Fanfic: Draco Malfoy And The Mystery Of The Philosopher’s Stone by MoonDagger (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Draco wakes up to his 11 year old self in his mansion room, instead of in the dirty alley of muggle london, Draco has two options.

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of Violence UnderageDraco Malfoy/Harry PotterDraco Malfoy Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Pansy Parkinson Blaise Zabini Theodore Nott Minerva McGonagall Severus Snape Quirinus Quirrell Albus Dumbledore Weasley Family (Harry Potter) Malfoy Family (Harry Potter) Other Character Tags to Be Added Rubeus Hagrid Hogwarts Ghosts Vincent Crabbe Gregory Goyle Lucius Malfoy Narcissa Black Malfoy Hogwarts Students Slytherin Students Gryffindor Students Hufflepuff Students Ravenclaw StudentsPOV Draco Malfoy Good Draco Malfoy Lucius Malfoy Does A Mediocre Job As A Father Good Parent Narcissa Black Malfoy Although She Also Has Purist Beliefs Implied/Referenced Self-Harm Draco Malfoy Has Daddy Issues Book 1: Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence Magically Powerful Draco Malfoy Not Beta Read My First Work in This Fandom Gryffindor Draco Malfoy Implied/Referenced Character Death Implied/Referenced Torture Implied/Referenced Alcohol Abuse/Alcoholism Implied/Referenced Blood Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – PTSD Gryffindor Greggory Goyle Manipulative Characters Other Additional Tags to Be Added

Summary: Summary:

Draco wakes up to his 11 year old self in his mansion room, instead of in the dirty alley of muggle london, Draco has two options.One, go back to being the annoying, privileged, beautiful and ambitious brat from before.Two, the same but without being an annoying bratLearn about the events from a Draco Malfoy reborn in all senses. A new wand, a new story, and of course, a new life from the old one.Formerly called Draco Malfoy and the Mystery of Quirrell

Notes: Notes:
Yes, this was already there but I deleted it so that it would not be left as an orphan job due to some problems with my Ao account.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.),Notes:

None of the HP characters belong to me, nor do I support JK, he just tried to make a fic.

Chapter 1: Prologue-Merciful Renaissance

Chapter Text


Draco could hear, he could hear the birds sing, he could hear the nostalgia in the air, the sounds of peacocks, distant and majestic, the sounds of the morning itself, the leaves, the magic…Draco could feel, could feel the warmth of the sunlight, hugging and bathing his skin, the softness of the sheets and the comfort of the environment.Draco could smell, could smell the smell of prestige, vain, cruel and wonderful, the scent of flowers, vanilla and lavender.Draco could hear, smell, and feel, but he didn’t want to see.?He did not want to see, because he did not want to allow himself to feel the cruel joy of thinking that he was in the mansion.Even though he had been expelled from it, even though he had been expelled from wizarding society, even though he had laid down on a cold dirty floor, in some muggle alley, Draco could recognize these smells, these sensations and sounds, he recognized it since longing hit him, like crashing into a rock.??Maybe he was just dead? ?Maybe he had gone completely crazy? ?Maybe his mind was playing tricks on him?Draco came up with so many possibilities, was he in hell? Was it some kind of punished? Or possibly he was just going through one of those delusions or fever dreams, but there was no way in this forsaken world that Draco Malfoy would ever be in the mansion again.?Well, regardless of his broken mind, Draco didn’t plan to get caught up in the delusions of his now insane brain. He convinced himself that he was going to wake up on the grimy floor anyway, plagued out of sickness and misery, and he opened his eyes.??¡°W-what?¡± He winced at the shrill voice.?Oh, Draco was definitely crazier than he thought.?He was in his room, in fact, Draco could see everything. And it was all so real that Draco thought his fucking brain had been the victim of some kind of spell. But everything was extremely real, everything was extremely strange, the night stand, the cup of hot tea in the morning, his wardrobe, the dragon on the wall, the bedsheets, the light, the emerald green pajamas, everything.Draco could discern even the finest particle of dust being betrayed by the sunlight. No, this was too real to be any dream, illusion, or delusion.?Draco straightened into position like a spring, he could feel panic gushing out like water in a pipe. And it took him a few seconds to realize that he had fallen into his bed again.In fact, he had lost his balance. Draco felt a sharp pain through his skull, as if a Muggle bullet had hit him right in the forehead, and then he saw stars, he tried to scream, but couldn’t. His entire body ached in a way that Draco qualified as some sequel to the cruciatus curse.And the pain then disappeared.?He was unsure, there was no more pain, but Draco felt a strange tingling run through his fingers and he could feel the same tingling in his chest.It took him another short seconds to realize that he was breathing violently, Draco calmed down, and straightened up again, this time more slowly and managed to get his bare feet on the wood.Among the familiar sight, Draco recognized the door to his bathroom, walking up to it, felt the strange dizziness that made his fingers trace the rough wall to keep from falling.?He opened the door weakly, and was surprised when he noticed how soft him fingers were, and how small him hands were.In fact, his entire body was smaller, Draco had definitely lost height.Draco looked inside, at the clean, shiny marble walls and tiles. He looked at the silver mirror on the wall in front of the bathtub.He walked towards him, stealthily and fearfully, his hands and legs were shaking. He expected the dirty, greasy-haired man with the haggard, aged look to look back at him. But it was not like that.?Instead, it was a boy who stared back at him, he had pointed features and alabaster skin, with silvery-white blond hair, soft and messy, but not tangled.And that boy was him.Draco looked at the crimson drop coming out of his nose, it was blood, his nose was bleeding, he wiped it with the back of his left hand. And suddenly, He remembered.Quickly, Draco awkwardly rolled up the soft fabric of his emerald pajamas, hands ridiculously small and desperate, and gasped as sudden joy hit him.There was no dark mark. Not the scars from the Incisions that were made to erase it. Neither is the pink hue and wrinkled texture of the burns that was made to hide them. There was only his pale and thin skin, unchanged.?Draco didn’t know what to feel, he was confused and dazed, he could still feel the slight vertigo. This was him, the boy with the beautiful features that Draco had missed so much, it was just him.And he should be happy, but then why was the only thing he felt was panic and confusion?”Draco, honey, are you here?” A light, sweet voice called out to him, and Draco had a wave of fear coursing through his heart.It was his mother, his mother’s voice, the woman he had distanced himself from in the war, the last time Draco saw her she had a sore and worn look. And her voice sounded like she’d been screaming for hours, but now, her voice was sweet and soft, and Draco couldn’t bear it.?His mother was standing at the door, looking at him with concern, Draco realized that he was shaking and hyperventilating, but he didn’t care, all he saw was his mother, Draco remembered the screams, remembered Bellatrix torturing him until he made him beg. He remembered the times he talked to his mother telling her that he was a prodigy in Oclumency and then entered his head and tortured him over and over again.?Draco felt arms around him, his mother was hugging him, he could feel the love and warmth go through his body, and it was so sudden that Draco let out a sob, in a shrill and small voice that only a child could produce. He felt a sense of release so strong that Draco almost passed out in his arms.

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