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Description: “Because no matter how much you hate us, the blood that runs in your veins is as Black as mine,”

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceRegulus Black & Sirius Black James Potter/Lily Evans Potter Regulus Black/Original Female Character(s) Sirius Black/Remus Lupin/James Potter Sirius Black & Remus Lupin & Peter Pettigrew & James Potter & Lily Evans Potter Sirius Black/Original Female Character(s)Regulus Black Sirius Black Lily Evans Potter James Potter Remus Lupin Peter PettigrewRegulus Black Lives POV Regulus Black Regulus Black-centric Regulus Black Feels Good Regulus Black Regulus Black Deserves Better Sirius Black & James Potter Friendship Sirius Black & Lily Evans Potter Friendship

Summary: Summary:

“Because no matter how much you hate us, the blood that runs in your veins is as Black as mine,”Where Regulus Black takes on the responsibility of heir and perfect son, only to watch his life spiral out of his control.Or…The one where Sirius Black breaks his promise to always be there for his little brother.After Sirius runs away during the summer break of his sixth year, Regulus sees his life go from bad to worse. With his neck sold, his mother in fits of madness and completely alone, the boy embarks on his sixth year feeling that every second that passes is lost as he carries the ultimate responsibility on his shoulders.He could help defeat the Dark Lord.Unsure of what to do, Regulus sets out on a journey that will not only lead him to do the right thing, but to finally achieve his much dreamed freedom. Hearts are broken, bonds reborn and friendships are formed in the midst of an emerging war.The one where Regulus Black begins his journey alone only to find love along the way…The one where Sirius Black decides for the first time, to take responsibility for something…The one where two brothers meet only to understand that their bond goes beyond blood…


Chapter 1: How Everything Started

Chapter Text
Regulus got up on the morning of the first of September the most dejected he had been since he had started his studies at Hogwarts. He was about to start his sixth year at the school and that meant only one thing.
He would see Sirius again.
In the previous year, the eldest had run away from home and gone to live with his best friend.James Potter.Reggie felt a certain disgust at the thought of the boy. Potter was, apparently a friend and a brother much better than Regulus was. Ever since the first year Sirius would only talk about how amazing the Potter’s were and how he wished he and James could be siblings. The youngest expected that his relationship with his brother would be shaken after he was sorted to Slytherin but what he hadn’t expected at all, was for his brother to cut any type of relationship with him like he did.
“They invited me to move in with them,”
Sirius told him the night he ran. The very first sentence he had said to Regulus after almost four years of completely ignoring him. It was just like that. Sirius didn’t look back, he didn’t asked him to go with him or even how he would feel if he left. He just left. And as had happened every year since he found better company and a new family, he didn’t even say goodbye.
A month before Regulus was due to embark on his fifth year his brother left for good and didn’t look back even once.
The boy sighed before beginning to get ready. He changed into his normal clothes and stared at his despondent reflection in the mirror. His grey eyes were vacant and deep, as if he hadn’t slept in days; he was thinner than usual which made his bones more prominent and bruises were spread all over his face. All this had a reason. It wasn’t just because of Sirius, though he had a large share of the blame for that.Regulus really wanted to hate Sirius. Very much so. His brother’s selfish and careless attitudes always caused trouble for other people, but to the older boy it didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if Regulus was going to be alone in that house with those people, it didn’t matter what might happen to his brother if he left.?It just didn’t matter. For him it didn’t matter because it didn’t had to;?he was free?and for his older brother that was what mattered. Sirius had always complained that his mother never let him be free to make his choices, but he had no idea what it was like to be trapped.He didn’t know what it was like to have every person’s expectation on him. He didn’t know what it was like to have to spend day after day hearing that no matter what he did, it would never be enough. He didn’t know what it was like to spend your life admiring someone, only to be dismissed when a better offer came along.
He had no idea what it was like to be alone.
But he wouldn’t complain. He was somewhat relieved, actually. Sirius would gargle his ideals to everyone for the pleasure of disagreeing with his parents, but Regulus knew him well enough to know that his brother wasn’t strong enough to stay inside that house.Not at all.He wouldn’t know how to handle everything. The demands, responsibilities and expectations of every single person he knew. That was the reason the younger one embraced them all. Regulus knew that as brave as he knew his brother was, it wouldn’t matter.
Sirius would crumble under pressure.
Not only he would but also he did. When the situation got too suffocating, the boy fled to the Potters’ house. When Walburga started to throw responsibilities at him, he threw them back at Regulus. The youngest never complained, he?knew?what he had to do and he also knew that Sirius wouldn’t stick around much longer but he didn’t expected for him to just ran. But it made sense he did. His brother couldn’t handle confrontation and was most likely to budge when that happen; his courage didn’t helped him to work under pressure and anytime someone confronted or pushed him, he would always either get defensive, lose his temper or throw punches.
Exactly like Walburga.
Regulus, on the other hand, would not budge at all. No matter the situation, the pressure or responsibility. He would analyze and find a way to solve everything without emotion or despair. Therefore, the boy took upon himself the responsibility of perfect heir and perfect son because something was always clear for him.
He could handle it, Sirius couldn’t.
It wouldn’t matter if he agreed or not with his family ideas. He just didn’t had what it take to survive in a family like that.?In a family of snakes.
The Black surname was a burden, a burden his brother had never been able to carry.
Regulus had always known that there were things he couldn’t afford. He couldn’t afford letting himself make any mistakes because if he did, then he and Sirius would be screwed. He had the obligation to always be careful, exactly because his brother was the opposite of that. And most importantly; he needed to be responsible because Sirius had no idea what responsibility meant.
He needed to be resilient because he was the only person he could count on.
The boy took one last look at his reflection and made his way back to his trunk. If he were lucky, Walburga wouldn’t look at him and have one of her fits of madness that usually left the boy with visible, ugly bruises. Regulus had been living a real hell in that place since the year before. He couldn’t go anywhere, he was getting beaten every day, being jinxed by all kinds of spells one could imagine and couldn’t even remember when was the last time he had eaten decently. It wasn’t anything he hadn’t gotten used to by now, it was just that now he was getting the load for two and the level of madness of his mother seemed to be reaching it’s peak. First he was beaten for being Regulus and them he was beaten for being Sirius.
“It’s not enough,”

“You let your brother escape,”
These were the two phrases Walburga spoke the most to the boy in her fits. Apparently, to the woman Regulus had let his brother escape on purpose and because of that he needed to be punished. Badly.As much as Regulus didn’t want to be mad at his brother, he was. Everything that seemed to be going wrong in his life seemed to be connected to him. His mother constant punishments, the tight rope his parents have put him on and the biggest of them all…
Regulus felt a shiver run down his spine just thinking about him. The people in his family said it was an honor, that he should be happy and that he should be delighted about the fact that the Dark Lord had accepted him as a Death Eater; but the boy didn’t even knew if he wanted to be a part of it.
He was only sixteen.
What use would he be to the dark lord? What could a boy who was underage and still at school offer him other than more work? The answer is… Nothing. The boy had not been recruited directly but had been negotiated.Yes. Regulus had been sold to the dark lord and once again he had his brother to thank. Soon after Sirius decided that he wanted nothing to do with that family, Walburga convinced herself that she would not let another one of her sons to get away.
“I will not let you humiliate our family name again, I may have lost track with your brother but with you I will not make that mistake. Therefore, we have offered you to the Dark Lord,”
From that day, it was clear that he no long belonged to himself. He was sold at the age of sixteen and now, he belonged to the Dark Lord. He had even been invited by Bella to one of the Death Eaters meetings and could not be more disgusted. This was not what he imagined it would be, not even remotely. The boy never actually expected to be a Death Eater, he expected to survive his family through graduation and get away from all those people. That was it. As if that wasn’t bad enough, now he found himself with an even bigger problem in his hand.***The Dark Lord had asked to borrow a house elf and Bellatrix, doing her best to raise the visibility of her new recruit, had offered Kreacher. Regulus wasn’t very pleased by that but had no way to deny the request. Later that day, Voldemort appeared by his doorsteps and the boy remembered the coldness that had taken over him as the man spoke. His voice was calm and emotionless but demanding; Reggie had already instructed the elf to serve the man before returning straight home. The time passed and he felt his anxiety raising as his friend didn’t returned for the first hours.
One… Two… Three… Four… Five hours.
Five hours and still no sign of Kreacher. Not knowing exactly what to do, the youngest Black got ready and decided to go to bed, thinking that maybe Kreacher would be home by the morning.He couldn’t be more wrong… During the middle of the night, Regulus awoke with soft cries in his room. The boy got up a bit startled and as he turned on the light, came to face a sight that he would never forget. Kreacher’s’ small body had several cuts, he was having trouble breathing and looked the most terrified that Regulus had ever seen him. The boy hurried out of the bed and walked close to his friend, kneeling next to him.”What the heck happened to you,” the boy muttered in shock.He did his best to heal the wounds and to ease his pain, but the panic didn’t seem to be leaving the poor elf anytime soon; so he gave him a sleeping draught and waited. It was the first time he had ever stayed the entire night awake taking care of someone since he was a kid, he tried to found out what could’ve cause the cuts and breathing issue but seemed to find nothing. After finally managing to keep Kreacher conscious for a while, the boy understand that there was something about a potion and a water creature. Regulus stayed awake, trying to found out what kind of potion could’ve cause that but came to no conclusion. It must’ve been something either new or incredibly dark since the boy had no idea of what it was and he was a very skilled potion maker. The morning after, Kreacher finally woke up and as Regulus treated his wounds, he gave the elf instructions to tell him everything that happened.As Kreacher told him the entire thing, Regulus felt himself getting nauseous and nauseous. He was right; the potion was a terribly dark one and he might have a guess of who might have made it. He wasn’t sure about what these creatures were and noted it down so he could do a research about it but what had him extremely intrigued, was the neckless that the elf had described to him. Regulus wasn’t sure, but he thought that this might be so sort of secret as he had left the elf to die there, so he decided that there was only one place he could go to search about it.
The Black Manor.
The boy wasn’t very pleased to go there, but since most of the books related to dark magic were held on their library, there was nothing to be done. Regulus needed to find out what this whole situation was about because to him, it looked like it was a weakness. A weakness the Dark Lord didn’t wanted anyone to know. The boy thought that it must’ve been something that could help kill him and if that was the case, he was completely down for it.”You say you need to use the library,” asked Pollux, his grandfather and the boy agreed.”Yes, grandfather. I’m about to finally start my life as a servant to the Dark Lord so I was hoping to broad my studies so I could be helpful to him,” spoke the boy with a very polite tone.”Very well. You can use it,” said the oldest with a smile.”What a fine young man you have become, Regulus. Bring glory to our family,” he finished and left the place.Regulus had to held the urge to laugh. His family was insane. Sirius always told him that, but now he could see it clearly. They didn’t cared about anything. They wanted power, glory and fame. That was what mattered to them and honestly, at the moment the boy couldn’t care less about it. He would have time to think about it later when he had a free time.The boy wandered around the library looking for what he thought might be similar to what Kreacher had told him. There was nothing about magical necklaces that could explain why he would want to hide something so well.”Come on, Regulus,” muttered the boy to himself.So, what he knew was that the Dark Lord had hidden this thing extremely well. First question…
What could a neckless do and why was it so important? The boy tried to think about Kreacher description about it once again. That’s right, it wasn’t a normal neckless. It was a locket. Lockets were normally used to keep things, could that mean that the locket had something inside it?The boy took a deep sigh. That would make sense, but what could it be? What could be so important that he had to hide so well…”Think; Regulus,” he said to himself still going through a few books.
What does the Dark Lord cares about the most?
He thought to himself and then it hit him.
That was a fact; Regulus had seen it with his own eyes. The man didn’t cared about anyone, he just cared about becoming powerful and…”Immortal,” muttered the boy amazed and hurrying towards a specific session on the bookshelves.
What kind of magic could make one immortal?
The boy started to wander around the books, making sure he was putting them on the exact same spot to avoid speculations, and started to search for it.?It had to be there,?if there was something about immortality in dark magic, he would find it there. No other family had a collection on dark books as big as theirs. Regulus started to look at the books, trying to see if something stood out for him. And it did.
“The Darkest of the Dark Magic,”
If using dark magic to become immortal wasn’t one of the darkest branches of the dark magic than he don’t know what it was. The boy took the book and opened it. He carefully started to read it and after long hours of reading, the boy finally seemed to have found something interesting.
Regulus read and reread the information thousands of times to make sure he would remember all the details before putting the book back and taking another one for “deep study” before walking out of the place.”Found what you were looking for?” asked Pollux eyeing the book Regulus was holding.”Yes, I did. Thank you grandfather,” said the boy with a polite smile and walking towards the fireplace.”Send my memories to your parents,” asked the old man and Reggie nodded.The boy took the floo back to his house and walked straight to his room. Regulus sat down and started writing down everything he remembered. His wrist hurt from all the pressure, but the boy didn’t stopped. He had found. He found Lord Voldemort weakness, now he only needed to learn how to destroy it.***That was about two months ago. Two months that he had found out about the Dark Lord’s darkest secret.Regulus was getting optimistic, which was something rare, but the perspective that maybe he could finally be free was making him determinate to find a way of destroying this thing. The boy didn’t have all the information about that yet as he had only found the basic information in the library of the Black Manor; fact that left him kind of scared. If they didn’t had any more information about it on their collection it meant that the magic was incredibly dark but still; it didn’t mattered.?He would find it and would destroy it.The boy wasn’t even interested in having breakfast. The only thing in his mind was the Horcruxes. He had thought about it and concluded that maybe there could be some book about them in Hogwarts, since the rarest and most dangerous books were kept there for safekeeping.”Boy,” exclaimed his mother from the first floor.”Yes, mother?” asked the boy a bit loud.”Get your things, I’ll take you to the station,” spat the woman and the boy sighed.Regulus picked up his trunk and joined the woman. Walburga looked at the boy and nodded, as if she approved him and he held back a laugh. Sirius’s escape had knocked the last of the woman’s sanity out of her. Walburga had always been aggressive with her children, but she had also always been careful not to abuse them around the period they would’ve returning to school, at least not in a visible place to avoid drawing attention to herself. Now, however, she didn’t seem to care. Regulus was all beat up and completely unkempt yet she didn’t even noticed. The younger Black held the woman’s arm and she disapparated him to the station. Without having much to say to her, Regulus just grabbed his belongings and walked into the train.The boy wandered through the corridors and settled at the end in an empty cabin. He accommodate his suitcase in the luggage rack with some difficulty, since he was still sore from Walburga’s goodbye present and sat down. He remembered that as soon as the train started moving he would have to go to the prefects gathering so he just stood there. Thinking about everything that had happened during summer. About what was going to happen when he go back home for Christmas break.Regulus rubbed his eyes and finally the last whistle was heard, as the locomotive started moving. The boy didn’t moved thought. He wasn’t worried about some stupid prefect meeting. He wanted to put an end in this situation and to get away from all of this. He was lost at though but got up anyways. He was raised like this, so doing things mechanically was easy for him.The boy walked to the prefects’ compartment and sat down, waiting for the others and as soon as everyone arrived; two familiar figures entered the place.”Good morning,” wished James Potter with a huge smile and Regulus stared at him indifferently.”Good morning. For those of you who don’t know us, I’m Lily Evans and this is James Potter. We’ll be the head boy and girl this year,” began a redheaded figure the boy was familiar with.”We’re here to pass on the instructions to you,” James began still smiling.”Well; since almost all of you were already prefects last year too, the meeting shouldn’t be too long,” began Lily unrolling a scroll.”A draw was made and eight students were selected to patrol the train. The first round will be done by Dorcas Meadowes and Edgar Bones;” directed the redhead and the two Hufflepuff agreed.”The second will be done by Remus Lupin and Emmeline Vance,” continued the girl reading the parchment.”The third will be by Eleanora Watt and Oliver Green,” she read.”And the last one is going to be done by Regulus Black and Millie Greengrass,” she completed raising her eyes to the boy.Regulus felt James and Remus’ eyes on him but decided to ignore it.”Good; now James is going to say how the division and schedules of the patrols in the castle will be done,” the girl continued poking Potter lightly. The boy finally averted his gaze from Regulus and turned to the others.”Ah… Yes. Well…” he began unwrapping the parchment.The boy spoke the divisions and Regulus was assigned to do the rounds with Eleanora Watt of Ravenclaw on Tuesdays and Lily Evans on Thursdays. Regulus didn’t pay much attention to the rest of the meeting, partly because he already knew what his duties would be and partly because he had better things to worry about.As soon as the meeting was over everyone started to leave the wagon. Regulus still felt the gazes of his brother’s friends on him, but he ignored them and headed towards the exit.”Hey, Regulus,” the boy heard someone speak with an uneasy tone and turned around.”Yes?” the boy asked indifferently.James was standing in the doorway with Remus and Lily. The boy noticed the three of them had concerned looks on their faces, which almost made him laugh, as they had never even spoken to him.”Are you alright?” asked Potter with a cautious tone and the boy flashed him a coldly polite smirk.”Fantastic,” he replied with a bored tone.Lily made a mention of saying something, but the boy exited the compartment without sparing another look at any of them.***James, Lily and Remus returned to the cabin where Sirius was sitting with Peter. None of them spoke anything and they all seemed lost in thought. As they approached the entrance to the compartment, Sirius’ outrageous laughter was heard.”Worm, you’re too innocent,” they heard him say and Remus opened the door.”Finally! Have Lily managed to worn out the newbies ears yet?” Sirius spoke with a funny tone and everyone remained silent.James sat on the bench where the boy was and next to the window while Lily sat next to him and Remus next to Peter.”Oi. What happened? Was the meeting that boring?” asked Sirius and Remus casted a discreet glance at James who seemed lost in thought as he looked out over the landscape.”Yes. Something like that,” he agreed softly.At times, James gave thanks that his best friend was so oblivious to the tension on certain situations. He didn’t wanted to bring it up the fact that they had just found the boy’s younger brother looking like he had escaped from captivity. Which from what Sirius recounted was the same thing as his home.James was uncomfortable. Uncomfortable that he was incredibly bothered by the situation. It wasn’t just the fact that Regulus was bruised and much thinner than he normally was, it was the feeling that seemed to rise in his stomach and eat away every other piece of his body that was bothering him. It was a feeling he never thought he would feel, not in a situation like this…
The boy sighed and ruffled his hair distractedly. He knew he shouldn’t feel guilty for taking Sirius in; he knew about all the abuse and everything he was going through in that place. Then why? Why did he feel like he had made a mistake? According to Sirius, Regulus was the golden child. According to him, Walburga wouldn’t lay a finger on the youngest. She loved him, not Sirius but if James was being completely honest, he didn’t think Sirius had ever shown up at his house in that state.Regulus looked like he had been beaten up by, at least, three different people; there were marks on his face that the boy had the slight impression were the results of jinxes that he didn’t even wanted to imagine why someone would use on their kids; the boy was so thin that James thought that on the first quidditch match they had if someone hit him with a bludger he would break. Still, he wasn’t surprised by any of that. He had already seen Sirius after a fight with Walburga; he?knew?what she could do. He had gotten used to it after having his friends to come over his house bleeding profusely from all her beating. But Regulus eyes didn’t seemed to leave his mind. He was used to the bruises but had never seem that hollow, lifeless eyes on his best friends and that was what terrified him.
That was not normal.

Not for him and especially not for a sixteen year old kid.
James rubbed his eyes under his glasses and wondered. What could Walburga be doing with that boy? What would she be capable of? Would he be able to help? Would Regulus accept help? Should he talk to Sirius about it? There was so many questions on his mind and none of them seemed to have answers. He didn’t knew what to do but he knew he had to do something, after all, Regulus was?a kid.”Hey,” he heard Lily’s voice call him softly and he turned to her.”Yeah?” the boy asked.”Are you alright?” she whispered worriedly and James smiled.”Yeah, I’m just… Thinking,” he replied and the redhead agreed.The boy turned his gaze back to the window and remained silent for the rest of the trip. His thoughts were still wandering around his best friend’s younger brother and what should he do about it. James knew his friend well enough to know that the boy cared a lot about Regulus. More than he was letting on. And precisely because he knew Sirius, he was sure that he wouldn’t accept being confronted about it. The boy didn’t liked to talk about his family and James understood that, but he knew that this conversation would happen eventually. The problem was; how he could bring up the subject without having him to lose his temper.James sighed tiredly once again. Anyone could see that something was seriously wrong with Regulus, now they just needed to make Sirius see it. He had ignored his brother for the past six years, so James had to make him see the problem without making him feel bad about something. Once Sirius’ see the situation the way they were, his responsible and protective side would surface and with that would come guilt. James didn’t wanted him to feel guilty about anything he had chosen and maybe, if Sirius could convince him, Regulus would let him help. After all, he had already gotten one Black out of that hellhole so maybe he could get two….

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