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Description: You stepped toward the tapestry and heard some shuffling. Lifting the velvet to one side, bags were strewn on the floor, and a set of robes heaped at your feet. It took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dark space before you realized what you were seeing.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsDraco Malfoy/Reader Draco Malfoy & ReaderDraco Malfoy Reader Toby Fawley (OC) Gwen Ashlow (OC) Luna Lovegood Blaise Zabini Rubeus Hagrid Theodore Nott Pansy Parkinson Minerva McGonagall Filius Flitwick Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody Albus Dumbledore Lucius Malfoy Tyler Fawley (OC) Aunt Leenia Collins (OC) Uncle Teddy Collins (OC) Pomona SproutSlytherin Gryffindor Hufflepuff Hogwarts Fourth Year Hogwarts Ravenclaw Slow Burn Slow Build Angst Book 4: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Romance Slow Romance

Summary: Summary:

You stepped toward the tapestry and heard some shuffling. Lifting the velvet to one side, bags were strewn on the floor, and a set of robes heaped at your feet. It took a moment for your eyes to adjust to the dark space before you realized what you were seeing. It was Draco Malfoy, his unmistakable platinum blonde hair absolutely devilish atop his head. He was wearing a white button-up shirt, the top half undone, revealing the upper part of his chest. His lithe frame was bent over a Ravenclaw girl, placing several open mouthed kisses on her face. She had both her hands on his black pants, one fumbling to undo the top button the other stroking his– Without meaning to, a small noise formed at the back of your throat turning into something between a squeak and gasp of surprise. Draco¡¯s silver eyes found you, hazy and lustful he took a staggered breath and pinned the Ravenclaw girl against the wall with large palms, eyes still meeting your own. Your cheeks colored pink, thoroughly embarrassed, you dropped the tapestry and hastily made your way down the ladder, Xylomancy book in hand.

Notes: Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

Hello! and welcome to my first fic. In my mind I have the remaining three years planned out for our dear reader. I tried my hardest to follow the main plot for Rowling’s works, but there may be some deviation. To be honest, it’s been a while since I read the Harry Potter series, but I am a total nerd for it and read each book at least seven times. Sometimes I will open the book to try to reflect my story based what happened in Rowling’s story, so some phrases may be the same that you find in the books.I hope you enjoy this work, I really loved writing it. So far the first part is not completed, but I am nearly there. I still have some editing and revising to go over, so chapters will be updated periodically.If you are interested in the owl charm, it is currently available by Pandora. I couldn’t resist and purchased it to make a bracelet very similar to the one our reader owns.I will be posting pictures throughout this fic… ones that gave me inspiration and I hope they don’t distract you from the main storyline. Thank you so much for reading, and enjoy!

Chapter 1: Farewell Charms

Chapter Text
You fidgeted your navy blue and cranberry plaid skirt, straightened it out at your knees and patted it smoothly as you sat in the backseat of your Aunt and Uncles SUV.? Your nerves were on edge, anticipating arrival to your new school, Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.? Your mother, father and aunt had all attended and now you would be as well.? Entering into your fourth year was supposed to be seamless, but unforeseen events caused your life to spiral.? Everything was completely uprooted when you were pulled from class to learn your parents lifeless bodies had been discovered sprawled on the family room floor.? It was the worst day of your life, and a memory you forbade your mind to wander over.??The Magical Congress of the United States of America investigation came short with no leads.? Your parents had been suspected of being murdered by the Killing Curse and you moved overseas to the only other family you knew.? Aunt Leenia and Uncle Teddy Collins took you in for the remainder of your third year and summer at their home in a little town called Ottery St. Catchpole.? You could not complain about the tiny settlement, it¡¯s large open fields gave you the peace you needed for recuperation.? Your aunt and uncle lived in a very large barn converted into a house; Uncle Teddy had told you there was once an old farmhouse in conjunction, but was destroyed in a storm.??¡°Nearly there, dear,¡± said Uncle Teddy, glancing at you through his spectacles in the rear-view mirror.? He turned down a busy street toward the train station, looking for a place to park.? Uncle Teddy was a no-maj, born with no magical abilities and raised by non-magical parents.? He met your aunt many years after she left Hogwarts, joking it took him years to get used to her magical abilities.? ¡°It was such a shock when she turned my yapping dog into a squeaking hamster, I thought I¡¯d ended up in the loony bin!¡± he told you.? Only when he saw the same speckled pattern on the hamster’s nose that his dog had on it¡¯s muzzle did he believe in the Wizarding World.? He was a kind, good-natured man who worked in a no-maj hospital.? And was, what non magical folk called a doctor, healing sick patients without a wand or potion.? You marveled at how he could accomplish such a feat.??After parking, your uncle opened the back of the SUV, ¡°I still can¡¯t believe everything fit in here,¡± marveled Uncle Teddy as he hoisted your trunk onto a trolly.?¡°Undetectable Extension Charm,¡± Aunt Leenia whispered in your ear and held a finger to her lips so you would not tell your uncle.? You gave her a sly grin, lifting Figment–your white and dusty-copper barn owl–by the top of his cage.? He hooted softly at you, nibbling the side of the black bars, expecting a treat.? ¡°Come now, platform nine and three-quarters is this way.¡±After gently placing Figment on top of your trunk, you followed, your uncle in tow, hauling the trolly behind him.? Aunt Leenia was a sweet woman and was your mother’s younger and only sister.? She was not a strict witch, allowing you to sleep in when you wanted and sometimes let you shirk on your chores–though you had a sneaking suspicion she had been lenient with you over the past summer.? She shared your mother’s blue eyes and short height, but after that, the similarities ended.? She was a quite plump with a curvy bust.? Her hair was wavy and held a deep orange hue that stopped just past her shoulders.? She often had it pulled back while working around the house.? Aunt Leenia spent her time sewing, knitting and painting, sometimes selling her work to no-maj’s in town.? Though blunt, she often spoke her mind which occasionally ended a friendly conversation with conflict.?And, as for yourself, you were always quite a petite girl with a delicate stature.? Though small you were adventurous.? Before your parents death, you and your friends often played pranks and laughed, frequently landing you in detention at Ilvermorny.? Now, however you felt more like your mother’s unsociable personality, which was not surprising considering the only two real people you had contact with the past seven months were your aunt and uncle.??¡°Right now, here we are,¡± said Aunt Leenia, stopping before a red brick wall between platforms nine and ten.? She looked at you and your uncle expectantly.??¡°Uhhh, I think that is a wall, love,¡± said Uncle Teddy, bringing the trolly to a stop.??¡°That¡¯s because it is a wall, dear.? Through here is platform nine and three-quarters.? Come now, watch me and follow,¡±? Aunt Leenia wasted no time in disappearing quicker than the beat of a doxy’s wing.? You turned and raised your eyebrow at Uncle Teddy, but he just shrugged.? You were not quite sure how she had vanished through the wall, but you had a sneaking suspicion.? Taking a deep breath you marched forward, closing your (e/c) eyes as you were about to walk face first into the red brick.??A slight tingling sensation tickled your body as you passed through the magical veil.? ¡°Wow,¡± you breathed.? Platforms nine and ten had evaporated completely, and a black sign with gold writing hung overhead that read Platform Nine and Three-Quarters.? Looking onward, you were greeted with the site of a sleek crimson train billowing clouds of white smoke, on it’s side the words Hogwarts Express were written.? Students and parents were saying their goodbyes, walking on the cobblestone platforms, pulling trolleys much like your own.? Owls hooted, cats mewed, and you were even sure you heard the croak of a frog.? Many sat it cages like your own owl, Figment, waiting for the opportunity to be released.? ??¡°Just as I remembered it,¡± said Aunt Leenia proudly, taking in the scene before her.??¡°Blimey,¡± said Uncle Teddy in disbelief from your left.? The three of you walked forward, closing in on one of the doors to the train.??¡°(Y/N), dear, may I have a word with you before your departure?¡± asked Aunt Leenia gently.? Butterflies fluttered in your stomach, you were about to leave the safety of your family behind.? Since your parents death, they had been your security blanket, saying all of the right words you needed to hear in your unconditional anguish.??The two of you stepped to a more secluded location, away from families hugging their children goodbye.? ¡°Now, I know since the death of your parents, times have been hard.¡±? The corners of your eyes pricked, and your body felt numb at the mention of your parents, ¡°But if there¡¯s one thing I know is that Hogwarts will be good for you, and if you find things get too difficult your uncle and I are just one owl post away.¡±¡°Thanks Aunt Leenia,¡± you said, and you truly meant it, ¡°I¡¯m a little nervous to go to a new school.¡± you admitted, fidgeting with the hem of your navy blue sweater.??¡°I know, dear, it¡¯s only natural.? You will miss your friends at your old school, but I promise you will find new ones.? From what I hear, the two schools are very similar, remember the four houses we talked about?¡±? You smiled and nodded.? Just like Ilvermorny, Hogwarts divided it¡¯s students into four houses.?¡°There is one last thing I wanted to give you.? It belonged to your mother, given to her by your father on their first date.¡±? She held out her palm, and in it sat a brown leather chord with a silver owl charm.??You took it from her hand, holding it up to examine.? It was a bracelet, and while the leather was thin, it was sturdy.? If it were to snag on anything, it would not break.? The owl was no larger than the tip of your pinky finger, it¡¯s wings were spread as if it were in mid-flight.? In its talons was an envelope, the letter sealed with a tiny crimson heart.? ¡°Aunt Leenia¡­¡± you said, at a loss for words.? You had seen your mother wear the bracelet, though you never knew it¡¯s origins.??¡°Thought it could remind you of home whenever you need it.¡± She said, pulling you into her arms.? This was a goodbye hug, and while your eyes still pricked, you refused to let yourself cry.??¡°Thank you,¡± you said.? Slipping the bracelet on your right wrist, you walked toward the Hogwarts Express and saw your uncle talking animatedly with a red-headed man his age.??¡°Really?? And you plug it into a socket to turn it on?? You know, I¡¯ve got a whole collection of sockets in my shed.¡±? You heard the red-head say proudly.??¡°¡®Lo Mr. Weasley.¡± Your aunt addressed the man, ¡°There you are, Teddy.? Say your last goodbyes to (Y/N).¡±? Uncle Teddy seemed somewhat reluctant to turn from Mr. Weasley, but his eyes lit up when he saw your face.??¡°Bye now, (Y/N).? Have fun and behave, won¡¯t you?¡±? He leaned down to give you a one handed hug and a peck on the cheek, ¡°Here¡¯s your luggage for the train.? Your aunt packed your robes in it,¡±? He handed you a dark brown leather bag with his other hand.? ¡°Galleon¡¯s in there as well.¡±??¡°Bye.? I¡¯ll miss you.¡± You gave them one last wave before stepping onto the Hogwarts Express.? Now that you were walking away, you gained a little more confidence.? After all, saying goodbye was always the hardest part.??Finding an empty compartment, you stowed your bag in the overhead storage rack and looked out the window.? A whistle blew and the train moved slowly from the station.? You spotted your aunt and uncle, still chatting animatedly with Mr. Weasley.? A woman you assumed to be his wife joined them as well.??¡°¡®Scuse me.¡±? Said a quiet voice, you looked to the compartment entrance where a small witch stood.? She had dark auburn hair styled in a long pixie cut.? She had a smattering of freckles that kissed the bridge of her nose and looked at you with timid butterscotch eyes, ¡°Mind if we sit with you?? All the other compartments are full.¡±? She looked embarrassed, rubbing the back of her neck.??¡°Of course,¡± You said, pulling Figment¡¯s cage from the seat across from you, setting him to your right.? A taller girl with long blond hair and blue eyes followed her in.? She wore peculiar radish earrings and in her hand she held a book so small, the title was impossible to read.? They stored their luggage and sat down.? The auburn-haired girl had a tiny cage with the proudest looking tawny screech owl you had ever seen.? He looked briefly at Figment with luminous canary yellow eyes, then tucked his head under his wing.??¡°I¡¯m Toby Fawley and this is Luna Lovegood,¡± said Toby, then as an afterthought she indicated to her owl, ¡°And Sully.¡±¡°(F/N)(L/N)… and this is Figment,¡± you replied, following her example.??¡°Did an augurey sing to you recently?¡±? Asked Luna airily, her face so close to her miniature book, her nose and mouth nearly touched the pages.??¡°Errr¡­ what?¡± You asked, completely caught off guard.??¡°Your voice.? There¡¯s something strange with it.? It¡¯s what happens when an augurey sings to you.¡± She explained.??¡°No it¡¯s not, Luna.? She has an accent.¡±? Said Toby, giving you an apologetic glance.??You laughed, albeit slightly uncomfortable, ¡°No.? I¡¯m from America, I¡¯m a transfer student this year.¡±¡°Wow, really?¡±? Asked Toby, sounding genuinely impressed.? ¡°Did you go to Ilvermorny?¡±¡°Yeah,¡± You nodded, adjusting your navy blue and cranberry plaid skirt beneath you to get more comfortable.¡°What¡¯s it like?¡±¡°Well, I can¡¯t say for sure, because I have nothing to compare it to, but I hear it¡¯s a lot like Hogwarts.? Ilvermorny¡¯s founders modeled the school after it.? We even have four houses.¡±? You inwardly flinched, we even have .? Ilvermorny was no longer your home.??Toby did not seem to notice, ¡°They can¡¯t be the same ones, can they?? Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Gryffindor and Slytherin?¡±¡°No, no.¡± You smiled, ¡°The houses are different, but my aunt told me they¡¯re similar in the types of students they take in.¡±¡°Wicked,¡±? Said Toby, her butterscotch eyes alight with wonder, ¡°I¡¯d fancy a trip abroad to the states.¡±? You raised your (h/c) eyebrows in surprise.? Without a doubt you knew Toby was being genuine and honest.? ¡°What year are you in?¡±¡°Going into my fourth.¡±??¡°Same here, Luna¡¯s one year below,¡± Luna¡¯s blue eyes were glued to her book, but gave a small nod of affirmation.??Just then the compartment door gently slid open.? An elderly witch had a cart full of pastries and sweets, ¡°Anything from the trolly, dears?¡± she asked.??The assortment of items on the trolly were different from anything you would get back home.? Together you and Toby bought four pumpkin pasties, six chocolate frogs and a licorice wand.? Luna put her book down to chew slowly on a cauldron cake.??Conversation flowed easily between you and Toby, Luna sometimes chiming in with her strange remarks.? Oddly, you did not mind Luna, and began to find her somewhat endearing–even if what she often said was completely off the wall.? A half hour passed after polishing off your food, and Toby suggested the three of you change into your school robes.??You noticed Luna¡¯s robes had a blue crest with a raven on the front, while Toby¡¯s crest was emerald green with a silver snake twisted into a backwards S .? Their ties matched the crests colors.? You knew it had to be their houses but before you could ask, the compartment door roughly slid open.? A tall thin girl entered.? Her hair was nearly platinum blonde and cascaded in large ringlets halfway down her chest.? Her heavy mascara and long lashes complimented her bright green eyes.? In her arms she protectively held a fluffy midnight-black cat against her curvy chest.??¡°There you are!? I had to endure the entire train ride with Millicent and Pansy, didn¡¯t I?¡±? She looked at Toby accusingly and the cat hopped out of her arms onto your seat.? He purred and rubbed his cheek against your arm, and you promptly lifted your hand to scratch his head.? ¡°Do you have any idea what it¡¯s like to listen to Pansy talk about her letter exchange with Draco all summer?¡±??¡°Sorry, Gwen!? Couldn¡¯t find you and was trying to dodge Wayne Hopkins.¡±? She nodded her head toward Luna, as if that explained everything.??Gwen looked thoughtfully at Luna and said, ¡°Well next time, come find me.? We nearly missed the entire ride together.¡±? She abruptly turned to you, ¡°You¡¯re new.¡±? It wasn¡¯t a question, and her green eyes bored into you expectantly.? You suddenly felt stripped on the surface.??¡°H-how?¡± You stammered, furrowing your brow.??¡°Your robes, they don¡¯t have an insignia.? And I¡¯ve never seen you before.? I know everyone at Hogwarts,¡± she said matter of factly.??You looked at her robes and noticed her emerald and silver striped tie.? Similarly to Toby¡¯s, she too had the crest of a snake, ¡°This is (F/N)(L/N).? She just transferred from Ilvermorny and will be the same year as us.? (F/N), this is Gwendolyn Ashlow.¡±??¡°Ilvermorny!¡±? Gwen exclaimed, quickly taking the seat next to you, ¡°Is it true you can perform magic without a wand?¡±? then as an afterthought she briefly turned to Toby, ¡°And don¡¯t say my full name, Toby, you know I hate that.¡±Toby sniggered and you said, ¡°Err, yeah.? I mean, I¡¯m not very good at it, but it¡¯s one of the foundations of¡­¡±¡°The Native Americans knew how to perform magic without wands, and attended Ilvermorny to learn more.? The four houses are based off of their magical creatures.¡±You were beginning to suspect Gwen knew more about Ilvermorny than you, so you decided to change the subject.? ¡°So… the four houses at Hogwarts, which one are you?¡± you asked.??¡°Toby and I are in Slytherin, Luna here is in Ravenclaw.? Which house are you hoping to get sorted into?¡± asked Gwen.??¡°Well, from what my aunt told me, the four houses at Hogwarts are similar to the houses at Ilvermorny.? I was in Wampus, so I guess the equivalent here would be Gryffindor.¡±? Simultaneously, both Gwen and Toby¡¯s noses wrinkled at your answer, ¡°What?¡±? You asked looking from one to another.??¡°There¡¯s nothing wrong with Gryffindor, per se.¡±? said Toby carefully, ¡°It¡¯s just that Slytherin and Gryffindor have a long unspoken rivalry.? We¡¯re both alike in accomplishments, but Gryffindors tend to act more rashly, while Slytherin¡¯s take our time to think through our actions.¡±??¡°My parents and aunt were in Gryffindor,¡± you said, feeling dejected for the first time since you boarded the train.??Sensing this, Gwen said, ¡°Don¡¯t worry, (Y/N).? Gryffindors are strong, brave and Merlin if you get in their way, watch out.? They will never turn their backs on you.¡±¡°Gryffindors are very brave.¡± Said Luna dreamily, echoing Gwen¡¯s sentiment.??Your uncertainty lingered as the train began to slow.? Soon you would find which house you truly belonged in.? You secretly would not mind being in Slytherin with Gwen and Toby.? Already knowing someone would make your life easier.? Even being housed with Luna would be welcoming–you found her oddly alluring.??But you felt your heart belonged in Gryffindor.? It was, after all, Wampus¡¯ counterpart.? Your family had a history with the house.? And even though they were gone, you had thought being in Gryffindor would allow you to become closer to your parents; you wanted to be like them.? Aunt Leenia spoke highly of the Weasley neighbors, and all seven of their children had been placed there.??Glancing out the window you noticed it had grown quite dark outside.? Without looking, your left hand found your right.? Pulling at the soft leather cord, your fingers rolled over the small silver owl.

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