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Mallory Griffin has lived on the streets of New York ever since she was 13. Now, at 15, her father, the Greek god Apollo, has given her some shocking news. Her grandfather is the Dark Lord Voldemort. And he knows about her.She swears she will help bring him down, but as she gets to know him, and many other, she comes to this realization:


Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Graphic Depictions Of ViolenceHarry Potter/Ginny Weasley Hermione Granger/Ron Weasley Arthur Weasley/Molly Weasley Hermione Granger & Harry Potter & Ron Weasley Original Character & Apollo Original Character & Tom Riddle | Voldemort Original Character & Luna Lovegood Original Character & Luna Lovegood & Ginny Weasley Original Character & Padma Patil Original Character & Padma Patil & Luna Lovegood Original Character & Harry Potter Original Character/Blaise Zabini Original Character & Original CharacterApollo Tom Riddle | Voldemort Narcissa Malfoy Lucius Malfoy Draco Malfoy Severus Snape Walden Macnair Nott Sr. (Harry Potter) Blaise Zabini Theodore Nott Pansy Parkinson Daphne Greengrass Tracy Davis Gregory Goyle Vincent Crabbe Harry Potter Ron Weasley Hermione Granger Luna Lovegood Ginny Weasley Neville Longbottom Padma Patil Minerva McGonagall Albus Dumbledore Dolores Umbridge Original CharactersAlbus Dumbledore Bashing Serverus Snape Bashing LGBTQ+ Representation Author projecting themselves onto the OC Pan-romantic OC Book 5: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Fantasy Racism Period-Typical Homophobia OC isn’t gonna take it She’s Pan-romantic and proud and so am i Ron Weasley is a Good Friend Hermione Granger is a Good Friend Dark-skinned Harry Potter Black Hermione Granger WE STAND FOR REPRESENTATION Father-Daughter Relationship Grandfather-Granddaughter Relationship Relatively Good Slytherins They get their additudes in check The Golden Trio Era (Harry Potter) The Golden Trio Luna supports LGBTQ+ people cause she’s awesome Ravenclaw-Centric Ravenclaw OC – Freeform Discrimination This is the 90s after all and the wizarding world Pansexual Luna Lovegood Hetero to Bi Padma Patil Voldemort Is Still His Bastard Self Aroace OC



Mallory Griffin has lived on the streets of New York ever since she was 13. Now, at 15, her father, the Greek god Apollo, has given her some shocking news. Her grandfather is the Dark Lord Voldemort. And he knows about her.She swears she will help bring him down, but as she gets to know him, and many other, she comes to this realization:
All isn’t as it seems.


This work contains a pan-romantic character, whom I am projecting myself onto. If you are homophobic, or don’t like the LGBTQ+ community, get lost. I will not appreciate you fouling up my comments just because you’re close-minded. This is 2021 people, times are changing.
Being pansexual means that you are attracted to a person’s PERSONALITY, not their GENDER. Pansexuals are attracted to non-binarys, gender-fluids, and others along with male and females. The ‘romantic’ part of my label means I’m not sexually attracted to a person, and my not experience sexual atraction, but I am ROMANTICALLY attracted to them. There’s a difference. If you have any questions, you can look them up. Thank you!

Chapter 1: Prologue

Chapter Text

A girl leaned against the railings that surrounded the underground subway entrance, breathing in the warm afternoon air.  She may not have been born in New York, but she enjoyed the city all the same.  It was very different from her small town in Iowa, where she grew up.  A string of her hair fell into her eyes.  She frowned, pulled it back, and sighed, rolling her eyes.  The girl reached up and pulled out her ponytail, letting her blond hair fall around her face.  She turned, walked over to a window of a close business, and began pulling her hair back into a ponytail.
There was a light breeze, which hindered her work for a bit, but she managed to get a tight grip on her hair and tied it back.   The girl took her hand and brushed back some flyaways behind her ear and gazed at herself in the reflective window for a moment longer.  Long blonde hair, with the ends of it a reddish color, now pulled back, fair skin that she knew from personal experience got tanned easily, as well as burned easily, and blue-green eyes.  Framing her eyes were her not-quite-so-dark red, squarish glasses, and some freckles scattered across her face.  She wore earrings, shaped like thin diamonds, with a clear crystal on the top and a blue stone on the bottom.
Her shirt was dark green, and she wore a gray jacket tied around her waist.  The girl bent down and brushed off something that got on her blue jeans, straightened up, put her hands on her hips, and turned back around to observe the city once more, one of her black boots tapping the ground.  She began fidgeting with her jacket, looking for the pocket she put her phone in so she could check the time, when a “Psst!” made her pause. She glanced around, tense and eyes wary.  The “Psst!” came again, and she identified it as coming from her left.  She raised her hand to her neck, playing with a necklace, then began twisting the ring she wore of her right pointer finger.
The girl walked over to where the “Psst!” came from and peeked around the corner. Then she relaxed.
“About time!” she said. “You’re never usually this late, Dad.” the man, who looked to be 20, grinned.
“Got held up by my father.” he spread his arms. “What, no hug?” the girl rolled her eyes, but smiled and gave him a hug.  Her father was…how should this be put…a very interesting man.  He had golden-blonde hair, bright blue eyes, was tanned, and was a very fun-loving person.  Oh, and his name was Apollo.  Like the Greek god. 


like the Greek god.  The girl, who was named Mallory, had been raised by her mom in California, where the teen had been born, and when Mallory was two, her mother took her back to her hometown of Springbrook, Iowa, where her mother had lived as a young girl.  Mother and daughter had moved around a lot, first living in Mallory’s grandmother’s house, then an apartment, then a house, then a trailer, then another house, her grandmother’s again, and then the final house. All that moving had really confused the teenager, but when one fateful day came and went, she finally understood why.  It was because she was a demigod, half god and half human.  Her mother had made the decision to move around a lot to confuse monsters whenever they picked up her daughter’s scent, however faint it was.
However, one day when Mallory got back home, she and her mom had been attacked by a hoard of snakes, who quickly killed her mother before turning on the then 13 year old.  Mallory would have died if a powerful blast of sound hadn’t thrown the scaly creatures away, and that was the moment Mallory found out about her heritage.  Ever since, Apollo checked up on her, and tried to convince her to go to Camp Half-Blood, where she would be safe.  But she had inherited her stubbornness from her mother, and it also reminded Apollo of his sister, Artemis.  Mallory hadn’t felt like she was ready to go there just yet, but she agreed to hang around the New York area so she wouldn’t have far to go if she needed to make a quick escape to the Camp.
“So, why did you want to meet up?” Mallory asked her father.  “Usually you check in once a month, and it’s only been a week since you last did.” Apollo’s smile dimmed a bit, which stirred up an uneasy feeling in the teen.
“I have recently received another prophecy.  It doesn’t refer to the Great Prophecy, but I have a feeling it refers to…you.” Mallory creased her eyebrows and pressed her lips together.
“What did it say? Do you know what it means yet?” Apollo shook his head.
“I can’t tell you, that’s part of the ‘Divine Laws’,” he made quotations as he said the last two words. “There’s nothing I


tell you. But,” he raised a finger with a grin. “I can


you on it.” Mallory grinned.  Her father was always finding loopholes in the rules, and she loved him for it.
“So, what can you advise me on?” she asked. Apollo blew out a breath.
“Well, first things first, there is another society on this earth filled with wizards and witches who practice magic.  It turns out that you are descended from one of them.” Mallory blinked.
“I am?” she asked, disbelieving.  Sure, she lived in a world where mythology was real, but was she


related to a bunch of wizards?
“Yes, you are.” he bit his lip, the glow around him dying down a bit. “But the bad news is that your grandfather is…well…the Dark Lord.  The bad guy.

O kakós týpos.

” Mallory slowly blinked, then closed her eyes and groaned.
“Just my luck.” she muttered. “Have a grandfather with an ego problem on one side, and a lunatic on the other.  Just


.” Apollo couldn’t hold back a snort of laughter at his daughter’s comment.
“Okay, okay,” he said. “Getting back on topic.  The Dark Lord, or Voldemort as he is called, has recently returned.  He was blasted from his body and left as a spirit after he tried to kill a baby named Harry Potter.  Voldemort, however, has now regained his body through some Dark Magic.” Apollo paused before continuing. “He also, unfortunately, found a spell that showed him a family tree. His family tree.” Mallory had an awful feeling about where this was going. Apollo snapped his fingers and a golden image of a family tree popped up. “He found out that your grandmother, who he was with many years ago and left him due to his increasing love of the Dark Arts, had your mother, and then you.” he pointed to where Mallory’s mother’s name, Amanda, was at, just below a line of gold connecting the names Katherine Kilburg and Tom Riddle.  Her mother’s name had a line of silver thread connecting to nowhere, but another gold line trailed down from it to her name.  Mallory Griffin. Mallory stared at it.
“So…he knows about me.  Bad news I’m guessing, but what’s he going to do about it?” Apollo smiled slightly.  His girl was a smart one who asked the right questions.
“Well, he is looking for you, and has found out you live here,” he spread his arms around to indicate New York. “He also is


curious on who your father is.” Mallory smiled wryly.
“Let me guess, don’t tell him who you really are?” Apollo grinned and winked.
“Bingo! But,” he added. “He will get to meet me.  He’ll just think that I’m, what they call, a pureblood.  Someone who doesn’t have any non-magical blood in them. Which I think is stupid because-”
“Magic comes from somewhere,” Mallory interjected. “It would have originated in those with non magical parents.”
“That’s my girl!” he said, smiling. “So, he’ll be grabbing you any day now.  Just act like you have zero clue on what’s going on.”
“That’ll be easy.” Mallory said. “I still don’t know everything.” Apollo slung his arm around her, pulling her into a tight hug.
“I’ll be introducing myself to him shortly after he contacts you.  Then we’ll proceed from there.” he rubbed her arm and pulled her into a full hug. “Good luck.” he whispered into her ear.  He stepped back and vanished after Malloy closed her eyes.
She opened them, blew out a breath, then turned and walked away.

There she is.

Macnair thought, half-hidden in the shadows.  The girl was walking casually along, untied her jacket and put it on as the sun sank lower in the sky and brought a cool breeze with it.  She slid her hands into her jacket pockets and began skipping.  He retreated into an alley, leaning on the side of a building.  He casted a spell that revealed where she was around the corner, and waited until she was


there.  Quick as a flash, he grabbed her arm, yanked her into the alley, and slammed his hand over her mouth. Her surprised gasp was muffled, and he pointed his wand at her neck.
“I can assure you I mean you no harm.  Just don’t make a sound.” she slowly nodded and he lowered his hand, looping it around her waist, and disappeared with her in tow.

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