Fanfic: Falling down the Veil by Yoonmin_Namjintrash (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: In 1996 Sirius Black falls through the Veil in the Department of Mysteries.In 1974 Sirius Black wakes up in the body of his younger self, unable to tell anyone the future he lived. Cursed to see his best friend and his wife die, be betrayed by one of his best friends and leave one of them alone for a long time. He is cursed to fail his godson at every turn.In 1998 Harry Potter dies and leaves Voldemort without any horcruxes. Mortal or not Tom Riddle was one of the most powerful wizards at that time, he wins. Wizarding Britain falls.In 2000 Hermione Granger decides to travel back to the past.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsJames Potter/Lily Evans Potter Hermione Granger/Gideon Prewett Sirius Black & Hermione GrangerHermione Granger Sirius Black James Potter Lily Evans Potter Harry Potter Gideon Prewett (Harry Potter) Albus Dumbledore Minerva McGonagall Remus Lupin Peter PettigrewTime Travel Alternate Universe – Voldemort Wins First War with Voldemort Secret Identity Jealousy Past Hermione Granger/Fred Weasley – Freeform

Summary: Summary:

In 1996 Sirius Black falls through the Veil in the Department of Mysteries.In 1974 Sirius Black wakes up in the body of his younger self, unable to tell anyone the future he lived. Cursed to see his best friend and his wife die, be betrayed by one of his best friends and leave one of them alone for a long time. He is cursed to fail his godson at every turn.In 1998 Harry Potter dies and leaves Voldemort without any horcruxes. Mortal or not Tom Riddle was one of the most powerful wizards at that time, he wins. Wizarding Britain falls.In 2000 Hermione Granger decides to travel back to the past.

Notes: Notes:

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text
Spells were shooting all around Hermione as she tried her best to stay alive. She knew this was a trap but of course Harry Bleeding-Heart Potter had to run into it leaving her no choice but to follow. Well that was not true Harry had always given her the choice to back out, but how could she after all Harry was her first friend, and if there was one thing Hermione Granger was it was loyal.She tried to block out her surroundings, thinking as if this was another DA meeting and the Death Eaters were just projections of the Room of Requirements. It would work for fractions of seconds, after which she was pulled out of her imagination with the destruction of another object somewhere around her.She cast a glance around the room, trying to find any of her friends, hoping against hope that they were all right. The only one who came in her field of vision was Neville, slightly scarred and hurt but overall looking fine.?She wanted to call out to him, but just as she was about to, a sharp pain shot against her shoulder. She saw a man pointing his wand at her, a dark smirk residing on his face.?”It’s been a long time since I’ve had an easy kill,” he said. His voice had undertones of an accent she couldn’t place.?Before she could make any movement to protect herself from him, the man sent a non-verbal spell freezing her in place.”Dolohov” Neville spat out.?He appeared to be familiar with the wizard, his face sported a grimace, almost as if looking at the filth in the middle of Knockturn Alley.?”Tut tut little Longbottom, don’t you know not to interfere with me. I’m sure Augusta Longbottom has said some stuff about me. However, if you are so itching for a fight I’ll give you one later, right now I have an arrogant little Mudblood to get through” the man, Dolohov, responded.Just as he was finishing the tirade the spell started to wear off, letting her regain control of her limbs.Right when he finished, he sent a red spell flying towards her. She put up a shield charm, protecting herself from the incoming spell.’Thank God for the DA’ Hermione thought. She knew for a fact that she wouldn’t have had the reflex for that if it hadn’t been for Harry.As she regained her footing she saw Dolohov starting to mutter a spell. She saw that he was quite adept at nonverbal spells so the fact that he had to say the spell told her that it was no good.Thinking quickly she sent a silencio just as he was getting to the spell. Even though he was cut off, a spell left the end of his wand, a purple spell fluidly cutting through the air coming right at her. In that split second she saw the toothy grin of the wizard who hoped to kill her, and through the fiery pain coursing through her body there was only one thought on her brain:’I will make you regret underestimating me’Darkness seemed to surround her. She tried opening her eyes but it seemed physically impossible. Just a few seconds later a burning pain shot through her sternum, and she instinctively clutched onto the sheets over which she was laid.?”I think she moved, I think she moved her hand!”?”Are you sure? Are you completely sure?” another voice said, almost as if afraid to hope.”Yes, I am not blind, I am sure Hermione moved.” The first voice responded.Before she could gather her bearings a vial of liquid was being poured down her throat, and another one in quick succession to that.?She cracked her eyes open, the harsh light making her squint her eyes, when the light was blocked by the imposing figure of a red haired boy.It was one of the Weasley twins. Casting a quick glance she spotted the small scar on his left cheek identifying him as Fred Weasley.”Fred? How long have I been here? Where is everyone? Is everyone alright? Is Harry alright?” She spewed her question one after the other not giving the other boy time to respond.The older boy moved to calm her. Holding up his hands in the universal?sign of ‘calm down’ he answered,”Calm down Hermione, everyone is physically fine” he said trying to assure herShe was just about relax and celebrate the fact that no one had been seriously hurt, when she caught the way he worded his answer.”physically fine?””Caught that did you, of course. Well see the thing is… Harry is not fine. Sirius died while dueling Bellatrix Lestrange. He fell through the veil” Fred responded. Before she could ask anymore questions Madame Pomfrey entered the room.”How long have you been awake? Mr. Weasley, why didn¡¯t you call me as soon as she got up? Now, dear you have had a bad hit, it is a lucky thing you are alive. You should stay here for a few days so you can regain control over your body. I have packed your potion regiment. Follow it to the t and you’ll be fine in no time””Thank you Madame.” Hermione responded gratefully. However, the news of Sirius’ death roamed her mind. She couldn’t help sympathize with Harry, but at the same time she felt as if Sirius was finally at peace. He could be in the afterlife with James and Lily Potter.Hermione moved through the stacks of books that were on her bedside table. Harry had come to visit her after she woke up, and dropped a few bombs on her.
The door to the infirmary opened slowly. There was barely any noise and when Hermione tilted her head slightly to see who it was, she saw the figure of her best friend creep in hesitatingly.

¡°Hey Hermione, you good?¡± Harry asked, nervously fidgeting with his fingers.

She smiled softly at her friend who she had started looking at as a younger brother.

¡°Of course Harry, few more days and I¡¯ll be all good¡±

¡°Great, lovely. Yeah, um¡­ that¡¯s amazing really¡± he spewed out.

¡°I¡¯m really sorry about Sirius Harry…¡± she started ¡°…but it wasn¡¯t your fault.¡±

¡°Of course it was my fault! You told me that it was a trap, and let¡¯s be real when have you ever been wrong? I should¡¯ve listened to you, and then Sirius wouldn¡¯t be dead, you wouldn¡¯t be hurt, Ron wouldn¡¯t have those brains and I wouldn¡¯t have lost my last family. I should¡¯ve¡­ I don¡¯t know tried harder I guess¡±?

His voice was shaking, trembling like he was about to start crying.?

¡°It¡¯s just, he was so excited to play godfather. I think he saw me as a medium to my mum and dad, and I know it shouldn¡¯t be good, but if I remind their best friend of them, then I am truly a part of them¡± he explained

¡°Since I found out I was a wizard people told me I looked just like my father, but for mum it was always the eyes. Finding out that I have more than that is¡­ comforting¡±

¡°Harry, none of this is your fault. You tried everything to confirm that it wasn¡¯t a trap. You were going to lose the closest person to your parents and you acted. It¡¯s what makes you, you. As for family, I¡¯ve said this before, but you are the closest thing to a brother I have, Ron considers you a brother, and it¡¯s only the fact that we don¡¯t have time that has stopped him from making you his blood brother. Mr. and Mrs. Weasley love you as a son. You have a family Harry, it’s just chosen rather than fated.¡±

¡°About that, Dumbeldore told me something¡± Harry started moving towards her bedside.?

He sat on the chair and looked down at his shoes.

¡°There is a prophecy, a prophecy that states that I am supposed to kill Voldemort¡±? ignoring her gasp he continued ¡°it spoke about a child born at then end of July, who was going to have powers unknown to him.¡±

¡°That¡¯s why Lily and James went into hiding, that¡¯s why Voldemort was after them¡± Hermione whispered to herself.?

¡°I always wondered, you know, why he targeted my parents. I liked to think it was because they were brave,that they were a threat to him. But now, they died because of some prophecy that didn¡¯t even have to come true.¡±

¡°What do you mean?¡± she asked

¡°There were two babies born at the end of July: me and Neville¡±

There was silence in the infirmary for a while. Hermione processed the information she had just gotten. Harry¡¯s life was written before he was even born. She needed more information.

¡°I need to research this more. Can you get me books from the library?¡± she requested.

For the first time since he entered Harry smiled.
She sighed as another book revealed nothing about the magic behind prophesies. She picked up another book from her stack of ‘not read’.As she combed through the book, she didn¡¯t notice someone enter the Hospital Wing.¡°Ms. Granger, it is lovely to see you alive and well again¡±?¡°Professor Dumbeldore sir¡± Hermione exclaimed, shutting her book.She didn¡¯t know if Harry was allowed to tell her about his learning, but she didn¡¯t want him to get into trouble.Dumbeldore barely even glanced at the book, before his entire stature changed. He looked burdened, even sorrowful.¡°Ah prophecies, nasty little things. Contained in such a small artifact, detailing such great events¡± Dumbeldore sighed. His eyes conveyed his sadness, speaking of the tragedies they had witnessed.¡°Professor, I¡¯m sure Harry didn¡¯t mean any harm. He always tells Ron and I important things. Don¡¯t be angry at him¡± she pleaded.¡°I was aware that Mr. Potter would not hide such things from his two closest friends. In fact, I was hoping that he would not hide them. Dark times are approaching Ms. Granger, and looking at young Mr. Potter¡¯s history I would hope he¡¯d surround himself with people he can trust, loyal people.¡±¡°Then why come here? I mean if you had hoped and if you knew, I mean no offense sir, but it¡¯s just I didn¡¯t expect you to visit¡± Hermione stuttered out.¡°Ms. Granger, if I know you well, and I like to think I know my students pretty well, you will stick by Mr. Potter¡¯s side. You will be his mind, helping him, guiding him through his destiny. Mr. Potter is the beginning of the journey, Mr. Weasley the middle and you, Ms. Granger, you are going to be the one to end it.¡±¡°But professor the prophecy¡­¡± she started¡°Prophecies are uncommon things. Unknown and they rarely play out the way you expect them to. Power is all around us, the power Mr. Potter is given is unknown; however, it is something we are all aware of…¡± he trailed off, staring at her as if calculating something.?¡°Grimmauld place has a library with a wealth of knowledge. It is a pity that the Black family is so affiliated with the Dark side. The magic there is one of a kind and I think you¡¯d find it particularly helpful for the future.¡± he responded, a small smile playing on his face.¡°Professor are you asking me to learn Dark Magic?¡± she responded, horror striking her face. Her voice was barely louder than a whisper but it seemed to resonate in the empty room.¡°Ms. Granger, you are to be an invaluable member to the Order. The only other person I would trust to be familiar with such magic is unavailable at this moment. I hope I can trust you with this task?¡± he answered, his eyes glancing down at her from his half-mooned glasses.Her need to prove herself jumped. Dumbeldore was trusting her with a huge task: keeping Harry safe. She would¡¯ve done it without his orders, but now the stakes were higher.¡°Of course professor. I will do my best¡±¡°Your best if what people hope for Ms. Granger¡± Dumbeldore ended with a smile on his face and twinkle in his eyes.¡°Professor can I just ask one last question?¡± she looked imploringly¡°What happens to someone who falls through the veil? The Department of Mysteries is very stringent about the information that leaves and there is hardly any stuff there about the Death Chamber¡­ I just wanted to know for Harry¡± she rushed out.¡°That Ms. Granger is an excellent question, one I am afraid I cannot answer. Every situation relating to the veil that has been tested has shown different results. Either every case is different, or there is no conclusion to be drawn¡±??
Sirius p.o.v
The feeling of being pulled down with no control over his own body. That was the last sensation he remembered. The last image he remembered was the lost look on his godson’s face, as Remus rushed towards him, both men hoping that it wasn’t the end of Sirius Black they were witnessing.Sirius felt very guilty, not only for being a reckless Gryffindor and dying, but also being happy that his death meant that he was finally free. He hoped that when he would open his eyes he would see his brother in all but blood, and the terrifying witch he had come to see as a sister.He slowly blinked his eyes open, expecting to see the teal walls of Potter Manor, expecting to lay on his bed and hear the call from Dorea Potter at any moment. However, when he did open his eyes, he was welcomed with the ceiling of the Gryffindor boys dormitories.’Not completely unexpected’ Sirius thought to himself. He reminisced the moment he told Harry how welcoming the castle had seemed the first time he entered it.He turned over to his side, and was welcome with the face of his brother: James Potter.A rush of emotions – guilt, anger, sorrow- filled him, and his eyes ran over the features of his best friend. He was surprised to see a young James, one that was still in Hogwarts, and not the James he had seen lying on the floor of his cottage at Godric’s Hollow.¡°Prongs¡± Sirius breathed out.¡°Prongs? That¡¯s a good name, reckon we give names to all of us¡± James responded with a grin.The statement shook Sirius. James didn¡¯t remember the name, he didn¡¯t know about the Animagus names. Something was wrong and Sirius didn’t know if he should be ahpoy about it or sad.

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