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Description: The War has just ended but recovery is a long way away and all is not well. Draco and Hermione are returning to Hogwarts to complete their eighth year. The problems they face may bring them together, but may also tear them apart.

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Summary: Summary:

The War has just ended but recovery is a long way away and all is not well. Draco and Hermione are returning to Hogwarts to complete their eighth year. The problems they face may bring them together, but may also tear them apart.

Notes: Notes:

So this is an extremely self indulgent fic. Just a mashup of a whole bunch of tropes that I love to read or wanted to explore. The fic is finished and roughly 39 chapters long, but I will be posting a couple chapters a week because I finished it years ago so I’d like to review and edit it.

Chapter 1: In Debt

Chapter Text
Why are these so bloody chafing?

Draco scowled at the chains tying down his wrists to the uncomfortable chair he was seated on. He had sensitive skin but clearly that piece of information had not been included anywhere in the thick stack of parchments about his life currently atop the Minister¡¯s table. ¡°The Wizengamot is now called to order.¡± Shacklebolt¡¯s booming voice immediately silenced the crowd and all eyes turned to settle on Draco. He noticed that most members of the Wizengamot were either sneering openly or extremely bored. He felt like a zoo animal the way everyone was looking at him but he refused to let his posture slacken. He may be on trial and the most hated eighteen year old wizard in Britain but he would never slouch in public. ¡°Sentencing hearing on the twenty-eighth of May into offenses committed by Draco Lucius Malfoy, resident at Malfoy Manor in Wiltshire.¡±Draco shifted slightly.¡°Draco Malfoy, the following charges have been brought against you,¡± Shacklebolt continued. ¡°Using the Cruciatus and Imperius Curses, plotting to kill the late Albus Dumbledore, which resulted in the near fatal cursing of Katie Bell and poisoning of Ronald Weasley, helping Death Eaters and Fenrir Greyback enter Hogwarts, and aiding in the capture, torture, and killing of Muggles, Muggle-borns, so-called Blood Traitors, and other Death Eaters. How do you plead?¡±Draco felt more of his composure slip at the question even as relief flooded him.They didn’t know. They didn¡¯t know his secret.But as for his other crimes¡­ Of course he was guilty. But he couldn¡¯t say it. He didn¡¯t want to say it. Because saying it would mean his mind would never be free of it and he, more than anything, just wanted to forget it all. ¡°Minister, if I may?¡±Every last occupant turned to the owner of the voice, gasps and murmurs filling the room as they realized who¡¯d spoken.¡°Mr. Potter?¡± said Shacklebolt. He looked as confused as Draco felt. But Draco wasn¡¯t one to complain. Even he¡¯d rather owe Potter a life debt than end up in Azkaban.Potter stood up from among the crowd. Honestly, shouldn¡¯t he have gotten decent robes given the loads of Galleons he was getting from the vaults of imprisoned Death Eaters? Draco was hanging on to freedom by the thread and still wore the best money could buy.¡°All charges should be dropped against Mal-uh¡­ Mr. Malfoy,¡± said Potter. Draco rolled his eyes at the slip even as murmurs rippled through the Wizengamot.¡°And why should a former Death Eater be allowed to roam free, Mr. Potter?¡± This came from a portly wizard who was sneering at Draco like his life depended on it.¡°Because he saved our lives,¡± Potter stated plainly. ¡°Mine as well as Ronald Weasley¡¯s and Hermione Granger¡¯s.¡±¡°Order!¡± yelled Shacklebolt as shocked voices rose in the courtroom. ¡°Mr. Potter, please explain yourself.¡±¡°Boy, your testimony forced our hands to free this scum¡¯s mother and now-¡±¡°Enough, Mr. Talpin!¡± Shacklebolt snapped at the wizard. Draco couldn¡¯t help but flash a smirk in his direction.Potter cleared his throat and looked at Granger. When she gave a prim little nod he began explaining the events of what had happened at Malfoy Manor, how Draco hadn¡¯t identified them even though he¡¯d clearly known them and thus given them precious time to escape.The crowd tittered throughout the speech and when it was over Talpin spoke again. ¡°That does not excuse his other sins, Mr. Potter!¡±¡°If he¡¯d turned us in you¡¯d still be serving under Voldemort¡¯s reign and my friends and I would be dead!¡± Potter snapped. Draco shuddered at the Dark Lord¡¯s name. Too many memories, too many nightmares, too many-¡°We will take your testimony into consideration,¡± said Shacklebolt. ¡°Would anyone else-¡±A witch stood before he could finish his sentence and Draco gasped.
No, no, no way. She¡¯s dead. She died in the battle. She¡¯s not alive. She¡¯s-
¡°State your name.¡±¡°Andromeda Tonks,¡± the witch said, staring right at Draco as if she knew what he was thinking.He relaxed, but not by much. He knew next to nothing about his mother¡¯s other sister, except that she¡¯d been disowned for marrying a Muggle-born.¡°This boy is a Black,¡± she began. ¡°And us Blacks are rather gifted at Occlumency. Wouldn¡¯t you say that¡¯s true, Draco?¡±Draco¡¯s eyes widened when she used his name, but he nodded nonetheless.¡°Given that he wasn¡¯t killed after what happened at Malfoy Manor, this means he was able to shield his thoughts from the Dark Lord himself,¡± she continued.Murmurs erupted in the courtroom again.¡°I find it hard to justify placing a boy in Azkaban when he not only has strong magic which he used, given his circumstances, to the best of his ability, but also given that he was not yet of age when he was allegedly recruited by You-Know-Who.¡±¡°Why would you defend him in the first place?¡± Talpin asked with a sneer. ¡°His family betrayed you.¡±Andromeda¡¯s eyes fell on Draco and held his gaze. ¡°I have lost a husband, a daughter, and a son-in-law in this war. He and his mother are the only family I have left besides my grandson.¡± She looked back at the Wizengamot with a hardened look. ¡°I have not yet forgiven my sister but I will not watch her only child be sent to die in Azkaban.¡±A thick silence fell over the courtroom and the tension made Draco shift uncomfortably in his seat again. ¡°If that is all,¡± said Shacklebolt after a few moments, ¡°the Wizengamot will take a recess to arrive at a verdict.¡±¡°I¡¯d like to say something as well.¡±If Draco had thought Potter and his aunt speaking was surprising, he was floored by the witch who now stood up.¡°Miss Granger?¡± It seemed he wasn¡¯t the only one who was shocked.¡°When we were captured and brought to the Manor, Bellatrix Lestrange tortured me,¡± she said without preamble, sounding almost detached, and Draco wondered how often she¡¯d had to say those words to achieve such a tone. ¡°I nearly died at her hands. But he saved my life.¡±Draco was suddenly assaulted by images of that horrid day, of watching her body convulse and bleed on his drawing room floor, of hearing those blood curdling screams. And he¡¯d helped her, healing her wounds when his parents and aunt had turned away because they¡¯d heard noises from the cellar and casting a Shield Charm over her when the chandelier fell. He still had faint scars on his face from the shards that had pierced him, as well as from the torture he¡¯d endured when the Dark Lord had found out that the Trio had escaped.¡°Is this true, Mr. Malfoy?¡± asked Shacklebolt.¡°Yes,¡± he said quietly. ¡°Then why did you not mention anything of this before?¡±Draco said nothing, keeping his eyes trained on Shacklebolt¡¯s desk and clenching his fists so hard his nails broke through the skin of his palm.¡°Mr. Malfoy?¡±¡°I don¡¯t know,¡± he mumbled, finally dropping his eyes to the ground.¡°Very well,¡± Shacklebolt said after a long pause. ¡°We will reconvene in thirty minutes.¡±Two Aurors came over and uncuffed him from the chair. He rubbed at his reddened wrists for barely a second before they were bound again. The Aurors led him to a room and one entered with him while the other locked the door from the outside.Draco sat down, one leg crossed neatly over the other, and tried to recall every detail of his first day of Hogwarts. It was a technique he¡¯d found calmed his mind. He would pick a memory and go through it over and over again until he could describe it with precision.The Auror was quiet as he stood guard, and when Draco met his gaze the man stared back.¡°They¡¯ve changed the structure of Azkaban,¡± he said.¡°Given my position it shouldn¡¯t surprise you that I am fully aware of this,¡± said Draco dryly.¡°You won¡¯t deal with Dementors,¡± said the Auror.Draco said nothing, scowling hard at the floor.Azkaban had seven levels, and the Ministry had confined the Dementors to the top three. Shacklebolt wanted to completely get rid of them but he¡¯d been met with quite a bit of resistance. And rightfully so. Draco couldn’t comprehend how Dark wizards could be contained without Dementors. As much as he hated them, they were essential. Presently the bottom four levels were guarded by the Azkaban Patrol, which was a new subdepartment the Shacklebolt administration had created and was still under works, as well as Aurors, who were in charge for the time being.Draco knew he¡¯d be in the ground level, first level tops. But Azkaban was still Azkaban, and he¡¯d be lucky to escape a sentence in the vilest place on Earth.The door suddenly opened, startling both the Auror and Draco out of their thoughts.¡°Auror Harrison, you may leave while I speak with Mr. Malfoy,¡± Shacklebolt said, nodding towards the door.After the Auror left Shacklebolt walked over and stood in front of Draco, who remained seated.¡°You are in quite the predicament, Mr. Malfoy.¡±If one more person said something glaringly obvious he was going to-¡°But I may be able to keep you out of Azkaban.¡±Draco¡¯s head shot up so quickly that he heard his neck crack. ¡°What?¡±¡°Given the three who spoke, as well as your parents¡¯ testimonies before you, there is enough evidence to stop your situation from becoming too dire,¡± said Shacklebolt. ¡°But you will be required to abide by certain con-¡±¡°Excuse me, Minister, but why are you telling me this?¡± asked Draco. ¡°This is not standard procedure.¡±Shacklebolt smiled. ¡°No, it is not. But I¡¯m Minister and do what I see fit.¡±¡°Some would be wary of such a mentality in a leader following the Dark Lord¡¯s reign.¡±¡°Perhaps. But strength of character and willpower got me into this position, and that is what I will show.¡±Draco stood, a small part of him smugly pleased that he was taller than the older wizard. ¡°And what will be the stipulations?¡±¡°You will find out in-¡± Shacklebolt looked at his watch ¡°two minutes. Chin up, Mr. Malfoy.¡±As Shacklebolt turned to leave, Draco blurted out, ¡°Wait!¡±Shacklebolt stopped, raising an eyebrow in question.Draco hesitated before finally asking, ¡°Why don¡¯t you want me sent to Azkaban? Nearly everyone else does.¡±He just gave him a tight smile. ¡°Yes, Mr. Malfoy, nearly everyone.¡±And then he was gone.The next couple minutes felt like the longest of his entire life. He completely ignored the Aurors until they finally let him out of the dingy room and led him back to the bloody chair with the chafing bindings.¡°Order in the courtroom!¡± Silence fell at Shacklebolt¡¯s booming voice.¡°After much deliberation, the Wizengamot has decided that Mr. Malfoy will not be sentenced to Azkaban for his alleged crimes.¡±Cameras started flashing and voices rose in protest and in astonishment.¡°He will be required to complete 300 hours of community service, to be done at Hogwarts, must return to Hogwarts when school begins on September first, must be accompanied by an Auror at all times in public till the end of his first term, and must pay a fine of 1,000 Galleons. Breaking any of the aforementioned terms will result in an immediate 50 year sentencing to Azkaban. Any future misconduct or crime will also result in a stay in Azkaban prior to a trial. Mr. Malfoy, do you agree to abide by these terms?¡±Draco gaped at him, still in shock, before finally managing to say, ¡°Yes, I will agree to them.¡±The second the chains released him he rushed out of the chamber and found his mother, who hadn¡¯t been allowed into his hearing.She promptly burst into tears when she saw him, pulling him close and hugging him tightly.¡°It¡¯s all right, Mother,¡± said Draco as soothingly as he could given the current condition of his nerves. ¡°I¡¯m not leaving you. You won¡¯t have to be alone at the Manor.¡±Narcissa nodded, pulling out a handkerchief and lightly wiping her face. ¡°Andromeda spoke for you?¡± she asked. Draco nodded.¡°I hope to reconcile with her,¡± said Narcissa quietly. ¡°Not yet, but… eventually.¡±¡°I think that would be a good idea,¡± said Draco. He gently took her arm and lead her to the lifts. ¡°Let¡¯s get you home, Mother.¡±?¡°Why didn¡¯t you tell us what happened with Malfoy?¡± demanded Harry.Hermione sighed. She knew her friends would not let that go. She hadn’t planned on speaking at all, let alone about that ordeal, but when she’d looked at the Wizengamot she’d realized that they needed a bit more nudging to even consider sparing Malfoy. The wizard had done so much wrong over the time she¡¯d known him but in the end he had saved her life. She¡¯d have felt horribly guilty if she hadn¡¯t spoken up. And besides, she and Harry had decided before the trial that they wanted to move on from their pre-War grudges.¡°Hermione?¡± pressed Harry.Hermione sighed. ¡°Look, you know I hate talking about¡­ what happened. What Malfoy did, that¡¯s still a part of it. And I¡¯d rather not discuss it with anyone right now.¡±Ron and Harry didn¡¯t look appeased but they didn¡¯t push as they once might have, leaving her to her thoughts.They really had grown up, her two best friends. The War had made adults of them all, in both good ways and bad.The Trio headed to the Atrium and found Malfoy standing in front of the Floo with a blank expression. Hermione looked at her friends and saw that they seemed as bemused as she felt.¡°What¡¯s he doing?¡± Ron asked quietly.¡°Maybe he forgot how to use the Floo?¡± said Harry.¡°Honestly, Harry, that is absurd,¡± Hermione huffed.Harry¡¯s cheeks reddened and he shrugged. ¡°I haven’t bloody forgotten how to use it, Potter,¡± said Malfoy without even looking at them, making Hermione jump. How had he even heard them?¡°Then why are you just standing there?¡± Ron asked suspiciously.Malfoy finally turned to them and gave them a humorless smile. ¡°None of your business, Weasel.¡± He stepped into the fireplace. He clenched his eyes shut, his hand slightly shaking as he murmured under his breath and disappeared.¡°A little gratitude for saving his arse would have been nice,¡± Ron mumbled, then winced when Hermione elbowed him.¡°You didn¡¯t even say anything, Ron,¡± she scolded.¡°I would have been disowned if I had,¡± he said. ¡°Oh, honestly,¡± Hermione huffed. ¡°Stop exaggerating.¡±¡°I¡¯m not!¡± said Ron.¡°What was that all about, with the Floo?¡± Harry mused, ignoring the bickering. ¡°He actually looked terrified.¡±Hermione looked away from Ron and shrugged. She had an inkling but she was pretty sure Malfoy would hunt her down if she shared her suspicions.¡°Whatever, I¡¯m leaving,¡± said Ron, moving ahead. ¡°Mum¡¯s making a big lunch since Charlie¡¯s visiting and I¡¯m not going to wait around for you two when her roast chicken is at stake.¡±Harry and Hermione grinned at each other before following their hungry friend to the Burrow.?¡°Have you heard from your parents, Hermione?¡±Hermione and Ginny were holed up in the redhead¡¯s room away from the raucous boys who were currently engaged in an extremely obnoxious game of Exploding Snap.¡°Not yet,¡± said Hermione softly, stroking Ginny¡¯s Pygmy Puff.¡°You should go talk to them,¡± said Ginny, looking up from her magazine.¡°They don¡¯t want to talk to me, Gin,¡± said Hermione. ¡°I told you what happened.¡±It had gone terribly, to say the least. She¡¯d gone down to Australia and found her parents easily enough but when she¡¯d reversed the charm they had been furious. They could hardly believe she¡¯d used magic on them without their permission, regardless of why she¡¯d done it. They said they¡¯d return to England but told her to give them time before she approached them again.So she¡¯d left and had tried so hard not to think about the anger and betrayal etched into their faces since then. But every night when she closed her eyes to try to sleep their words and faces would torment her until she was forced to down Sleeping Potion or abandon her bed. And the times when she was able to fall asleep she¡¯d be woken by nightmares of the War. It was honestly a wonder she was even able to function at this point given the amount of rest, or lack thereof, she¡¯d been able to get the past few months.¡°Yes, which is why I think you should go talk to them,¡± said Ginny, shaking Hermione out of her brooding. ¡°It¡¯s been ten days, Hermione. I think they¡¯ve cooled off a bit by now.¡±¡°If they had they would have contacted me,¡± said Hermione.¡°But-¡±¡°It¡¯s fine,¡± said Hermione firmly. ¡°Look, I like staying with Andromeda for the time being, my parents are home safe, and I¡¯m planning to go back to Hogwarts anyway so they can take their time.¡±¡°If you say so,¡± said Ginny, not looking convinced.Hermione gave her a curt nod before changing the subject. ¡°Professor Sprout asked me to come in early tomorrow to help with Greenhouse Three. Do you want to come too?¡±Ginny made a face which brought a grin to Hermione¡¯s face. ¡°I¡¯m fine working on the staircases, thanks.¡±¡°Bloody hell, Harry! Why¡¯d you toss them at me?¡±Hermione rolled her eyes at Ron¡¯s enraged bellow from downstairs.¡°I wonder if his eyebrows got singed off again,¡± Ginny mused. ¡°I¡¯m still mad that Mum wouldn¡¯t let me take a picture of him the last time that happened.¡±Both girls burst into laughter at the memory. It was nice being able to relax and joke around without a constant cloud of fear and anxiety over their heads. Living with just the boys for nearly a year had been hard. Between the Horcrux and their insufferable habits, not to mention the never-ending stress, the only thing that had kept Hermione going was the hope that one day it would all end so they would be able to enjoy themselves like they were right now.¡°Do you want to sleep here tonight?¡± asked Ginny when their giggles finally subsided.Hermione shook her head. ¡°Teddy¡¯s been fussy lately and Andromeda could really use a second pair of hands.¡±¡°It¡¯s so nice of you to help her out,¡± said Ginny. ¡°I never took you for a baby lover.¡±Hermione smiled. ¡°It¡¯s when they grow up that I have issues. But I happen to be wonderful with babies, thank you very much.¡±¡°Which is more than can be said for me,¡± Ginny pouted. ¡°He was being cranky that one time,¡± Hermione lamely offered.¡°So he spit up on me and then proceeded to scream like a banshee?¡± said Ginny, grimacing at the memory. ¡°I am never holding him again.¡±¡°Keep telling yourself that,¡± said Hermione. ¡°I know you adore him to pieces even if he doesn¡¯t like you.¡±¡°Hey!¡±Before she could respond the door opened to reveal Molly.¡°Andromeda just Floo-called, dear,¡± Molly said to Hermione, looking slightly concerned. ¡°She said a letter just arrived from your parents.¡±

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