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Hermione and Draco find healing and support after the war together.


No Archive Warnings ApplyHermione Granger/Draco Malfoy Hermione Granger & Draco MalfoyHermione Granger Draco Malfoy Harry Potter Ginny Weasley Ron Weasley Narcissa Black Malfoy Lucius MalfoyReconciliation Past Torture Trauma Healing Enemies to Friends to Lovers no beta i don’t care



Hermione and Draco find healing and support after the war together.*It started off as a* Short one shot. Now I have no idea.,Summary:

Hermione walks out on a drunk Ron at dinner and finds Draco nursing his own dark thoughts. It’s the start of an unlikely friendship.


TW: Implied past traumaTW: No happy ending for Ron/Hermione

(See the end of the work for more notes.),Notes:
TW: Past torture mentioned.TW: Mentions of consensual BDSM at the end.

Chapter 1: Let’s talk about it

Chapter Text

Shortly after Voldemort’s death

Draco sat looking into the fire of the pub just off Diagon Alley. The pub itself was called ‘Between Hither and Thither’ but most patrons called it The Rat’s Fart given it had an unusual odour due to an ancient hex which nobody had been able to find or release it from. He was perched on a Norfolk Farm bench, probably a little too close to the flames but he really didn’t care. He took another sip of firewhisky and let his mind remain blank. That really didn’t matter as every other drinker in the establishment gave him a wide berth, except one. 

Hermione sat on the far side of the pub by herself. She had stormed out of dinner with Ron as he continued to regale her, Harry and Ginny with stories from the war, growing ridiculously larger with every glug of alcohol he took. Ginny and her had rolled their eyes to each other on multiple occasions. The redhead’s face displaying

I know he can be an idiot but he’s a good type of idiot.

Harry’s face showed indulgence to Ron and he flicked a look to Hermione as well

Let him talk it out. He’ll calm down. Eventually. 

She had willed herself to a more relaxed state until Ron dropped the bombshell. “Of course you’ll be invited to Mione and my wedding. It’ll be brilliant back at the Burrow.” That pulled Hermione back to the present, “Wedding? What wedding? You haven’t even proposed and we don’t live together yet. Are you out of your mind?” 

“Mione,” slurred Ron, “Don’t be like that. You’re always so uptight. Just chill out a bit, yeah?” That was the last straw in a difficult few weeks dealing with the mental toll of the last three years. Actually since she had arrived at Hogwarts. “Stop telling me what to do, think or say. I’ve had enough.” Harry and Ginny said nothing, this was between Hermione and Ron. She pulled a few galleons out of her bag and laid them on the table, “That should cover my share. I’m going.” Hermione couldn’t decide if Ron’s wordlessly opening and shutting mouth was a blessing or curse as she turned on her heel and walked out of the restaurant. 

A bit of aimless wandering followed while she tried to figure out what next to do had brought her to this stinking pub. At least the drinks would be cheap as most of her money and dinner were sitting in a swank restaurant. After ordering a double firewhisky, which she gratefully and gracefully accepted on the house, she sat down in a secluded corner. A few patrons came over to thank her for the part she played in bringing down The Dark Lord but it was quick as they realised she wanted to be alone. And then she spotted Draco Malfoy near the fire. He looked as lost as she did, probably more given the two faced game he had played like Professor Snape. 

Hermione made up her mind, walked across to the other seat on the bench and sat down. It took a few seconds for Draco to register that someone was sitting next to him, his eyes widened as he realised who it was. Hermione liked the all black Muggle two piece suit he wore, with a black shirt to really offset his blond hair. “Granger,” he breathed out. Hermione flicked her long brown curls over her shoulders as he took in her cream silk blouse, red knee length  A line skirt and low heels in the same shade of red. She thought his eyes lingered on her bare legs and that gave her a bit of a thrill. 

“Yes Draco, it’s me. Want to talk about it?” The ‘It’ was obvious to them both. They needed to talk about all the traumatic experiences they had lived through. That night they started talking and trusting each other. 


6 months later, Malfoy Manor

Hermione and Draco were sitting in one of the many parlours of the Manor. He was reading The Daily Prophet, well more like scoffing and snorting at its usual nonsense while she was frowning and scratching notes in a diary with a quill. “Oh, what I would give for a decent biro.” Hermione was muttering to herself but Draco caught it. “That’s one of those Muggle…  instruments for writing isn’t it?” They had come a long way in a short space of time. Draco had begun to show Arthur Weasely type enthusiasm for non magical devices and she suspected that he was probably conducting hybrid experiments in the Manor’s dungeons. 

Returning to the Manor had brought back bad memories from Bellatrix’s torture. Draco’s gentlemanly conduct had helped starting to come to terms with that. So much so that she could visit him here without always feeling that sense of overwhelming panic in her chest and brain. “Yes it is. I’m trying to update the diary. There are so many invitations now. It’s 11AM Saturday now and from 5PM we’re both busy through to Sunday night. It’s great but sometimes I’d like some peace and quiet.” 

Draco put down the newspaper. “5PM? That means you need to start getting ready at 3.30PM?” Hermione grimaced. It was true. The last six months had seen her transform into a graceful and beautiful young woman. Added to her reputation and intellectual prowess this meant that she was greatly in demand by lots of different wizarding families. The fact that she was a regular guest at Malfoy Manor was lost on nobody, she straddled both sides of the wizarding community. 

Lucius and Narcissa had initially been uneasy with Draco and Hermione supporting each other through their traumas but showed increasing signs of acceptance that this was best for their son. They also turned a blind eye to their other activities. 

“Yes, 3.30PM. I’m actually getting used to dressing up and getting my hair and makeup in the way I like it. It’s still a bit of a faff though.” Draco chuckled, “How many of those events are we going to be at together?” Hermione scanned her list, “Five. The last on Sunday is a female only event. I’ll make my own way home after that.” Draco simply nodded, he had found out that Hermione was


vocal concerning her own independence. 

“Fine. What do you want to do for the next four and half hours?” He faltered slightly at the mischievous smirk on her face. “I thought you could continue my lessons in the noble art of wizardly lovemaking? Could we revisit the lesson on being bent over a chair with my wrists bound to the legs?” Draco felt a rush of heat from his lower stomach to his member. “Morgana’s Tits! You’re wearing me out! But I live to teach. Come on then.” He rose, took her hand and they tiptoed past scowling house elves to his bedroom. Draco’s spell locked the door while Hermione cast the strongest silencing spell she could. Then they hungrily flew at each other.

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