Fanfic: For What You’ve Been Through, I’m Sorry by Neoshimmer (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


The night when he choosed to left his wife with their infant son behind; Sirius knows that was the day he broke the promise they made, he threw the possibility of happy family he wished he had, he lost chance for being part in his son’s life when it about to starts. Maybe, fate really hates him that bad.


Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsSirius Black & Draco Malfoy Draco Malfoy & Lucius Malfoy Daphne Greengrass & Draco Malfoy & Theodore Nott & Pansy Parkinson & Blaise Zabini Lucius Malfoy/Narcissa Black MalfoyDraco Malfoy Sirius Black Malfoy Family (Harry Potter) Lucius Malfoy Narcissa Black Malfoy Severus Snape Rabastan Lestrange Blaise Zabini Daphne Greengrass Pansy Parkinson Theodore Nott Harry Potter Hermione Granger Ron WeasleyHogwarts House Prejudices Slytherin Pride Pureblood Culture (Harry Potter) Pureblood Society (Harry Potter) Magically Powerful Draco Malfoy Morally Grey Draco Malfoy Father-Son Relationship Dysfunctional Family self-indulgent writing It’s multiple POV But mostly Draco POV Draco Malfoy has siblings They are Twins Rabastan Lestrange is Draco’s Godfather So does Remus Lupin


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