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Description: “To have a conscious is one thing, mi amor. To use it ©` to listen to it ©` well . . . that is something much more special.”

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Summary: Summary:

“To have a conscious is one thing, mi amor. To use it ©` to listen to it ©` well . . . that is something much more special.”Thanks to the wonders of all forms of magic, Lallia Garza has always been protected by her mother and grandmother from the evils of the world. When the Garza-Fernandez family moves back to Europe for her education though, life goes slightly awry again. This time there’s no running away.Friendships are built and tested, enemies are revealed, and prophecies are fulfilled ©` whether or not she’s ready. The best she can hope for is her and her loved ones make it out alive. No matter what.(golden trio & marauders era)CONTENT WARNING!In this story there will be the following: Death (and mentions of), panic attacks, canon typical violence, blood, mentions and some depictions of (physical, emotional and sexual) abuse, depictions of PTSD, depictions of depression, and more. If you are not comfortable with these things as mentioned please proceed with caution if you choose to.Second Year: Chapters 1-4Third Year: Chapters 5-12Fourth Year: Chapters 13 – Current


Chapter 1: Cockroach Cluster

Chapter Text
In the summer between her first and second year of magical education, Lallia Garza¡¯s mother made the decision to move back to England.Upon hearing that her life would be uprooted, Lallia gleefully packed all of her belongings and set her suitcases in their living room ¡ª only to be told they were leaving in three weeks, not the next day.With exasperation, Elita Garza and Dominga Fernandez shared a look. Can you believe this kid? Elita non-verbally communicated with her mother.Dominga shook her head and put her hands up in surrender.?
¡°Es tu culpa por tener una hija con un Ravenclaw.¡±
Sure, Salem Academy of Magic was an acclaimed school ¡ª and sure, this is where Lallia had made her first magic friends ¡ª but Lallia had always wanted to go to England. And, with word last year that the Harry Potter had started schooling at Hogwarts, Elita Garza came to the conclusion it would finally be safe to move back and begin working for the Ministry of Magic once again.”I can’t wait to see Big Ben! Oh, oh,¡± Lallia rapidly tapped at her mother¡¯s arm on the plane ride. ¡°Do you think we can visit Kensington Palace? Can we please go there when we get to London? Please, mom, please!”?Elita gave her an amused look and moved her eye mask back onto her face.¡°Only if you let mommy sleep for the rest of the ride, Mija.¡±Unpacking everything Lallia brought to their new home was, in her opinion, brutal. She brought too many things; her small collection of books (both magic and No-Maj), half of her wardrobe, a few collectibles she’d gotten from fast-food restaurants, some jewelry she was gifted by her family, several polaroids (moving and stills), and, most importantly, her cat Bailey.Only after she was done putting her clothes away did her mom let her look at her official acceptance letter to Hogwarts again.?
Dear Miss Garza,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

You will be starting your Second Year along with your peers. A private sorting ceremony will be conducted upon your arrival, before the First Years.

Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

Term begins September 1. We await your owl by no later than July 31.

Yours sincerely,

Minerva McGonagall

Deputy Headmistress
? Tomorrow , her mom said, We’ll go into town tomorrow and get your books. Lallia made a face to that and, with the sight of her Abuela making eye contact with her before slowly slipping one of her chanclas off, she quickly nodded her head at her mom and made a break for it.

Before Lallia knew it, September 1st was already here and they arrived at London’s most famous station, King’s Cross, precisely 30 minutes before she was supposed to board the train. Lucky we got here on time , she thought to herself as she kissed her family goodbye.The Garza-Fernandez family were almost famously known for being late for everything except work and school. “Solo llegas tarde si no es la persona m¨¢s importante all¨ª.¡± It was the family motto. “You are only late if you are not the most important person there,” all three women embodied this philosophy a bit too well for everyone else¡¯s liking.”Okay, I just want to hear this from you one more time, Mija.” Elita Garza looked her daughter in the eyes. “You will stay out of trouble at Hogwarts, yes?””Yes, mom! I already told you five times! And Nana made me promise three times last night!” Lallia hopped in place as she eyed the train.” Ay , I know but I also know you,¡± she scowled. ¡°I don’t need you getting into any trouble, especially after Dumbledore was kind enough to allow your credits to transfer. We do not need to repay this man with your mischief.””Okay, okay!” Lallia held her hands up in defense. “I won’t cause any ¡ª””Get into any ¡ª””¡ª get into any trouble. I swear.””Good,¡± Elita smiled. ¡°Now give me one more kiss, I won’t see your beautiful face again until Christmas.”Lallia stood on her toes to reach her mother’s cheek again; she didn’t have to reach too far anymore as she had a small growth spurt during the summer finally reaching five feet tall. Before Dominga could open her mouth to ask the same of her, Lallia was already reaching for her cheek again.”I love you both!” She shouted as she ran to the train, turning her head to make sure they heard her. “See you at Christmas!””Mija,¡± Dominga said. ¡°Make sure you write! If I don’t hear anything about classes by the end of the month I will come visit you and show your new friends your baby photos! ?Incluidos los de tu culito de beb¨¦! ¡±Whether or not Lallia heard the small threat, the two women didn’t know. One thing they did know, however, is she was perfectly well aware of it. And they were not kidding.?The train ride so far was long but Lallia was grateful for that. While searching for a compartment to relax in, she had bumped into a pale girl with long blonde hair and the dreamiest look on her face. Luna Lovegood , she introduced herself as.”I’m Lallia, Lallia Garza! It’s nice to meet you, I love your necklace. Are those seashells?””Oh! These are actually Dabberblimp stones,¡± she spoke with a smooth voice that was just above a low tone. ¡°When they eat too much seaweed they pass these. You can tell by the ridges on the outside.”?It had never been more apparent to Lallia that someone could be wrong, but she nodded in agreement anyway.
I could still be wrong, she probably knows more about magical creatures in Europe than I do.
She studied her one last time. With an expression of great introspection, Luna gazed off at Lallia¡¯s cat.?”I like you. Do you want to sit together and talk some more? Tell some more about how you know all this stuff?”Luna Lovegood returned the smile.?There she stood, inside a large hallway, admiring the interior of Hogwarts. Paintings of wizards sprung to life and greeted them all with excitement (¡°Waiting to be sorted, eh?¡± One painting of a woman who held a fish asked them).With the assistance of a very large bearded man ¡ª Hagrid, he said his name was ¡ª Lallia made her way to the front of the crowd. She was to wait there for Professor McGonagall to take her away into a private room for her ceremony.”You¡¯re going to want to stay up in front,¡± he said in the thickest accent she¡¯d ever heard. ¡°Make sure she can pick you’s out the crowd. I¡¯m not supposed to tell ya this, but two of your classmates caused some trouble and they’re trying to sort it out before they get here.”Just as she began to wonder what her classmates could have possibly gotten in trouble for, before classes started no less, Minerva McGonagall’s footsteps could be heard walking down the moving staircase. A silence swept the surrounding children and they now only dared to speak in whispers.Professor McGonagall now stood in front of Lallia, the sternest look she had ever seen plastered on her face. As she stood in front of the crowd of children her mouth was pressed into a thin line as she waited for the whispers to cease. She would not begin until these children stopped talking and she would not dignify these whispers by asking them to quiet down. Whatever those two second years did, she thought as the woman scanned the students. It must have been bad. When the final whispers stopped she addressed them. “Welcome to Hogwarts,” she said. “The start-of-term banquet will begin shortly, but before you take your seats, you will be sorted into your Houses.”Professor McGonagall continued to drone on; it seemed like this was the same speech she gave every year. “. . . the Sorting Ceremony will begin in a few moments in front of the rest of the school. But, before I take you into the Great Hall, will Miss Garza please present herself?”Taking a small breath, Lallia raised her hand just beneath her head. She almost felt a little foolish doing so, now realizing that she could have stuck by her new friend during McGonagall’s speech after all. Maybe then she would’ve been a little less nervous.”Here.”?The whispers started again, only to be silenced as quickly as they started with one look from McGonagall.”Very well, Miss Garza please follow me. I shall return in just a moment.” Professor McGonagall sent one last contemptuous stare. “Wait quietly.”Then, with a swift turn to the direction she came from, Professor McGonagall proceeded back. She walked in strides ¡ª it seemed like that to Lallia at least as she picked up her pace to match hers.By the time the two of them reached the gargoyle guarding the Headmaster’s office (“Cockroach Cluster,” McGonagall uttered), Lallia was out of breath. She never had to walk this much on the first day at Salem.She almost cried when the gargoyle leaped aside to reveal a spiral staircase.”Come now,” Professor McGonagall turned to see Lallia’s defeated face. “Come, the hat will not wait for you forever.”Too tired to question why a hat would be waiting for her, she obeyed.Climbing the stairs, Lallia pictured what it would be like to sleep in her bed tonight. At least this is going to be one hell of sleep, she thought.Inside the office were endless portraits of men and many tables that had intricate devices scattered on them. Between the tables stood three adults. One of them was a plump woman with a warm smile; one a fairly tall man with noticeably dark greasy hair; one a short man who smiled through a thick mustache. Her professors, she assumed.The man closest to the spare chair, the one with black oily hair, took one look at her and seemed to fight off a sneer.?”Sit down here,” his voice was cold.? I hope I don’t end up with him as a professor. My mom will definitely be disappointed if I get in trouble this early .When she sat down on the chair McGonagall approached her, now with a dusty old hat in hand.”As you will not be in the Great Hall for the Sorting Hat’s, erm, performance, I will now share with you what the Houses stand for.” Professor McGonagall said.?”Gryffindor, my House, is known for its chivalry, courage, and determination. Ravenclaw, Professor Flitwick’s House,” the short professor stood a little taller, “is known for its intellect, creativity, and wisdom. Hufflepuff House, whose Head is Professor Sprout,” the plump woman gave another smile to Lallia. “Values hard-work, fairness, and loyalty.”So far Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff sounded the best to Lallia.”And finally, Slytherin House.” The cold stare from the man with black hair didn¡¯t leave her.”Professor Snape is the Head of House. Slytherin House values resourcefulness, pride, and ambition. And now, for the ceremony.”McGonagall sat the hat on Lallia’s head and as she stepped away it was brought to life.? “Oh, you’re a difficult one.” Lallia, not at all prepared for the hat to actually speak, jumped slightly. Now she was more grateful than ever that this was a private ceremony, she was sure the other students would have laughed at her if they saw her reaction. “Now there’s no need to be frightened, it’s just you and I.” The hat continued to speak. “Where to put you? Where to put you?¡± ?Of all the magical objects she¡¯d encountered so far, this hat was by far the most peculiar.Lallia¡¯s mind wandered as she thought of how the hat may have come to be. Perhaps a charm from a powerful witch? Or maybe it had been taken from the woods. She couldn’t remember why she skimmed over this chapter of Hogwarts: A History.
“Putting you in Slytherin will do you well, but no drive to prove yourself. You do so fine already. Plenty of brains, this is no lie . . . perhaps Ravenclaw? Hmm, but what’s this? You have a strong loyalty to those you call friends but not many others. Ah, and you are more cunning than others. In this, there is also a want to be outstanding. . . . An itch that can only be scratched by being daring. Nerve, you have plenty of. It could serve you well to be put into Gryffindor.”
There was another pause and Lallia wasn’t sure if she should be talking with the hat or not. Just as she finished this thought the hat spoke loudly; “Ah! Yes, of course! I know just where you belong!” If the four adults hid their curiosity they did not hide it well. Looking out to them, she saw eyebrows raised and the squint of a pair of eyes. “Better be ¡ª !”

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