Fanfic: Good Love by Lovegood by AhaMarimbas (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Harry needs a job, and Luna needs a model for her catalogue… of sex toys.

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyDraco Malfoy/Harry PotterDraco Malfoy Harry Potter Luna LovegoodModel Harry Potter Photographer Draco Malfoy Sex Educator Draco Malfoy Sex Toys Anal Sex Sex Educator Luna Lovegood Dildos Kink Exploration

Summary: Summary:

Harry needs a job, and Luna needs a model for her catalogue… of sex toys.

Notes: Notes:

This is an idea that popped into my head many moons ago, and while I tried to set it free as a prompt on the Drarry discord, it stuck around. And so, here is my advent fic, with a new type of sex toy every day or so. I’ll keep updating the tags as I add chapters, but this will definitely feature a variety of toys.
A huge thank you to Booktopus for your help in editing this work!
Finally, the Harry Potter Universe and it’s characters belong to J.K. Rowling, I just gave them a bunch of sex toys!

Chapter 1: Seize the opportunity

Chapter Text
¡°Tell me about something you¡¯re excited for!¡± Luna said eagerly as she handed Harry a cup of blackberry lavender tea. She sat down with her own cup and looked at him expectantly. He should have known something like this would be coming¡ªLuna loved to start conversations with unique icebreakers. This wasn¡¯t nearly as outlandish as some of the questions she asked, but it still caught Harry off guard, especially since there really wasn¡¯t anything exciting happening in his life at the moment.
¡°Um, I¡¯m not sure. I was excited to hang out with you today?¡± he tried.?
¡°That¡¯s sweet of you! I¡¯m always excited to spend time with you, too. But surely there are other exciting things happening in your life? We¡¯re only having tea for an hour or two. What will fill the remaining 166 hours in your week?¡±
Harry shrugged, not sure what she had expected. While Luna hadn¡¯t asked outright, she still fell right in line with all his other friends who kept hinting that he needed to find something to do with his life. Unfortunately, he hadn¡¯t yet managed to find a career or a passion that really stuck with him.?
¡°You know I don¡¯t have much going on,¡± he said after a moment. ¡°I just don¡¯t know what to do! Molly was lecturing me last weekend about it. She said I¡¯m being too narrow-minded about my options and that I should just accept the next project that appears without stopping to think about it. She thinks I¡¯ll learn something new that way, I think.¡±
¡°Oh, how lovely! Molly does give some wonderful advice sometimes.¡±
¡°Sure, but I don¡¯t think a job opportunity is just going to pop up out of nowhere.¡±
¡°No, of course not. Opportunities are not tangible objects that fall into your lap. Someone will bring it to you. Actually, I think it¡¯s fate that we¡¯re having this conversation, because I do need to hire someone! I didn¡¯t think you would be interested at first, but if you¡¯re open to trying new things, you might enjoy it!¡±
Harry had long since learned that it was important to pause and collect himself before reacting to Luna¡¯s surprise declarations. People often replied to her seemingly wacky ideas on instinct and played right into her wishes. He¡¯d done it his fair share of times too, and while she had never steered him wrong , exactly, it wasn¡¯t always what he wanted either.
¡°I don¡¯t think I¡¯m the person you need, Luna. I don¡¯t think having had sex a handful of times in my life qualifies me to teach people about it. You probably need to hire a well trained educator who can do as good a job as you,¡± he reasoned.
Luna beamed at him. ¡°That was a very mature response, Harry. I think you could actually be a sex educator if you wanted! You have the right mentality, you¡¯d just need a bit of training. But that¡¯s actually not the job I had in mind.¡±
¡°Oh? Then what else could I possibly help you with?¡±
¡°I have a line of toys that I sell, and I need a model for this year¡¯s catalogue. I think you would be perfect! You¡¯re very handsome.¡±
Harry could feel himself blushing at the praise, but soldiered on. ¡°I¡¯m flattered that you think I could be a model, Luna, but wouldn¡¯t you want a kid to model toys?¡±
Luna burst out laughing, her tea sloshing onto her bright orange dress. Harry removed the cup from her hand and cast a quick cleaning spell while waiting for her to calm down. He had no idea what was so funny.
¡°Oh, Harry,¡± she said, in that same tone Hermione used when Harry was about to learn something that should have been obvious. ¡°I don¡¯t sell children¡¯s toys. In fact, it¡¯s rather illegal to sell my products to minors.¡±
¡°Adults play with toys?¡± Harry asked, still confused.
¡° Sex toys, Harry!¡± Luna exclaimed. ¡°Do you really not know what those are?¡±
Harry felt the blush return, for entirely different reasons this time.
¡°I, uh¡­ I¡¯ve heard of them? I don¡¯t know much about them though, and I don¡¯t think I¡¯ve ever even seen one. I do understand why you wouldn¡¯t want a child modelling those though,¡± he added quickly.?
¡°Yes, that would be inappropriate. Having you model them, however, would be a good choice, I think.¡±
Harry blanched as he realised what she was asking of him. There was no way in hell he could do that.
¡°Luna, I can¡¯t model sex toys!¡± he spluttered. ¡°You know very well what a field day the press would have if I appeared naked in a shopping catalogue! They¡¯d spread the photos through every home in Britain!¡±
¡°The Quibbler wouldn¡¯t,¡± she said lightly. Harry resisted rolling his eyes, but only just.
¡°Sure, but that¡¯s one out of five major publications in the country. I¡¯ll never have a day¡¯s peace, from reporters and fans hounding me and trying to get more naked pictures.¡±
¡°That¡¯s true,¡± she mused. ¡°Unfortunately people¡¯s grasp of consent tends to get quite warped when it comes to celebrities.¡±
¡°Exactly!¡± Harry cried, proud that he managed to prove a point to Luna. She usually managed to rip everyone¡¯s logic to shreds.
¡°Well then, we¡¯ll just have to make sure there are no identifying pictures of you.¡±
¡°We¡­ what? What does that mean?¡±
¡°Well, we¡¯ll make sure that the pictures don¡¯t show your face, or any other part of your body that is easily identifiable, like the scar Umbridge left on your hand. But a lot of sex toys tend to revolve around genitals, so I don¡¯t see an issue there. We can have our female model do all the pictures that involve a face.¡±
¡°Female model?¡±
Luna nodded. ¡°Apologies if this is too invasive of a question, but you do have a penis and testicles, right?¡±
Harry nodded, mortified at where this conversation was going.
¡°Well then, you can¡¯t very well model toys designed for a vagina. Hence, I¡¯ve hired a model with a vagina for those images. But her schedule is pretty tight, so you can do all the rest.¡±
¡°Luna, this is crazy. I can¡¯t model sex toys!¡±
¡°Why not?¡± she asked seriously.
¡°I don¡¯t even know how to use them! I¡¯m sure I¡¯d look like a right fool.¡±
¡°Well, I¡¯d have an educator at the shoot to help pose you, of course. It might not be me; I have quite a few courses booked in the next couple of weeks and I do need this catalogue done soon. But my team is very knowledgeable.¡±
¡°Your team? How many people are going to be there? And how can I be sure they won¡¯t blab to the press?¡±
Luna blinked at him. ¡°I don¡¯t hire people I don¡¯t trust, Harry. None of them would reveal your identity without your permission.¡±
¡°That¡¯s all very well, but it doesn¡¯t change the fact that I would have to model sex toys. And let someone take pictures of it! There are very few people who¡¯ve ever seen me naked, you know.¡±
¡°It¡¯s natural to feel afraid, Harry. Society tends to teach us that our bodies are shameful things that need to be hidden away, but that¡¯s just not true. I won¡¯t force you to do this if you¡¯re not comfortable. Your consent is of the utmost importance. But you did say you were looking for an opportunity to try something new, and this is something new.¡±
They sat in silence for a moment as Harry digested everything they had just talked about. Could he really model sex toys for her catalogue? He didn¡¯t think there was anything wrong with the way he looked. In fact, he was actually quite proud of his body¡ªhe¡¯d been working hard to get it to look the way he wanted it to, motivated by years of not being happy with his size as a teenager. Wouldn¡¯t this be a great way to show it off, and maybe lose some of his shyness?
¡°I¡¯d better go to St. Mungos,¡± he sighed.
¡°Why? Are you feeling ill?¡±
¡°Well, I must be out of my mind to agree to model for you.¡±
Luna clapped excitedly, though she was also laughing from his little joke.
¡°Don¡¯t worry, Harry. You¡¯re just as sane as I am.¡±

When Harry arrived at the studio on the morning of the photoshoot, there were pixies tumbling around in his stomach. He¡¯d followed the grooming instructions Luna had given him and, in turn, she¡¯d assured him that she had made the team as small as possible for his comfort. All he had to do was be there and follow instructions, and the photography team would take care of the rest.
In truth, it was actually a little exciting. He¡¯d never considered modelling as a career, and he¡¯d definitely never thought about doing it naked; but if this went well, maybe he would look into doing some of the clothed sponsorships that big companies kept offering him. It was a possibility that was starting to take root in his mind, and that was what motivated him to walk through the door, ready for the day.
¡°Hello? I¡¯m here to do the photoshoot for Good Love?¡± he announced, not seeing anyone upon entering.
He heard rustling in the corner of the studio and turned to see a shockingly familiar head of blond hair straighten up from rummaging in a box. His worst fears were confirmed when the man turned to face him.
And that was how Harry found himself face to face with Draco Malfoy for the first time in over five years.
¡°Potter. Glad to see you¡¯re on time. I¡¯ll be directing today¡¯s photography session.¡±

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