Fanfic: Finding Arcadia by bluemermaid54 (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Harry is a Healer at St. Mungo¡¯s. His life may not be perfect, but he¡¯s managing. Until one day Draco Malfoy comes in with a head injury.

Characters: Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceDraco Malfoy/Harry PotterHarry Potter Draco Malfoy Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Pansy Parkinson Blaise Zabini Original Female Character(s) Original Male Character(s) Luna LovegoodAngst with a Happy Ending Heavy Angst Hurt/Comfort Emotional Hurt/Comfort Down and Out Draco Malfoy Healer Harry Potter dub con due to prostitution Explicit Sexual Content Themes of rape Not between Harry and Draco

Summary: Summary:

Harry is a Healer at St. Mungo¡¯s. His life may not be perfect, but he¡¯s managing. Until one day Draco Malfoy comes in with a head injury.

Notes: Notes:

Hi, everybody! I’m aware I have other wips but this idea won’t leave me alone, and I’m pretty serious about it, so I decided to give it a go. And I have a much more solid plan for it than I do my wips, so expect updates somewhat regularly at first.

Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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Contrary to popular belief, Harry¡¯s life wasn¡¯t perfect by any means. Sure, he may not have had to worry about money, he had a solid group of friends, and he was perfectly okay being single after his breakup with Ginny after the war. The breakup had been healthy, but Harry still needed a moment to breathe because for years, he had told himself that Ginny was the girl he was going to marry. He had locked himself in this box of expectations for years. He had convinced himself that he was doing right by Ginny, when in reality they were both holding each other back.?Now, he didn¡¯t just like girls.?But Harry was lonely.?He missed the feeling of a warm body in his arms, he missed that intimacy, that closeness that had nothing to do with sex. Sure, he had experimented sexually with blokes when first grappling with his shifting sexuality, figuring out his preferences, what he liked and didn¡¯t like in bed. But while that was enjoyable to a certain extent, Harry still hadn¡¯t felt emotionally fulfilled by any of it. He realized that he did not want to have casual sex. He wanted it to matter.Harry, along with Luna, was a Healer at St. Mungo¡¯s. All together he had been practicing medicine for the past six years, and some days he liked the job more than others, but overall he loved it and couldn¡¯t imagine himself doing anything else.?Currently he and Luna were strolling down the hallway of the fourth floor, styrofoam cups of coffee in hand, and talking about something of mild importance.¡°Oh, Harry,¡± came Luna¡¯s soft voice to his left. She sounded distressed, a starch contrast from how she had been talking.?¡°What-¡±?But the sight that met his eyes plopped his mouth wide open, preventing him from continuing his question. Laid out on a rolling bed was an unconscious man with dried, matted blood in his hair, that streaked down his forehead and splotches of violet wrapped around his throat like a collar. But not just any man.?Harry froze, squeezing his cup of coffee so hard he was afraid it would burst. It couldn¡¯t be. The man lying before him was none other than Draco Malfoy.?The last time Harry had seen Draco was at the trials: he had defended Draco not because he owed it to Narcissa (he defended Narcissa for that reason), but because he truly believed that Draco deserved a second chance. They had been so young when Dumbledore had died, and even younger during their formative years when Draco had bullied them. Harry understood that after a certain point, Draco was free to think on his own and make his own choices, which made him responsible for his own actions, but at the same time Harry also understood that to some regard, Draco was a victim of circumstance. His racist parents had raised him on certain harmful beliefs that manifested in the way Draco treated his peers at Hogwarts. Harry wondered if Draco had ever felt sorry for anything he¡¯d done. Regardless, he would not have felt right allowing an eighteen-year-old who barely understood what he was doing to rot in Azkaban forever, ex Death Eater or not. So Harry had used his influence and his position as a first-hand witness of Dumbledore¡¯s death to defend Draco. He remembered how utterly white and lifeless Draco had looked during the trials, how helpless and defeated. How he had kept his head hung the entire time, even a solid quarter into Harry¡¯s testimony. It wasn¡¯t until Harry started talking about Draco¡¯s upbringing that he had lifted his pointy face and watched Harry talk. It wasn¡¯t until Harry had said that Draco was a victim of circumstance that a small amount of hope had reappeared in those silvery grey eyes.?¡°Eleanora.¡±?Chest pinching in concern, Harry rushed forward towards his supervisor, who did not appear too happy to see him. She pursed her lips, and reluctantly halted her movements.?¡°What¡¯s happened to him?¡±?The African woman sucked in breath. ¡°Wouldn¡¯t you like to know,¡± she said disdainfully. ¡°I thought you hated him.¡±?¡°I used to,¡± Harry corrected her, but sometimes he wondered if that was even true.?Eleanora narrowed her dark eyes at him. ¡°I need to take him to urgent care and find him a Healer.¡±?¡°Let me look after him,¡± Harry all but begged, unable to take his eyes off Draco¡¯s too-still form. ¡°Please.¡±?Eleanora huffed. ¡°As it so happens, his assigned Healer has refused to see him. I would have asked you, but I assumed you wouldn¡¯t want anything to do with him considering your history.¡±?¡°None of that matters right now,¡± said Harry urgently. ¡°Just let me take care of him.¡±?Eleanora nodded, stepping away from the bed. ¡°I hope you know what you¡¯re doing, Potter.¡±?As she walked away, Harry and Luna made eye contact. Luna¡¯s face was paler than usual, and she frowned deeply.?¡°He looks pretty bad,¡± she said, uselessly. ¡°Are you sure you know what you¡¯re getting yourself into?¡±?¡°No one else here will see him, I¡¯m sure of it,¡± said Harry, but he knew that wasn¡¯t the real reason.?Luna averted eye contact. ¡°I would have,¡± she mumbled. Then she looked back up at Harry. ¡°Did you know he snuck us food while I was in his cellar?¡±?Harry had not.?¡°He could have died,¡± she continued, ¡°and he risked his life for us.¡±?Harry¡¯s heart suddenly and unexpectedly clenched for the lifeless man in front of him. Not fully aware of what he was doing, he reached down and rested a hand on Draco¡¯s cheek.?¡°Oh,¡± he said, very softly. ¡°He¡¯s cold. Very cold.¡±?¡°I have to go check on my patient,¡± said Luna. ¡°Please keep me updated on his condition.¡±?Harry nodded, unable to pull his eyes away from Draco¡¯s white face. ¡°Go,¡± he said.?As Luna walked away, he gripped the bed and began pushing his patient toward urgent care, concern growing inside him. He¡¯d be less worried if Draco were making noises of discontentment, or even stirring slightly, but the man was out cold. The sleep was unnatural. Whoever had done this to Draco had made sure to inflict a most brutal punishment.?¡°We¡¯re almost there, then I¡¯m gonna fix you right up, okay?¡± he murmured in what he hoped was a soothing tone. He was suddenly overwhelmed by the urge to bundle the blonde up in a blanket and protect him against anything and anyone that wanted to hurt him. He wasn¡¯t sure where the urge came from, because as far as he was concerned, he wanted nothing to do with Draco. But seeing him injured and vulnerable in his workplace had caused something to snap in Harry.?Once Harry had Draco settled in a room, he began running diagnostics.?More was wrong with him than he thought.?In addition to a severe concussion and bruises, Draco was dangerously malnourished and his magical core was currently weak. This was a huge concern for Harry, because he had known Draco to be a very powerful wizard. Something must be seriously wrong.?Upon closer examination, Harry also found that one of his ribs was cracked. Someone had really wanted to hurt Draco, and had succeeded. Draco was also injured in . . . other places.?Harry decided that first thing first was to work on Draco¡¯s head injury. No Healer could cure a concussion in a single round of spells; it would take several days to relieve Draco fully of his symptoms. So Harry began working. He gently tapped his wand against the blonde¡¯s matted hair and began murmuring spellwork.*Harry didn¡¯t expect Draco to wake up immediately. Even after the first round of treatment, he still wagered it would take at least two hours for Draco to begin stirring. When he went out into the waiting room, he was not surprised to see Pansy Parkinson, who looked about as distressed as he felt if her red-rimmed eyes were anything to go by.?¡°Potter,¡± she greeted, dark, beady eyes widening. ¡°You¡¯re a Healer?¡±?
What do you think??
But Harry bit his tongue because he was the professional, not her.?¡°Yes,¡± he answered.?¡°Are you Draco¡¯s Healer?¡± she asked, cutting straight to the chase.?¡°I am. He¡¯s stable right now; I just gave him the first round of treatment for his concussion, but he¡¯s yet to wake up.¡±?¡°He couldn¡¯t breathe,¡± Pansy said softly, hands trembling. ¡°When I found him, he was flailing and gasping for air like a fish out of water. I couldn¡¯t . . . I couldn¡¯t help him . . . I didn¡¯t know what to do.¡±?¡°You brought him here,¡± said Harry. ¡°For not knowing what to do, you certainly performed well.¡±?¡°Now¡¯s not the time to get cheeky with me, Potter,¡± she snarled. ¡°When can I see him?¡±?¡°Not yet,¡± Harry answered. ¡°I need to revive him first, then run some more tests and ask him questions assuming he¡¯s stable enough to answer them. I will fetch you when he¡¯s ready.¡±?Pansy furrowed her thin, black brows. ¡°Do I look like I have time to just sit around here all day? I have a job too, you know.¡±?¡°Then come back later,¡± Harry told her simply.?Pansy narrowed her eyes at him. ¡°Potter, if you do anything, and I mean anything , to cause him any kind of harm or distress, I will find out, and you will be hearing from me.¡±?Harry didn¡¯t want to waste his breath telling her he had no qualms about taking care of Draco aside from the delicate state of his health because he had a feeling it would fall upon deaf ears, so instead of insisting that he would do everything in his power to make sure the Slytherin was okay, he simply nodded and excused himself.?His therapist would be proud.?Draco didn¡¯t move for another five hours; Harry had only gotten halfway through lunch when his magical pager began going ballistic. Hastily wrapping up the remainder of his food, he threw a stasis charm on it and hurried to the lift.?When he reached Draco¡¯s room, the sight that met his eyes knit together his insides tightly.?The blonde was attempting and failing to sit up, one hand on his head and the other clenching and unclenching in presumed frustration at the inability to properly move himself. Harry knew he had to handle this situation delicately and with grace. Not wanting to startle his patient, he closed the door softly behind him, which caused Draco to look up.?His expression, which had previously been contorted in pain, shifted the instant he laid eyes on Harry. For a split second, Harry saw fear. Then, with the snap of a finger, it morphed into ice cold contempt.?¡°Potter.¡±?Draco practically spat his name, with such venom and hatred that Harry nearly flinched.?Harry couldn¡¯t help himself; he never could around Draco.?¡°Nice to know you¡¯re not so injured you¡¯ve forgotten me.¡±?Then, immediately remembering his manners and his job , he straightened his posture and took another cautious step closer to the blonde.?¡°You¡¯ve suffered a severe concussion, a cracked rib, and it appears as though you have internal bleeding.¡±?Draco¡¯s hand slid off his head, landing in his lap, trembling.?¡°Is that all?¡± he asked dully.?Harry sighed.?¡°Now that you¡¯re awake, I can get your consent to heal your bruises. I¡¯m assuming you want me to?¡±?One of Draco¡¯s hands flew to his neck.?¡°Yes,¡± he said, in that same snappish tone.?Harry had so many questions, but he couldn¡¯t just rain all his curiosity down on Draco and scare the man out of telling him anything. He had to take this slow.?¡°May you please unbutton your shirt, Draco?¡±?The blonde sneered up at him, gripping the collar of his shirt. ¡°So it¡¯s Draco now?¡±?¡°We¡¯re both adults,¡± Harry said, as neutrally as he could. ¡°Don¡¯t you think it¡¯s a little juvenile to continue to refer to each other as Potter and Malfoy?¡±?Draco scoffed, then immediately seemed to regret the action, for he winced and rubbed his head. Harry frowned.?¡°Are you alright?¡±?¡°I¡¯m fine,¡± Draco snapped, wincing again even as he spoke. Harry detected so much anger coming from him; all that anger couldn¡¯t be healthy. He wondered how much further the blonde would push himself before he exploded.?As Draco began shakily unbuttoning his shirt, Harry pulled out his wand and walked closer to the bed until he was standing beside him. The more Harry studied him, the more he noticed just how nervous he was. His fingers were twitching. His brows were furrowed in distress. His chest was rising and falling a little too quickly.?¡°Hey,¡± Harry said, not moving to touch him yet. ¡°You¡¯re safe here. I¡¯m not going to do anything to hurt you.¡±?¡°I¡¯m so reassured,¡± Draco retorted with a roll of his eyes.?Deciding to ignore Draco¡¯s snark, frankly a little relieved by it because it meant he wasn¡¯t as gravely injured as he¡¯d feared, Harry very gently reached for the fabric of Draco¡¯s shirt, noticing the sharp gasp that escaped the blonde¡¯s mouth at the contact, and opened it to reveal his battered, bruised torso.?Harry bit his lip to keep his reaction to himself. He could not afford to act disturbed in front of Draco; he needed to keep the other man as calm and relaxed as possible.?¡°I¡¯m going to start with your throat,¡± Harry said, voice coming out a little hoarse. ¡°I already healed your rib; you should have no trouble breathing now.¡±?¡°How¡¯d you know I was having trouble breathing?¡±? Shit .?¡°Erm, I had a little chat with Pansy in the waiting room. She¡¯s very worried about you.¡±?Draco¡¯s eyes practically bugged out of his head. ¡°Pansy? You . . . Pansy brought me here?¡±?¡°I¡¯m assuming so,¡± said Harry, cocking an eyebrow in confusion. He studied the distressed Draco closer. ¡°It makes sense you don¡¯t remember, but is that . . . What¡¯s the matter?¡±?¡°You can¡¯t let her see me,¡± Draco said, voice lightyears softer and more pleading than it had been earlier. ¡°Please, Potter, you can¡¯t. She¡¯ll . . . I don¡¯t . . . I can¡¯t. Please.¡±?¡°Okay,¡± said Harry, more confused than ever, raising his hands in surrender. ¡°Okay. I won¡¯t. I promise.¡±?It wasn¡¯t his job to push Draco; clearly, whatever had happened between him and Pansy was private, and Harry had no right getting involved in Draco¡¯s personal affairs. This business between them right now was strictly professional, and would stay that way for the remainder of Draco¡¯s stay.?Draco stared him down, almost as though he didn¡¯t believe him, but Harry was determined to soothe his nerves.?¡°Listen,¡± he continued. ¡°What¡¯s going on between you and Pansy is none of my business. I don¡¯t expect any answers, and it is not my job to gossip with you about your friends. I¡¯m only here to help you get better, and if denying Pansy access to your room will make that happen for you, then that¡¯s what I¡¯ll do.¡±?Draco¡¯s mask dropped for an iota of a second: Harry was able to see a flash of gratitude in his eyes, and his jaw went slack for just a moment, before his face was hardening back up again and he set his thin lips in that deep-set frown Harry was beginning to hate so much.?¡°I should hope so,¡± was the snarky response.?Harry resisted the strong urge to roll his eyes.?¡°Can you tilt your head back for me?¡± Harry asked, as gently as he could, for he knew this was putting Draco in an extremely uncomfortable position. Surprisingly, Draco complied without complaint; he let out a shaky breath as he barred his bruised neck to Harry. It was worse up close. From here, Harry could see the intricate patterns of purple and blue, just how damaged the pale strip of skin had become. Instead of using his wand, he placed his hands very softly on either side of Draco¡¯s throat, careful not to apply any pressure.?Draco¡¯s eyes widened, and Harry could hear his breathing pick up.?¡°Hey, it¡¯s okay,¡± he murmured soothingly, wasting no time in beginning to heal the bruises. ¡°Just breathe, okay?¡±?Draco exhaled heavily as Harry continued murmuring spellwork. Slowly, the bruises began to fade, until they were gone completely. The second his work was done, Harry removed his hands from his patient¡¯s neck.?¡°There, is that any better?¡±?Draco readjusted on his bed, nodding.?¡°Thank you for your cooperation, Draco. May I take a look at your chest now?¡±?Another nod. Harry could tell he was scared, because now he wasn¡¯t talking or snarking. But he didn¡¯t know how to comfort him because he didn¡¯t know the other man¡¯s boundaries. Furthermore, he was unsure why he wanted to comfort Draco so badly to begin with.?When Harry first looked at his torso, he saw a collection of bruises and cuts, but he also saw old, pink, risen scars, which caused him to reel back in shock. Bile coated the back of his throat.?¡°Oh god-¡±?¡°Don¡¯t.¡± Draco¡¯s sharp command sliced into Harry like a knife. ¡°Just leave it, Potter.¡±?¡°But I-¡±?¡°I said leave it.¡± ?Harry didn¡¯t have much choice but to listen.?The moment he laid a hand on Draco¡¯s chest, something happened. Instead of tensing up like Harry thought he would, the blonde actually relaxed more and released a sigh. Not wanting to shatter this incredibly fragile moment, Harry bit his lip and wordlessly began healing Draco.?¡°He kicked me in the chest,¡± Draco breathed, eyes fluttering shut as Harry¡¯s hands moved around the large cluster of bruises on Draco¡¯s chest. So that¡¯s why Draco had relaxed.?¡°Who? Who did?¡±?Draco opened his eyes again, staring at Harry for a moment before answering. ¡°No one.¡±?And it wasn¡¯t Harry¡¯s job to push. He deflated a little at Draco¡¯s blatant refusal to let him in, but he supposed he couldn¡¯t blame him. They hadn¡¯t seen each other in over six years- of course Draco wasn¡¯t going to trust him.?Suddenly, a thought occurred to Harry. Did Draco trust anybody??As Harry continued healing his chest, the blonde sank further and further into the mattress, humming in approval when Harry healed a particularly nasty-looking spot.?¡°Feeling any better? Like you can breathe easier?¡± Harry asked gently, as his hands slid further down to move onto the next cluster of bruises. He received an instant nod from Draco.?However, once Harry reached the next set of bruises, Draco tensed back up and sucked in air through his teeth.?¡°Draco?¡±
¡°I¡¯m fine,¡± he gritted. ¡°Just . . . just a reflex.¡±?Harry didn¡¯t want to know what kind of violence had conditioned Draco into flinching from such a gentle touch, and he didn¡¯t ask. So saying nothing, he continued to heal his patient until the white torso was spotless.?¡°All done,¡± said Harry. ¡°Unfortunately, I won¡¯t be able to begin the second round of treatment on your head until tomorrow, so you¡¯ll have to stay overnight.¡±?¡°No,¡± moaned Draco. ¡°I¡¯ll let it heal naturally, please . . . I can¡¯t afford- I don¡¯t- Please just discharge me.¡±?Harry was suddenly on high alert. Draco was denying himself healthcare because of money. What did he do for a living? Since it was not his job to ask, he instead said,?¡°I¡¯m afraid I can¡¯t do that.¡±?Draco scoffed. ¡°What? So you¡¯re going to keep me here against my will?¡±?¡°Well, this is a pretty unique situation we¡¯ve found ourselves in, because most people who come into the hospital want to get better.¡±?Harry couldn¡¯t help but snark with Draco; the man had always gotten a rise out of him, had always affected him so much somehow.?¡°Potter, you¡¯re missing my point. The big one. About money.¡±?Against his better judgment, Harry spoke. ¡°Then I¡¯ll cover your stay.¡±?Harry didn¡¯t even know if Draco was telling the truth about money. For all he knew, he could be lying so that he didn¡¯t have to deal with Harry as his Healer. But he¡¯d gone and offered it anyway, and why??Harry wasn¡¯t sure why, and that scared him, a lot.?Draco froze, face revealing a bit of emotion again, and this time he made no effort to cover it back up.?¡°You wouldn¡¯t.¡±?¡°Erm.¡± Harry scratched his head, endlessly vexed by Draco¡¯s impossible stubbornness. ¡°I just said I would.¡±?¡°But you hate me.¡±?Harry sighed. ¡°I don¡¯t hate you, Draco. Do you hate me?¡±?Draco furrowed his brows. ¡°Hate is a strong word, Potter.¡±?¡°Exactly. So why did you use it with me? Why did you just-¡± He cut himself off, not wanting to sound so unprofessional.?¡°Why did I what?¡±?Harry swallowed thickly. ¡°Assume what I think.¡±?Draco chuckled bitterly. ¡°It¡¯s not like I don¡¯t have evidence.¡±?¡°Evidence?¡±?¡°You saw my chest,¡± Draco said slowly, as though he were speaking to a child.?The pieces clicked together for Harry all too suddenly.?¡°Draco-¡±?¡°Don¡¯t call me that-¡±?¡°I didn¡¯t-¡±?¡°Didn¡¯t what? Mean to nearly kill me? Sure, Potter.¡±?¡°I didn¡¯t,¡± Harry said, feeling sick to his stomach. ¡°Draco, you have to believe me. I really didn¡¯t.¡±?¡°How convenient for you,¡± Draco said. ¡°You just so happened to know a spell that could have killed me and you just so happened to use it on your worst enemy.¡±?¡°You were never my enemy,¡± Harry said.?¡°Stop bending the narrative, Potter,¡± Draco snarled. ¡°You tried to have me killed, and it¡¯s only thanks to Severus that I¡¯m alive. May he rest in peace.¡±?¡°I didn¡¯t know what that spell would do,¡± Harry said. ¡°At the time I thought you were my enemy, so I used it. The spell said ¡®for enemies.¡¯ But I should have never, Draco, and I¡¯m sorry.¡±?¡°If it said ¡®for enemies,¡¯ what did you think it was going to do?¡± exclaimed Draco. ¡°Did you think it would smother me with butterflies?¡±?¡°You were going to Crucio me, may I remind you.¡±?Draco shook his head. ¡°If you think that¡¯s a valid argument, then you¡¯re not really sorry.¡±?Harry sighed. The pointy git was right. ¡°Okay. Fine. It doesn¡¯t matter what spell you were about to use; I shouldn¡¯t have used a spell whose effects I wasn¡¯t aware of.¡±?Draco looked up at him, and something flashed in those silver eyes. ¡°So you weren¡¯t trying to kill me?¡±?¡°God, no. Draco, I¡¯m not a killer. You have to know it was an accident.¡±?Draco released a stuttering breath. ¡°I¡¯m not sure if that makes it better or worse.¡±?¡°Better, I hope!¡±?Draco shook his head. ¡°But you were careless. You used a spell without knowing the effects. That¡¯s as good as intent in my opinion, Potter.¡±?¡°You¡¯re right,¡± Harry said miserably, realizing Draco¡¯s point.?Draco cocked a brow. ¡°That easy, huh? To get you to agree with me?¡±?¡°I¡¯m not going to argue with you about this when you were the clear victim.¡±?¡°But-¡±?¡°You were hurt because of me, and I think the least I can do as payback is cover your costs here.¡±?¡°So I¡¯m your charity case now?¡±?¡°No!¡± Harry knew he was losing his cool, but Draco always had this effect on him. He didn¡¯t know why. ¡°No, I¡¯m just . . . I¡¯m just trying to help you out. You don¡¯t have to accept, obviously, but you require further medical treatment, and I¡¯m not discharging you until you¡¯re ready, so one of us is paying for your stay in full.¡±?Draco¡¯s head thudded back against his pillows. ¡°Potter, please don¡¯t make this harder than it has to be. Just let me go.¡±?¡°Afraid I can¡¯t do that.¡±?Draco sighed. ¡°Fine. Fine , you stubborn git. Since you¡¯ve left me with no choice, I acquiesce.¡±?¡°What does that even mean, you ponce?¡±
Harry was now fully aware he was being unprofessional. But this was Draco.?Draco huffed, crossing his thin arms. ¡°It means I accept.¡±?Harry chuckled. ¡°You and your big words.¡± He was beginning to feel slightly alarmed that all these things about Draco he¡¯d previously found annoying were now beginning to seem endearing.?His pager began going off again. Time to check on his next patient.?¡°I¡¯ll be back to check on you in a while,¡± said Harry. ¡°Please ring for your nurse if you need anything in the meantime. You¡¯re due for a potion to help with the pain, so someone will bring you that shortly.¡±?Draco nodded.?¡°Take care.¡±?With that, Harry departed.?*When Harry entered the waiting room to inform another wizard that their spouse was ready for visitation, he saw Pansy leap up from her seat and rush towards him.?Might as well deal with her first, get it over with.?¡°Potter?¡± she asked, sounding equal parts hopeful and worried. ¡°How is he? Can I see him?¡±?¡°He¡¯s stable,¡± Harry answered, deciding not to go into any further detail in respect of patient confidentiality. ¡°But he¡¯s asked not to see you. I¡¯m afraid that sending you back would distress him, and he¡¯s not in any condition to handle more stress right now.¡±?Pansy¡¯s face fell. ¡°I figured as much.¡±?Harry had so many questions. Had something happened with Pansy and Draco? Had they gotten in a row? But since it wasn¡¯t his place to ask, nor any of his business, he simply straightened his posture and put on his work voice.?¡°I have other matters to attend to, Pansy. If you¡¯ll excuse me.¡±?It might not have been his most polite exit from a conversation he¡¯d ever executed, but Pansy had wanted to turn him into Voldemort without a second thought, and Harry frankly wasn¡¯t completely over it. Until she apologized, he would hold it against her. His therapist always told him that holding grudges was unhealthy, but he thought in some cases it was reasonable. This was one of those times.?In the meantime, even as Harry worked on his other patients his mind still always went back to Draco. Who had hurt him? And why??He could probably guess the why, if he was being realistic. But what worried him was whether Draco had fought back. That was the real issue.?And why was he so worried? Draco was not someone he should be wasting his time on. For all intents and purposes, he and Draco did not like each other. Never had. So why had healing him felt so natural??Harry was endlessly confused. He needed answers, but he had a feeling he wasn¡¯t going to get them any time soon.

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