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‘There was a time when Harrison Potter merely wished for somebody to break the silent air that surrounded his room.


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‘There was a time when Harrison Potter merely wished for somebody to break the silent air that surrounded his room.A time that had long but passed in his short, yet long, amount of life.Lying on the cold ground of the Forbidden Forest, surrounded by ice, Harrison lost himself in his thoughts, closing his eyes, as he took his last breath.’Harrison was never the Boy who lived. His little brother was and he had accepted that a long time ago.But the world is not as black or white as the wizarding world may believe.(A very cliche WBWL story but it is sort if different so please give it a try!)


-Important notes will be at the end.

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Chapter 1: Life

Chapter Text

There was a time when Harrison Potter merely wished for somebody to break the silent air that surrounded his room.


A time that had long but passed in his short, yet long, amount of life.


Lying on the cold ground of the Forbidden Forest, surrounded by ice, Harrison lost himself in his thoughts, closing his eyes, as he took his last breath.


August 16th, 1994 – Godric’s Hollow’

Harrison Potter, now seventeen years of age, sat upon his single bed, surrounded by books of all calibur.
The time he spent reading them had consumed most of his short life of days, once finishing one, merely picking up the next without hesitation.
The content he felt surrounded by the many book’s was uncommon among most children his age, but his mind was at a constant run, taking in any new knowledge that it could obtain.
And besides it wasn’t like his parent’s were going to come and check on him anyway.                               

They never did; leaving him to his room while they spoilt his little brother downstairs, Harrison could hear their laughter from here.
The emerald eyed boy knew where their hearts were strong most and it certainly wasn’t with the boy who considered books more of a friend than actual people.
Feeling slightly hungry, Harry placed the book beside himself, sighing.
“Starlight?” Although the name was oddly strange for a house elf, Harry had named the little one the day she had been born. He had chosen it for the way she was born on the night the stars were most prominent, shining down from the heavens. It was also because in his favorite book, the main characters sidekick’s name was ‘Starlight’ but that was truly besides the point.
A ‘popping’ sound broke the silent air as said house-elf appeared before her master, with a wide smile upon her elfin features.
“Lord Harrison! What can Starlight do for you?” Harry smiled back, sitting up straight in his bed, hair covering his face.
“Could you bring me a sandwich please, Star? And perhaps a glass of juice if that isn’t too much?” Starlight merely clapped in response, disappearing from his room with a ‘Pop’.
Feeling slightly drowsed, Harrison rose from his bed, grabbing the silver ribbon that laid upon the desk to his right. Pulling his hair into a ponytail he tied the knot with little difficulty, the movement fluid, a motion with practiced ease.
Moving to the dresser on the other side of the room he pulled out what little of the clothes he owned, putting on the black slacks and crisp white button up top that he had brought with the money he had made over the summer from working little jobs here and there.
Sliding on his custom made leather shoes, a gift from one of his friends, he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror.
Over the year’s Harry had grown into his looks.
Raven black hair, much like his father’s, once floppy and all over the place, now calm and styled to fall down his back; much like Lucius Malfoy’s.

His skin, a sun-kissed tan, from many days out in the sun flying on his broom, the Quidditch games he was a part of keeping his physical condition at the highest of peaks.
But what stood out to him was the eyes that stared back in the reflection.
They were an emerald green, so much like his mother’s, but they held such strength and power in them that it was almost impossible to understand.

The knowledge that the green orbs possessed were even a mystery to himself.
The ‘popping’ noise happened again, breaking Harrison out of his stupor, as he turned around to find Starlight with not only a glass of juice in her hand but a chicken sandwich that made his stomach grumble in delight.
Taking the plate and glass from her hand’s he nodded in thanks, before the elf apparated out, sitting down at his desk taking a large bite out of the sandwich.
Harrison felt an almost dreadful like feeling consume him as he realised he would be returning to Hogwarts soon, in almost two weeks time, the mere thought of it making him want to dive into the black lake and drown to death.
He couldn’t stand the prejudice that came from the school’s hallways, the utter tripe that followed his brother, and the people who walked around the school as though Merlin himself owed them the world.
Albeit there were some worth his time but he found solace in knowing that they were few; they were enough for him to handle.
Cedric Diggory, Roger Davies and Fred Weasley were his closest of friends. George occasionally joining them when he could, mostly hanging out with Lee Jordan, who apart from Fred was his closest friend, and Angelina Johnson who was his current girlfriend. They had been dating for about a year now, although the only reason Harry knew that was because of Fred’s constant talking about it.
Taking the last bite of his sandwich, he swallowed the piece, before taking a gulp of the juice Starlight had also brought him. The tang of the orange citrus swirled in his mouth before disappearing down his throat, clenching the dryness that he hadn’t realised was there in the first place.
After a moment of hesitation Harry moved from his desk, plate and glass in hand, moving to open the door and make his way downstairs.
His room was the furthest away from anyone else and he honestly preferred it that way; the noise his family could make was rather annoying but he could not complain. They were natural Gryffindor’s, loud and rambunctious, never holding any nerve. Never thinking things through.
Making it to the bottom of the stairs, he took a hard left, walking through another set of doors to enter the kitchen. He could hear talking and laughter coming from the room next door but chose to ignore it. The mere thought of entering the lounge far from his mind.
Placing his dishes on the bench he was startled to find a familiar black owl pecking at the window.


’ he thought to himself, opening the glass and allowing the bird to fly inside, ‘

Cedric’s owl’

She landed gracefully behind him, perching herself on the island in the middle of the room. Shutting the window he turned to face her with a bright smile on his face,
“Hey there, beautiful, what you got for me?” As if the tyto owl understood him she motioned to the envelope Harry didn’t notice that she had dropped.
Looking sheepish he snatched the letter up, noting the Diggory sigil stamped onto the back, before carefully opening it.
Harrison rolled his eyes when he pulled out what could only be a ticket with a note attached to it,


I expect to see you there tonight to support V.


“Always so persistent.” Harrison muttered to himself before looking at the owl who was patiently waiting. Grumbling to himself he nodded to Nightwing, “Take the note back to him, he will know what it means.”
With the Tyto owl seeming to understand, Harrison opened the window again, watching as she flew out, the wind guiding her as she went.
“Harry?” Harrison spun around to find his mother standing before him.
Lily Potter had not changed much in appearances over the years.

Long, vibrant and beautiful red hair was curled to fall delicately over her shoulders, framing her face; contrasting the brightness of her green eyes.
The beauty that she had obtained over time was what drew many towards her, and the smile that was always adorning her face kept those in the public happy. To them she was the perfect mom, but to Harrison, she was just the woman who he was obligated to call mother.
“Mother, I apologise, I did not hear you enter.” He noted the flinch she gave when he called her mother, but chose to ignore the gesture.
Lily looked upon her oldest son with a subtle smile that did not quite reach her eyes.

She had not meant to walk in on him, the surprise she had felt when she saw him reading the parchment buried deep within her now, only entering the kitchen to get a glass of water for herself and James.
“It’s alright, Harry,” she cast her eyes away, “I did not mean to startle you, I only came for a drink.” She motioned toward the sink, her and James’ glasses in hand.
Harrison nodded, moving away from the bench, envelope now in his pocket; the ticket inside.
“Then I shall leave you be.” About to make his way out of the room, he was stopped by a delicate hand on his arm. Looking down he locked eyes with his mother, who had put both the glasses on the bench.
“Harry… I know it was rude of me but I saw the owl and… I recognise it to be Amos Diggory’s sons-” Harrison removed his arm, gently, from her grasp with a blank face.
“You wish to inquire about what he wanted to talk about?” Seeing the change in her son, Lily cast her eyes aside again, nodding her head.
“He wished to know if I would be going to the Quidditch World Cup with him, as we had made plans to go already, but I was hesitant. He was just confirming that I would be joining.” Lily felt her eyes widen in realisation, only now remembering that herself, James and Alistair would be going with Amos Diggory, the Weasley family and Miss Granger coming along with them as well.
“You could come with us, Harry, and meet up with Cedric when we go,” The notion behind the sentence had Harrison backtracking. He had never left the house at his parent’s sides before and was not sure if he was ready. He immediately disregarded that thought, laughing to himself.

Do not be a fool, Harrison. You couldn’t care less.’

“As much as I appreciate the notion, Mother, I will have to decline. I have already discussed how I would get there with Cedric before I agreed.”
Without waiting for an answer, Harrison vacated the room, leaving a sour air behind him, not truly caring what the woman had to say.
Returning to his room he collapsed back onto his bed, which had magically put all the books he had been reading up on his desk, feeling somewhat unprepared for the day to come.

‘Perhaps I should just send V a gift card and be done with it.’

As soon as the thought ran through his head he shook it off with vigor, ‘

No, I would rather keep my life, Cedric would maul me to death.’

Although the teen was a Hufflepuff he was the most vicious person Harrison had ever met, and true to the Hufflepuff motto, was as Loyal as any friend could be. If not more at that.
His words could cut sharper than any blade, slicing you apart without even laying a hand on you, which made Harrison glad they were friends. Afterall they had been since First Year.
If Harrison was to describe any of them as his closest ally, Cedric would always be his first choice. They, in all honesty, were like two sides of a coin. One needed the other; a balance of sorts.

Might aswell face the music, and go, besides Davies and Weasley will be there. Hopefully.’

Roger Davies. The boy was an enigma on the Quidditch pitch, if Harrison had to compliment the teen on anything, and an intellectual fool; As Fred liked to say more often than not.
He was book smart. Had spent his early life, much like Harrison, inside his family’s library learning and obtaining as much as possible.

But if Harry was to go beyond the outer exterior of his friend, Harrison knew for certain that the Ravenclaw wasn’t just book smart. He was quicker with a wand than any other wizard that they knew of, albeit Harrison himself, and he knew spells that had thought to have been lost to time.
Then you had Fred Weasley. The prankster extraordinaire.

The redhead was somebody Harrison never thought he would call a close friend but the Gryffindor had proved him wrong.

On the outside, Fred and George looked as though they never took anything seriously; that life was but a joke to them.
However the twin’s were freakishly smart.

They studied harder than most students at the wizarding school, excelling at transfiguration, charms and, much to Professor Snape’s displeasure, potions.
Harrison knew that it was their uncanny love for all things mischief but he couldn’t deny that if they tried they would have the availability to take over the world.
Although if there was one thing that Harry knew Fred was better at than anybody else, even George, was his undeniable knowledge of Gossip.
The boy knew everything about everybody. Knew every secret, rumor and idle talk that had ever been mentioned about anyone. Ever.

He was like a walking, talking gossiping machine and it wasn’t like the rumor mill was small at a school like Hogwarts.
Harrison was still haunted by the day that Fred had pulled out a too large book, when they had met down by the Black lake one afternoon, that he had been writing in since First Year.

‘Potter, mate, this is the book of secrets… Had it since first year… Holds blackmail worthy information that could destroy anybody.’  

The smile that the Weasley had shown made Harrison shiver, still did as a matter of fact.
As much as the seventeen year old was fond of his friend’s, most of the time, the boys freaked him the hell out.
He knew that he really couldn’t talk. That many of the school’s populace had placed him on a high pedestal due to his good looks and the ‘I don’t care’ thing he had going on.
There was also the fact he was the chaser on his Quidditch team which allowed him popularity and had girls chasing him from time to time. Until one of the girls who he would hang out with, mainly Angelina, would glare at them telling them to leave him alone.
Occasionally Cho Chang, who Cedric had an off again relationship with, would help him out aswell but the pair were in the ‘Off again’ stage for the tenth time.

Harrison didn’t really see the point in the relationship.
Checking his watch, a golden rolex he was given by one of his muggleborn friends, he sighed at the time.

‘Time to get ready, I suppose.’

But instead he did not move. Choosing to lay on the bed, arm now covering his eyes, regretting his life decisions.
Groaning, he pushed himself from the bed, in exasperation standing in the middle of his room not really motivated to do anything.
Wishing to Merlin, hoping that the old Wizard would come to the future and save him, he grabbed his coat, a grey color that the muggle lady he brought it off said was becoming of his ‘handsome features’. He pulled on a pair of black leather gloves, the familiar material charmed to keep his hands dry and warm.
Sighing to himself he looked into the mirror once more, checking himself over, making sure he was presentable.

He knew the outfit wasn’t quite what you would wear to a Quidditch game, but he honestly didn’t care.
Pulling the envelope out of his pocket, he allowed something other than the ticket to fall into his hand.
A golden coin. Or more to the point, a portkey.
He had not been lying to his mother when he said he had talked to Cedric before hand; he had forgotten to mention Fred and Roger, but she didn’t need to know that.
The portkey was set to activate in another minute, give or take, and he still wasn’t ready.
He was only left with one thought as a familiar tug churned his stomach.

I hate my life.

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