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Description: Holly Potter knew that things were wrong. She knew that she was trapped in the wrongness and that wrongness lead back to Dumbledore no matter how she traced any lead she came across.

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Summary: Summary:

Holly Potter knew that things were wrong. She knew that she was trapped in the wrongness and that wrongness lead back to Dumbledore no matter how she traced any lead she came across.Told that Voldemort was a deadly enemy Holly played Golden Girl only long enough to get a word in edgewise to a re-embodied Dark Lord with no witnesses to run to Dumbledore. The Ministry Atrium was the only chance Holly could see. She took it and made a single demand…”Give Me Snape!” Holly demanded, staring down the supposedly evil Dark Lord.

Notes: Notes:

For Momma, DragonChalice, Sweet_Dark_Silence, Chris52_lane.

This was a plot bunny developed over on the Idea Test Bed. I have several chapters ready as a result.All at once posted for Thanksgiving! Happy Turkey Day!!!Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Chapter Text
“~Cast it Potter,~” Voldemort’s words hissed across Holly’s senses as she faced down Bellatrix across the Ministry Atrium. “~Cast the Cruciartus Curse on her! Avenge your precious Godfather!~”Vaguely Holly realized that those words were not coming from inside her mind but hissing in parsel against her ears. In the end it was hearing it that allowed her to slip into the language without a serpent in sight.”~Are you willing to make a deal?~” Holly hissed back, pretending to threaten the witch with her wand even as she spoke, unseen, to the only other parselmouth in the British Isles.”~The prophecy?~” Voldemort hissed in question. He hid his surprise over her parselmouth status surprisingly well even as he used it to his advantage.”~No idea what it said. One of your men knocked me down hard enough by tossing one of my team into me that it smashed. The noise was too loud for me to hear the bloody thing reading it off between your people, my friends, and the Order showing up,~” Holly said bluntly. She continued quickly at the sound and feel of his enraged hiss punctuated by her burning scar. “~I can give you whatever bollocks story Dumbledore hands me and a better idea how our weird mind link works? I can even give you a few things I won’t miss about what’s been happening and insight into private moments that Dumbledore insisted on with me. I can’t promise not to fight with how Dumbledore is threatening my very life and keeps me as a toy or a weapon, something to be put away when not in use. So what is even my reluctant cooperation worth to you?~”The silence that stretched between the parselmouths lasted for no more than a few heartbeats.”Bella, go,” Voldemort ordered in English. Holly took that as permission to turn around and actually face him as he stood off to one side towards the wall less than five feet away. The floo flared behind her as Bellatrix fled as ordered. Neither of the two remaining magic users left the dueling ready stances they had fallen into upon facing each other properly.”Sirius was my last chance to avoid going back to my magic hating relatives,” Holly said, allowing her rage fueled grief forwards to be seen fully by the man proclaimed as her enemy. “The moment the fucking Order tells them he’s dead it will start a count down to me being raped or sold off, just as my Uncle promised me years ago. I would frankly rather surrender to you. At least you don’t hate my very being for my magic. You always tried for a clean kill, the graveyard not withstanding, which is fair with how I pushed you. I think its pretty clear that the so called Light are going to make sure that I don’t survive much past you.””~Dumbledore is here,~” Voldemort hissed, once more speaking in parseltongue. “~If you are serious about this lets discuss thing like this to keep it private. We can tell him you are bargaining to avoid further bloodshed.~””~Fine by me but I don’t have the best control over speaking or not speaking,~” Holly warned, also in parsel. She hoped that Dumbledore hadn’t heard anything clearly from her in English.”~I want the names of your muggle relatives and if I see fit to buy you from them you will come quietly,~” Voldemort said firmly. “~What do you wish of me young viper?~””~Snape, give me Professor Snape to do with as I please for the summer but I want it magically enforced so that Dumbledore can’t take him away,~” Holly hissed in an aggressive tone that didn’t match what they were actually saying. “~I got a good look, once, at your Dark Mark. They’re slave brands. You made them swear oaths of loyalty to take a slave brand and made it all the stronger with it. Even if I joined you I don’t think I could take the brand, not with how I’ve been treated since my parents died.~””~Is joining me an option in your mind?~” Voldemort asked in surprise. “~Even with everything that has happened between us?~””~Yes, under certain conditions,~” Holly agreed. “~Your previous offers did not fall on deaf ears, merely a shackled heart. They’ve almost broken the last shackle they forged on my heart with their ruthless manipulation. I didn’t even get to pick my own friends even if a few of the ones I do have are truly mine. One looks at me as a payday and the other is Dumbledore’s man for all that she started as merely a rule and authority devotee.~””Well, well, well, a parselmouth not of the Gaunt or Slytherin Line,” Voldemort said in viciously pleased sort of way. His words and tone told Holly that the play for Dumbledore had started.”Dumbledore claims I got it from you the night you killed my parents,” Holly told him honestly with a careless shrug. “Something about a piece of you becoming a part of me that night? I just try not to let it dictate things in all honesty.””A piece of me?!” Voldemort hissed low, edging on the verge of slipping back into parseltongue. “I wonder if that means that you have been mine since the start and Dumbledore merely hid you from me?”They were still in their dueling ready stances and had started to circle each other as they shifted fully back to speaking English. The jerk of a magical pull dragging Holly away from Voldemort was a shock to both of them. The way Dumbledore stepped out between them and called out Voldemort’s birth name in challenge was less so.”Tom!” Dumbledore practically boomed even as his spell yanked Holly away to land her in the hands of the animated wizard and centaur statues.”A question, Dumbledore,” Voldemort asked with a menacing chuckle even as they continued to circle each other. “Why are you so insistent on controlling your golden girl? If she is truly my enemy why would you need to? Or is she just mistaken on certain key facts? Why does she have a scar on her hand if you are her protector?!”Voldemort struck with a wordless spell of crimson lighting on his last word and Dumbledore was forced to dodge. The alcove with a small statue behind him shattered into a large ragged archway as the blow landed. There were chips of stone, brick, and mortar flying every which way.”You have given her your own fair share of scars, Tom!” Dumbledore argued as he shielded from another blast, this time blue.”A scar that I did not give her!” Voldemort threw back at him in a fury even as he dodged Dumbledore’s own spell. A spell that animated some of the rubble into small animal forms to harass the Dark Lord as he moved about.Holly could tell that he was honestly angry about the blood quill mark. She hadn’t realized that he could even see it from where he was standing. She could also tell that his past possessiveness in killing her had shifted to something slightly safer for her. Whatever answers the Dark Lord had gained in their discussion had made him less inclined towards killing her. It had also shifted his view of her just as much towards belonging to him in some fashion as it had given Holly hope of escaping the Dursleys, perhaps even permanently.The quick back and forth of cast spells was dazzling to Holly’s eyes even as she squirmed to get free of the bruising grip of the statues. Voldemort’s words had hit a bit too close to home and she was suddenly finding herself, again, distrustful of the protection offered by Dumbledore. It slotted too neatly with some of the random things that her vile relatives had tossed at her over the years.A break in the fighting occurred at one point soon after Holly got free of the animated statues. Dumbledore noticed her freedom and magically sent her flying down the Atrium, away from the area of the duel. Holly landed wrong and couldn’t bite back the cry of pain as her cracked rib broke and shifted harshly on her landing. Her cry of pain shocked both wizards into momentary stillness.”~Do you need medical care?~” Voldemort hissed in parsel even as he eyed Dumbledore hatefully.”Broken rib, shifted down not up. I’ve healed from worse from my Uncle,” Holly grit out, unable to speak anything but English in her pain.”You have no need to lie my dear girl,” Dumbledore chastised her, completely ignoring her pain and injury.”Perhaps our guests could see to you while I deal with this old fool?” Voldemort hissed in controlled fury. “Madam Bones? Would you be so kind as to remove Potter from the field? You also might want a healer to see to her. I will want her checked under the laws regarding possible line theft with Potter also being the victim.””You have no standing here, Tom!” Dumbledore declared a bit too forcefully even as the Ministry Employees gasped in shock over the accusation.”Considering that little puzzle is the only thing keeping me from bringing down the entire building and leaving behind only rubble you should be grateful, old man!” Voldemort snarled. “Your little trick with the prophecy record will only hold me to mostly peaceful methods for so long.””Would you be willing to leave peacefully?” Madam Bones asked, her face completely white as she recognized the Dark Lord.”That depends entirely on if you plan to return Potter to Dumbledore’s substandard care. Now that I have taken an interest in her possibly being a member of my family I very much doubt that you want me deciding the the Ministry has been mistreating her or literally handing her over to one of my personal enemies. I recommend you do your bloody jobs and actually investigate rather than simply trusting the deceitful words of an old man!” Voldemort practically snarled. He was tossing everything he could think of verbally at Dumbledore and the Ministry dunces in part to distract them from Potter’s offered deal.”Are you willing to testify, peacefully?” Madam Bones asked cautiously. One of her medically trained Aurors was seeing to Holly even as she bargained.”Considering every time I tried to file a complaint or bring evidence forwards when I was younger you all threw me out? Considering Dumbledore has been threatening me since I was eleven?” Voldemort spat. “I don’t trust you to not attack me. If the only way I can get a fair hearing is war then I will begin the war again.””You’re lying! You never intended to offer anything but complete subjugation!” Dumbledore accused. The man wasn’t playing by the rules that Albus had set and it was starting to unnerve him.”Look in the mirror, old man, you aren’t talking about me but yourself!” Voldemort shot back. “After all you were Grindelwald’s lover and claim to have beaten him in a duel! History may be written by the victors but sometimes there is something left over from the fallen to warn the future generations. I refuse to let you continue killing off bloodlines one by one to take their children and everything they own and add them to your little empire! How many children, especially children with pending titles, are under your so called Guardianship?! How many have you placed in inappropriate or abusive homes?! How many have you forced into dangerous situations hoping that they will die?!””I have done no such thing and everything I have done is for the greater good!” Dumbledore said self righteously.Voldemort, unable to control his fury, shot another spell at him and the duel began again in earnest.The Auror playing medic dragged Holly out of the rapidly shifting line of fire and over to Madam Bones. His colleagues started casting area shields to contain the over powered duel. Madam Bones was snapping out orders and it was clear that she wasn’t going to let anyone butte into the ongoing duel. Holly, once Madam Bones passed close enough, grabbed the woman and dragged her down to listen to Holly’s words as the fighting continued noisily in the background.”If he’s willing to leave and just take me agree with it!” Holly ordered. “On my life and magic I trust the Dark Lord that is actively trying to kill me over Dumbledore just now. I refuse to go back to my relatives even if it means my death!”Madam Bones looked at her in shock and decided that while the words were honest and firm she could only publicly claim that Holly offered to end the fighting and protect people. It also told her that whoever the hell had the girl’s guardianship was going to be hauled in on charges of neglect or abuse and possibly down right attempted murder.”He could do anything to you!” Madam Bones objected in clear alarm.”Better than what my own Uncle has promised to do to me the moment he can get away with it,” Holly retorted with a gasp of pain from her still unhealed rib shifting again. “Uncle doesn’t consider anyone with magic as human.”Holly could feel the magic of the Dark Mark on several of the nearby Ministry employees. She knew that her words and actions would get back to the Dark Faction and its Lord even if she didn’t leave with them that day. At this point she could only hope that there was someone sane listening to her desperately hissed words of warning.Madam Bones’ face went hard before she spoke, “You aren’t going anywhere. If you think that a cell in the care of the Dark Lord is better than what you have to go back to then, even if I have to use trumped up charges, a Ministry cell would be kinder.””I doubt that,” Holly said with a mirthless chuckle. “Its too easy for Dumbledore to influence anything related to the Ministry. Voldemort is a bastard but he’s an honest bastard, at least to me he is. If he gives his word you can take it to the bloody bank! That’s not even saying anything about at least one Ministry employee having actively tortured me and Fudge’s attempt to see me thrown to the Dementors before school started this year. At this point ol’ Voldy is my best choice even if it means he brands me as his personal slave and torture toy. The only reason I didn’t fight you and the Aurors is because I know Susan. She was a good student this year when I had to run an underground defense course. Susan vouched for you more than once. Don’t let Dumbledore trick you or cast a memory spell on you. He’s done it before.”Holly’s words were like a body blow to the woman. The emerald eyed girl finally passed out from the pain practically in Amelia’s lap before she could say anything else.”Stupid chit has gone dark,” someone nearby said scathingly. “Toss her back to her Lord and be done with it!””The next person to suggest discarding or harming Holly Potter will be in Azkaban before you can cast a stunner,” Amelia Bones shouted in open fury. “On the grounds of attempted human sacrifice and attempted murder!”Bones’ shout echoed across the Atrium just as another pause in the duel occurred, allowing her words to echo clearly to every ear in the room.”If you can not keep your own people from harming her then I shall simply have to protect her until the mystery is solved,” Voldemort said in an icy voice that echoed around the room. “Give me the girl and I will leave peacefully.””No!” Dumbledore shouted only to attack even more viciously before anyone else could say anything.While the two powerful wizards were distracted one of the marked minor spies placed by Voldemort slipped forwards to try and collect Holly for his master. Madam Bones caught a glimpse of the brand on his left forearm and refused to let the clerk take her. The slight tussle over the injured girl only allowed a different marked follower to scoop her up and fade into the back of the crowd randomly murmuring St. Mungo’s to get everyone to let him by with the hurt teen. He didn’t make it free of the Ministry, instead an Auror suspected to be one of Dumbledore’s men “escorted” him to the hospital and arranged for a guard from his Auror buddies, each a Dumbledore supporter. The marked Death Eater could only comply and report back his failure at getting Holly Potter away for the Dark Faction.Back in the atrium, in the end, Voldemort could only flee and plot to collect Holly later.

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