Fanfic: Escape Plan by HPxObsessedFan (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: When Dumbledore reveals the prophecy to the Potter’s, a fierce Lily comes up with a plan to save herself and her family. She fakes their deaths, and she and James take their twins into hiding at Potter Manor.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsFamily – Relationship Friendship – RelationshipHarry Potter/Hermione Granger – Character Original Female Character/Draco Malfoy Lily Evans Potter/James Potter – Character Sirius Black Remus Lupin Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody Frank Longbottom/Alice Longbottom – Character Edgar Bones/Original Female Character – Character Amelia Bones Susan BonesAlternate Universe – Everyone Lives/Nobody Dies Potter Twins Golems Children are trained in their home after they attend Hogwarts Proactive Parents

Summary: Summary:

When Dumbledore reveals the prophecy to the Potter’s, a fierce Lily comes up with a plan to save herself and her family. She fakes their deaths, and she and James take their twins into hiding at Potter Manor.

Notes: Notes:

A/N: Spoiler: The fake golems of the twins are sent to Petunia and molts on their eleventh birthday. The fake golem of Sirius is sent to Askaban and motes in two years’ time. They make sure their will is read and Peter gets the dementor’s kiss.

Chapter 1: The Plan

Chapter Text

? ? ? ?Lily and James Potter have just received the worst news they have ever heard concerning their children, Harrison James, and Rosalie Euphemia. A prophecy has just revealed one of their children, and their godchild, Neville Longbottom possibly having the power to defeat the Dark Lord Voldemort. They were terrified of what that meant for their children. Dumbledore suggested going under the Fidelius Charm, living in the Potter Cottage in Godric’s Hollow, instead of living under the ancient wards of Plumfield Manor, the ancestral home of the Potter family from the beginning, which has never been breached, but Lily and James weren’t keen on going into hiding and placing themselves or those they care about in danger.? ? ? ?Lily has known for some time that Dumbledore wasn’t to be trusted with anyone’s safety. He was a good man but he was too focused on the bigger picture to worry about an individual’s pain or safety. Luckily, Lily has been thinking about a plan to get them out of the frontlines of the war. She would continue protecting those in need but she would never put someone over her family. She never counted Sirius or Remus as friends, they were her brothers in every way that mattered. She never counted Peter as a friend or family. He was too shifty and cowardly to protect anyone but himself.? ? ? ?After Dumbledore left the Manor, Lily announced that she had a plan to keep themselves out of danger and protect their children.?? ? ? ?”That is not going to happen. I am not putting my safety or my family in another’s hands, just to die in the end. We are staying right here in the Manor. We will add the Fidelius Charm to the wards but other than that, we are not leaving our home with very powerful and ancient wards that have never been breached in history. I have been working on a plan that would keep us safe. I have created Golems of each one of us that will last for ten years, then they will disappear. I forged them with our blood and magic so no one will be suspicious until we show ourselves to the public. The only people who will know about us are the Longbottom and Bones family, along with Mad-Eye who will be living with us,” Lily explained.? ? ? ?”Tiger-Lily, why didn’t you tell me about this?” James asked his fiery-tempered wife.? ? ? ?”I’m sorry, my love. I couldn’t tell you because you aren’t wearing the Potter Lordship ring to protect your mind from intrusion. You told me yourself, that you cannot protect your mind very well,” Lily said taking her husband’s hand while holding her children close to her chest.? ? ? ?”I’m not angry about it and I agree with your plan,” James said taking Harry and holding him close. Harry may be the heir of the Potter family, but James made damn sure that his little Rose was the heiress of the Peverell family. His children can split the titles when the time comes.? ? ? ?”Sirius, Remus, I hope you don’t mind, but I also created Golems of you, so you can remain safe with us. We don’t want anything happening to you, you are our brothers,” Lily said smiling.? ? ? ?”That’s fine with us, Lily. But what about Peter?” Remus asked.? ? ? ?”I’m sorry, but I don’t trust him. I never have. I don’t know why I feel like this, but, I don’t,” Lily said hoping that this wouldn’t come between them.? ? ? ?”If your instincts are to remain distant, then that is what we’ll do,” James said. He knew Lily’s instincts were never wrong, so he will trust her judgment. James would never risk his wife or children’s safety. He was happy that they nor Sirius and Remus were going to be in danger.? ? ? ?”When will this plan of yours be happening?” Remus asked. He was gratified and ecstatic that he nor his family would be in danger. They could work from the sidelines without being put at risk.? ? ? ?”After I invite and explain my plan to the Longbottom and Bones family, along with Mad-Eye,” she said beaming.? ? ? ?It took a few hours to hear back from everyone, but when they did, they were excited that everyone decided to come and visit the next day. It gave them time to finalize Lily’s plan. The twins seemed to pick up the tension in the room because they started fussing, and wouldn’t calm down until Lily gave them a pediatric calming draught.? ? ? ?The next day, when their guests arrived, it didn’t take long to explain their plan, and to their surprise, the Longbottom and Bones family’s wanted to do the same thing so their children wouldn’t become orphans. Frank and Alice knew that if Augusta ever got custody of Neville, that he would be forced to show his magic and forever be compared to his father. They didn’t want that for their child because they knew Neville wouldn’t have a lot of active accidental magic. After all, his magic was geared towards plants and animals. They were willing to bet that he was an earth elemental.? ? ? ?The Potter’s on the other hand, knew that if their death ever came to pass, that their will wouldn’t be followed and their children would be sent to Petunia, and Harry and Rose would be mistreated if not abused. They both were magically powerful, even more so than their parents as Sirius was Harry’s Godfather, while Remus was Rose’s Godfather. Upon taking their Godfather oaths, they had blood adopted the twins, and in doing so, made the twins more powerful. Harry had inherited the Metamorphmagus ability from Sirius, while Rose had inherited traits from the werewolf inside of Remus. Speed, eyesight, hearing, agility, and reflexes. She also inherited Remus’s abilities of Magical Resistance and Wandless Magic.? ? ? ?Lily and James have yet to discover the powers Harry and Rose inherited from them. But it didn’t matter because as long as their children were safe, happy, and healthy, that was all that mattered to them. Anything else is secondary. No matter what, Lily and James would always love their twins. They meant everything to them. It was just too bad that they could no longer have any more children since James was cursed by Lucius Malfoy two months after the twins were born. But they were thankful for their twins and would make damn sure nothing happened to them, starting with Lily’s brilliant plan.

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