Fanfic: Cynical – Fred Weasley by internallydies (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Fred Weasley has never been hopelessly desperate for something he couldn’t have… until it came to the forbidden fruit, his twin brother’s girlfriend.His devil-may-care attitude is a false facade he’s willing to endure, hoping the enchanting Josephine Pierce finds it intriguing and riveting… Which are the opposite characteristics of his reasonably vanilla twin brother.

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Summary: Summary:

Fred Weasley has never been hopelessly desperate for something he couldn’t have… until it came to the forbidden fruit, his twin brother’s girlfriend.His devil-may-care attitude is a false facade he’s willing to endure, hoping the enchanting Josephine Pierce finds it intriguing and riveting… Which are the opposite characteristics of his reasonably vanilla twin brother. ?every time I look at her… my knees tremble and my heart melts quicker than dog shit on a hot summer afternoon.? ?…was that supposed to be romantic???cyn¡¤i¡¤cal (adj) – doubtful as to whether something will happen or whether it is worthwhile.


Chapter 1: PEACE OF MIND

Chapter Text
All I’m saying is that you, my dear sister, suck at bowling.” Joseph said over the loud clanking of bowling balls against pins. He then bumped his little sister in the shoulder with his duffel bag full of his own expensive bowling equipment.¡°Well, Joseph, in my defense I suck at all sports I take part in.” Joey sighed, as she untied the laces on the rented bowling shoes. They were obviously worn down, but served their purpose well enough.Joseph gently laughed in agreement with his younger sister’s words. He took the shoes from her and went to return them.”Where’s Joseph?” asked the youngest sibling, Josiah, as he returned from the bathroom. He had a thin figure, curtesy of being the last to grab his food at dinner.¡°Giving back my shoes.””Aaaand done,” Joseph exclaimed, joining them again as he twirled the car keys around his index finger. “I gotta say I’m tired of driving.” He sighed.”Oh, shut up. Nobody wants to hear it.” Josiah rolled his eyes. “Come on, Joey. Move your ass.” Joseph ignored his younger brother, urging his sister to to finish tying her sneakers.Tying a double knot in the laces, she argued his pressuring, “You’re so impatient!” ¡°Important.” He corrected her, index finger pointing upwards in the air.Josiah stifled a snicker in the back of his throat. “No, no. I’m with Joey on this one.” ¡°Jojo, it’s in your best interest not to screw with me.” Joseph warned him, with a raised eyebrow. Hostility was in the fire of his eyes.¡°What’re you talking about? That’s the life of goal of every younger sibling. We all made a pact for it.”¡°Let’s just go.” Joey dragged her two brothers out by their ears, hearing them protest and claw at her arms.The hot summer air met their skin as they walked through the sliding doors and stared at the parking lot, full with cars.¡°Where’s the car again?” Joey asked releasing her hands from her brothers’ ears.Josiah squinted and glanced around the parking lot. Once he spotted his father’s jeep, he raised his finger and pointed to it. Josiah’s anxious and sweating self began to run towards the car.”I locked it.” Joseph muttered to his younger sister.Joey snickered in response, watching Josiah yank on the door handle. “I told him to wear fewer layers.”¡°Since when does Jojo listen? He’s 15 remember? He thinks he knows everything, we all did at that age.” Joseph shrugged, finally unlocking the car for him.Joey rolled her eyes, “You act like you’re not 17 and I’m not 16. I’m pretty sure we both think that way.”¡°Maybe so.” He removed his arm from around her shoulder and hopped in the driver’s seat as soon as they reached the car.Josiah, who knew his place as the youngest, slid into the back seat reluctantly. That left Joey to plop down in shotgun. She reached for the radio, only to have her hand swatted away.Joseph glared at her. “Driver picks the music. Everyone else shuts the fuck up.” Country music began blasting throughout the car, causing Joey and Josiah to cringe. In her ennui, Joey glared at Joseph out of the corner of her eyes, then back out the window. ¡°You are insufferable.” Joey whispered to her older brother.Joseph turned on his horrible music that made Joey and Josiah go numb in the ears.Joey grunted distastefully and peered into the rear-view mirror at her younger brother, who had his lips curled in disgust. Knowing her opinion of Joseph’s music didn’t stand alone, she grinned. She was thankful summer break was almost over and they could return to Hogwarts. Well… She and Joseph could. Their mum was a witch. Sadly, Josiah was born without magic, which often made him feel like a mistake and screw up. Joseph and Josiah loved Josephine immensely, but that still doesn’t dismiss the fact that she’s only their half-sister. And they love reminding her of that. Example:”I’M YOUR SISTER, I DESERVE ANOTHER SLICE!””HALF-SISTER!”Her brothers never meant any harm by the teasing. The two of them weren’t her only reminder. Her step father used it against her, mostly when she asked for something she wanted or needed. Joseph and Josiah were too terrified of their dad to defend Josephine. That left Gina(their step mother), who often got in between the fights and took Joey’s side.Joey’s father was a muggle fling during a few months separation between her step father and Joey’s mother. She wishes more than anything to just know who he is. But that’s practically impossible to find out at this point. If he knew she existed, he obviously had no interest in meeting her. As the car pulled into the driveway, Josiah opened the door and threw himself out, smacking his body onto the ground. The car hadn’t come to a stop when Joey tumbled out onto the pavement. She felt her knuckles rub against the blacktop first, skin now stinging from cuts. It was better than sitting in that car one more second with that poor excuse of music.A scoff escaped Joseph’s lips after he mumbled a plain pathetic.”RUN, JOEY! DON’T LET HIM CATCH US!” Josiah screamed chaotically as he ran inside, holding the door open for his sister. Joey scrambled to her feet and tripped on her way into the house, colliding with the wall. Josiah picked her up from the ground and placed her on feet while constantly chanting run, run, run!Joseph, meanwhile, watched them from the doorway, arms folded, and an unimpressed look on his face. They knew how unnecessary their actions were, but it cured any apathy.After giving up the dramatic effect, they all went their separate ways, Joey to her room, Josiah to his, and Joseph to the living room. Joey locked her door and began peeling off the sweaty clothes that reeked worse than Joseph’s old ‘lucky’ basketball socks from 3rd grade. Once she slipped her shirt off, she heard the quiet flapping of wings by her window. Immediately a grin found its way onto her face. With only a bra covering her top half, she yanked the curtains open and pushed the window up.Taking the letter from Errol, she glanced over at her half eaten sandwich from earlier. “Thank you, Errol. And help yourself.” She nodded to the plate.She pried open the wax seal and carefully removed the letter out, biting down on her bottom lip. Before even reading it, her cheeks heated with an instant blush.Joseph approached the door and began to yell through it, “BET THAT FLUTTERING WAS ERROL WITH A LETTER FROM YOUR BOYFRIENDDD!” He mocked her, picking the lock with a hair pin. Joey unfolded the letter and began reading it.?Dear Jo,?? I can’t even begin to express how much I miss you! I’ve been thinking about you all break and spending time with you. I’ve barely had any self control from marching my way to your house and absolutely ravishing you. Just joking! Unless…Fred says ‘hey’ by the way.I love you, Jo, and see you in a few days. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? -George Weasley, aka your lover.?Joey let a giggle slip out of her throat and she held the letter against her chest, rolling onto her back.Joseph successfully unlocked the door and laughed at his sister daydreaming atop her bed. ¡°JOSEPH, GET OUT!” She covered her chest better and threw a pillow at his head. Snickering, he ran down the hall avoiding her bitchy wrath.She huffed a groan and stood up, walking over to her desk. She grabbed a piece of parchment and a crayon writing George a letter of her own. Once Errol finished every last crumb, he took off with the letter, just as Joey’s owl appeared at the window. ¡°Hello, Buttercup.” She stroked the dark brown feathers of her owl. “Millie better have gotten my letter.” Joey chuckled to herself, knowing Millie would plot her demise if she received no response.As she watched a passerby through the window, her step dad’s other car pulled into the driveway. She stiffened her body with discomfort and pulled the curtains closed. Joey stood up and closed her door, lying back down on the bed.Joey flipped to her left side and furrowed her eyebrows, staring at the picture frame on her nightstand. There was a picture of her mother, Joseph, Josiah, and herself on it. Her nose twitched and stung. She glanced away from it and closed her eyes to avoid the tears surfacing her eyes. Nope. Not happening.The dog began barking downstairs, Josiah’s dog, Shadow. Step dad has entered the building. What’s peculiar is that even the dog hated him. Hearing a light knock on her door, she sat up on her sheets which were scattered with tiny dyed roses, purple and red. Then she pulled on a loose, gray t-shirt resting on the bed posts.Josiah came in and closed the door. Immediately his eyes shot to Joey. When he saw her puffy eyes, he looked over at the photo of mum. His lip quirked downwards for split second and he sighed, taking a few steps closer to his sister. She gently patted the bed, insinuating he should take a seat next to her. He plopped down beside her and folded his hands together.¡°You alright, Joey?””Don’t worry about me, Jojo. I’ll get better with time.” Joey nodded slowly, listening to the racket from below.Josiah gulped, also hearing the loud noise. “They’re fighting again.”Joseph vs John, the weekly special. ¡°Got to go rescue the damsel.” Joey stood up and waved Josiah along to follow her down the stairs. When they reached the kitchen at the end of the stairs, Joseph was shouting back his father, as Gina cowered by the stove, prepping dinner. ¡°I can’t wait until you’re out of this damned house.” ¡°Feeling’s mutual, I don’t want to be here any longer than you want me here.” Joseph spat back at his dad. ¡°Okay! Enough.” Joey took a step forward and opened her mouth about the fighting.John growled once more at his son, then abruptly sat down at the kitchen table, awaiting dinner. More thoughts about returning to Hogwarts engulfed her mind. Anywhere but here.Gina silently served the cashew chicken meal, still feeling the tension between her step son and husband. Josiah and Joey sat down with the rest of the family, sounds of metal against the plates ringing through their ears.Josiah placed his down and straightened his back out, then clearing his throat, “I have something to tell you all. Primarily Joey and Sephie.” Everyone gave them their full attention, staying quiet. The floor was his.”I was talking with Dumbledore, believe it or not, sending letters, and he heard about my… grades last year. He gave me an alternative to returning as I continue my first year of high school.” By now Josiah’s usually hidden smile had found its way to his cheeks. “I’m going to Hogwarts with you guys. I’m going to be assistant caretaker.” He stated proudly.Joey glanced to Joseph, who also had a suspicious look on his face. “Uh-, Jojo, are you sure that’s a good idea-,” Joseph was cut off.”Yeah! I think it’s brilliant… don’t you?” Josiah went from excited to confused.¡°Jojo, Filch, the caretaker, is awful, and the students may not like you, it’s really stressful and-,””Why are you say these things? I thought you’d be happy your little brother was going to be there.” Joey uncomfortably rubbed her arm, “It’s just dangerous, that’s all…””I can handle it! I have you two!” Josiah stressed, worried they were going to continue this avoidant behavior. “I guess I was delusional to think you’d be happy for me.” He was frowning now.¡°No- Jojo, that isn’t it… We just didn’t expect it!” Joey corrected her words of concern.Josiah looked between his dad and step mother, who both had their hands folded and looked down.”Dad? Gina?”¡°Good for you, Josiah.” Gina nodded quickly averting her brown eyes from her husband.¡°Disappointing. You were the one kid I like. You’re not a freak.” John began to cut his chicken again, obviously feeling that the information was useless.Josiah rolled his eyes, done with caring about his father’s approval. They finished their meals, the idea of Josiah going to Hogwarts with Joseph and Joey settled in and the two thought it could be beneficial on their behalf and his own.

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