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Description: “Fred?”

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Summary: Summary:

“Fred?””Hi,” he says with a winning smile, giving her a quick once-over before he’s looking into her eyes again.Her face morphs into something even more confused when she looks down to see that he has a bouquet of lavender stems in his hands — her favorite flower. She clears her throat and shakes her head, telling herself that there’s a reasonable explanation why Fred Weasley (who quite hates her at the moment) is standing outside of her door with flowers in his hand.”What- um. What are you doing here?” she gets out.”I’m wooing you,” he states simply.And. Um. What?”What?” she repeats aloud.His smile doesn’t fade. “I’m wooing you,” he repeats.She laughs. He must be joking. “Yeah, I heard you. Is this a joke?”Again, he is unphased. “Nope.”Her smile drops a bit. “You’re not?” Fred shakes his head. “I mean, you know I- I have a-“”Boyfriend,” he finishes for her. He rolls his eyes as if it’s only a minor inconvenience. “But I know for a fact that I love you more than he ever could and that I’m better for you so I’m going to fight for you.”

Notes: Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

a new story! i’m so excited to write this one, thank you all so much for choosing to read it :)just like in my last fic?if you’ve read it, i’ve decided to cheat and age up the characters a couple years. i just feel more comfortable writing mature scenes when everyone is unarguably of age, which i know can be a bit the way i write it, Evelyn is 17 and in her fifth year and so is Padma, Ginny and Luna are both 16 and in their 4th years, and Fred is 19 and in his 7th year. as always, you are free to imagine it however you’d like, but this is just how it’s written! i hope it’s not too confusing!again, thank you for reading. love you guys<3 syd

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter Text
Now ~ Evelyn?The hallways are too crowded.The foreign hallways are too full of wizarding students she doesn’t know, their countless voices mixing together to create a blurred, confusing, overwhelming sound that made her want to reach up and cover her ears, just to get a moment of quiet. Her heart beats quickly in her chest, no matter how many deep breaths she takes in hopes to calm it down.She’s already stressed enough as it is, trying to navigate the castle that’s seeming to turn into more and more of a maze with every turn she takes. Why the hell did the staircases move?Luckily, she’d been led to her room by a prefect when she first arrived at Hogwarts a couple of hours ago, but she had been more focused on admiring the paintings that she passed than which turns they were taking. She has a room all to herself, something that she was informed of when she first met with Mcgonnagal, and it’s something that she knows she’ll be eternally grateful for Apparently there’s an uneven amount of students as well as an extra room, so the school had decided that the single room would go to the new fifth-year student, electing not to throw her in with all the other new first years. Thank God.She’d spent the entirety of her time before dinner unpacking her things and setting up her room, distracting herself from the looming idea of having to meet a whole bunch of new people shortly. She doesn’t know a single person at Hogwarts. Not a single one.She’s not very good with meeting too many new people at once, but she’s just going to have to suck it up for a little, try to make herself seem at least a little bit more confident than she really is. It didn’t mean that she’s not dreading it with her entire body, though.The time had come, and she hadn’t expected that the journey to the dining hall would be something to dread, too. She’d been too prideful to accept the offer to get a tour of the school when the prefect had led her to her room; she hadn’t wanted to follow along with all of the first years, towering over their small bodies and standing out even more than she already felt she did.So she’s stuck figuring things out for herself, trying to make sense of the outdated map in her hands as she takes a turn into another hallway. It’s apparently the wrong one, judging by the way it’s void of students, so she whips back around, knowing that she’s already running late for the meal. She needs to just follow along with where the other students are going instead of trusting the map, the anxiety that has been slowly building in her chest reminding her of the nightmare that being late to dinner would be.When she turns around, the first step that she takes is right into another body, because, of course, it is. She looks up to quickly apologize, more worried about getting to her first meal in time than offending some unknown student but halts in both her movements and her words when she takes in the face in front of her. The soft, handsome, all too familiar face in front of her.”Ev?” he asks, clearly just as bewildered as she is to see her.”Fred,” she breathes out in shock, voice barely audible over the overpacked hallway behind them.They just stare at each other for a long moment, each of them looking as if they’ve just seen a ghost.His jaw is still hanging wide open when he speaks, apparently having found his voice. “You’re a wizard?” he asks in disbelief.”You’re a wizard?” she replies in the same manner.He doesn’t answer her, just as she hadn’t answered him. It’s fairly obvious that neither of them are muggles.”What the hell are you doing here?” he asks.She scoffs and gestures down to her school uniform. “What does it look like?”He breathes out a laugh and runs a hand through his hair, face still the epitome of shock. “Right. You- right.”She doesn’t have much else to say either, mind racing with too many things to even try to pinpoint one thought or emotion.There’s suddenly a loud, booming, voice spilling out from one of the rooms behind them, saying, “Students, please take your seats! The sorting ceremony will begin shortly.”Her eyes widen, already taking a step in the direction of the voice. “I can’t deal with this right now, Fred,” she says. “I’ll see you later, yeah?”She doesn’t wait for an answer before she takes off quickly, whether it’s to get to the dining hall or away from him faster, she doesn’t know.She finally reaches the right room, a large expanse of a hall with a somehow open ceiling that reveals the sky above them, shedding light down onto the four long tables that are slowly filling up with students in front of her. She doesn’t focus much on the beauty of the room though, instead worrying about getting seated at her correct table before the ceremony starts. She doesn’t need to draw any more attention to herself.She makes her way to what’s she guesses is the Ravenclaw table, surveying the benches for both empty spots and people who look to be around the same age as her. Just as she begins to freak out about how she won’t find a spot to sit at, images of prying eyes watching as she makes an utter fool of herself flashing through her mind, she catches the eye of a blonde girl with bright blue eyes. The girl smiles at her with what is probably the most inviting smile she’s ever seen in her life, gesturing for her to sit in the seat next to her.”Hello,” the girl says with a bright, airy voice once she takes her seat. The girl already had an angel-like air about her just from her natural beauty, and her voice did nothing to ease Evelyn’s suspicious that she really was something non-human. She’s met plenty of Veela’s in her lifetime, she wouldn’t be surprised if the girl in front of her had a bit of Veela blood in her.”Hi,” she says, heart finally calming down inside her chest.”Are you new?””Yeah.””I’m Luna,” the girl says happily, reaching out a hand to shake.”Evelyn,” she replies, taking Luna’s (strangely soft) hand in her own and shaking it.”What year are you in?””Fifth. You?””Fourth,” Luna says, Evelyn humming in acknowledgment. “You seem stressed,” Luna states, voice never losing its casual brightness.Evelyn breathes out a laugh. “Yeah, I barely found my way here. I got confused by the staircases.”Luna hums as if it’s a common problem. “I find that it’s easiest to just let them take you where they want to, I believe that they know better than we do.”Evelyn frowns a bit but nods, finding that she already very much likes the girl sitting next to her. “So what’s this about a sorting ceremony?””It sucks,” someone says from across the table. Evelyn looks up to see a girl with light brown skin and long, thick, flowing hair that cascades over her shoulders. She’s probably one of the most undeniably beautiful girls that Evelyn has ever seen, her big, deep brown eyes shaded by long eyelashes and her lips an alluring shade of natural red.”Oh! How rude of me not to introduce you,” Luna says as if she’s known Evelyn for ages. “Evelyn, this is Padma. Padma, this is Evelyn.””Hi Evelyn,” Padma says while looking at her with a knee-weakening, piercing stare, her voice as smooth as butter. Evelyn fidgets under her stare, finding herself unworthy of the woman’s sole attention on her, of her name in Padma’s mouth.”Hi,” she says back nervously. “Why’s the sorting ceremony bad?”Padma rolls her eyes and rests her chin in the palm of her hand. “It just lasts for ages. I don’t care much about what houses all of the first years get into, I just want to eat my dinner.””I quite like it, actually,” Luna chirps.”Of course you do,” Padmas says with another eye roll, this one more fond than the last.Luna just smiles and turns to Evelyn. “It’s nice to see how happy they are when they get into the house that they want. I find that pure happiness like that is hard to come across these days.”Evelyn raises her eyebrows and finds herself lucky enough to not need to come up with a response to that, the ceremony beginning with a clearing of the throat from the headmaster.Evelyn finds that she doesn’t mind the sorting ceremony all that much either, but maybe that’s just because she doesn’t have to sit through it each year. She sees what Luna had been talking about, the smiles that grace a few of the new students’ faces really are quite breathtaking. She can’t help but smile every time one of the 11 year olds eagerly runs over to their new house table, beaming as they’re cheered and welcomed into their proper house. She understands Padmas point too, though, for she gets bored about halfway through.She surveys the room around her, eyes tracing over the hundreds of students’ faces that surround the room, most clad with bored expressions. Her heart leaps when she comes across a pair of hazel eyes looking right back at her, feeling like they were boring into her soul. His face is unreadable, but his stare is nothing short of intense.She had almost forgotten about Fred showing up at the one place she expected him not to, ruining her fresh start. Fuck.She pulls herself away from his gaze to look at the people surrounding him, and if seeing Fred had been a shock, seeing two of him was something else entirely.Seriously, there are two of him. Two.She looks between the identical boys, uncaring of how much her shock is showing on her face, just trying to find a difference between the two boys. She almost wonders for a moment which is actually Fred, but judging by the way one of them is looking at her with an amused expression as he watches her shocking revelation while the other obviously stares at the sorting ceremony with a bored expression, she guesses that she knows which is which.There are two Fred’s in the world. How exactly is that fair?She finally settles her gaze solely on Fred’s, his never having left her face. They stare at each other for a while, just looking at the person neither of them hadn’t ever expected to see at Hogwarts. Evelyn guesses that he’s just as stunned as she is, because how could he not be?She doesn’t even notice when the ceremony finishes, only pulled away from Fred’s face when the table in front of her is flooded with all different kinds of delicious-looking food.”Do you know Fred?” Luna asks brightly as she starts to dish herself up some food from the platters in front of her.Evelyn nearly jolts at the question, unsure how to answer. Had their eye contact really been that obvious? She guesses that Luna is just observant, judging by their conversations so far.”Uh, no. I just, uh, ran into him in the hallway.”Luna nods and sets her plate down on the table, finished serving herself food. “He’s quite handsome, yeah?”Evelyn scoffs because she knows just how handsome Fred is. “Yeah, I guess.” They’re silent for a moment while everyone dishes their food. “Is that Gryffindor then?” she asks, gesturing to Fred’s table with students clad in burgundy.Both Luna and Padma nod.”Are all the ones with red hair related?” she asks. She knows that Fred has six siblings, five brothers and one sister, she has just never seen them before. She knows that three of them are older then him and must be out of Hogwarts by now, so other than his twin, the other two must be his younger sister and brother. She’s been wondering about Ginny quite a bit, what with how much Fred talks about her.”Yeah,” Luna says with a nod after swallowing a bite of food. “The girl with the red hair is my girlfriend.”Evelyn’s eyebrows shoot to her hairline. Fred never told her Ginny had a girlfriend.”Really?” she asks. Luna nods.She looks over to get a better look at the girl, for she had barely glanced at her before, too busy looking at Fred. Ginny is luckily sitting on the side of the table that faces her so she can get a good look at the girl and, wow, she’s beautiful. Were all the girls at Hogwarts gorgeous?”Wow, she’s really pretty,” she says.Luna smiles so wide it makes Evelyn’s insides feel warm and rests her chin in the palm of her hand while she looks at her girlfriend, sighing fondly. “Isn’t she?”Evelyn nods. “She kind of looks like one of my old girlfriends.”Luna turns to look at her. “Oh, are you gay?””Bisexual, actually.”Luna smiles. “Cool. Me too.”Her insides feel warm when she hears this, a surprising relief feeling her stomach. She hadn’t been too worried about homophobia, but it was nice to know that she wasn’t at one of those ‘don’t ask don’t tell’ schools.Padma scoffs from across the table. “I have no idea how you two find men attractive at all when women exist.”Evelyn’s eyebrows shoot up again. “You’re gay?”Padma nods with an eye roll. “Of course.” She says it like Evelyn is crazy for assuming otherwise.Evelyn laughs. “Cool.” She looks down to her plate and picks at her food. “So is Hogwarts, like, accepting? Was it hard when you came out here?”Padma shrugs. “Everyone’s pretty cool. Of course, there are the few purebloods who think only like their parents or the few guys who say they can ‘fix me’, but other than that, everyone’s been pretty great.”Evelyn smiles. “That’s so great. I was a little bit worried about that.””Really? At Hogwarts?” Luna asks.Evelyn blushes and nods sheepishly. “Yeah. I mean, I guess I didn’t know much about it before I came here.”Luna hums. “Well, you have a lot to learn.”Evelyn laughs. “Yeah, apparently.”Luna smiles and bumps her shoulder with her own. “Don’t worry, we’ll show you all of it.”She blushes again and smiles, unbelievably relieved to have found a friend so quickly. “Thanks.”Her happiness soon turns back into uneasiness when she catches Fred’s eye again, the boy either happening to have looked at her again or never having looked away in the first place.She gulps and turns back to her food, deciding to deal with that later.

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