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Description: Ben Solo is descended from a long, proud line of pureblood wizards.

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Summary: Summary:

Ben Solo is descended from a long, proud line of pureblood wizards.What happens, then, when he accidentally knocks up his muggle-born classmate, Rey Niima?

Notes: Notes:

tw: discussion of abortion (nothing happens though)Thank you to my beta Fancy!,Notes:

(See the end of the chapter for notes.),Notes:

Ben is a jerk at first, but I promise he gets better!

Chapter 1: cardinal

Chapter Text

Seven weeks
The mudblood approaches Ben after Quidditch practice, in front of all of his teammates, looking very tired and annoyed.?Her hair, which is typically styled in three neat buns, is loose and hanging limply around her slender shoulders. There are dark circles under her eyes, and her tan skin is tinted a sickly green color. She looks terrible.?¡°I knew I smelled something rotten. Who let the mudblood in?¡± Hux jeers as soon as he spots her. Phasma snorts derisively and Mitaka says ¡°good one!¡±Ben doesn¡¯t laugh, but he doesn¡¯t tell them to stop, either.?Rey, not one to be pushed around, turns on Hux. Before the redhead can so much as think about grabbing his wand, she performs a perfect Bat-Bogey Hex, causing him to run from the Quidditch locker room with disgusting green bats flying out of his nose.?Ben can¡¯t help but be impressed by her wandwork.It¡¯s something he¡¯s struggled to come to terms with in his almost seven years at Hogwarts: Rey, even though she¡¯s a mudblood, is a brilliant witch. Begrudgingly, he admits that she¡¯s better than him at almost every subject except for Defense Against the Dark Arts.?That¡¯s probably part of the reason why he hated her so much when he first arrived at Hogwarts. As a child, he was taught that mudbloods were inferior to purebloods; that they were all dim-witted delinquents who shouldn¡¯t be allowed to practice magic at all. And yet Rey, his supposed inferior, bested him in nearly all of their classes. It was unfair. Shameful. Wrong. ?So, naturally, he tormented her.?He would whisper ¡°mudblood¡± in her ear during passing periods, or hex her from underneath his invisibility cloak as she was leaving the Great Hall. Once, in an impressive feat of magic for a thirteen year old boy, Ben transfigured Rey¡¯s homework and quill into two little birds that circled above her head for the entire day.?Rey would always get him back, of course¡ªshe wouldn¡¯t be a Gryffindor if she didn¡¯t. After the bird incident, she ambushed him outside the Slytherin common room and transfigured his nose into a long black beak. ¡°Honestly, Solo, I think it¡¯s an improvement,¡± she had laughed.?However, after one too many detentions (and a grueling one-on-one lecture with the Headmaster), Ben stopped openly antagonizing her and instead focused all of his efforts on beating her in the classroom and on the Quidditch field.This year, they¡¯re neck and neck in Transfiguration, Charms, and Potions. In Quidditch, Slytherin is ahead of Gryffindor by fifty points, but there¡¯s still a possibility that Gryffindor could win.?The squeaking of Rey¡¯s shoes on the locker room floor jolts him back to the present.?¡°Did you need something, Niima?¡± Ben asks her, folding his arms across his wide chest. ¡°Or did you come here just to harass my teammates?¡±¡° Me? Harass you? Oh, that¡¯s rich¡ª¡±Rey stops herself, her gaze instead falling on the bench where Phasma, Cardo, Vicrul, Mitaka, and Bazine sit. A faint blush spreads across her cheeks, and Ben knows that it has nothing to do with the people sitting on the bench, but rather the bench itself and what they did on it a couple months ago.He clears his throat, which gives her a little start. Her eyes widen guiltily before she comes back to herself.?¡°Can we talk? Alone?¡±?She glares at his team members, who look equally confused and disgusted. Ben has no idea what she wants to talk about, but he wishes she wouldn¡¯t have approached him when he was surrounded by his fellow Slytherins. The last thing he needs is for any unsightly rumors to start cropping up.?However, he¡¯s curious enough about her disheveled appearance to take the bait.¡°Whatever,¡± Ben shrugs, addressing his friends, ¡°I¡¯ll catch up with you guys in the Great Hall for dinner.¡±With a couple scoffs of disbelief, his team shuffles out of the locker room. Bazine, as she walks by, gives him a quick kiss on the lips and a wink. With some effort, he kisses her back, but he¡¯s not really into it.¡°I¡¯ll save you a seat,¡± she purrs. ¡°Don¡¯t let her keep you for too long.¡±¡°Sure,¡± he replies noncommittally. Rey looks murderous as Bazine finally leaves.¡°You didn¡¯t tell me you had a girlfriend,¡± she grits, clenching her teeth.¡°Bazine isn’t my girlfriend,¡± Ben simply replies. He doesn¡¯t bother elaborating. ¡°Now, what did you want to talk about?¡±?Rey shuffles her weight from one foot to the other, looking, for the first time since he¡¯s known her, nervous. It unsettles him. He knows how to deal with angry, fiery Rey; he has no idea what to do with quiet, nervous Rey.?Ben continues, ¡°If you¡¯re thinking about stealing our practice time slot, you can forget it. We¡¯re not going to switch you over halfway through the year.¡±A flash of her usual defiance dances across her eyes.?¡°There are other things in the world besides Quidditch, you know.¡±Ben snorts. ¡°Yeah? You didn¡¯t seem to think so a couple months ago when Slytherin beat Gryffindor by fifty points. No, I seem to remember you were quite upset.¡±She shoves an angry finger into his chest. ¡°The only reason you won was because you¡¯re a bunch of lousy cheaters! That idiot you call a Beater purposely¡ªand illegally¡ªknocked my Seeker off her broom right before she was about to grab the Snitch!¡±¡°But we won, Niima. Maybe your team should try our methods next time. Then you might actually have a chance of winning the Quidditch Cup.¡±Rey¡¯s cheeks flush with anger. She opens her mouth to fire back a retort, all nervousness forgotten, but seems to change her mind at the last minute. ¡°You know what, nevermind. That¡¯s not why I¡¯m here.¡±¡°Oh? And why are you here?¡± Ben saunters dangerously close to her, eyes traveling up the length of her body. ¡°Come back for round two?¡±¡°You¡ªare¡ªvile !¡± She punctuates each word with a shove against his chest. Ben rolls his eyes.¡°I know you liked it.¡±In fact, Ben can remember in vivid detail just how much she liked it; how she gasped as he pushed into her, how her nails dug into his back, how her toes curled as he pounded into her.Truth be told, Ben liked it, too. Too much. Which is why he¡¯s been ignoring her ever since it happened. If his friends and family find out that he¡¯s fucked a mudblood, he¡¯ll be ruined.?He shakes his head, coming back to the present, and takes a sobering step away from her to clear his head.¡°Just spit it out, Niima,¡± Ben says. He¡¯s hungry and tired from practice and wants nothing more than to fall into his four-poster bed and sleep.Rey pulls out her wand. For a moment, Ben worries that she¡¯s going to hex him like she did Hux; however, she simply casts a muffling charm on the room in case there are any eavesdroppers.Once the spell is done, she takes a deep breath, looks Ben straight in the eyes, and says:¡°I¡¯m pregnant.¡±The statement echoes in Ben¡¯s head but it does not register for several seconds.?Pregnant. Pregnant .Rey Niima is pregnant .After several more seconds of gaping at her dumbly, Rey loses her patience.¡°Well? Aren¡¯t you going to say anything?¡±He snaps his slack mouth shut and works his jaw. He tries to keep his voice steady, but it wavers slightly as he says, ¡°I¡¯m assuming you¡¯re telling me this because it¡¯s mine?¡±¡°I don¡¯t exactly sleep around, Solo. Yes, it¡¯s yours.¡±Ben clenches his fists together so hard his knuckles turn white. ¡°You¡­ You told me you were on the potion.¡±¡°I was. I don¡¯t know what happened. Madam Kanata thinks maybe the bezoar I swallowed in Potions counteracted the birth control. I don¡¯t know. All I know is that I¡¯m pregnant, and you’re the only person I¡¯ve slept with.¡±¡°Okay. Well.¡±?Ben paces back and forth, wringing his hands together. His brain seems to have finally caught up with the situation and he begins to form a plan, thinking out loud. ¡°Madam Kanata won¡¯t have anything to take care of the¡­ situation. St. Mungo¡¯s Hospital is too conspicuous¡ªone of my mother¡¯s friends works in the poisoning department and I have no doubt that she¡¯ll find out somehow¡ª¡±¡°Solo.¡±¡°¡ªWe could try a muggle hospital. They can take care of this sort of thing, right? During our next trip to Hogsmeade, we¡¯ll Apparate to London and¡ª¡±¡°Solo.¡±¡°You¡¯re right, that¡¯s too long of a wait. We¡¯ll sneak out tonight using my invisibility cloak and¡ª¡±¡°Solo! ¡± Rey yells, finally pulling him from his feverish planning. He blinks at her expectantly.¡°Do you have a better plan?¡±¡°I¡¯m not getting rid of it. The baby.¡± She takes a deep, shuddering breath. ¡°I¡¯ve decided to keep her. Or him, I suppose.¡±Ben stares at her with his mouth wide open. Keep it? That option had not even crossed his mind. She¡¯s seventeen and he¡¯s eighteen. They still have five months of school left until they graduate. What will their teachers say??Not to mention the fact that she¡¯s a mudblood. Oh god, what will his family say?With a groan, Ben can already imagine the Howler that he would receive if his mother found out that he knocked up a mudblood. He doesn¡¯t know exactly what it would say, but he imagines it would be something along the lines of ¡°ruining a centuries-old pureblood wizarding line,¡± and ¡°disgracing the family name.¡±¡°You can¡¯t be serious,¡± Ben tells Rey, a hint of desperation in his voice. ¡°My family will kill me. We haven¡¯t even graduated yet… I¡¯m supposed to leave for my Grand Tour in August!¡±¡°Grand Tour?¡±¡°It¡¯s a trip around the world that wizards take in the summer after they graduate,¡± he impatiently explains.?¡°Oh, excuse me for ruining your holiday plans,¡± Rey retorts, incredulous. ¡°This wasn¡¯t an easy decision for me to make, either, you know. I was supposed to sign with the Holyhead Harpies this summer. Considering I¡¯ll be six months pregnant, I don¡¯t think that¡¯s going to happen.¡±¡°Then why?¡± Ben asks, no longer trying to hide his desperation. ¡°Why keep it?¡±?Rey juts her chin out defiantly. ¡°I¡¯ve made my decision. If you don¡¯t want to be involved, fine. We¡ªthe baby and myself¡ªwill be perfectly fine on our own. I just thought you ought to know, that¡¯s all.¡±She says it with such finality that Ben knows he has no hopes of changing her mind. His heart sinks to his stomach.?¡°So that¡¯s it, then? You¡¯ve made your decision and don¡¯t give a damn how it will affect me?¡±¡°How it will affect you? I¡¯m the one who has to carry it, and if you haven¡¯t noticed¡ª¡± she gestures wildly at her bedraggled appearance, ¡°¡ªit hasn¡¯t exactly been a trip to Honeydukes!¡±Ben shakes his head slowly, disbelief and anger coursing through his veins.?This will ruin him, ruin his entire family. But of course Niima wouldn¡¯t understand that¡ªshe doesn¡¯t even have a family. She doesn¡¯t understand the kind of pressure that¡¯s on his shoulders to live up to his family name.Ben feels angry and out of control, so he does the only thing he knows how: he hurts her.?Looking directly into Rey¡¯s hardened hazel eyes, he sneers, ¡°Fine. Do whatever you want, mudblood. See if I care.¡±If Ben thought that Rey¡¯s wandwork was fast, her hands are even faster. Without hesitating, she slaps him clean across the face, causing his lip to split open and bleed. He yelps more so in surprise than in pain, and stupidly tries to catch the dripping blood with his fingers.Before he can say or do anything in response, Rey turns on her heel and darts from the locker room.When she throws open the door, sunlight briefly illuminates her face and he thinks he can see the glistening of silent tears on her cheeks.

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