Fanfic: Bitter Almonds by Skylarparks (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: What would happen if James and Harry were brothers? If Lily and Hermione were friends? If Riddle went to school with all of them?

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceHermione Granger/Tom Riddle lily evans/ james potter Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Sirius Black/Remus LupinHermione Granger Harry Potter Sirius Black Remus Lupin Lily Evans George Weasley Fred Weasley Ginny Weasley Peter Pettigrew Tom Riddle Lucius Malfoy Draco Malfoy Abraxas Malfoy Bellatrix Black Narcissa Black Andromeda Black Severus Snape Theodore NottMarauders and Golden Trio go to school together and so does Tom Riddle POV Hermione POV Tom Riddle Grammarly is my beta This is in the 90s gryffindor vs slytherin Stalker Tom Riddle Evil Tom Riddle Not even slightly canon Not explicit yet but I will add tags later when necessary I de-aged everyone ? I have merged many family lines

Summary: Summary:

What would happen if James and Harry were brothers? If Lily and Hermione were friends? If Riddle went to school with all of them? What if Riddle had a strange obsession with Hermione? Let¡¯s find out. I¡¯m starting us in the fifth year with the Golden Trio and the Marauders in the sixth year with Tom Riddle. Nothing that happened in the books has happened and the Chamber of Secrets hasn¡¯t been opened yet.I¡¯m going to see how blasphemous you all think this is¡­ if you like it, let me know and I¡¯ll write more. Or else I will delete it forever and forget I ever came up with it in the first place.

Notes: Notes:

I have no excuse if this fic is terrible but I hope it¡¯s not to difficult to read, no beta! Let me know how much you hate or love the concept in the comments! I have evil plans if it is well received.

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
? “Okay, that’s enough boys… we should get to Diagon Alley before they leave without us…” Lily laughed as she tugged at James’s arm playfully to get his brother Harry from the headlock he had trapped him in.???? Hermione, Lily, James and Harry had breakfast together, every year before they went to Diagon Alley with the Weasleys to pick up their school supplies. Hermione and Lily, we’re both muggle-born and had been unofficially adopted by both the Weasleys and the Potters when they were sorted into Gryffindor their first years.??? Harry’s black hair was messier than usual after his little tousle with his brother and he smiled sheepishly at Hermione, who was tapping her foot impatiently while she fixed him with a raised brow.???? Hermione was angrier than she appeared but refused to tell them the reason for her impatience. She preferred to get to Flourish and Blott’s early so that she could pick through the books before the masses arrived midday, James would have teased her relentlessly if she had brought it up again though.??? Once the boys said their goodbyes to Mr. and Mrs. Potter, they took the floo to the familiar crowded pub, The Leaky Cauldron.??? The familiar red hair across the bar caught their attention. Fred and George, who were having a pint with Bill and Charlie, their older brothers who had already graduated, looked up from their gloopy pea soup before getting out of the booth and greeting their old friends.??? “Looking good this year ladies…” the twins said in unison with equally cheeky grins plastering their faces.???? Hermione blushed shyly and said a quick ‘hello’. She knew they were just being nice… they were probably just trying to hit on Lily, which wasn’t surprising. She wrapped her arms around herself awkwardly to avoid further eyes on her, before she was attacked by a wall of red hair.???? “I missed you, Hermione!” Ginny said as she held on to Hermione tightly. “How was your summer?”???? A tinge of guilt hit Hermione, she was going to write but she had been very busy the last couple months. “I missed you too! Sorry I didn’t write much… I was-“???? “Galavanting with Viktor Krum in Romania?” said a familiar voice. Ron walked up to her and scowled a bit before wrapping one arm around her and squeezing stiffly.???? Hermione tried not to get annoyed with him for being a jealous prat. It was an odd sort of sore point in their friendship, but masking it with false protectiveness irked her to no end.??? “No.” She scoffed. “I was in France with my parents.” She bristled slightly and widened her eyes at Lily for help, she could already see the twins were getting roused by the drama. She didn’t need to be teased about her friendship with the Romanian Durmstrang champion from the year prior and that would unquestionably occur if she were to stay any longer without a subject change.???? Lily, being the intuitive witch she was, smiled kindly and walked over to her, looping her arm through her own.???? “Well, we are going to Flourish and Blotts…” Lily announced. “Are any of you scoundrels coming or shall we catch up with you later?”???? “We will meet you there in a bit, Merlin knows you two will be there for hours, so we have time.” James winked. Hermione did not miss the longing on his face that seemed to accompany him every time the red-head was near.??? ? “Okay, we will see you in a bit then.” and with that, the pair left the pub and tapped the brick wall that would lead them to the crowded streets of Diagon Alley.??? “How was your summer? Was Petunia awful to you?” Hermione grimaced as they avoided a rather large group of official-looking Goblins.??? “She’s never happy to see me. Her friends were awful to me all summer, but I still missed her anyways.” Lily sighed as she let go of Hermione’s arm.???? Though Lily was a talented, popular and beautiful witch in the Wizarding world, in the muggle world she was nothing special in her own eyes. Hermione could relate, but she at least didn’t have a sister who called her a freak on a daily basis.???? “You are so lucky you are an only child…” Lily murmured after a moment of silence.???? “It’s a lot lonelier than it looks, and likely the reason I’m less adept with social situations than you.” Hermione chuckled, she was notoriously awkward, paired with bouts of rage that would often embarrass her further.???? “Says the girl who has been sending letters back and forth to none other than Viktor Krum. Famous quidditch player that had eyes for only you last year.” Lily said with a small smirk gracing her very symmetrical features. “I can see that Ron is taking it well though.”??? Hermione snorted at that as they began to close in on Flourish and Blotts. She reached for the guilded door handle and pulled it open, the smell of books, parchment and ink hitting her like a drug. She was broken from her trance when Lily broke the silence.??? “Divination or Transfiguration section first?”???? Hermione gave her an eye roll that caused Lily to giggle before heading over to the obvious choice- Transfiguration.???? Lily was a very clever witch, anyone who suggested otherwise would probably be in the house of Slytherin and indefinitely wrong. She wasn’t top of her class, for there was strong competition in her year, but she certainly gave everyone a run for their money. Hermione however, was always top of her class, in every subject.??? Both she and Lily were in the same boat when it came to studies, for being muggle-born meant that they had to go that extra mile to ensure they weren’t underestimated or the Slytherins would eat them alive.???The ladies spent half an hour rooting through their favourite subject of Transfiguration before Lily said she needed to grab a textbook for her History of Magic class.??? The younger witch watched her go and a familiar twinge of jealousy hit her stomach. Lily was a year older than her and was the darling of her year, boys clambered after her and she held herself with such grace and poise. Hermione wished she could possess even an ounce of it but she was doomed.???? James had joked that she had peaked too early after ‘dating’ Viktor, and despite it being a good joke, she couldn’t help but take it to heart. He was probably right… she was 15 and already planning on being a spinster.???? She patted her unruly dark hair down and slid her zipper over her flat chest before she turned around.???? Rather than walk forward, as a normal person would, she awkwardly tripped over her shoelace and landed hard on the ground, sending her books tumbling everywhere.???? “OW! What the fuck!!!” A sharp and familiar voice sounded from around the corner.???? Hermione wished she could disillusion herself right then and there, but alas she didn’t possess that skill quite yet. She made a mental note to remedy that.??? “Of course it’s you, Granger…” the resident arse of Slytherin drawled as he popped his head around the corner.???? Draco Malfoy- who had just been knocked ever so slightly in the shoe by one of her books- was glaring at her from the edge of the small isle.???? Hermione awkwardly rose from the floor and levelled him with a glare before bending down to pick up her things off the floor in front of him.???? “Draco… what are you? Ah… I see you found a pet.” Lucius Malfoy, his older brother, drawled.?? “I prefer my pets to be groomed actually.” Draco leered as he stared down at her hunched form. They both laughed -sounding like a pair of evil overlords- and began to walk toward her.???? She tried not to, but she could feel tears burning in her eyes and her face burning hot with rage as she stood up to turn away.??? Draco seemed as though he was about to say something else when a barking sounded from behind him and a black scruffy dog came bolting through the stacks. It lunged and ran right into Malfoy’s knee and the blonde’s legs flew up in the air. He fell ungracefully to the floor on his prissy arse right at her feet.???? Hermione couldn’t suppress the shock from her face as she looked behind her to see what had just happened. The store was in an uproar as the dog ran around harassing children, ruffling up caged animals and nipping at old wizards before bolting out the door.???? “Speaking of feral animals.” Lucius sneered, embellishing each word as he helped his brother up. “Lupin…”????? Hermione felt an arm wrap around her shoulders and realized Remus was coming to her rescue just in time.?? “With the amount of inbreeding your lineage has suffered, it amazes me you still can manage to string together a sentence… well done,” Remus said cheerfully as he turned away from them with Hermione in tow.???? Both the Malfoy men seemed to be rather tongue-tied as he walked away. How he managed to insult them with such grace always tickled her, and despite the awkward situation, she found herself smiling again in his presence.??? “I missed you, Remus…” Hermione said as she buried her face into his worn cardigan.???? “And I you…” he said gently, resting his cheek against her hair.???? A moment later, Sirius snuck up behind them and threw his arms around Hermione he picked her up, twirling her around and then plopped her back on the ground with a cheeky look on his face.???? “What did you think?” He chuckled at her, winking.???? “I think you are brilliant,” she said with a gleam in her eyes. “Do it again…”??? “Another time… we have years to torture Malfoy into submission. He will be my little chew toy by the end of next year,” Sirius said and let a little growl escape his chest before hugging her once more.??? “Lilly! Daaaaarling!” Sirius said as he and Remus rushed over to their best friend, they hugged her tightly and then the three of them began whispering conspiratorially.???? Hermione thought it best to let them catch up and walked over to the section with the Potions textbooks.??? ? Once she was across the store, still shaking from the debacle, she found a moment to steady herself before letting her mind steady. Draco Malfoy had just referred to her as something not even worthy of being a pet, less than human and it still stung… even though she shouldn’t let it.??? Nothing better than to run her fingers along the spines of books and imagine all the wonderful information that lay beneath their covers to calm her nerves.???? “Are you alright?” A voice came from beside her.???? Hermione froze as she realized who was speaking to her. The King of Slytherin himself…??? Tom Riddle was an exceptionally talented wizard, he won the Triwizard tournament the year prior, had the best grades in Lily’s year and never seemed to have a single hair out of place, nor emotion for that matter.???? He had the worst of the worst worshipping at his feet and despite his air of geniality, Hermione knew that only someone very bad indeed, could keep the company of such snakes.???? “I’m fine, thank you.” She said quietly before forcing her eyes to move back to the books. She didn’t want him to notice her, or talk to her for that matter.??? ? Another student came from around the corner and Hermione’s recognized him as Abraxas Malfoy, yet another one of the dreaded Malfoy brothers… ‘sex god’ of Slytherin and serial dater of women. He could always be seen with a trail of fans on his heels.???? Riddle had fans, similar to Abraxas but he never seemed to take interest in any of them and that forced them to admire him from a distance.???? “Ah… Mrs. Granger,” Abraxas said snakily as he came to stand beside Riddle.???? Riddle seemed to fixed the blonde with a meaningful look and Abraxas turned to her once more, plastering a smile to his mouth that didn’t quite reach his eyes. “I’m sorry about those brothers of mine, no manners at all. I hear you will be one of my prefects this year?”???? Hermione shuddered at his words.???? My prefect.???? She couldn’t believe that Dumbledore had chosen this man as the seventh-year Head Boy. If she wasn’t dead set on being Head Girl two years from now, she would have quit on the spot.???? “I suppose…” she said curtly, hoping perhaps to sound demure, rather than annoyed with him. She began pulling a book down from the shelf that she hadn’t read the cover of… just to appear busy.???? “Excellent, see you on the train then Ms. Granger,” Abraxas said with a polite air to his words, they were dripping, sickly sweet like syrup, but his sticky goodbye sounded like more of a bitter threat.???? She had hoped that Riddle would take leave with his friend but was disappointed when he continued to linger. They had never interacted much, other than a curious glance here or there on his part after she had gone to the ball with his competitor for the tournament, and she didn’t care to change that quite honestly.??? “Was there something you¡ª” she was about to say when he quickly interrupted her.???? “Amortentia and Its Uses…” Riddle said.???? “Excuse me?” Hermione questioned, brows furrowing together.???? Riddle smiled briefly and pointed to the book in her hands.???? Oh, gods… had she accidentally picked that book up by accident??! She looked down at it as if it were radioactive. ???? “It was on the list for Slughorn’s potion class.” She lied sloppily, continuing to awkwardly hold it in her hands.???? Riddles lips quirked up at the sides momentarily before falling back down just as fast. “Mhm.” He said, moving towards her and forcing her to back up against the books.???? Where in Godric was Sirius when she needed him? She had just about enough of being cornered by Slytherins today.???? He leant down and whispered to her, “I came by to give you this.” He brought out her book list from his pocket and held it up in front of her. She must have dropped it when she fell earlier.??? His was still towering over her and she blushed beet red, knowing that he wouldn’t find this book on her list at all.???? “Funny… I don’t see it on here.” He said curtly, looking down and passing the list to her, she looked at his pale, extended hand and tried to take it back her parchment.? ???? “Thanks for returning it to me.” She murmured, staring at the floor, Riddle wasn’t letting go of her list quite yet, however.???? “Not at all…” he said, his politeness edged by a layer of frost.???? After a long-drawn-out pause, Riddle unclamped his fingers from the parchment and smiled at her. She gave something like a half-grimace, half-smile back and took a step or two away from him.???? “See you in the prefect’s carriage.” He said before walking off in the direction of Abraxas.???? Hermione let out a shaky breath before turning around and placing the book back on the shelf. Cursing the Slytherins, she stepped away to find her friends and found them still speaking animatedly to each other before she walked over.???? “Where is the rest of the gang anyway?” Sirius asked, looking around, diving behind a bookshelf when he saw his cousins, Bellatrix and Narcissa nearby.???? “The Leaky Cauldron… where else?” Lily chuckled.???? “I can’t wait to get my paws on James!! Let’s go!” Sirius said to Remus, and he snuck around a few shelves with his best friend in tow before exiting the shop.??? Hermione noticed Lily’s attention had subtly drifted elsewhere and followed her line of sight.???? Severus, a sixth-year Slytherin with long black hair and odd, but handsome features was hunched over and reading a book against the stacks. After a moment he seemed to be distracted from his reading and looked up towards Lily with an unreadable expression on his face.???? The two shared a meaningful glance and Severus smiled with something close to a blush on his pale complexion before Lily turned and looked away.???? A very rare and shy smile graced her lips before she turned back to Hermione.???? “Well… what’s next on the list?” She asked.???? Hermione was about to ask her if she had seen Severus over the summer, but instead, decided to leave it alone. “I think I’ve had enough of books for the day…”???? “Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?” Lily laughed silkily, “I’m not done yet, I really would like to see if they have that new book on merging Arithmancy and Herbology.”??? “Oh yes! You will have to lend it to me when you’re finished!” Hermione said excitedly, eyes brightening as she looked around for it.???? “There she is…” Lily laughed, shaking her head.

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