Fanfic: Finding Cassie. by Douglette (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Cassiopeia Narcissa Malfoy disappeared when she was eight, several years after the war, Narcissa is finally brave enough to rehang their family tapestry. None of them expected her face to be looking back at them. How forgiving will she be once she realises who she is?

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyLucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black Malfoy Astoria Greengrass/Draco Malfoy Harry Potter/Ginny Weasley Pansy Parkinson/Ron Weasley Hermione Granger/Theodore NottAndromeda Black Tonks Lucius Malfoy’s MotherAlbus Dumbledore Bashing Kidnapping Prophecy Pureblood Hermione Granger Adopted Hermione Granger Draco Malfoy Has a Twin Malfoy Twins – Freeform Miscarriage Mentioned Pregnancy Harry Potter is a Good Friend

Summary: Summary:

Cassiopeia Narcissa Malfoy disappeared when she was eight, several years after the war, Narcissa is finally brave enough to rehang their family tapestry. None of them expected her face to be looking back at them. How forgiving will she be once she realises who she is? Rating is for language.

Notes: Notes:

As always I do not own these characters, I’ve just borrowed them.This fic is complete so I’ll update regularly. None of the characters in my other fics are currently behaving so this was written in a bit of a tantrum, which may make things interesting.

Chapter 1: Astoria

Chapter Text
Draco Malfoy stood in his ancestral home, noting the changes. It had been four years since the end of the war. Four years since that mad man had left his house and been defeated. He wasn’t sure how he felt about owing Potter, yet he did. They all did. The living nightmare of having Lord Voldemort live in his home had been nothing like he’d been promised, there was no glory, no rightness, just fear, pain and the knowledge that they could all be on the end of his wand should the mood take him. There was no denying that he was relieved it was over, even if the nightmares still overtook him. He hoped one day that he would be able to sleep without seeing those three years after the Dark Lord’s resurrection played out behind his eyes.They had escaped with just house arrest, that they’d been allowed to serve in France while the Ministry had combed the manor for dark artefacts and leads on the missing Death Eaters’ whereabouts. They’d only returned a year ago, none of them eager to face the horrors their home held. In that time his mother had thrown herself into redecorating the Manor, it was unrecognisable from the house inhabited by Him. For that he was thankful.”Draco?””In here, love.”
Astoria, his saving grace. The woman who had helped him put himself back together so he could at least function during the day, if not at night. They’d gotten married in France before returning home. Quiet and intimate, nothing like the ceremony his mother would have planned before all this. Not that he minded, where once he had wanted glory, sure of his place in this world, now he just wanted peace, to be left alone, to remain unnoticed.He watched as the workmen hung the family tapestry. It was the last piece, his father had hidden it in the vaults many years before, too broken to look at it. Draco had never had to ask why. His mother had insisted it be returned now that the renovations were complete. A blank look on her face as if steeling herself for the blow to come. After all, what was one more horror.He felt Astoria appear behind him, her arm circling his waist.”Are you alright?”He sighed as he turned to face her, wrapping her in his arms. “Yes. I’m dreading what we will see when we look at this Stori. What if she’s dead? What if she’s?not?””They’re done, Draco.” She whispered softly in response.He closed his eyes and tried to find the strength to look at it, just as he was about to turn he heard Astoria gasp.Whirling round to look at the tapestry he found his own face, linked via marriage to Astoria. Next to him was a face he’d never forget. Cassiopeia Narcissa Malfoy, married now to Theodore Nott, a small dotted line indicated she was pregnant. The face though, her face, was the face he saw screaming, begging and sobbing on repeat in his nightmares. It was Hermione Granger. He felt the world spinning, Astoria calling his name as if from a distance before the world went black.”Draco, Draco! No! It’s too high, come down!””Come and catch me Cassie!””DRACO!”?”Ready or not, here I come! Got you!””Dragon you cheated!””No I didn’t! Your hair’s just too big to hide!”?”Draco, my book! I was reading that!””Come on Cassie, come and play with me. I’m bored!””Don’t whine, Dragon. I’ll come and play.””You’re the best sister ever!”?”Cassie, Mother wants you in the parlour. She says you need new robes for the Greengrass ball.””Ugh, I don’t like shopping, Dragon. Why can’t Mother just choose them? She chose your dress robes!””Maybe she’ll buy you a book once you’re done?””Maybe.”?”Mother? Mother? Where’s Cassie?””She’s not here, my Dragon. Oh Gods, Lucius, she’s not here!””We’ll find her, Cissa. I promise, we’ll find her.””How? We have no idea who took her!”He woke in his own room, trying to remember what had happened before it began to come back to him. Hermione Granger was his Cassie. His twin. How had he not noticed? He knew he had felt a pull towards the girl, his urge to needle her had been a constant throughout his time at Hogwarts. He had thought it was because she was a know-it-all and Harry Potter’s best friend. It had made sense. But now? Now he wondered if somewhere, something in him had known there was a link and he had sought her attention in the only ways available to him at the time.He wanted to cry as he thought of the vile things he had said to her over the years, he had wished her dead at one point. He couldn’t think of the last time she’d been in his home, their home, under the wand of their crazy aunt. She’d never forgive them for this. He knew there was no way she remembered her life before, she was too clever not to have worked out who he was if she had, and too damn Gryffindor not to have confronted him. So what had happened to her?Could he speak to Nott? They’d never been friends, not really, but they’d both survived having fathers who were Death Eaters, they’d shared a dorm for seven years. Maybe, maybe he could persuade him to meet.How on Earth had Hermione Granger ended up married to Theodore Nott? What happened to Weasley? He had no right to ask, he realised. But his twin. His twin was alive. He knew where she was. It was more hope than he had had in years.His mother walked into the room then, interrupting his inner turmoil.”Astoria will not let me into the tapestry room, Draco. She insists I speak to you.”Fuck. He did not want to do this. His mother had been forced to endure so much, he was worried this would break her.He sat up slowly, wondering how he was going to tell her this.”Cassie is alive. She’s married now.” he blurted.He heard his Mothers gasp as her hand flew to her mouth and she collapsed into the chair beside his bed.”Alive?” she asked in wonder. “Truly alive?”He swallowed, hard. “Yes Mother. But¡­””But what, Draco? My daughter is alive! Where is she? I need to see her!””Mother! Mother, you need to stop.”She looked at him properly then, registering his pale face and the fact he was in bed.”Draco, what is it?” She whispered, fear taking over her face.”She married Theodore Nott.” he said, buying himself time.His mother nodded slowly. “That’s good. The Notts are a good line.” she paused, looking at him shrewdly. “Draco, where did she meet Theodore?””School.” he whispered, wishing to be anywhere but here as his mother paled.”You went to school with her?””Yes, Mother. We went to school with her.””Draco. I insist that you tell me immediately who she is!””Hermione Granger, Mother.” he refused to open his eyes, unable to bear the look he was sure was on his mothers face.”Hermione Granger? Harry¡­..Harry Potter’s Hermione Granger?””Yes” he whispered, bracing himself as he glanced at his mother who had gone still. Her features stark against her face that was paler than he ever remembered seeing it, a look of utter pain splashed across it.”No.” She looked at him, eyes wide with horror, remembering the too thin girl begging for the pain to stop on her drawing room floor. “Oh Gods, Draco. Please. Please no!””I’m so sorry, Mother.” It was inadequate, he knew. Nothing could make this right. His sister had been tortured on the floor of her ancestral home by her aunt as they watched. Her father encouraging them to just murder her, to hand her best friend over to a lunatic. There was no way this was ever going to be alright.He registered his mother sobbing, too numb to do anything other than reach for her hand as his father barged into the room.”Astoria sent me to find you both. Cissa? Cissa what’s wrong?”His father had her gathered in his arms in seconds as his Mother sobbed like she had done over a decade ago when the aurors had said they were putting Cassie’s case on hold. They couldn’t find her, had no leads, no idea who had taken her. His mother had begged them, and when they had refused with pity in their eyes, she had broken. She’d been broken ever since, a part of her off wherever her daughter was.”Draco! Draco what is going on?” his fathers voice was frantic.”The tapestry showed Cassie is alive.”He watched his fathers eyes light up, “Alive?” he breathed in wonder. “Are you sure?”He nodded, not wanting to be responsible for extinguishing that light. “Yes, but¡­.Father. She’ll never come home.””What? Don’t be absurd, Draco! Of course she will, this is her home.””No. She won’t. She was here during the war.” he swallowed hard as his fathers eyes became guarded. “She was one of Aunt Bella’s guests.””Who?””Hermione Granger.” he whispered, fighting the urge to look away.It wasn’t easier the second time round. He watched as his father collapsed in on himself, knees hitting the floor, his mother still sobbing in his arms.”No. No it can’t be.””It is. Go and look at the tapestry. May the Gods have mercy on us because it is.”Ten minutes later, all three of them stood looking at the family tapestry that had been hidden for so many years. She’d been eight when she’d been taken, nine when the aurors had told them there was nothing more they could do. Would things have been different if Lucius hadn’t removed the tapestry in the hope of helping Narcissa function. She had spent hours staring at their daughter’s face, tracing her portrait. It hadn’t been healthy, he had thought he’d been doing the right thing.Someone had altered her appearance, if they had kept the tapestry would Draco have recognised the picture as the Gryffindor Mudblood. Probably. It didn’t bear thinking about. Because they could have had years with her, she wouldn’t have been put through all the things she’d been put through during the war. However, living in this house with that man, maybe she’d have been worse off. He wasn’t sure.”She’s pregnant.” Narcissa whispered, stroking a hand down the portrait of her daughter, desperate longing apparent in every line of her face.Draco swallowed hard. “Yes.”His mother turned towards him, eyes begging, “What do we do, Draco? I¡­.I can’t…” she turned back to look at the picture of the daughter she never thought she’d see alive again. “I just need to see her.” she whispered.”I’ll owl Theo. I can’t promise anything, Mother, but I’ll try.”His mother nodded at him, not taking her eyes off the tapestry. He glanced at his father who was staring at it, utterly still, his face a blank mask. As if feeling his eyes on him he turned slightly.”She’ll want nothing to do with us, will she?””I do not know. She was always uncommonly forgiving. We can only hope war didn’t knock that out of her.”

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