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Law didn’t know how it happened.


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Law didn’t know how it happened.Actually, fuck that, he did know how it happened. He just didn’t expect it to fucking happened to him.Whatever, it’s not the worst thing that had happened to him, he could deal with it. All he got to do is to keep his head down low……..The universe says otherwise as Luffy grins.


It has been too long since I’ve watched Harry Potter. It’s probably gonna be inaccurate soo… uhh… Help?That and I’ve only just watched the anime One Piece and have only just begun in Alabasta in the Manga so.. yeah.. help?Probably not gonna be updated often and it’s my first published fanfic, so hopefully it’s not too bad. Hopefully….Anyways, enjoy.Edit: 11/28/2021: I’m crossposting this on Wattpad….,Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

Hopefully, it wasn’t too awful. This was extremely fun to write even if it was kinda boring.Please tell me if there are any grammar errors.Note: I edited this chapter a bit, having decided to change something a bit. It’s nothing major though and would be addressed at the next chapter. Just a few more details here and there, a little change to the uniform.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1: School?

Chapter Text
He gapes at the hallway, full of talking pictures and moving staircase, shock and disbelief fully splayed on his face. Trafalgar Law didn’t know how it happened. Actually he did, preparation for the Grandline had found himself reading and studying the few books about Grandline phenomenons that he could find in the North Blue. Which to say is almost nothing. Almost. The only book that he manage to get is Via Manium’s log book, once a famous bounty hunter who disappeared for a whole week, only to come back spouting nonsense about witches and wizards, a talking hat and a jokester ghost and something called Quidditch, talking pictures and moving staircases. 
(It wasn’t the weirdest thing that could happen in the Grandline, but for the common people in the North Blue who have never set sail outside of their little islands it seemed crazy enough to put it in the fiction section.) 
It was the only book informative enough to give him the basics necessities to get him and his crew as prepared as possible which isn’t much really. By the time that he and his crew had sailed over the Grandline, the book has been long forgotten, probably rotting away somewhere in the Tang’s library. He wished he picked the book up one last time before, even if to read it just for laughs. Law sighed and rub his hands all over his face, mind working a mile per second trying to figure out how did he’d got here and he’d get out. It was a day after they borded Bartholomeo’s ship, just after Dressrossa, after the huge party celebrating their win against Doflamingo and the formation of the Straw Hat Armada. Law leaned against the wall and let out a silent chuckle, remembering Straw Hat’s reaction when one by one their allies at the battle became his subordinates in their own will after he rejected them. He shook his head, telling himself to focus on what happened after. He was at the deck, leaned against the railings as he stared out of the sea blankly, numbness filling his whole being when Straw Hat came and perched on the railing just beside him and began chattering about whatever. It was annoying like usual whenever he was forced into someone’s company but he just sighed and accepted the company. Lunch had come soon after but before Straw Hat could take off, a feminine giggle echoed through out the deck and before he knew it- Law was here. At this strange castle, what was is called again? Hogwash? Hogish? All he could remember is that it had something to do with pigs, wearing a strange robe with a grey tie, standing on an empty hallway with no clue as to how he got here and how to go back, back to his crew, and only has a book that he read years ago as his only guide. Thankfully, he still have his hat and his sword with him. And his jeans haven’t been change. Law let out a groan as he slid down the wall and leaned his head back and pulled his leg into his chest. He frowned, eyebrows furrowed together as noticed that he wasn’t in pain, he wiggled his arm, the one that Doflamingo severed, and was surprised to see that he couldn’t feel the pain. Dressrossa wasn’t that long ago. Well, he’s fully healed so there’s that to think about. Law looked down to his outfit, noting every single detail about it. He was wearing a white polo shirt with a grey sleeveless on top of it along with a green tie. On top of that is a long black robe trailing down the ground, sewed into the right breast pocket was a grey patch. Blank for now, but will probably filled later. Law hummed thoughtfully. If he remember correctly, Hog-something is supposed to be a school that just happened to be a huge castle. They had a sort of system that divided the students based on their personality? or something by a talking hat, a talking hat? Seriously? 
And did he seriously have to go to school? He hasn’t gone to school since….. Flevance, having been busy dodging and avoiding Doflamingo. He continued to teach himself medicine even after that, breaking into universities to take their books, tests and equipment to better equip himself, to prepare for Grandline, to take down Doflamingo…..

To be a doctor like his parents and Cora-san would him to be….
Law sighed for what felt like the thousand time. Well, isn’t that just fucking fantastic. Not. Law felt hopeless, it was not too long ago, that he was on a ship sailing to Zou, to his crew after avenging Cora’s death and the fall of his childhood idol-turned-monster. The numb feeling came back, stronger than before and he gritted his teeth. He smack his head into the wall, pain flaring as he did so and clenched his hand on his sword. For a second he paused, before sighing and look down. Law stared down at his sword, having forgotten the he had it in the first place and sighed. He stood up, made a small room and sliced his sword into small pieces and placed them in his pockets along with his other things. Law walked around aimlessly taking in and memorizing his surroundings, mind whirling on what to do. First off, he needs information. If he was gonna be stuck here for who knows how long, he needs to be prepared and blend in with the others and to do that he needs to find the library. After that, he’ll try to recall as much as he could about how Via Manium got here and got out then compare their experiences, see the difference between them. He doubt that it would do much but, damn it!, it was the only way he could think of for now. Over all, it wasn’t much of plan but it’s something. Law frowned, feeling as though he had forgotten something. He shook his head, dismissing the feeling and continued to look around for the library. He turned to the next hallway and froze. Standing in the middle of the hallway, eyes practically glowing in awe and body vibrating in excitement, was Straw Hat Luffy. Oh, hell no. Oh, HELL FUCKING NO!

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