Fanfic: ??? ?????? ?? ???????: ? ??????? ???????? ???? ? ??????? ? ?? by EtherealTrail (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Severus stood a few paces before her. His eyes were on the ruined cauldron.

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceSeverus Snape/Original Female Character(s) Luna Lovegood & Original Female Character(s) Severus Snape/Reader Severus Snape/Original Character(s)Original Female Character(s) Severus Snape Luna Lovegood Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley George Weasley Fred Weasley Neville Longbottom Draco Malfoy Albus Dumbledore Filius Flitwick Tom Riddle | VoldemortSoulmates Romance Slow Burn Eventual Romance Kissing reality shifting shifting quantum jumping Raven Method Coronavirus COVID-19 Minor Original Character(s) Character is not underage (read the story to understand!!!) The Rarest of Potions: A Reality Shifting Tale Shifting to Hogwarts Sex Vaginal Sex Oral Sex Kinky Blood Kink Light BDSM Sex Magic romantic sex Fluff and Smut Smut Fluff thigh riding Loss of Virginity Dom/sub Consensual Non-Consent Love Confessions Erotic Dry Humping Lemon Eventual Smut passionate love Plot plot heavy Ethereal . . . Teacher-Student Relationship Hurt/Comfort Angst Fluff and Angst Sad “Uncharted Memories” Easter Eggs Scientific references Best Friends Friendship Mystery Manifestation Ravenclaw Author is still not over Snape’s death 2020 All moments: the happy; the funny; the romantic; the sincere; the sad The Author Regrets Nothing Forbidden Love

Summary: Summary:

Severus stood a few paces before her. His eyes were on the ruined cauldron.”Tell me,” his voice shook, and tears formed in his eyes, “why do you wear flowers in your hair?”He kept looking to his cauldron.”I don’t understand.””How does such a simple ritual bring you happiness? Why are you always—” he stepped closer to her, “so—” by her elbows, he gently held her to him, “—happy?”A droplet escaped from his eye, splashing on the floor between them. He gazed his vulnerability into her eyes, his dark tresses brushing his chin.”Tell me, do you believe in shifting reality?”Severus’s hooked nose brushed against hers. He repeated his response from last year. “I do not believe in miracles.”???????????¡ð¡ð?¡ð¡ð???????????R??????, ??????s???, & ??? ????ss???? ????. T?? ???? ?????? ?? ?????? ????. T?? ???? ???? s?? ?????? ???? ?? ???s ?????.

Notes: Notes:

This is my story cover, you can find this on Wattpad too, if you please! Also, quite a few of my Wattpad readers commented that they tend to imagine themselves as my OC, so this can mimic a Snape/reader as well!

Chapter 1: ??? ?

Chapter Text
??? ??????’? ??????

Oblivion. White walls, white grounds, and white ceilings. Cubic, dome, or spherical room for all she knew.No frame-of-reference.Clad in black robes adorned in colorless sashes awaiting their sorting, her layered dark curls seemed to even out past her shoulders. Behind, no shadow trailed behind the girl’s figure, just as she walked in what seemed in no direction.Just a girl shouldering a bag of parchment scrolls, textbooks, inkpots & quills, herbal extracts and ground essences.
And a petite Snowy owl. He slept upward, talons clamped on her luggage. The empty cage swung from it.Wand tucked within her pockets, and both hands clutching the candle-waxed letter, she continued the journey in the white void. Until, without warning, a brick wall erected inches from her face.But she did not hesitate. She walked into the wall, and out of the void.Platform ??. The train tooted its horn as the clock’s hands neared 11’o clock. Stepping onto the train, she scanned the aisle for an empty seat before venturing further. To her right sat a merry-faced freckled-redhead who traded cards with a boy with blackish-brownish messy hair. Below his bangs he wore round glasses, and bright green eyes.”Have you really got—you know . . ?”The boy with glasses flipped up his bangs to reveal a lightning bolt-shaped scar on his forehead.Of course,?the girl thought. The boy-who-lived. Harry Potter. She never had never heard of him before, and yet, she knew his name. In his eyes, she saw herself transport to that famous moment, when the dark wizard invaded the Potter home and cast his green-lighted curses. She visioned?Avada Kedavra?refract from the baby’s forehead and takedown You-Know-Who squarely in the chest.”Has anyone seen a toad?”The girl snapped out of her thoughts just as a bushy-maned girl approached their compartment. Spotting an empty seat where . . . Miss Grang . . .?Hermione?left, the girl slipped into it and sealed the doors. She slid against her seat, her neurological system firing erratically.This knowledge wasn’t memories . . .. . . but what was it to be born from nothing and know the names and partial history of complete strangers????????????¡ð¡ð?¡ð¡ð???????????”Hermione Granger!””. . . BETTER BE . . . GRYFFINDOR!”The girl watched in awe as the sorting hat weighed each student’s attributes. She challenged herself in a game of prediction just by observing their faces.”Draco Malfoy!” McGonagall called.Snake through-and-through,?she thought.?His father will hear about this!
Wait, since when did I meet Luciu–
“. . . SLYTHERIN!””. . . Lavender Brown!”Pureblood, yes, but Gryffindor suits her best.”GRYFFINDOR!”. . . The first-year crowd thinned to a quarter its size now, and the girl bored, in the respect that she accurately sorted nearly 100 students into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin before the hat announced.”Felicity!”The great hall remained silent, awaiting a student to the stool.McGonagall glanced at Dumbledore, who strode towards the hat. “Felicity!” His twinkling eyes scanned the small group of students remaining.”Blimey, read the surname, maybe?”The girl turned towards the two Gryffindors she recognized as Seamus Finnigan and Neville Longbottom sniggering at one another.Exactly, who doesn’t have a surname??she asked herself, glancing around her crowd for any girl who fits the “unknown” profile.”Cedric Diggory!”The girl snapped back to the sorting hat.?Hufflepuff.Clever. Process of elimination.But as the crowd thinned to four, three, two . . .One.Time seemed to slow down as the sorting hat sat upon the last student. Dumbledore’s twinkling eyes locked upon hers. But the hat did not summon a name, instead, the headmaster grabbed the hat, and left to the darkness of the corridors. Feeling quite exposed standing amidst gaping hundreds of students glancing towards her, she trailed behind.?For an elderly man, he moved with vitality, and before she knew it they entered his office. Settling himself behind his desk, he looked across to the approaching girl. Dumbledore’s window burst open, and a small Snowy owl dropped her Hogwart’s invitation from the train’s luggage. He swept out as quick as he came.Dumbledore gestured to the window. “His name?””Oak.””And yours, child?”She opened her mouth, then held her tongue.
I don’t know.
Fumbling open her wax-sealed letter, she read it.M?ss F??????? [????]????????Null?filled the lines where personal information should be. Even her birthdate and living address were missing. As if she had had just came into existence hours ago.”Felicity.”The headmaster grinned. “Let’s get you sorted now, shall we?” He raised the hat.”Hmm, I sense bland wit, dormant cleverness, ohh . . . but great creativity. Enough imagination to face academics without natural talent . . . nothing fits better than RAVENCLAW!!!”As soon as Felicity’s new house claimed her, so did the royal blue sashes upon her robes.”Lemon Drop?””No thanks.”Silence ensued. It seemed Dumbledore wanted her to take the lead on his obvious, silent stream of inquiries.”I’ve no surname. No parents either.”But the headmaster seemed to have turned his attention to a silvery-blue phoenix soaring out of his wand. “Fetch Severus, if you will.”He returned to her statement. “I’ve presumed as such, Miss Felicity, given certain patterns in your psyche. Tell me, what is your earliest memory?”Simple. “Well, I walked on end in a white . . .?nothing,?so-to-speak, then the brick-wall to 9 and 3/4 appeared, and then continued onto here.”Dumbledore gave a hearty chuckle, which unnerved Felicity. “Ah, yes, it seems a simple error now. But by whom, and why, I do not know . . .” His tone grew serious again. “. . . describe your thoughts during your stroll in the?nothing.””Well, I thought about . . .” a shadowy movement in her peripheral prompted a glance. A tall hook-nosed man framed in shiny black hair stood. He emanated power in his pose of feet planted evenly on the floor. A voluminous black cloak wrapped him from neck to toe, and his starless gaze pierced her own. She focused back onto the headmaster. “I thought about . . . death. From Voldemort. How . . . very frightening . . .”Mentioning the Dark Lord’s name bothered Dumbledore none whatsoever. “Ah yes, it is quite normal to fear–“”I meant how very frightening it was for Tom Riddle to win the star student fame and hide it so well.”
How do I know this?!
“I see,” Dumbledore mused, then turned to Professor Snape. “Severus, would you mind searching her memory?”Before Felicity had a moment to comprehend, the swift Potions Master pointed his wand directly toward her eyes.?”Legilimens!”Felicity found herself backing towards the train, then riding it back to the station. She left platform ?? back into the brick wall, then into the white nothing.Walking.Walking.Endlessly walking.That particular memory looped itself, her strides becoming predictable as they replayed walking in place. Finally, the whiteness brightened, then faded her own past presence.Stumbling into an armchair, she stared at Snape.”I suspect no evidence of this student using Occlumency and alteration. I suggest we investigate between muggle platforms 9 and 10, clearly where she fell victim to a memory charm.””I wasn’t obliviated.”Professor Snape paused at the exit, keeping his back to her. Dumbledore smiled.”I always knew I’m muggle-born.”

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