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Description: Remus Lupin is a 22 year old single dad to his four year old son Teddy. His life is average and maybe boring but then he meets his best friends, boyfriends best friend. Sirius Black comes into Remus’ life like a raging fire, an absolutely perfect fire. A fire with his own complicated past but so much love for both Remus and Teddy, but is that enough?

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplySirius Black/Remus Lupin James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Marlene McKinnon/Dorcas MeadowesRemus Lupin Sirius Black Teddy Lupin James Potter Lily Evans Potter Euphemia Potter Fleamont Potter Mary Macdonald Marlene McKinnon Dorcas Meadowes Peter Pettigrew Regulus BlackSingle Parent Remus Lupin Gay Remus Lupin Gay Sirius Black Family Family Fluff Past Child Abuse Childhood Trauma Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD Implied/Referenced Child Abuse Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism Drug Use Regulus Black Needs a Hug Sirius Black is a Good Sibling Implied/Referenced Self-Harm Homophobia Hate Crimes

Summary: Summary:

Remus Lupin is a 22 year old single dad to his four year old son Teddy. His life is average and maybe boring but then he meets his best friends, boyfriends best friend. Sirius Black comes into Remus’ life like a raging fire, an absolutely perfect fire. A fire with his own complicated past but so much love for both Remus and Teddy, but is that enough?

Notes: Notes:

I’m so pleased with how this story is turning out and I hope you all enjoy it!

Chapter 1: A Night Out

Chapter Text
Remus wasn¡¯t exactly sure why he had agreed to go out that night. It wasn¡¯t that he didn¡¯t want to see his friends, because he did. It¡¯s just that he was out of practice in going out, he figured most twenty-two-year-old single fathers were. But Lily had called and begged and pleaded and promised a fun, Teddy friendly, night and he really couldn¡¯t say no at that point. So now he was packing up some toys and a change of clothes for his son while getting himself ready.He looked in the mirror, tracing the scars across his face and sighing. It was just a night with his friends and some of Lily¡¯s boyfriends James¡¯ friends, just a group of grown adults, but he stood there still terrified of what these new people would think of him. The scarred single father bringing a four-year-old to their hang out. Hes four, he would be fine, everything would be fine, Remus told himself repeatedly. He walked from his room into the living room where Teddy was quietly playing with Legos on the floor. ¡°Hey Bud, are you ready to go to Auntie Lily¡¯s?¡± Teddy looked up at Remus with a giant smile and nodded excitedly, ¡°Yes! Let¡¯s go!¡± Remus laughed and nodded towards the door, getting them both in their jackets.The ride to Lily¡¯s was short and a route both Remus and Teddy knew very well. Once they got there Remus noticed a car and a motorbike he didn¡¯t recognize, must be James¡¯ friends he thought as he got Teddy out of his booster seat. With Teddy on his hip, he walked up to Lily¡¯s door and walked in, the need to knock something they gave up four years ago. Immediately the red head ran to him, a huge smile on her face and her arms immediately ready to take Teddy from him. He smiled at her and relinquished his son who chirped happily to be with his Auntie Lily.Lily led him back into the living room. He quickly scanned the room seeing Mary, Marlene, and Dorcas, his friends who he knew and adored and then he saw James¡¯ and then next two James were two men. One of them was short and had a round face and body to match, he had his eyes fixed wide on Remus, gawking at his scarred body no doubt. Then on James¡¯ other side was simply the most beautiful man Remus had ever seen, he was shorter than James and he had long dark hair with pale skin and high cheek bones.
Lily came up next to Remus, ¡°Remus, you know the girls and James obviously, that right there is Peter,¡± She pointed to the boy with the round face,¡± and that over there is Sirius.¡± She said, pointing to the beautiful man who was now looking at Remus with a look Remus couldn¡¯t quite place.¡°Boys, this is my friend Remus, and this lovely boy is his son Teddy,¡± she said, ruffling Teddy¡¯s hair which made him giggle hysterically. The two men waved at him, Peter still gawking and Sirius smiling at him. He smiled back and walked over to the kitchen to grab some food before he sat down. He went to the cupboard that Lily kept snacks for Teddy in, making sure to have some on hand for him as well. He went back out to the living room and found a seat next to Mary.She turned to him and gave him a hug, ¡°Remus, you simply must come out more often, I feel like I hardly ever see you.¡±¡°Oh Mary, I¡¯d be lying if I said that I wished I did, but I do miss seeing you girls.¡±Mary laughed, shoving him lightly, ¡°You¡¯re such a grandpa, Remus,¡± she said with a smile.¡°Oh god no, not till I am at least forty-eight,¡±Mary did the math quick, ¡°Thirty, you don¡¯t want to be a grandpa till Teddy¡¯s thirty?¡±¡°Yes, but I¡¯ll be happy with anything over twenty-five.¡± Mary laughed, shaking her head, ¡°Do as I say, not as I did huh?¡±¡°Exactly, now you¡¯re getting it Mary.¡±They both laughed and Marlene and Dorcas turned to them, ¡°What¡¯s so funny you two?¡± Marlene asked with a devilish smile.¡°Oh, just our Remus hoping his son doesn¡¯t end up a teen dad, like him, the usual.¡±Marlene barked out a laugh, ¡°Oh Remy, I don¡¯t think Teddy¡¯s going to end up in the same situation as you, it¡¯s far too special.¡± She said with a smirk.Remus rolled his eyes, ¡°Yes yes I know, gay man has sex with a woman once and nine months later a baby is left at the doorstep of his college apartment, it¡¯s all very entertaining.¡± He said while cracking a smile. They all laughed again and suddenly he heard teddy let out a squeal.He turned just in time to see Teddy throwing himself at James¡¯ friend Sirius who had gotten down to the floor to play with him. Lily was sitting in James¡¯ lap, watching Teddy, both her and James smiling brightly. Teddy was smiling too, and he was laughing his special little laugh that made Remus¡¯ heart swell, it was so genuine and full of life. He watched as he played with Sirius who seemed just as into it as Teddy was, the smile on Sirius¡¯ face seemed so genuine. Remus didn¡¯t expect much from well anyone really. Lily has always been by his side, she was the roommate at the flat where baby Teddy had been dropped at his doorstep, three days old and just left at the door. Lily was there for every single moment and milestone and every night that Remus just sat up and cried. Of course, the other girls they met along the way were great as well, they had all been Lily¡¯s friends first but as soon as they met Remus and then at the time a two-year-old Teddy they all quickly became aunties. James was great too; he¡¯d been in the picture for the last four months and Lily had made it very clear to James that Remus and Teddy were an important part of her like. So, like that Uncle Jamie came into the picture. Still the people that came into their lives were few and far between. The last thing he expected was the leather clad Adonis at a house hang out to so easily get on the floor and play with his four-year-old.He couldn¡¯t help but smile at the scene, he was brought out of it by Marlene elbowing him in the ribs, ¡°Did you just find Teddy a second daddy?¡± mumbled with a smirk. Remus immediately went red and elbowed her back. ¡°Shut it, Marlene!¡± He was still red faced when Teddy came and launched himself into Remus¡¯ lap.¡°Papa! Can I have my dragons, I want to play dragons with Mr. Sirius!!¡± He smiled wide up at Remus, his big hazel eyes giving him their best puppy dog impression. ¡°Yes, you can have your dragons,¡± He laughed, ¡°Can you go get me your bag?¡± Teddy nodded fervently and launched himself straight to the kitchen where Remus had put their bag. He came running back, blues clues bag in hand.¡°Here you go Papa!¡± he said smiling. Remus smiled back and ruffled his hair, opening the bag and taking out his two stuffed dragons. ¡°Thank you!¡± Remus watched as teddy glanced down at his plate and then back up at him. ¡°Papa, can I have some fruit snacks too please?¡±¡°Sure, you can Buddy,¡± Remus said with a smile handing him the bag he¡¯d gotten earlier and watching as Remus launched himself back at Sirius who was quick to pick right up into their game of dragons.**
The night had wound down some, Marlene and Dorcas having to leaver after a while and eventually Remus found his way outside, Lily and James were in the house where after hours of playing with his new best friend Teddy had fallen asleep on one of the couches. Sirius was sat next to him scrolling on his phone, a stuffed dragon still in his lap. Peter and Mary had been holed up in deep conversation around Lily¡¯s kitchen table for the last few hours. Remus figured he could go out for ten minutes for a smoke without incident.He had just lit his second cigarette when he felt someone appear next to him, when he turned, he saw none other than Teddy¡¯s new best friend, Sirius. ¡°Light me up, yeah?¡± Sirius said, holding his own cigarette out and Remus obliged.¡°Thanks,¡± Sirius said, flashing him a smile.Remus felt himself go red but smiled back, ¡°Sorry,¡± Remus started, ¡°About Teddy, I¡¯m sure you didn¡¯t plan on entertaining a four-year-old with your Friday night. ¡°Oh, don¡¯t apologize, he was absolutely lovely. I¡¯d much rather spend the night playing dragons than listening to Peter talk about how much he hates living with his mum and don¡¯t get me wrong I adore Lily, but if I have to listen to James spend hours talking about how perfect she is I might ring his neck.¡±Remus laughed, ¡°Understandable, Teddy is definitely more than happy to share the joy of dragons with anyone who will listen.¡±Sirius laughed and shot him another bright smile, ¡°I loved getting to know Teddy, but I uh, I¡¯d love to get to know you better.¡± Remus looked at Sirius, confused as to what he was saying, he watched as Sirius pulled out a sticky note, he recognized it as the one from the stack on Lily¡¯s fridge. He pushed it into Remus¡¯ hand and shot him a smile. He threw down his cigarette and stomped it out before flashing one last smile and heading to the hike Remus had seen earlier.Remus found himself beet red and smiling, watching as Sirius threw up his long hair and then rode away. Remus turned confused and headed back into the house. He placed the sticky note in his pocket and went to clean up after teddy. Lily found her way next to him as James walked Peter and Mary to their cars.¡°I¡¯m glad you came out tonight, Remus.¡± She said, squeezing his arm.¡°I am too Lils,¡± he said smiling and resting his head on top of hers. Then he moved to pick up Teddy, ¡°But now I think it¡¯s time I bring this little one home.¡±Lily smiled and placed a kiss to Teddy¡¯s head as they headed out the door.When they got home Remus was glad, he had brought teddy to Lily¡¯s in his pajamas because he was able to just put him in bed easily. He placed a kiss to Teddy¡¯s forehead and left him for the night. He went back to his room after and pulled the hot pink sticky note from his pocket, running his finger over the numbers.

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