Fanfic: Forbidden Fruit by soul_less (soul_bound) (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: They started off as three, ever since first year. Now there was only two, Harry and Hermione, after Ron left in a huff, jealousy and rage. Such a petty thing to do.

Characters: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive WarningsHermione Granger/Harry Potter Hermione Granger/Tom Riddle | Voldemort Hermione Granger/Tom RiddleHarry Potter Hermione Granger Tom Riddle | VoldemortHorcruxes Harry Potter is a Horcrux Tom Riddle is His Own Warning Manipulative Tom Riddle Possessive Tom Riddle

Summary: Summary:

They started off as three, ever since first year. Now there was only two, Harry and Hermione, after Ron left in a huff, jealousy and rage. Such a petty thing to do.A bit of a drabble, sorta.

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Chapter 1

Chapter Text
They started off as three, ever since first year. Now there was only two, Harry and Hermione, after Ron left in a huff, jealousy and rage. Such a petty thing to do.The Horcrux rattled in the hands of Hermione. “We’ll take turns,” she said, and went back inside the tent.She read only for a little while until she fell asleep with the book clutched with one hand and the other, holding the locket, dangerously close to her bosom.”Have you ever been kissed?” his voice sent a shiver down the length of her spine. “Have you ever felt lips upon yours, their wet tongue tasting you, and licking the roof of your mouth? Then, suddenly, your lip between theirs, gently sucking.”She could feel his long fingers on her skin, touching her without her permission, but it was difficult to get him to stop.”Hermione,” Harry’s blue eyes were on hers, as he shook her to wake up from her nightmare. “I’ll wear it now.”She gasped for air, as he removed the locket from her neck. It was just a horrible nightmare.They ate dinner quietly and let the night pass with only a few words between them. Harry slept on the bottom bunk, and she stayed up to keep watch.
“Her skin is soft, creamy almost. She smells divine. Have you ever wondered, if she knows what a kiss feels like?”
Harry sat up, her brown eyes were full of concern. She sat in the edge of the bed, careful to leave room between them. “It’s my turn.”His breath stopped at the feel of her fingers on his neck as she removed the locket.It was morning again. They ate breakfast together. The air between them was thicker than usual.”We need to get rid of that thing, soon,” Harry said as she washed the dishes and he dried them.”The question is how, without a Basilisk’s fang.”The locket shook at the mention of it and being destroyed. Its soul was stronger than the diary, Harry, destroyed years ago.They took turns with the Horcrux. It taunted them the most while they were asleep. While awake, it let them know, that its soul was dangerous to them and anyone wearing it.Hermione tried to read with the locket on, but the words she read hardly made any sense. “Read. Read. Read. It is all you do. Such a curious witch.””Shut up,” she yelled.The locket shook against her bosom.”Hermione, I’ll take it now,” Harry said, with worrying blue eyes. The circles around her eyes had darkened significantly. “Get some sleep. I’ll keep watch tonight.”Harry fell asleep on his chair by the tent’s opening. “Witch like her are rare, don’t you think? Always learning. Always prepared.””She’s Hermione,” Harry replied.
“So you have been thinking about our smart witch. Also pretty. Will she let us kiss her, I wonder.”
“Shut up,” Harry yelled and fell off the chair.”Harry,” Hermione’s sleepy voice, woke him up and she helped him off the floor. “It’s my turn.”It was still dark out. Harry went to bed as she kept watch on the warm chair. She soon fell asleep to the chirping of crickets.
“Our smart and pretty witch.”
He kept her still in place, with his body so close to hers. She clenched her fists as his fingertips brushed her lips. “How would it feel if you let us kiss you?”Hermione shut her eyes when he leaned closer. His hot breath was like a waterfall, cascading down the tip of her nose to her lips.
“I wonder.”
“When hell freezes over,” she shouted at him.He laughed and chuckled, then his fingers were wrapped around her neck, slowly tightening. Fingertips pressed against her soft skin and pulse.”Hermione, ‘Mione, ‘ne,” she could hear Harry calling, trying to wake her from a nightmare he trapped her in.”Do you think you can handle us? My forbidden fruit,” his voice was chilling as ever. He moistened his lips with his tongue. “So tempting. Will you let us?”Suddenly, he let her go and she fell to the floor, gasping for air. Soon as she opened her eyes, tears rolled down her cheeks. Harry picked her up and held her as she cried. He helped her to bed and slept on a chair beside her.
“Our forbidden fruit must rest. She’s tired. So tired.”
Hermione woke to him on the chair with legs splayed, arms flung to the side and drool on his chin. “Harry,” she repeated and gently cooed to wake him.”Huh?””Sleep on the bed, I’ll make us breakfast.””What?””Bed, Harry.”He slowly made his way to bed and she helped him remove his shoes, then covered him with a blanket as he slept.
“She’s always so good to us. Always taking care of us. What have we done for her? A witch like her deserves to know how much we appreciate her.”
They ate breakfast with the radio static. It was always difficult to find the right frequency, but they always had hope.After doing the dishes, Harry fiddled with the radio as she read, or at least tried. Static, and more static.”Harry,” she sighed.He stopped and put it aside. “Show her, how much we appreciate our witch.”Suddenly the tent was filled with music from the radio. Violins were carefully being played as the keys of a piano were added, then the soft strumming of cellos. It was fast and happy.”Shall we?” Harry asked as he walked over to her.They danced, clumsily and joyously. Neither had any idea what they were doing. It was the first time laughter filled the tent.The music changed. There was a hint of emotions as fingers on the strings of violins moved slowly.Harry took her in his arms, hand placed on her back as she wrapped hers around his neck, over the cold chain of the locket. Sounds of an orchestra crashed between heartbeats.The look in his blue eyes was intense. It was the look she’d seen when she wore the locket, and its soul stared at her as his fingers moved as he wished, on her lips and neck. Yet, she couldn’t look away from him, them.
“Have you ever been kissed?”

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