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Description: noun | /?b¨­l¨©d,?b¨­l?d/

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyHorcrux/Harry Potter Harry Potter & Horcrux Harry Potter/Tom Riddle | VoldemortHarry Potter Horcrux (Harry Potter) Tom Riddle | VoldemortScarCrux Horcruxes Harry Potter is a Horcrux Drabble Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence Symbiotes to Lovers No Dialogue

Summary: Summary:

noun | /?b¨­l¨©d,?b¨­l?d/Astronomy: The brightest of meteors, a fireball brighter than the full moon.Geology: A very large impactor.On October 31, 1981, a tiny piece of soul attaches himself to Harry Potter in order to survive.This is his story.

Notes: Notes:

Told in a series of 100-word drabbles*, each one following a different prompt from TROR¡¯s 31 Days of December. Will be posting daily.Thanks to RudeHellion for taking a look over the finished piece and assuring me that yes, it makes sense.? *100 words based on my word processor, which may or may not count things the same as AO3 but I¡¯m trying not to get too stressed out over that.

Chapter 1: Attract

Chapter Text
He begins with knowledge, though it isn¡¯t his own.He¡¯s but a fragment of a whole, a meteorite in a vast and expanding night sky.He¡¯s a mote, imperceptible but not insignificant, even in his current state.And he wonders.What spawned him, fractured him, discarded him so callously? What is there left for him, broken and abandoned, feeble, intangible?What attracted him to this new host¡ªone similarly weak, and small, and alone?He has knowledge without experience. Questions without answers.But he has a host now. Which means sustenance, and strength, and life. . . .. . . and something that is his.

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