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Description: Harry is in Sixth year. He has the Potions textbook formerly belonging to the ‘Half-blood Prince.’

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Summary: Summary:

Harry is in Sixth year. He has the Potions textbook formerly belonging to the ‘Half-blood Prince.’ Within the pages of that notebook is a mysterious spell, one which gives Harry a new insight into the emotional state of those around him.Naturally, when Harry finds Malfoy in a bathroom, crying, and in great distress… well, what can you expect of a person known for his ‘saving people thing’?

Notes: Notes:

Hello, welcome to my latest story! You can call me Angel if you like. This story has come to me rather like a fever dream and I frantically wrote it down, only to have it sitting in my drafts for ages whilst I waited for another one of my stories to wrap up. At any rate, thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy:)

Chapter 1

Chapter Text


Harry turned down the corner of the page to mark it.

Ostendoaura. He¡¯d never heard this spell before, and he flipped through the

Advanced Potions Making

book looking for any more explanation.

Like Levicorpus and Libracorpus, there were no other mentions within the scribbles in the book¡¯s margins.

¡°Revelio!¡± Harry hissed, pointing his wand at the page.

He was in luck. A few more words faded into view –

¡®use on self to see clearly.¡¯

Well, Harry could certainly use some help ¡®seeing clearly.¡¯

After briefly glancing around the room, he removed his glasses, which made everything blurry.

Ron was sitting a few chairs away staring at his mostly blank parchment. Hermione sat on a bench beneath the window a bit away, and she was fuzzier. The rest of the common room was empty as most everyone else was in class. Harry felt very grateful for the free periods.

¡°Ostendoaura.¡± Harry whispered, pointing his wand at his own chest.

Nothing seemed to happen. Everything was just as blurry as before.

Harry pushed his glasses back onto his face, looking back at the book to see if he was missing anything.

¡°Mate, you reckon you could let me in on some of those tips next Potions class?¡± Ron asked when he noticed Harry reading it intently.

Harry looked up, then frowned.

Ron looked exactly the same as before, except¡­ surrounding him was a sort of transparent film-like circle. It was a brilliant, shining gold, with slight wrinkles here and there marring its smooth surface.

¡°Er, sure. Ron, you feel alright? You don¡¯t feel anything¡­ unusual?¡± Harry asked. Ron frowned.

¡°I¡¯m fine, why?¡±

¡°Do me a favour – just, wave your hands a bit? Around your shoulders and head?¡± Harry asked, feeling absurd. Ron shrugged but complied, waving his hands through the glow as if it wasn¡¯t a physical thing even though Harry could


that it was.

¡°Any particular reason why?¡± Ron asked, still waving his arms.

¡°Er, no, just¡­ curious.¡± Harry says, returning his attention to the book and hoping Ron wouldn¡¯t question him further. He¡¯d never managed to convince anyone when he was seeing or hearing something unusual, so it seemed easier to not try until he knew more.

When Ron went back to his work, Harry chanced a look over at Hermione.?

She too had a glow around her – strong, unwavering blue that rippled as she read. Her glow had a few more wrinkles than Ron¡¯s, but some of them smoothed themselves out in time, and new ones took their place.

Harry wondered what the glows meant, and whether or not he had one.

He went to the bathroom, looking at himself in the mirror.?

Sure enough, his glow was a dark, forest green, with just as many wrinkles as Hermione, though many were larger, and unlike hers, his stayed put without changing.?

On his way back to the common room, Harry passed by one of the first years he hadn¡¯t ever spoken with before, and when he spotted Harry, his pale orange glow developed a new small wrinkle right around his ear.

Harry nodded at him with a polite smile, and the wrinkle suddenly vanished.


Over the remaining hour, the glows remained visible, but they vanished when a whole hour had passed.

Harry made note of any changing wrinkles in his friends¡¯ glows, and decided to stop by the library later to see if he could find any mentions of the spell he¡¯d tried.

There were no mentions, nothing even in an alphabetised spell dictionary which was regularly updated with new spell inventions logged by the Ministry.

However, Harry did try finding out more about auras, as he suspected the glows represent.

He found some writing on the subject, though minimal and not particularly credible. Evidently, some Seers were able to perceive a person¡¯s aura, but their existence was still hotly debated and never strictly proven.

So before meals, Harry would cast the spell on himself and take note of distinct auras in his friends. How they glowed a bit brighter when a person was pleased, and the little wrinkles that formed when they were distressed.

Most of his friends had auras similar to Ron¡¯s – generally intact with a healthy light and minimal disturbances in its surface. Colours seemed to have no correlation to house, personality or gender, and Harry had to wonder how the colours were assigned.

A few people around the hall had strange auras, like Luna, whose aura was a soft lavender but had crisp scalloped edges instead of blurred lines surrounding her. That didn¡¯t surprise Harry very much. Zacharias Smith¡¯s aura was a puce colour, and did not extend very far past his body.

The teacher¡¯s auras were wrinkled, like most of their faces, but that too didn¡¯t surprise Harry, as he knew the stress they were all under at the time.?

McGonagall in particular had a vibrant scarlet aura, wrinkled and worn, but it had a strength and severity that matched her own. Snape had a dull brown aura with even more wrinkles and was a bit lopsided, rising higher on his right side than his left.

At any rate, Harry hadn¡¯t learned enough about this strange new spell to feel ready to tell his friends about it, so he kept the knowledge to himself.

Hermione¡¯s aura was especially wrinkled. She was hunched over a book, but her eyes kept darting up to where Ron and Lavender were sitting together in another corner. There was an ever growing wrinkle by her elbow that jumped to twice its previous size every time Lavender giggled.

Harry wondered¡­
As discreetly as he could, he tried visualising his magic, smoothing her wrinkles out.
He directed his wand at her from under the table, thinking very hard about pressing the wrinkles away.

It worked. Hermione¡¯s shoulders relaxed, and she breathed out a bit heavier than before. The Ron wrinkle had smoothed out, and her focus stayed on her book even as Lavender squealed loudly at something Ron said.

In the next few days, Harry smoothed out Ron¡¯s wrinkles about the game, Hermione¡¯s wrinkles about school, Dean¡¯s wrinkles about Ginny, Ginny¡¯s wrinkles about Harry¡¯s textbook, and- shockingly, Snape¡¯s wrinkles about Harry.

That last one caused great satisfaction for Harry, as he managed to slip in a barb about Snape¡¯s teaching before quickly smoothing out the wrinkle almost simultaneously as it was forming, and Snape seemed to not care about it even as Harry¡¯s friends covered their mouths to stifle their snickers.

Harry was walking to dinner alone – Ron had stopped off to throw up again, nervous as he was about the upcoming Quidditch match.?

Without much thought, Harry pulled out the Map, looking for the familiar dot reading ¡®Draco Malfoy.¡¯?

A strange feeling ran through him when he found it a floor below, in one of the boy¡¯s bathrooms with none other than Moaning Myrtle.?

Harry approached the door silently and pressed his ear to it, listening for suspicious sounds, but hearing none.

He pushed it open to listen closer, and finally heard Myrtle¡¯s croaking voice.

¡°Don¡¯t. Don¡¯t, tell me what¡¯s wrong, I can help you-¡±

¡°No one can help me.¡± Malfoy¡¯s familiar voice responded. ¡°I can¡¯t do it- I can¡¯t, it won¡¯t work, and unless I do it soon- he says he¡¯ll kill me-¡±

Frowning, Harry opened the door more to look inside.?

Malfoy was leaning over a sink with his back to Harry. He hadn¡¯t seen him in the mirror yet, but he was bound to notice Harry at any moment.

Sure enough, Malfoy looked up then. Harry nearly gasped when he saw Malfoy¡¯s tear-streaked face.

¡°Ostendoaura.¡± Harry whispered, then pocketed the Map and his wand quickly.

In a second, Malfoy had spun around, holding his wand up with a shaking hand, pointed at Harry.

Harry felt a jolt of adrenaline, the urge to draw his own wand, but he fought it, lifting his empty hands instead.

Because Malfoy¡¯s aura was


. Harry¡¯d never seen one in such bad shape, not even Dumbledore¡¯s or Snape¡¯s. He had wrinkles around the edges, like nearly everyone else, but there was a gaping gash near his left shoulder.

Malfoy¡¯s aura was a pale, uncertain green that looked like it had seen better days. Malfoy himself looked like he¡¯d seen better days, and Harry suddenly realised that he hadn¡¯t seen Malfoy¡¯s aura yet because Malfoy hadn¡¯t been to a single meal in the past week.

¡°I¡¯m not armed.¡± Harry said calmly, stepping inside and letting the door fall shut. He noticed that Myrtle had vanished into a cubicle.

Malfoy watched Harry with distrustful eyes glimmering with tears that hadn¡¯t fallen yet, and he hadn¡¯t lowered his wand.

¡°Put your wand away, Malfoy, I don¡¯t want to fight you.¡± Harry said. Malfoy didn¡¯t move. ¡°I want to know why you¡¯ve been using the Room of Requirement.¡±

Malfoy¡¯s face betrayed him, and finally his wand arm fell, like it was taking too much energy to keep lifted.

¡°Spying on me again?¡± He spit.

¡°Spying on you


.¡± Harry corrected. ¡°Why is Voldemort threatening to kill you?¡±

Malfoy again looked like a deer caught in headlights, and his hand still gripping his wand tightly twitched.

¡°I could help, you know.¡± Harry offers. A new wrinkle forms in Malfoy¡¯s aura.?

¡°I don¡¯t need your help, Potter.¡± Malfoy says coldly.

Harry sighed, and against his better judgement, walked up to Malfoy, who looked frightened and confused.

¡°You¡¯ve no reason to believe me, I¡¯m aware. But I know better than anyone how it feels – the pressure of being picked for a task you never wanted.¡± Harry spoke softly, like he was talking to a child or a scared animal. Malfoy didn¡¯t look like he appreciated the tone very much.

¡°I did want it. I will prove myself and my loyalty.¡± He said weakly.

¡°Want what?¡± Harry pressed.?

¡°Nice try.¡± Malfoy sneered. ¡°Why are you here, anyway? Dumbledore send you to get information from me? He should know I¡¯d never talk, and unlike you, I¡¯m a capable Occlumens.¡±

Harry turns so he¡¯s facing a window that looks out on the grounds, though his focus is still firmly on Malfoy.?

¡°Why are you here?¡± Malfoy repeats. ¡°Don¡¯t you have professors to woo? Friends to argue with? A team to rally?¡±

Harry rolls his eyes, but doesn¡¯t answer.

He faces Malfoy again, who has relaxed ever so slightly. He¡¯s not shaking anymore, but his ruined aura still heaves with his every breath, like it¡¯s barely keeping itself together.

Malfoy stiffens as Harry approaches.?

Harry wishes he¡¯d taken a drop of Felix Felicis before coming in here, as it¡¯s very possible he could be sent to the hospital wing with some curse Malfoy throws at him.

Still, Malfoy doesn¡¯t move as Harry gets closer to him, his palms raised in a placating gesture. Malfoy looks suspicious.

By the time Harry is toe-to-toe with him, Malfoy¡¯s pale eyes are staring through Harry¡¯s.

¡°I¡¯m not going to fight you.¡± Harry says very quietly. Malfoy¡¯s frown deepens.

Very slowly, very gently, Harry takes his wand from his pocket. Malfoy¡¯s is suddenly pressed against Harry¡¯s throat.

¡°I¡¯m not going to hurt you.¡± Harry says, and Malfoy must hear the honesty in his voice, because his wand arm falls back against his side.

¡°What are you doing?¡± Malfoy breathes, his eyes fixed on Harry¡¯s wand held gingerly in his hand.?

¡°I¡¯m going to fix it.¡± Harry says vaguely. ¡°If I was going to attack you, why would I move slowly?¡±

Malfoy seems to consider this, and when Harry raises his wand and points it at Malfoy, he barely flinches.

Harry directs his attention to the gash in Malfoy¡¯s aura, and he imagines very hard, lacing the opening back together with his own dark green magic.

As soon as the first thread of his magic touches Malfoy¡¯s, his knees buckle with a high-pitched cry.

Harry catches him with his left arm as Malfoy slumps down, and he uses the sink to pin Malfoy upright.

¡°Stay still.¡± Harry says, refocusing on the half-repaired tear. His own magic stands out starkly against the weak green of Malfoy¡¯s, and when the gash is finally clumsily repaired, Harry turns to look at Malfoy¡¯s face again.

¡°Are you alright?¡± Harry asks, eyeing his rival¡¯s half-lidded eyes.

Malfoy wheezes, and Harry half drags him over to the nearest surface, the large bathtub, and sits him down on it.

¡°What did you do to me?¡± Malfoy asks breathily.

¡°I fixed it.¡± Harry says, unsure of how much information to give away. He may feel bad for Malfoy, but he¡¯s already exhausted his charitability.?

Harry is still holding Malfoy¡¯s shoulders, as it seems like he¡¯ll topple over without the support.

¡°What did it feel like?¡± Harry asks curiously. He doesn¡¯t think he can just pretend nothing happened, like he can with his friends¡¯ mysteriously slightly improved moods.

But it¡¯s like Harry¡¯s question suddenly breaks Malfoy out of a trance, and despite how wobbly he is on his feet, he dashes out of the bathroom without glancing back.

Harry glares after his retreating form.

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