Dunno,” Harry says.“Yeah, I’m not sure either sorry,” Hermione replies.She stares at the form for a second before shoving git in her bag. She’ll sort that out later.

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