Fanfic: Christmas ’98 by untitled63827 (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: December of 1998 found Hogwarts in an uneventful mood. Everyone, with some exceptions, of course!

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Summary: Summary:

December of 1998 found Hogwarts in an uneventful mood. Everyone, with some exceptions, of course!,Summary:

Prompt #1: OwlUn-betaedHappy holidays and a happy December! <3 Notes: Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

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Chapter 1: 12/01/98

Chapter Text
Eighth Year didn¡¯t go exactly as expected. The first months at least. Everyone was very keen on lessons and studying and forgiveness. Students were seen holding parchments and reading huge tomes for DADA. Defense Against Dark Arts! The only lesson that was completely practical and required zero reading skills.
Hermione Granger had started playing Quidditch and Ron Weasley always woke up on time for all his classes. Pansy Parkinson, famous Pureblood, was a regular sweatpants wearer.
And Harry, he still woke up with tremors and wand in hand.
The first months passed, though. In a flurry, but they did. Halloween wasn¡¯t a big deal, not even for Harry, who passed the day dozed in Sleeping Draught. Christmas, however, was a different deal. With December entering, students and Professors couldn¡¯t stop talking about preparations and Yule Balls and fairy lights. Harry wanted to throw up.
¡°Oh God!¡± exclaimed Hermione one day while they were walking towards the Great Hall for breakfast. She took a step and another and then stopped.
¡°Harry, you won¡¯t believe-¡±, she suddenly realised she had left him and Ron behind, ¡°-what¡¯s happening. Come on then, hurry up!¡±
Of course, what was happening was Malfoy.
Malfoy this year was¡­ different. Not better, but not worse either. Just, not the same. He was less talkative and definitely less offensive but it¡¯s not like he stayed out of trouble. At least once a week he would be subject to some misfortune, or he would create it. Tripping down the stairs, getting detention for talking Parkinson¡¯s ear off in Professor Binns¡¯ class, throwing up after flying on a broom were just some examples from the past week.
And now Malfoy was sat on. In the middle of the Great Hall, at 8 in the morning, Malfoy had an owl sitting right on top of his hair, it¡¯s wings covering his face. Harry was just human and he really couldn¡¯t keep his laugh hidden, which resulted in him doubling over with tears streaming from his eyes.
¡°¡®Mione, oh-¡±, he gasped, trying to regain some control, ¡°-look at that idiot!¡±, he snorted, going off in another fit of cackles.
Malfoy, who apparently had caught sight of the commotion, tried to scowl, without any success, since he was trying to get rid of the bird.

¡°What are you laughing at, Potter?¡±, he asked in a pinched tone, clearly in distress.
¡°Have you never seen an owl before?¡±, he snarled. ¡°Shoo, you dirty chicken,¡± he whispered, embarrassed to be seen talking to an owl.
“That’s Robert,” pointed Harry, once he had calmed down, “one of the owls Hagrid’s been taking care of.”
Malfoy glared but didn’t say anything, finally managing to untangle his hair from the white wings, and stormed off.
Harry was left standing there, until Hermione called him and they went to the Eighth Year’s table.
Robert was still flapping his wings around Malfoy on the other end of the table, making him look clearly annoyed. Not that Harry stared.

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