Fanfic: (forever is) the sweetest con by Atlanta_Black (Free to read, 564,411Clicks)


Sirius Black graduates Hogwarts in 1978, two months later he looks James in the eyes and lies through his teeth.


No Archive Warnings ApplySirius Black/Voldemort Regulus Black & Sirius Black Sirius Black & Bellatrix Black LestrangeSirius Black James Potter Lily Evans Potter Regulus Black Walburga Black Orion Black Tom Riddle | Voldemort Bellatrix Black Lestrange Thomas MoregraveSlow Burn i cannot emphasize enough how much of a slow burn this will be Enemies to Friends to Lovers Death Eater Sirius Black POV Sirius Black Angst Black Family-centric (Harry Potter) First War with Voldemort Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence no character bashing of any characters Walburga Black’s A+ Parenting Canon-Typical Violence


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