Fanfic: Breaking Boundaries by Aaliyaah12 (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


No magic in the land of muggles for a week. How will Draco ever survive?


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No magic in the land of muggles for a week. How will Draco ever survive?


(See the end of the work for notes.),Notes:
I’ve always wanted to read a fanfic where Draco experiences muggle life with Hermione so I just wrote one. Initially this was going to be a one shot but decided I’ll split it into 5 chapters— possibly 6 because I’m contemplating a last one with Theo and Blaise but that has yet to be decided. Ps. Forgive me for my poor attempt at humor, I blame being too sleep deprived to actually be funny. Thought it would be better to add a bit of personality to the chapter. I also post on Wattpad- aaliyaah12 and TikTok- same username 🙂

Chapter 1: Big Ben

Chapter Text
Draco Malfoy loved his girlfriend. He would do anything to make her happy and to keep her spoilt because that’s what she deserves. But she’s not the sort of witch that loves materialistic things, she never had the taste for that sort of thing. Although Draco had endless galleons to spend, she didn’t care for meaningless presents. It was all about keeping memories that would last forever.So when Hermione Granger asked if they could do something fun, he agreed. Not thinking it would be something out of his comfort zone, he just wanted to make her smile. Then she told him about an idea that she had and Merlin, he wanted to say no. Well, he did say no but she didn’t accept that. “There is absolutely no way we are doing this.” Draco put his hands up, he may not have those prejudices but the muggle world was still a mystery to him and mystery he hoped would remain.”Oh come on Draco, it will be fun. Trust me, the muggle world isn’t as bad as you think.” Hermione pleaded with her puppy eyes. She knew Draco couldn’t resist but no, this time he would stand his ground.”No no no, I am perfectly fine with staying in the wizarding world where I belong.” Draco replied, not staring at her. He knew that he would give in somehow.”But I belong in both worlds.” Hermione moved his face to look at her. God she was beautiful but stubborn.”Yeah, you Hermione Granger. Not me, Draco Malfoy who has only ever lived in the wizarding world.” Draco didn’t hate muggles but he hated being out of place and the muggle place would do exactly that.”Well now is the time. Come on, I’m your muggleborn girlfriend. You can’t not go to muggle England, it just would not bloody do.” Hermione answered. The clever witch knew exactly what to say to make him agree.”But for a week!” Draco uselessly added. He could last a day with some unease but a week? Talk about impossible.”Yep and you will want to go back, I’ll put galleons on it.” Hermione wiggled her brows. Ok now that was a step too far. He would not return.”What do I get in return?” Draco asked, well if he had no choice then he would at least get something out of it.”I forget you are such a Slytherin.” Hermione laughed.”Well of course I am. What, did you assume I was a Hufflepuff?” Draco sarcastically added.”You sure act like one.” Hermione deadpanned. Oh hell no, she did not call him, Draco Malfoy, a Hufflepuff. That was the worst insult she had ever thrown him and that’s including the time she called him a foul loathsome little cockroach.”You know what Granger, I’m not going. Hufflepuff? You’ve lost your damn marbles.” Draco dramatically shook his head with such distaste that it had Hermione in hysterics.”You are so dramatic, I wonder who you get that from.” Hermione giggled.”My father.” He deadpanned.That sent her down another spiral of hysterics.”I can’t disagree with that surely.” Hermione said while sobering up.”If you agree, I’ll wear that green lingerie that you love so much.” She wrapped her arms around his neck. Oh how could he say no? She knows that lingerie does something crazy to him.”Fine. I shall surrender, I’ll go to the land of muggles without a further complaint.” Draco kissed her hoping that maybe this was a silly idea that she would not go through with.”We both know that’s not true.” Hermione raised her brow.”Ok that’s not true. I’m sure I’ll complain every other minute but for obvious reasons.” Draco laughed.”Oh of course.” Hermione joined in.”I forgot to add, no magic for that week.” Hermione added and Draco looked at her like she grew another head.”Fuck no. Go to muggle England? Alright but with no magic, now that won’t be happening.” Draco argued, again uselessly.”If I am to bring you there then we are experiencing the full thing, no magic and all.” Hermione ruffled his hair, she knew he hated that but she liked to annoy him plenty.”What next? Jump of a cliff without a parachute? No eating with forks?” Draco huffed.”See you already know about muggles. Parachuting is a muggle thing. And no, believe it or not, muggles are not still in the stone ages. Funnily enough, the wizarding world is for the most part.””No we are not.” “Yes we are. We still write with quills, many people still have prejudices about stupid things like blood, marriage contracts still bloody exist and an endless list if we we’re here all day.” Hermione listed and while Draco didn’t want to agree, he supposed it was partially true.”Alright fine you pain in the arse.” Draco gave in. Hermione whacked his arm which made him laugh. “Maybe we could give you some lessons on gaining a bit of strength? Because that slap felt like a tap.” Draco laughed which seemed to annoy Hermione further.”You know, sometimes I really hate you.” Hermione huffed, still clearly annoyed.”That’s not what you say in bed.” Draco chucked.Hermione grabbed a book and hit him a few times more. * “Hello, my rowdy little Gryffindor.” Draco put his head on her lap. A busy day in the office, leading a business is damn well exhausting.”How was your day?” Hermione asked, still reading through some files.”Tiring as usual.” Draco closed his eyes.”Well good thing we have a week off starting from tomorrow.” Hermione smiled knowing he didn’t want tomorrow to come.Draco scowled at her. If he was being truly honest, he was nervous. He hated anything out of his comfort zone and this was one of them. He truly didn’t believe that muggles were filthy or anything but how they operated without magic was mind-blowing to him.”Don’t worry, you’ll have fun. I have some good things planned that we’ll both enjoy.” Hermione patted his head in assurance.”If I wanted to go to a library, I would go to Flourish and Blotts.” Draco felt his mouth twitch upwards. Hermione, in turn, scowled at him.”I have half a mind to have a spa day which I’m sure you would love so leave the snarky remarks.” Hermione threatened. Draco rolled his eyes. If they have a spa day, Draco is running away and that was final.”Fine.” Draco fell asleep soon after.

Day one
 “Rise and shine!” Hermione screamed. Draco was not a morning person and she knew it, yet she woke him up in the worst way possible.”Sleep..” Draco mumbled, not ready to open his eyes just yet.”You’ve been sleeping for near 10 hours, that’s enough.” Hermione grabbed his arm but he didn’t even budge, at all.”You’re so heavy. Come on Draco. This will be the best week of our lives.” Hermione sang cheerfully. Draco hesitantly opened his eyes. It took him a moment to realize he fell asleep in the living room.”More like the worst.” Draco rolled his eyes. He got up and worked his hands through his messy hair. He used his wand to check the time. 7:12am! They could’ve slept in for another hour or 5.He hugged Hermione’s waist as she excitedly talked about the days plan. He didn’t listen to a word she said though, too busy trying not to fall asleep.”Draco!” Hermione shrieked way too loud.”Yes, my dear mandrake.” Draco answered. Hermione pushed him away at which he couldn’t help a small laugh.”Are you even listening to what I am saying?” Hermione asked with her hands on her hip, looking all sexy.”You look hot, shall we go to bed and say do the devils tango?” Draco wiggled his brows. He was only being slightly funny but mostly serious because he was in no mood to go out today or any other day of the week. “Stop it.” Hermione ordered.”Would it be too far if I said you look hotter when angry?” Draco asked.”Yes!” Hermione now laughed but only in annoyance.”Ugh fine. I shall stop giving compliments since you don’t appreciate it anyway.” Draco dramatically sighed.”Your dramatics won’t work on me today.” Hermione grabbed his arm and pulled him up. “Go get changed. Muggle clothing unless you want people to look at you oddly.” Hermione pushed him into the bedroom.”I don’t own muggle clothing.” Draco lied. He had the basics but only wore them when they would go meet Hermiones parents.”I bought you some. Don’t worry darling, I’m prepared as always.” Hermione winked.Draco couldn’t help but groan. He found a black t shirt and black denims on the bed. He was thankful that Hermione knew he favored dark colors otherwise he would not be happy. Well, he wasn’t happy but that’s just because he was nervous.He looked in the mirror and it didn’t look as foreign as it did when he first wore muggle clothing. He could secretly admit that they were a bit more comfortable than robes but nevertheless, it still looked odd.”Damn, who knew I had such a sexy boyfriend?” Hermione eyed him up with a hunger in her eyes.”Everyone.” Draco answered as he made his way to Hermione.”As much as I would like to fuck you right now, I have a calendar full of activities.” Hermione kissed him and he groaned once more.”Nothing too daring right away.” Draco pleaded. “Don’t worry, we’re just going for breakfast.” Hermione chuckled.”Thank goodness.” Draco whispered in relief. However short lived it may be. * “This is way too crowdy for my liking.” Draco complained as usual. Hermione was pulling on his hand to walk faster which was kind of impossible since she decided she wanted to travel through something called the tube. He wondered what it was. Did they have to crawl through a fucking tube because he had no bloody clue.”Everything’s too crowdy for you Draco. Now shut up and walk.” Hermione spoke and Draco shut up. She was too concentrated like she was trying to solve a puzzle.As they stopped, Draco heard a loud noise coming closer and so diverted his attention from annoying Hermione to the noise.”That’s like the hogwarts train but… not.” Draco said fascinatingly.”Yeah, it’s for transport through London since London is a busy city, most people prefer using the London underground. Plenty of tourist use it because it’s fascinating but London folk use it because driving is a nuisance in such a busy place. Using the tube is easy.” Draco listened on. It seemed odd thinking about it since magic folks like them used apparition or floo to travel. “Close your mouth unless you want flies to enter.” Hermione laughed, she was clearly enjoying his reaction and it was one of many.”Alright, let’s go. Our tube has arrived but remember, mind the gap.” Hermione told him. Gap, what bloody gap?As they got closer, battling through the crowd, they were about to get on to this mystery tube and he made sure to avoid the gap, which only made him bump into a woman who was not Hermione.”Watch you— oh my dreams have came true!” The girl with blonde hair and a squeaky voice shouted making Draco look at the woman like she was crazy. Maybe she was. God what had Hermione got him in to?”Er what dreams?” He asked in confusion. Not that he should’ve. The woman screamed batshit crazy to him. Well she was carrying a fucking umbrella indoors and oh yeah, it was about 25 degrees. Who the fuck does that?”To have a sexy man like you fall in to me and then fall crazily in love.” Draco was disturbed. Beyond disturbed. She was fucking crazy. He looked at Hermione for help. His eyes pleading with her while she somehow found this amusing.”Excuse me lady but can you stop flirting with my boyfriend?” Hermione came to his rescue. Not that he needed it. Okay that’s a lie, he did. He didn’t know how to deal with a crazy lady without hexing her but he didn’t have his wand. Maybe he could try wandless magic? No, Hermione would hex his balls off.”We could share.” The crazy lady said as she twirled her hair. Draco could vomit.”I think she’s mad as a hatter this one.” Hermione whispered, though it wasn’t much of a whisper since the woman heard it.”Is there a screw loose in your brain?”  Hermione asked, now getting agitated. If this was a normal situation, Draco would be turned on but this was far from normal.The lady made a childish face and walked to the other side of the train, tube whatever it was called. “Well, that was a great start.” Draco scowled. “Didn’t know my good looks would come to bite me in the arse one day but it had to happen some day or another.” “You have the biggest ego.” Hermione patted his chest.”Hold on to the handle at the top, because this will be a bumpy ride.” Hermione instructed and well, that was bloody wonderful wasn’t it. Would it be like the knightbus? He wondered. He had only been on that once in his life and never again would he set foot in that devil of a ride.”Wonderful.” Draco mumbled as he grabbed on to the handle at the top of the tube.”It’ll be fun.” Hermione assured him but he just wanted out as soon as possible. The stench was mixed with sweat and cheap perfume. It was not a good combination at all.Suddenly, the tube set off and Draco felt like if he hadn’t grabbed that handle, he would’ve flew to the other side of the damn tube. It went faster than he anticipated. While he seemed like he was ready to throw up, the people around him were simply either on some weird box thing tapping the buttons or reading a newspaper or with some sat/stood like this didn’t faze them in the slightest. Hermione was amused, looking at his face. Draco scowled at her for even bringing him here.But if he was honest, it wasn’t all bad if you take away the fact that he wanted to throw up. Or that he was way too out of place but you get the point.They stepped off the tube and Draco had to stand still for a moment. He felt dizzy. Hermione though was talking about how dramatic he was being, that it doesn’t make you dizzy. “You’re something else Granger. How you found that fun, I have no clue. But then again, you find researching about magical creatures fun so I shouldn’t be surprised.” Draco scoffed. Hermione was still smirking. Probably entertained at him making a damn fool out of himself.”Come on, I know a perfect breakfast place. You’ll love it.” Hermione started walking. It took Draco everything to not turn around and go back home but he was also sure if he attempted to do that, she’d drag his arse back.”That’s questionable until I see it.” Draco said. They were now out in the open in the city of London and it was insane compared to the wizarding world. Of course, he had been in London but always in and out to get in to Diagon alley, platform 9 and 3/4 and sometimes in closed off places but never in the pit of London filled with muggles. Everyone seemed to always be in a rush constantly weaning there way past each other. People seemed cold but also friendly if that made sense. If he made direct eye contact with someone, he received either a smile or a nod. It was odd but comforting. He was treated like an outcast in the wizarding world for so long that to feel like he was just an ordinary person felt sort of nice.He couldn’t deny that London was beautiful in a modern sense. Tall buildings surrounding him which were never that common in his world funnily enough. Sure his manor was quite large but many buildings there were quite modest compared to the muggle world. The atmosphere in itself was different. Obviously it felt foreign to him but that wasn’t the main distinction. It was that the atmosphere didn’t hold the same sense of trauma that always hung around in the wizarding world. How everyone held the same look and past in their eyes. So it felt sort of refreshing.Maybe this week wouldn’t be as bad as he first thought. Of course, there was still a sense of dread he was feeling. He knew nothing of the muggle world, only what Hermione had told him so of course the feeling was not surprising but maybe this is what he needed.”What’s your thought so far?” Hermione asked him as she most likely noticed him getting lost in his own thoughts.”Well I agree that London is pretty but it’s been what? An hour into this. We have a full week left.” Draco said as he looked at Hermione, pulling a wayward hair strand out of her face.”Don’t worry, I’ll have you begging to come back.” Hermione smiled. Draco rolled his eyes once more.”Don’t roll your eyes or they might just get stuck.” Hermione shook her head.”Where do you get shit like that from?” He laughed as Hermione stopped in front of a small cafe.”My mum, she always says that to me.” She chuckled,”Of course she does.” He laughed once more.”Let’s go in, we’re having breakfast at Dolce’s.” Hermione lead him inside. It was small but it had a homely feel to it. Flowers decorated around the walls and a chandelier in the middle. Despite the size, the decorations made up for it. “Hello, table for 2 is it?” The waitress asked, a kind smile on her face. “Yes, that would be correct.” Hermione answered warmly.Draco couldn’t help but notice how friendly all the waiters and waitresses were, they all greeted them with friendly smiles. Draco had an inkling it was a family business.”We’ll give you a few minutes to decide what you want but if you don’t require any more time, just give us a shout.” The friendly waitress handed them menus that was full of different things.”Thank you.” They both said as he looked down at the menu once more.”I haven’t a clue what to get.” He scrunched his brows. It wasn’t that anything was foreign. Plenty of things he has had before but he is a picky eater.”Well if I may, I’d suggest a full English breakfast. It consists of toast, eggs, hash browns, sausages, beans and fried tomatoes. Oh and mushroom too.” Hermione listed.”Yeah very well then, I’ll get that with a black coffee. I suppose I’ll need to caffeine to survive whatever dreadful things awaits” Draco waved his hand and Hermione shook her head in mirth.”How much is 13.50…” He couldn’t remember the muggle currency again, though he had exchanged his galleons.”Pounds.””Yes that, in galleons.” Draco asked. Honestly, he couldn’t remember but he was curious about the exchange rates.”About 2 galleons and 12 sickles I think.” Hermione calculated.”Oh so the pound is more inflated.””Yep.””Are you ready to order?.” The same waitress came back with a notebook and pen. See, Draco knew about muggle things.”Yes please. 2 English breakfasts with a black coffee and a tea with no sugar.” Hermione ordered. Draco was sure he looked like a lost puppy. He was looking at the waitress writing in that pad of hers. Maybe, he could convert to using pen over quills. They do look much easier to use.The breakfast was decent he supposed. Not the best he’s had but definitely not the worst. The service, he couldn’t deny was brilliant. They tended to their every need and was nothing but polite and friendly.”So what’s next on your list of torture.” Draco asked as they walked down a street that looked a lot like Grimmauld place but fancier. Grimmauld place was in the pit of muggle London but not really the prettier side like this.”You know, you could pretend to show some kind of enthusiasm or is that too painful.” Hermione huffed as she guided them to a main road. Well, whoops it seemed like they were going to die. Draco knew cars existed, he had seen them very briefly over the course of his life but never in this quantity. Everywhere he looked, cars were zooming right and left. And occasionally up and down. Did Hermione have a death wish because she sure acted like it.Draco put his hand on her head as to check her temperature. “What the fuck are you doing Draco?” Hermione swatted his hand out of the way. “Checking if you’re ill because I’m hoping you haven’t lost your damn mind.” Draco answered. Hermione looked at him in confusion and it seemed fair since he hadn’t shared his thoughts. Not that he needed to do, they were standing before a road full of killing machines.”I’m still confused.” Hermione looked at him oddly.”Why are you standing before the… the road of death.” He couldn’t grasp the right words but that seemed to fit well enough.”Because we are going to cross it and it’s not the road of death you smartarse. The cars will stop eventually. Don’t worry your precious mind over it, I wouldn’t get you killed.” Hermione reassured him. Held his hand like he was a child. He didn’t let go though, he was worried if he did, he would bloody die.”Starting to question that.” Draco mumbled quietly.”What was that?” She asked, narrowing her eyes.”Nothing.” Draco fake smiled. Hermione guided him a cross as the cars stopped, waiting for them to cross. He felt like royalty if he says so himself. Though, there were a ton of other people crossing too but who cares about that.”Here we are!” Hermione exclaimed with excitement. Draco looked ahead and he could see a river. He had no idea what the fuck here meant. What were they supposed to be? Fuck knows if he knew.”Granger, I love you. But sometimes you just got to be a little more clear.” He shook his head and when he truly looked around, he hoped it wouldn’t be anything to do with the large ship or whatever it was.”We’re going on a boat ride through the Thames seeing some of the famous attractions close by.” She huffed like she was explaining to a child rather than a grown arse man.”Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.” Draco glowered. He wasn’t a big fan of the water especially after a beach stunt they had done in Australia. He swore he would never return but it seemed Hermione found another way.”Don’t worry, you won’t drown this time.” She reassured, trying not to laugh. Draco, in turn, sighed in annoyance.”You promised to never bring that up.” He quietly said.”Sorry love.” She smiled knowingly. Draco has known himself to be poised and classy and of course so has everyone else. It was instilled in him at a very young age to act proper so it came naturally to him. But when Hermione had a bright idea like she always has apparently, they went to a beach. Draco’s never been to a beach not because it’s muggle or anything. He’s sure there’s places like the beach in their world but he never went out of choice. It wasn’t that he was scared of water but the ocean was, well it was big and he knew there were creatures that he probably never knew existed. So when Hermione dragged him to the sea, quite far from land but not so much that they weren’t visible to the people on the sand, it went south quickly. He felt something on his foot and without thinking panicked so much that he forgot how to swim. Apparently. With his flailing arms, he was sure that everyone witnessed it. Luckily for him, Hermione got him. She was concerned at first but she hadn’t stopped laughing later until he made her promise to never speak of it again. Honest to Merlin, he was prepared to make the unbreakable vow. He nearly called Theo to perform the spell but Hermione gave in after another bout of laughter because of his ‘dramatics’. Little did she know, he wasn’t dramatizing in anyway. He was serious. As serious as one would get protecting their reputation.”Let’s go. The boat will be departing soon. If it makes you feel any better. There will be drinks on board.” Hermione looped her arm around his as she led him to the queue that was ascending on to the ship.”Well that’s convinced me well enough. Hopefully it will drown out the rest.” Draco followed. It was weird at first. They sat down on some chairs that overlooked the river so they had a good view of everything. Then the boat started and some lady with an annoying voice introduced herself. She also attempted some lame jokes that people found funny. But he supposed, they all had a horrible sense of humor and that included Hermione. She was laughing too. He looked at her like she was mental. He grabbed his glass of vodka, which was a muggle version of alcohol, and downed it in one go. Yep, that was not a good idea as it burned his throat, which was similar to firewhisky but tasted goddamn awful. “Yeah, it’s slightly on the stronger side.” Hermione laughed. She was infuriating. So damn infuriating. But he loved her and so he resisted. He did not complain at all which was an achievement in itself though his face was telling a different story.”Look, the Big Ben!” Hermione exclaimed, jumping somewhat on her seat. “That clock?” Draco asked, his brows raised. He wondered what was so special about a fucking clock that everyone was losing their shit over.”Yeah. 10 points to slytherin.” Hermione rolled her eyes like it was the most obvious thing in the world. Well of course it was a clock but that wasn’t what he was implying.”Why on earth is everyone going batshit over a clock.” Draco said louder than he probably should have as everyone and the tour guide turned to look at him. It was dead silent for ten seconds which felt like forever. He received looks that was sure if they could kill, he would be 6 feet under. Damn, these people are so protective over their damn precious clock. “Oh gosh.” Hermione whispered.”Excuse me. That’s not just a clock. That’s the largest chiming clock in the world. It was built a very long time ago in the Victorian era and is one of the greatest Monuments in the UK. It’s an insult to just say a clock.” The tour guide explained and Draco personally felt attacked like he just committed a crime. It wasn’t like he killed their Queen Elizabelle or whatever the fuck her name was.”Yeah right okay.” He said looking away. He was sure people were talking bullshit about him. But little did they know, he didn’t know about the damn clock. Still, it didn’t seem something that they should wow over. He wouldn’t say that out loud. He was sure they would rather throw him in the river and he still had some sense of self preservation left. So he kept quiet for the remainder of the trip. Only mumbled one word answers if Hermione spoke to him. She didn’t mind, she spoke enough for the both of them. She was just as enthusiastic about the history of the muggles as the wizarding. She wasn’t a swot for no reason.As they got off, he still felt some glares on him so he was thankful to be off the boat. If he could agree on something was that the round wheel called London eye was fascinating. It really was, how it was so high and they could go on it for a spin around the wheel. Hermione told him that it was scheduled later this week and he didn’t mind, wanted to see what the hype was. Unlike the clock, he could see why people would be in awe of this wheel.”Well that was a disaster wasn’t it.” Draco sighed. He had enough for the day, maybe they could go back to that hotel that they booked for the duration of this hell.”Well if you look on the bright side, it was rather entertaining to see you so befuddled and better yet, terrified.” Hermione said in amusement. Of course, she would enjoy seeing him so confused and fearful that had he spoke again, he may well have had round 2 of drowning. This time with no one to save him in the river that is the Thames. He briefly wondered how many dead bodies would be found in that river alone. “Terrified to meet a horrific death. Why are they so defensive over something so small?” He asked bewilderedly.”It has historic significance. Wouldn’t you get defensive over, say hogwarts?” Hermione asked.”Well that’s completely different.” He said defensively. “And how, may I ask, is it different?” She raised her brow, signaling him to explain. He felt his mind go blank— seemingly forgetting how to speak. He looked at her for a full minute before smirking.”Hogwarts is a magical place that has existed for over a 1000 years and has some real history to it.” He explained. To explain hogwarts was a magic in itself. How it withstood everything it did, the two wars and more than he, himself, would know about.”Big Ben has real history to it so your explanation makes no sense love.” Hermione patted his cheek mockingly.He responded with a grunt. He figured that sometimes something as simple as a clock may have a bigger history than one thought. He understood, in some ways. He loved learning about history, it was quite fascinating on many levels to know that that the past left such an imprint that it would be forever remembered. But it was the history of their world that was enticing and he realized it was because he never gave the muggle world a chance, pureblood supremacy and all when he was younger. “What’s next.” Draco asked, a little less hostile than he was before.”I didn’t want to push you too far on the first day so I thought we could have a chill rest of the day. A walk around St James park and then dinner.” Hermione said and he was relieved. He didn’t hate the boat ride in exception to his smart comment about the clock and then the fact that he felt threatened. It was soothing for the most part. But he wasn’t up to anything too out of his comfort zone. He didn’t like being so clueless. Perks of being so secluded from the muggle world. It was odd because it wasn’t like Pureblood’s didn’t visit places like this. They just preferred to be as far away from heavily populated places that were mainly muggles. “That sounds nice.” He said thankfully, Hermione led them to a park that was actually quite pretty to look at. It was big so it would be quite a walk but he didn’t mind. He always preferred flying in the gardens of his manor just to enjoy the scenery. That was the only thing he adored about the manor, the rest of it triggered too much trauma to even admire.They started near some flowerbeds that made the park look that much nicer. “Fun fact, this was created a century ago. Back in 1901 by Sir Aston Webb in memorial to Queen Victoria since she had died earlier that year. They take a lot of work to maintain but I guess the significance of it is far too big to ever let go.” Hermione explained enthusiastically and Draco was both mesmerized and in awe. His mother loved planting flowers and she would regularly water their flowers and plants simply because it was a hobby of hers. He thought about how much she would love these flower beds. Maybe he could bring her here one day, she wouldn’t be opposed since she no longer holds the beliefs she had and she loves Hermione so he knew that she would have no qualms.”Wow that’s cool. What about that palace?” He said as he pointed at the place that looked triple the size of his manor.”That’s the Buckingham palace. The home to the royals, though not all the royals live exclusively in the palace but yeah, it’s existed since the early 1700s but it wasn’t until 1791, that it turned into a palace.” She answered. He knew a little about the royal family since Lucius Malfoy (the first) had not been successful in his attempt to ask for Elizabeth I hand in marriage and well the land that resulted in Malfoy manor was given as a gift from King William I. But he hadn’t gone out of his way to know more but he had found it interesting to say the least.”It’s much bigger than the manor and any property in the wizarding world.” He said in awe.”Would you believe me if I told you they have 775 rooms in total?” She asked and damn that blew his mind. He didn’t think it was possible to have that many rooms.”No I thought you made that figure up.” Draco sarcastically added. She rolled her eyes. “Well it makes sense looking at the damn size of the palace. But it is fitting for royalty I suppose.” They continued walking while discussing theories about the similarities between the Manor and the palace. Though, the palace made the manor seem like nothing.”This is where my parents and I used to come regularly. My dad always loved the view from here, hence why I chose this park. My parents favored this quite a lot and still do.” Hermione guided them to a bridge over the lake.He looked over the bridge and into the lake. Hermione smirked, she knew what he was thinking like usual and he fought the urge to roll his eyes, ready for her to mock him.”There won’t be any merpeople, don’t worry love.” Hermione mockingly patted his arm. He scowled at her.”I’m not afraid of merpeople Granger, it was a moment of weakness.” He grunted his response. It seemed most of his traumatic moments (excluding the entirety of the war) included water.”That night in eighth year says something different.” She laughed. He wondered if obliviating her would be a good option seen as though she keeps bringing it up. Too bad he didn’t have his wand.”The bloody thing nearly grabbed me, would you not panic?” He huffed. “Course I would. It was just funny to see Draco Malfoy scream like a girl.” She added. He did not scream like a girl. He screamed like a man thank you very much.”Gosh, I hate you.” He let go of her hand. She was still laughing since apparently the woman didn’t know how to control her laughter.”You love me really.” She added leaning her head on his arm as they looked across the lake. It was serene, truly.”Unfortunately.” He whispered. They continued their walk half an hour later and had finally decided to get some dinner once they finished.Dinner was good. They went to an Italian restaurant that quite reminded him of a place that Blaise, Theo and himself used to go before the war in Italy except from the fact that it was a muggle place but he loved it all the same. He mentally noted that he was going to bring Blaise here because the guy would lose his shit when he found out about this place—in a good way.Hermione finally decided it was time to wind down and head to the hotel that they were staying for the remainder of the week. It was a nice looking hotel from both outside and inside, and it felt quite luxurious especially the king size bed. It certainly fit his standard’s to say the least.”So how did you find today?” Hermione looked at him expectantly. “Terrible.” It was a lie but she didn’t need to know that. He wasn’t willing to tell her that it wasn’t as bad as he had expected. Though, his expectations were borderline impossible now that he thought about it. “Oh come on. You didn’t hate it! If you did, you wouldn’t stop your incessant complaining.” She argued. Fair point, he thought. He did complain a fair bit but as usual, he would blame it on his parents for spoiling him rotten and indoctrinating him into a world of purebloodism but who’s counting.”I did complain and when I did not, it was because if I spoke, the likelihood of me being murdered by muggles was high. For people who have no magic, they can be terrifying.” He exaggerated dramatically and predictably, Hermione rolled her eyes.”Drama queen. I just know that by Friday, you’re going to have loved it.” She said convinced. “Nope.””Yep!” She argued back. Arguing with Hermione was impossible in itself so he gave in.”Whatever you say Granger.” “If you enjoy this as much as I think you will, you will stop smoking for a week. Deal?” She put her hand out, he shook his head thinking she was absolutely mental. “I have no clue why you find me smoking so problematic.” He riled his eyes. She hated the fact that he smokes. She often said how terrible they are for his health and how it will cause him to be ill and all the other bullshit that she said but he hadn’t listened to. She sometimes forgot that they had immunity to some illnesses due to the magic running in their veins. But she still insisted on the fact that they were a horrid habit to get into.”They’re fucking death sticks.” She simply stated. “Deal or no deal?” “Fine. And if I don’t like it then you will attend the falcon quidditch match with me next month.” He put in his side of the deal because well why not.”Stupid Slytherin.” She mumbled.”Pardon?” He chuckled despite hearing what she said.”Deal.” They both shook hands. He pulled her to him and kissed her. He might aswell have ended the slightly disastrous but not so bad day off in the perfect way possible.

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