Fanfic: Domina Lepos by Firemione (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: An evil mistress Hermione helps Harry Potter to become the real Boy-Who-lived.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyHermione Granger/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Everyone/Everyone Hermione Granger/Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley/Ron WeasleyHarry Potter Hermione Granger Ron Weasley Ginny WeasleyLust Potion/Spell Dominatrix Dom/sub Dom Hermione Granger Daddy Kink Mommy Kink Mommy Dom Girl Penis Wall Sex Bathroom Sex Floor Sex Pegging BDSM Threesome – F/M/M Choking Exhibitionism Voyeurism Urination Face-Sitting Face-Fucking Anal Sex Anal Fingering Anal Plug Overstimulation Femdom Orgasm Delay/Denial Multiple Orgasms Rape Vaginal Sex Missionary Position Multiple Sex Positions Dark Hermione Granger Evil Plans Shower Sex Masturbation Blood Kink Cock & Ball Torture Cuckolding Harems Evil Hermione Granger Girls Kissing Magical Girls Trans Female Character Female-Centric Fluff Smut Size Kink Engorgio | Enlargment Charm (Harry Potter) Threesome – F/F/M Blood and Torture Shameless Smut Albus Dumbledore Bashing Sex Toys Older Woman/Younger Man Twincest Consensual Infidelity Rape/Non-con Elements Cock Rings Cock Cages Stockings Pain Foot Jobs Masochism Sadism Foursome – F/M/M/M

Summary: Summary:

An evil mistress Hermione helps Harry Potter to become the real Boy-Who-lived.?WARNING: Heavy smut ahead


Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Hermione stood in one of the bathroom stall, warm water cascading her naked curves and handful of perfect tear drop breasts, dark pink nipples standing erect. She had a erotic night dream involving him as always, she never let anyone know about her dreams even though she had no experience and only seen videos and books on the matter the dream always feel so real.Of course some people thought she had some experience with Viktor krum last year, but a sudden unexpected peck on her lips from him after the dance cannot considered as so much, well she never thought him more than a partner for yule ball anyways. She thought it was a tradition of saying goodbye or something, but she didn’t know he thought her more than a friend.She again thought about her dream and letting one of her small fingers enter inside herself. She let out a soft sigh. She needed this but was too uncomfortable. She normally didn’t do this at Hogwarts. The past couple of summers she only did this few times but now she almost had to do it.She slowly moved her finger in and out and realised that that wasn’t enough. She thought of his dark blue eyes and smell of his hair, inserted another finger and had to hold back the urge to let out a moan. She brushed her own thumb against her clit and moved her fingers in and out to find release. Although she was still pretty inexperienced at this she did know what she liked and within moments she was near release imagining her dream involuntarily and just how he did this to her. She thought about his deep moans and his rough caress as she brought her free hand to her breast and gently squeezed it and instantly she came violently like she had been deprived for her whole life. She grabbed onto the edge of the shower and caught her breath panting.She dried herself before enveloping her brown curls in the towel. She walked over to the mirror clearing the fog and eyeing her own luscious body.She hasn’t attained complete growth but she is nearly there. Her breasts had grown some more not like lavenders or parvathi but it quite a handfuls sure to fill up Ron’s hands. She blushed, she have flat stomach…..well carrying that much books have other advantages too, her curvy round arse was a shape of heart with firm, but fat cheeks.She sighed longingly to have the hands of him on her, she had been waiting for three years now to him to notice her as a girl.The bathroom door opened before lavender walked in “Oh, hey hermione” She said looking her up and down at her naked body “Well you are so early than usual”Lavender removed her pajamas, all the time Hermione eyeing her perfect pink body, with big breasts and bouncing arse, she entered one of the stall and started singing one of the muggle songs.Hermione dressed herself in her hogwarts robes before walking out of her dormitory waving at parvathi, she reached the last stairs leading to the common room.Her two best friends were sitting in the couch, ron trying to cheer up harry with his quidditch talk, poor harry.Ron often told her about how harry was affected by Cedric’s death last year. He told her how harry ask for his mum and dad in his sleep like a new born child. He was of course taken care by molly weasley during night times at grimmauld place. But here, he has no one as a mother figure.To add to that, that bitch Mariette edgecomb betrayed the DA, by telling them to umbridge, the thing that affected him most was she was his girlfriend’s friend, which caused him to breakup with her.Of course cho chang, the asian beauty did not backed up from her try of getting back with him, but harry had enough of her comparing him with her dead boyfriend.”Hey guys” She called out before going to stand beside them.”Hi Hermione…..””Hey mione…” They both called out before standing up. The three exited the potrait hole to walked down to their breakfast at the great hall.”Did you two hear, we may have a chance to prepare a new potion today. I came to know it’s a newt level formula” She said excited.Ron rolled his eyes “Really Hermione, you must be the only one who can get excited about preparing newt level potions”. He said and harry nodded.”Of course i will get excited, don’t you want to know about the newt level lessons, you dream of becoming an auror doesn’t you””Well, yeah. I can get excited about auror stuffs, but not about these, think….. the greater the potion stuffs, the greater the amount of homework. I’m sure the greasy git will torture us by giving more voluntary homework just because he doesn’t like us” he said and again harry nodded.”Ron, do not talk about a professor like that. It’s so wrong” She chastised ron and they started to their bickering again. Harry sighed hating to be stuck between their quarrel and walked fast forward, with them following him.Eventually they sat at the dinner table, Harry and Hermione at one side, ron across from them. He quickly loaded his plate and started eating.”Ron, slow down. You are going get choked and die, in that speed” Hermione said in a mock disgusted expression as her mouth turned upward to smile at him fondly.”Hey guys” Ginny weasley said jumping in beside her brother “Merlin, ron. I’m going to write mum to feed you some more, you eat like you never seen food before” she said earning a glare from ron and making Harry and Hermione to laugh out loud.”Gaug gur mouv iny” ron said with his mouthful of food.”Hi harry” Cho said from behind ginny. But sighed as soon as harry ignored her, she looked at the other three to get glares from both the girl, especially ginny who sent her a murderous glare.She murmured a ‘see you later’ before walking off. “Seriously the nerve off the bitch…..” Ginny said making sure for her to hear.”Ginny…..” Hermione warned but ron cut her off.”She is not that’s bad yeah, it’s not her who sold us out. What could she have done anyway” Ron said with his cheeks red, looking at the back of cho, who was walking off to join her friends at the raven claw table. Hermione narrowed her eyes.”Why do you support her” She hissed at him dangerously.”Wh-what, I’m not supporting her. I just voiced out my thoughts thats it Hermione””Well no one asked your opinion about her. So shut up, I’m going to class” She said, picking up here bag marching out of the great hall.”What’s her problem anyway” he muttered.”You know what my dear brother, you are so dumb” Ginny said glaring at him before she too walked out of the hall.Ron turned to look at harry, but found him looking mesmerized at something, rather than someone…. Someone’s back side…. Ginny’s arse…. what the….’Jeez that arse, when did ginny weasley started to grow’ harry thought with his cock twitching silently inside his pants.”Oi, that’s my sister you randy bastard” Ron said narrowing his eyes at harry, waking him out of his trance.”I don’t know what you are talking about ron” harry said guiltily, picking up his own bags and walking fast to their potions class.”Sure you don’t” ron scoffed before following him.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cho chang walked discreetly through the corridors of hogwarts that were only illuminated by the fire torches.She was on a mission here, a mission to get Harry Potter back. Everything was going good actually, she always had a crush on the golden boy and for her surprise she got him to fancy her actually.Of course she is one of the most beautiful girls at hogwarts she knows. But she never thought she will get harry potter. She loved cedric so much, it hurts when he died. Harry isn’t like cedric, he didn’t flare up any feelings in her heart like Cedric, but she still had that crush on him, he was handsome, rich, he is the boy-who-lived.She and harry didn’t do much, other than a stupid kiss, she could atleast say that she was his first kiss, but she is not a virgin. She lost it to her Cedric. She thought about taking his virginity, but the stupid Mariette had to go and muck up everything before that.She was so miserable that the golden boy had broken up with her, one of her good friends, amy suggested that she can make him jealous to get him back.But she was confused who can make him feel jealous, which boy have in hogwarts have the capacity to do so. Why, one Mr. Ron weasley of course, so she is here now following ron with the bookworm Granger, who was practically dragging him to the library to help him with his homework.She watched them from one of the dark book cases, hermione made him sit beside her in one of the bench at the last of the darkened library.She made her way after some time, walking straight to where they are sitting “Um… hello…. Ron. Hermione”They both looked up from their homework. Hermione looked at her questioningly, while ron blushed “Um, hi cho……Ms.chang” he said atlast after getting a look from Hermione.”Well, ron can yo…Err… can i talk to you for a minute. Privately” She asked blushing herself for unknown reason.He licked his lips “Yeah sure” he said before walking off with her to out of the library.”I want you to be here back within five minutes or i will come and check” Hermione said glaring at the back of them.They stood out of the library doors in the dark empty corridor, sure not to seen by Hermione “What is it cho” He asked huskily, she was surprised at how close they were standing, he was taller than her. Her face reaching his shoulder.His Cologne attacked her senses and something so masculine, she breathed in deep unconsciously “I…I want a help ron” She said before she does something she shouldn’t.”Yeah, i get that” he said sarcastically, she smiled.”Ron, i really love harry” she said and he looked at her curiously “I really love him, believe me”.”I can understand, but what do you want me to do” he asked confused at what this all has to do with him.”I want you to pretend as my boyfriend ron. I just want to make him jealous””Cho, that’s the stupid plan i ever heard. Do you really think, he will get jealous seeing US together””Please ron” She pleaded, placing her hands on his chest. His breath caught “You have to help me, won’t you… help me””Su…Sure” he said dazed.”Thank you Ronald” She said standing on her tip toes, giving him a chaste kiss on the cheeks, before turning around and walking off.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Hermione and Harry burst out laughing “So she wants you to pretend as her boyfriend, so that she can get harry” Hermione asked unbelievably.”I know…. right?…” Ron himself laughed so loud in that same tone.After cho had gone, he thought of what he had accepted and he couldn’t control himself thinking about the stupid plan.After promising a curious Hermione asking what does cho want from you. They met with harry in the common room revealing about all what happened with cho.”Harry, you better talk with her and make a decision mate. I can’t go on with this plan, i may laugh while being with her thinking of her plan, poor girl” he said laughing, others in the common room looked at the three like they had gone mad.”Sure mate…” Harry said making a little promising gesture.”Alright then, I’m headed off to bed” Ron said making his way up the stairs.As soon as ron had gone up, Hermione turned towards harry with mischief in her eyes “Are you really going to put an end to her plan harry”.Harry looked at her with the same mirth in his eyes “No” he said and they laughed again once more. Both knowing how much ron is going to suffer the next day.

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