Fanfic: Ascension by khaleesisophie (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: The return of the necklace was a boon to whom it was given.

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence UnderageHarry Potter/Severus Snape Draco Malfoy/Charlie WeasleyHarry Potter Severus Snape Albus Dumbledore Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Draco Malfoy Charlie WeasleyDark Severus Dark Harry Mpreg but not with snarry Death Eaters Forced Pregnancy Underage – Freeform this is not a nice Snape Reincarnation

Summary: Summary:

The return of the necklace was a boon to whom it was given. It was not just a boon, however. The necklace heralded many changes into Harry’s life, and not all of those changes meant good for everybody.Meanwhile, Severus’s role in all of Albus’s grand plan have taken their toll on him, and the consequences would be deadly. There is only so much that could be put on one person until you break them- the danger comes when they break you back. Voldemort wishes to bring a dark wizard of legend back from the dead, and he will get his wish. Oh, yes, he will definitely get his wish.

Notes: Notes:

Hi everyone! Have had this fic planned out for ages now, and then I got frustrated and completely rewrote this and reworked the plot from the ground up. I’m hoping to make weekly updates.Let me warn you though, this fic might get dark. Please heed the tags.I’ve been playing around with this idea for a while now. Mix in my love for a darker and very Harry-obsessed Severus, and we get this.Enjoy!

(See the end of the work for more notes.)

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Severus was no stranger to resentment. He could feel the shackles of his life weighing him down with each step- one task to the next, even fewer thanks for each one he completed. Spy. Teach. Discipline. Keep the Potter brat alive. Look up from the sink and sneer at his face in the mirror.What a pathetic creature he was. And yet, on the mangled roof of Gryffindor tower and with the light of the moon on his cheeks, he felt free.It was the only place he felt as such. Just there, far above it all, Harry Potter safely asleep (at least, he hoped) dozens of feet below him. A place only Severus could reach. He wished he had some sort of addiction to indulge in as he sat there. His genetics stretched at his seams. He had been down that path before- once. It only took once, and the urge had remained forever.Severus imagined himself lighting a cigarette, taking a drag, and flicking the ash the off of Gryffindor tower. He had no such cigarette in hand, so he brandished his wand and blasted some dust off instead. Severus was a man of many skills. Potions, for one. He understood them, breathed them in a manner he did not understand anyone else could not.

The Dark Arts, the glittering attractiveness that called from between forbidden pages. The thrill of dark magic. The fear he commanded over the death eaters. The respect. Oh, it was so sweet. He could do so many things. Cast fear into their hearts. Perhaps, given a bit of time, he could even resurrect the spirit of a centuries-dead Dark Lord of ancient days and tie him to the Dark Lord’s will.As Severus had the thought, he laughed. He truly wished he had some sort of drink or cigarette in hand now.What a fucking joke.The Dark Lord was grasping at straws now, wasn’t he? Truly, only desperate men could come up with such ridiculous ideas. Dangerous ones, too.A frown settled on Severus’s face.Oh, he had to figure that out, wouldn’t he? Then, he would have to slink into Albus’s office and listen to whatever plan he had to thwart that idea. He would also have to be even more careful, because every time Severus acted suspicious in any way, Harry bloody Potter would catch wind of it and be utterly convinced that he was Up To Something. And, true to form, Harry Potter was usually right. Just never in the way he expected.A smile twisted at Severus’s lips. It was easy to forget the horrors at the Dark Lord’s feet when he remembered Harry Potter’s indignant face. Oh, how those green eyes shone with hatred. So easy to enjoy that hatred, with the full knowledge that Harry Potter had no bloody idea all that Severus did for him.
The boy must die?
Severus forced away the thought. Stamped it down, deep as he could. The smallest fraction of control he had in his miserable existence. It was actually quite funny the more he thought about it. Severus blasted another bit of dust off the roof, swept up his cloak around him, and prepared for another meeting with Albus.It was then when he heard the screaming.—Harry woke with his pajamas clinging to his skin.Ron was snoring away in the bed next to his. It wasn’t worth it to wake him. Instead, Harry went down to the common room with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders.What a mess his sleep had become. Nightmares, then Voldemort. A shudder went down his spine, and he pulled the blanket tighter around him.It wasn’t one of the ones where Voldemort was trying to show him something. After the¡­ trauma of what had happened at the Ministry, Harry now knew the difference all too well. No need to beg Snape for more lessons, nope. Harry knew. Merlin, he knew. He wiped off the tears with more harshness than was necessary. Snape. Fucking Snape.He wasn’t worth even a moment more of Harry’s thoughts, nor his hatred. That was what he wanted. But, dear Merlin, he did. He shook with it. Snape’s face, swimming in his mind as he experienced Voldemort’s time. It was murkier, so late into the night, but he¡¯d understood the gist of it. A task he needed Snape to do. The brandishing of a wand, and some unknown Muggle writhing with pain in the corner. Then, when that horrid vision had been over, Harry still hadn¡¯t had peace. He¡¯d been hurtled down into a nightmare, and not even the type he was used to. It seemed to be something in his mind, probably stressed from the upcoming Potions test he knew they would be having on Monday afternoon.He shuddered. It had felt so real. The pain had been worse than any Crucio he had been struck with, and he had a recollection of utter desperation as he reached for¡­ the details swum away from him. He had been reaching for somebody, and he had been screaming for them. He remembered reaching for a person¡¯s face, and then he had woken up.Harry wished he had a butterbeer. He would have to discuss the latest vision with Ron and Hermione tomorrow, he knew. But, for now, he could enjoy the silence of the common room and the slight chill that hung in the air. He passed a hand over his forehead. He wished he didn¡¯t have them, didn¡¯t have this horrible connection with- The fire flickered.Harry rubbed his eyes, and wiped off his glasses on his shirt. It hadn¡¯t been a trick of the light. There was something in the fire, glinting in a very unnatural way among the flames. Not a glint, no- a bit of shine?Harry¡¯s heart leaped remembering Sirius, but cold reality hit him. He left his seat and peered through the flames. A single aguamenti put out the fire, leaving the common room cold. Harry hissed as his fingers met the wet ash, but he found something round and small, just around the size of a small stone. It was a bit oddly shaped, with thin ridges around it. As he pulled it out of the muddy ash, something long followed it. A chain. Harry¡¯s stomach fell. It seemed this year wouldn¡¯t be so free of mysteries after all. He wiped it clean with his sleeve and held it up to the candlelight. It looked to be a crystal of some sort, wrapped in wire so it could be used as a pendant. The crystal was terribly faded, and with its grey color, it would have resembled a pebble if not for the glossy shine of it. Harry turned it once over by the flame, watching the light play across its grey splotches, and that was when the pain hit.¡ªSeverus barked out the universal password at the Fat Lady, who was so panicked she took a moment before she realized she needed to open the way for him. He ignored the accusing, horrified looks of the crowd of students. He didn¡¯t give a rat¡¯s arse about being in their so-called territory. The screaming should have indicated the necessity of his presence anyhow. It was the who that gave Severus pause. Harry Potter was curled on the carpet and convulsing. He was thrashing about violently, back and forth, and clutching his forehead. Severus forced himself out of his horror. Beneath his hands, blood gushed out. ¡°Severus!¡± Minerva hissed. ¡°Thank Merlin.¡±He ignored her. His heart was beating so hard in his chest it hurt. Severus didn¡¯t understand it, the sudden fear. He tried to will himself to scream at the students, especially Granger and Weasley (with his putrid little freckled face), but it seemed all his faculties had left him. After a moment, he found it. ¡°All of you,¡¯ he whispered in a low voice, and something in his tone had the panicked whispering of the students fall to an abrupt silence. ¡°Get out.¡±He didn¡¯t care if they obeyed him or not. Severus knelt and rolled Potter onto his back. Potter thrashed, and Severus cast a silent incarcerous. ¡°Don¡¯t fight me,¡¯ Severus hissed. He took hold of Potter¡¯s bound hands and ripped them away from his forehead. Good Merlin. Something foul was leaking out. Not just blood- something black and oily and just horrible to look at. In the back of his head, he could hear the Dark Lord¡¯s voice whispering.
Potter opened his eyes, green and wet with tears. Severus stared back down at him.Before he had even realized it, he was shoving a potion down Potter¡¯s throat. The eyes closed, and Potter was limp in his arms.Above them, Minerva let out a single pained gasp. She dropped onto one of the sofas, her face pale.¡°Severus¡­?¡±Severus didn¡¯t respond. Potter¡¯s eyes, Lily¡¯s eyes were still looking up at him.¡°Severus?¡± Minerva said. ¡°Lower him into the bed, please.¡±Severus blinked. They were in the hospital wing. He lowered Potter down onto the bed, Poppy’s face stern as she waved her wand over him. Severus stared down at his hands and tried not to vomit.Damn it all. He’d been far too trusting of Potter- of course he would find a way to muck up Severus’s already terrible night. Poppy tried to shoo him away, but a withering look had her sneer back at him as she cleaned the blood and filth off of Potter. This was hardly the first time Severus had sneered over Potter’s prone form in the hospital wing. He doubted it would be the last time, either. But there was something to be said about the way Potter’s lashes cast long shadows across his cheeks, or how small his frame appeared, paled further by white sheets. A hand dropping on his shoulder had Severus startling. He looked up, and realized he had reached out to touch Potter’s face. His lips pulled back into a sneer again as he dropped his hand down to his side.”Headmaster.” Severus said.”A rough night, isn’t it?” Blue eyes twinkled back at him, but the circles beneath Albus’s eyes spoke magnitudes. “Typical, actually.” Severus looked at Harry Potter’s prone form on the bed. “An attack from the Dark Lord, I suppose?” “From what Minerva tells me, it would be a highly unusual sort of attack.” Albus summoned one of the uncomfortable hospital wing chairs and pointed his wand at it. Cushioning burst out of it, and replaced the old wood with a gaudy floral armchair. Severus’s mouth pressed into a thin line, and he tucked his hands into his pockets. “Severus, when you came to Harry¡­ what did you feel?” “What?” The question surprised him, but then again, this was Albus. Albus held up one mangled, blackened hand. “When I destroyed the ring, I heard Tom’s voice in my mind. He tempted me with my greatest desires, and when I did not respond, it turned into mocking.””I¡­’ Severus peered at Albus curiously. “I may have felt something similar.” “Will you touch Harry’s scar for me, Severus?” Severus raised a brow at him, and moved to obey. He lifted a hand and ran a finger down that lightning bolt-shaped scar. Despite himself, he could feel the warmth of Potter’s skin making tingles up to his wrist, and catch himself on the sight of those long eyelashes. “I don’t¡­” Severus’s head snapped back to Albus. “The Dark Lord-” “Yes.” Albus said. “It is gone.”Severus’s hand dropped down to his side, limp with shock. “That places a wrench into your grand plan.””It does.” Albus suddenly looked very tired. “And I understand Narcissa Malfoy never came to see you this summer.””No, she did not.” Severus looked down at Potter again. “He will not have to die?”Damn him. He could see the smile playing at Albus’s lips, and he sneered openly at the Headmaster.”No, Severus. He does not.” Albus said. He lifted his hand, revealing a grey crystal hanging from a silver chain. “Minerva found this on Harry’s person. Do you recognize it?”Severus shook his head. The sight of the necklace discomforted him somehow, though he felt no Dark magic from it.”It was worth a shot.” Albus sighed. “I really do feel guilty for leaving you, Severus, but given¡­ I will have to delay our meeting till tomorrow. Now if you will excuse me, I have quite some thinking to do.”The doors shut behind Albus.Severus stood there for several long, silent moments over Potter’s bed. He would live. That shouldn’t have made him as weak in the knees as it did.Severus was not used to feeling such¡­ relief. He hadn’t doomed Lily’s son. By some great boon of fate, Harry Potter would live to annoy Severus for many more years to come. Assuming he did not go and get himself killed by the Dark Lord and company, of course. ?He had touched Potter’s face again without realizing it. He watched his fingers, having no control over their movement as they scratched over the now empty scar. The moonlight illuminated Potter’s face with a nearly bluish glow, and he was once again taken in by the long shadows that crossed over his cheeks. He traced the shadow beneath one eye, down a full cheek, and then went too far. His finger caught on Potter’s full lower lip, then retreated.Severus had no idea what he was doing, but he could not help himself as he gently pressed his thumb against Potter’s lips again, and then pressed in. The slightest touch of moisture met his own skin, and he felt his cock stir to life. He ripped his hand away as if burned. Potter’s lip snapped back with a wet pop, and Severus turned on his heel to stomp out of the hospital wing. When he had settled himself in his own bed, he couldn’t help but to press his thumb into his own mouth.

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