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Description: In an AU, where Harry Potter was born three years earlier, Neville Longbottom became the Boy Who Lived. When the war ended, although destiny had favoured some, such as the Potters, it had been cruel to most of the Wizarding World, leaving greater marks for the future generation. Still, even in the darkest of times, happiness can be found, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

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Summary: Summary:

In an AU, where Harry Potter was born three years earlier, Neville Longbottom became the Boy Who Lived. When the war ended, although destiny had favoured some, such as the Potters, it had been cruel to most of the Wizarding World, leaving greater marks for the future generation. Still, even in the darkest of times, happiness can be found, if one only remembers to turn on the light.

Notes: Notes:

After reading way too many “Harry has a sibling” fanfiction, in which Harry’s siblings, James and Lily are complete arseholes, I’ve decided to attempt writing a fic in which Harry has a good relationship with them. So, don’t expect any bashing here.Right, so what have I changed?James and Lily had Harry three years earlier, right after they finished Hogwarts (don’t think much about the age, if you must, pretend they were twenty-one, as it hardly matters for the fic). They joined the Order, fought, had another son called William, who was born at the end of July (he and Harry have the same birthday). Snape hears the Prophecy, tells Voldemort and both the Potters and Longbottoms go into hiding.This is where the actual changes happen.Voldemort, being an only child, decides to go after the Longbottoms, and doesn’t really pay much mind to the Potters, as he cannot imagine his equal not being an only child. Neville becomes the Boy Who Lived.Why does Neville survive?This won’t be the focus of the fic, but in my mind what happened was: Voldemort gave Frank Longbottom the choice to surrender, then to give Neville to him and to join the Death Eaters, three options Frank refuses. Therefore, boom, Neville has the lighting scar, because his dad died for him even though he had been given options to live. Not as convincing as Lily dying for Harry, but that’s what I can think of. And, I think it’s sort of believable that Voldemort would give Frank an opportunity to join him, after all, Frank was said to be a very good Auror. Now, this is everything I can tell you, without spoiling anything.I hope some of you find this fic interesting enough to give it a go and, if you enjoy it, leave a comment with your thoughts, suggestions and even grammar correction. See you in the next chapter!

Chapter 1: The Potter Family

Chapter Text

No matter where they were or what they did, the Potter family always caught the attention of the few residents of Chilham, Canterbury. Firstly because no one understood why such a young couple had so many children or how they had managed to get so much money to live in one of the best houses in the area. After all, they were one of the few families that had come from abroad and had no roots in the small village. Still, what truly piqued the neighbours’ curiosity was their eccentricity.

Mr Potter was a young man, who had a very boyish look, with his messy hair and strange fashion choices for a father. If one looked from far away, he could be mistaken for a rebellious young adult. It was a known fact that he was a stay-at-home dad, while his wife worked at a local school ¡ª this only made the family seem weirder. Mrs Potter, for the few adults who had had the pleasure of talking with her, was an exceptionally kind-hearted and smart young woman, who would often be the talk of the village not only because of their oddities but also due to her beauty.

Together, Mr and Mrs Potter had four children, who were the joy and pride of the family ¡ª and you should pity the one who dared to speak ill of any of them in the presence of their parents.?

The eldest and more well-known one was Harry Potter, who had recently completed eleven-years-old, and was currently hiding behind the old Higgs’ shop, as he waited for the gang of boys who were searching for him to lose themselves.

He couldn’t help, however, to take a peek. He saw that Gary Lewis, a burly and idiotic boy, leader of the gang, was screaming at his friends, complaining about their incapability of finding Harry. Meanwhile, Robbie Wright was looking for him in the shops; John Bradley was interrogating everyone in the streets; and, well, Ian Cleese was trying to steal a sweet from the bakery, while the shopkeeper was too distracted talking with a friend of hers on the phone.

If Harry planned right, he could leave without getting their attention – but this just wasn’t him.

So, with a wave of Harry’s hand, Gary, who was sitting close to the fountain, fell into the water as if a strong wind had hit him and sent him backwards. For them, this would never make sense, but Harry knew this was all magic ¡ª his magic.

As he watched the scene, Harry roared with laughter, gathering the attention of the other members of the boy’s gang, who quickly started to run after him. To delay them, Harry, with his wand in his sleeve, cast the Tripping Hex his godfather had shown him yesterday, being careful to not make it too obvious he was using magic.?

“Get him!” Gary screamed at the top of his lungs, once he got out of the fountain.

Harry ran as fast as he could to his bike, which was hidden in the bush at the Wilson house, and started pedalling down Sole Hill road. It didn’t take long for their voices to disappear in the rural image of Chilham.

It was always


easy when you had magic working out in your favour.

It was only several minutes later, when he was almost arriving at his home’s gate, that he noticed that a big, large and grim-looking dog had been following him.

“Padfoot,” Harry greeted the dog, as he unclimbed his bike and approached the dog, which quickly turned back into a human. “Saw anything interesting today?”

Sirius Black smiled at his godson, looking quite amused, and said, “As a matter of fact I did. I’ve recently met this little boy who is always getting himself into trouble. He likes using magic to throw idiots into the fountain ¡ª he’s quite creative honestly.”

“Sounds like a nice fella. Can you get me his name? Perhaps we could be friends.”

“Potter, Harry Potter,”

“I must say that’s a great name,”

“Definitely. But do you know what’s an even better one?” Sirius said with a tricky expression. “Lily Potter. I heard she had sent her son to the village today to say goodbye to his friends, but, instead, he knocked out one while leaving the park, threw another one in the fountain-”

Harry’s face suddenly became a serious one, “Will you snitch me?”

“Me?” Sirius asked, looking offended. “Do you mistake me for old, grumpy Moony?”

“Well, you never know when someone’s allegiance may change,”
“Oh, please, you know me better than that,” Sirius said, as he opened the gate for them to pass and then murmured an enchantment to it, once it was closed, locking it. “Now, what I do want to know is, what has caused such ¡ª how would your mother say? ¡ª despicable behaviour from you? I know that you have a bit of mischief in your veins, but Lily Evan’s blood in you is too strong to let you make such a mess without being provoked.”
Harry shrugged, “I went to Joshua’s house today, to say goodbye and all, as mum had suggested. But, in the middle of the way, I saw those idiots messing with him¡ª”


“They were using him as a punching bag ¡ª I had to do something about it.¡±

¡°I see,¡±

¡°I’m sorry if I broke the rules, but I couldn¡¯t let them keep it going knowing that I could stop it.”

Harry dared to take a quick look at his godfather and was relieved to see that he seemed to be proud. It was fortunate that Sirius always understood him.

“You won’t tell mum, right?” Harry asked, once he placed down his bike close to the garage ¡ª which was also Moony¡¯s unofficial residence ¡ª and moved to the house’s back entrance.

“Of course I won’t. I was supposed to be watching you today – imagine what she’d do to me if she figured out I allowed you to get in such a mess.”

“You’d be a dead man,”


“And here I was thinking you cared about me.”

Sirius snorted, “How naive of you, Harry.”

As Harry opened the door, he immediately felt a rush of magic in him – he loved it.

In the kitchen, Bruin, the house-elf, worked on the supper, with multiple ingredients and pans flying all over the room. On the snug, Edward was playing with his soldier toys, along with the miniature dragon that Peter Pettigrew ¡ª Edward’s godfather ¡ª had given to him a few days ago. Harry approached Edward to get a look at the battlefield he had created in front of his Hogwarts replica. It was then that Harry realized that his toys were in the front roll, facing the fire that was coming out of the little dragon’s mouth.

“Oi! Edward! Is that my collection of the most famous wizarding swordsmen?” Harry asked, a bit outraged with his little brother’s actions. He didn’t mind sharing – he never did – but one thing was sharing, another one was to allow his toys to get destroyed. “Give it back. You are burning them!”

“I’m not ¡ª Lion is.”

Harry frowned, “Lion? Who’s Lion?”

“My dragon,” Edward said as if it was obvious and Harry could hear Sirius laughing. “If I want to stop a dragon, I need an army ¡ª a


one. Or else Hogwarts will get destroyed!”

“Or you can just go play with something else,” Harry said, taking his Godric Gryffindor replica from his brother’s hands. Godric’s beard had now been turned into ashes and his sword had been mostly melted.?

It was useless to complain now, the toy was gone.

“I’ll ask daddy to fix them later,” Edward said sympathetically, offering his big brother a kind smile that made it difficult for anyone to maintain their anger against him. “It’ll be just as good as new. He always fixes my toys.”

“Burned toy’s normally can’t be repaired with magic, Eddie. Sometimes you can transfigure them, but it’s not the same,” Sirius said while ruffling the little boy’s auburn hair. “I think you should apologize to Harry for taking his toys without his permission.”

“Sorry, Harry,” Edward said, as he picked a bunch of toy knights and offered them to Harry. “Do you want them back now? You can play with me too if you want.”

Harry sighed, what was gone, was gone. There was nothing he could do about it.

“No, you can keep them. It’s yours now.”

Edward¡¯s lips curled into a big smile, but before Edward could say anything, Lily Potter entered the room, with a look on her face that both Harry and Sirius knew all too well. The lack of a smile, the intense stare and the very uncomfortable silence could only mean one thing: he was in trouble.?

Now, he just needed to figure out what she had learned about.

“How did things go with Joshua, darling?” Lily asked with a fake tone of casualty, as she pretended to verify what Bumi was making in the kitchen. Meanwhile, in the snug, Sirius and Harry kept mouthing and exchanging looks, trying to figure out what they should do. “A kneazle caught your tongue?”

Harry swallowed, he was in trouble ¡ª big trouble.

“Yeah, it was great,” he said quickly, too quickly and it was only after the words came out of his mouth that he realised that they didn’t make sense to the question she had asked. “I mean, I did go and say goodbye to him. It was a bit sad, as we won’t see each other for a while, but it was good to say goodbye.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes, mum,”

“Do you want to know what I think is funny?” Lily asked and he accepted that there was no hope for him. After this sentence, nothing funny would ever come out of her mouth. “I called his parents today, asking them if they had seen you ¡ª as you were one hour late ¡ª and they said you didn’t go to their house today. Now, I suppose they must be lying, as you’ve said that you went there to talk to him.”

Harry noticed, from the corner of his eyes, that Sirius was quietly making his way out of the room. He’d endure the lecture alone.



“I can explain¡ª”

“I’m sure you can. But, before you do it, I’ll give you a few more details so you can build a better lie to tell me,” she said, giving him that awful look of disappointment. “Such as the fact that Elliot Smith was found knocked out in the park today, John and Ian claimed they couldn’t give two steps without tripping today, and Gary Lewis says that he was pushed by an

invisible force

into the fountain. Have I forgotten something else?”

Harry kept changing the weight of his body from one leg to another and, for whatever reason, his hand couldn’t leave his hair.

“I think that’s all,”

“What about Robbie’s broken nose? Let me guess, you had nothing to do with it, am I correct?”

“It was only a punch! It wasn’t meant to break his nose,”

Harry regretted the words as soon as they left his mouth. His dad would be disappointed ¡ª how could he incriminate himself? He was such an idiot.

“But, mum, they deserved it!” Harry said a bit louder than he would normally speak. ¡°They were beating Joshua up. I had to help.¡±

Harry noticed that something in his mum’s posture had positively changed, but her disappointed expression was still there.

“So this justifies you using magic against muggle kids?”

“They deserved it ¡ª it was five against one. It wasn’t fair!”

“Was it fair for you to use magic on them?”

Harry let the question sink in and, for a moment, the entire room went quiet ¡ª even Edward had stopped playing to watch the scene. He knew using magic outside was wrong, but using it against muggles was even worse. But if he had to, he’d do it again.

“Would it be better if I had just turned my back when my friend needed me? Even though I knew I could stop it?”

His mother sighed and got closer to him, placing a hand over his shoulder.

“I’m proud that you stood up for your friend, Harry ¡ª I truly am. You’ve got a great, great heart,” she said, as she pulled him into an embrace. “But you have to understand that every time you use magic here, you place us in a very difficult situation. It’s getting harder for me and your dad to hide you all when you bring such constant attention to us.”

“Mum, we live in the middle of nowhere, they won’t find us,”

“So I hope,” Lily said, giving one last squeeze to her son, before breaking up the hug. “You do understand why we have to stay hidden, don’t you?”

He knew because every time he used magic outside the house she’d remind him of it.

“Because of the Lestranges ¡ª the Death Eaters ¡ª are still around and you want to keep us safe from them, so we won’t end up like the Bones,”

The Bones had already suffered a lot with the war against Voldemort, having multiple members of the family killed. However, even after Voldemort’s downfall at the hands of Neville Longbottom, their misfortune remained. Everybody knew about the assassinations of the Bones, in which Amelia Bones, her brother, sister-in-law and niece were all killed, in the same evening. Although the culprit was never officially found, the Potters ¡ª due to the Order of the Phoenix ¡ª knew this had been the work of the Lestrange.

“And we won’t end up like them, as long as we follow the rules,” Lily said, placing a kiss on the top of his head. “Now, I know you had truly noble reasons, but you did break up the rules and you know what this means¡ª”

“Mum, come on, I’m leaving for Hogwarts tomorrow¡ª”

“I’m aware of that. And I’m also aware that your father and godfather can teach you a lot of things in twenty-four hours, such as the Tripping Hex you used today ¡ª which reminds me I should have a conversation with Sirius later. Therefore, I’ll be staying with your wand until we arrive at the Hogwarts Express.”

“Oh, come on! Are you kidding me?”

“Do I look like I’m kidding?”

She didn’t, not even a little bit.

Harry sighed, gave her a wand, and as he was leaving the room, he said, “Anything else?”

“Yes,” she said, and Harry already expected to lose his right to eat the dessert today. But, as his mother smiled, he realised the trouble was gone. “I love you and I’m very proud of you for standing up to your friend.”

“Love you too, mum,”

He then left the kitchen and went to his room, which was located on the second floor of the house. The rooms of the four Potter children had the same size and had pretty much the same furniture – something about making them all equal or whatever. Still, they’d differ according to their owner’s creativity. Harry’s room, for one, contained multiple Quidditch posters ¡ª some were even signed ¡ª all over the walls, making it difficult for anyone to see the blue walls of the room. On the shelves, there were little books, but dozens of joke items, toys, muggle and wizarding board games, and pictures of his family.?

He was laying in his bed, thinking about all that had happened today, when his dad got inside the room and sat in his bed by his side. His father was always happy, hardly ever being seen without a smile on his face, but today he seemed way too bright ¡ª even for his standards.

“I heard you made quite a mess in the village today,” unlike his mother, James said the sentence as if he couldn’t be prouder and happier about his son’s actions. “Well done, Harry! Well done!”

Harry laughed, “Thanks, dad.”

“Now, come on, tell me the complete story ¡ª with all the details.”

So Harry told him about how he had used the Knockback Jinx on Eliot and, accidentally, the boy had hit a tree and passed out; how he used the Tripping Hex on John and Ian so they could never reach Joshua; how he had punched Robbie once he had found out where he was hidden; and, lastly, how he had used wandless magic to push Gary into the fountain. James Potter was the best audience one could have, as he would cheer and celebrate every little thing Harry told him about.

“Do you know what I think it’s funny?”

Unlike his mother, whenever his dad said this sentence, something funny would actually come out of his mouth.


“Yesterday, after you won that trivia game we were playing, your mother spent the night saying ‘

Oh, my son this

‘ and ‘

My son that

‘. Twenty minutes ago, however, when she told me to come here to talk to you, she said ‘

Go speak to your son about the mess he made today

,” James said, smiling and making an incredibly accurate impression of his wife’s voice. “I guess that whenever you break the rules you are my son, and whenever you are an ickle swot you are hers.”

“Are you disappointed by it?”

“The heck I am, couldn’t be prouder if I tried,”

Harry smiled, it was amusing to see how different his parents were.

“Now, she also told me she had confiscated your wand. If you want, I can try to get it-”

“You mean, this one?” Harry said, taking out of his right pocket the wand he had bought a week ago at Ollivanders. “Sycamore and dragon’s heartstring, eleven and a quarter inches long. Pliable.”

James laughed and ruffled his son’s hair, saying, “A little marauder in the making, indeed. Nice one, Harry! How did you trick her?”

“I gave her Uncle Charlus’ old wand,”

His father genuinely seemed confused, “Why were you walking with two wands?”

“Because you can never be too prepared?” Harry said, attempting to give his father his best innocent look.


“Well, you know, I have this theory that the Trace is on the wand. So, I wouldn’t be caught making magic if I used Uncle Charlus’ one and¡ª”

“I’ve already told you it’s on you, not the wand,” James said for what felt to be the hundredth time.?

¡°But how could it be? We¡¯ve never left here. So, how could they have found a way to place it on me?¡±

“It was placed on you right after you were born.¡±?

“Why can’t you and mum just take this off of me? This way we could live closer to the civilization ¡ª not in the middle of nowhere,”

“If the Trace is removed before the person completes seventeen, the Ministry ¡ª don’t ask me how ¡ª gets notified. So it’s useless to try it. Believe me, me and Sirius spent our fifth-year summer reading all about it,” James said. “Besides, you know that our civilization, nowadays, it’s quite uncivilized, Harry. We are safer if we don’t show ourselves.”

“If we hide like cowards, you mean,” Harry replied. He hated living in Chilham, away from the entire Magical World. He had never even met another wizard of his age.

“We hide, because we love all of you more than anything, Harry. It’s not because we are cowards. I’d never forgive myself if what happened to the Bones happened to us… We have to stay low, for as long as we can, because it isn’t safe for us ¡ª your mother especially. ”

“Why?” Harry asked, although he already knew the answer they’d give him. He just wanted to see if they would give him a better explanation now that he was eleven.

“As you know, your mum is a muggle-born and there are many people that don’t think she’s worthy of taking a part in our world. Lestrange, Malfoy, Burke, Avery ¡ª all rotten to the core,” James said, suddenly looking so serious that didn’t even look like him anymore. “Also, during the war, we defied Voldemort and his idiotic followers way too many times and they aren’t exactly the forgiving sort¡ª”

“Meaning?” Harry knew what it meant, he was just keeping the conversation going.?

He wanted so badly to know more about the war, but his parents still treated him like a little kid.?

“Meaning that we, Potters, have a massive target on our backs and we don’t know what will happen if we go outside. Therefore, it’s better to lay low and not get much publicity.”

It was hard to keep his anger against his parents, considering that he knew they were right. Everybody knew that although Voldemort had disappeared, the Death Eater action was still present. It wasn’t uncommon to see the Dark Mark on the Daily Prophet nor was it strange to see some politicians – such as Rabastan Lestrange – openly talking about pureblood supremacy. The war might be over, but the battles were still happening.

“I know you are right,” Harry murmured after a while, as he laid his head on his father’s shoulder. “But it isn¡¯t fair.¡±

¡°That¡¯s the hardest truth, Harry; nothing in our world is fair.¡±?

¡°I just wish things were different.”

“Me too,” James said, after a long moment. James took a deep breath, almost as if he was trying to gather his strength to smile again, and eventually he did. “But you know what, Harry? You are off to Hogwarts now, things will be better there. While I was in school¡ª”



time ago,”



years ago,” James corrected, with a smile while tickling his son. “There was some tension in our final year. But, overall, Dumbledore managed to leave Hogwarts quite untouched by the war. I’m certain your time there will be better than mine was.”

“I hope so,”

“When I was younger, in my early twenties perhaps, Dumbledore said something to me that I’ve never forgotten,” James said. Then, he proceeded to make his best impression of Albus Dumbledore¡¯s voice, saying, “Happiness can always be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

“Too poetic for you, dad ¡ª it doesn’t suit you talking like this.”

“I know, I was never meant to be the wise one,” James shrugged. “But it doesn’t mean that I can’t give my son advice every once in a while.”

“What’s your advice for tomorrow then?”

“First, have a good time. Second, if you do something wrong, don’t get caught. Third, if you do get caught, let me know about it first, so I can ease things up with your mother.”?

Harry laughed, making his father smirk.?

“Thanks for the wise words, dad,”

“Always here for you,” James said. “Now, seriously, I know that things can get rough in Hogwarts. But, just remember that you can make anything better as long as you don’t give up trying.”

“I know. It’s the second rule of being a Potter: never give up.”

“Exactly. Now, what’s the other rule?”?

“Don’t be an arse like my father?”

“That’s your mother’s rule, I was asking about mine, you little prat.”

“If need help, I come straight to you,”

James smiled and got his son closer to an embrace, ¡°Exactly. No matter what, me, your mum, Sirius, Peter and Remus will always be here for you, alright?”

“I’ll miss all of you,”

“We’ll miss you too,” James said, and later placed a kiss on top of his son¡¯s head. In his mind, he secretly wished he hadn¡¯t just lied to his son, by telling him everything would be alright.?

Not long after that, father and son left the room to, respectively, wake up the

lazy uncle

and call the other children for supper. Harry¡¯s first stop was at his brother¡¯s William ¡ª mostly known as Liam ¡ª room.?

¡°Liam, come on, mum is calling for supper,¡± Harry said while knocking on the locked door. ¡°Liam! You know the rules ¡ª no locking doors.¡±

¡°Harry!¡± the younger brother exclaimed, strangely sounding very relieved. In a matter of moments, Liam opened the door, quickly pushing his older brother inside the room, ¡°I need your help.¡±

As Harry noticed a few worms over his brother¡¯s clothes and hair, he said, ¡°What have you done now, Liam?¡±

¡°Nothing too serious! I swear.¡±


Liam sighed and then showed Harry to empty vials, ¡°Look, I just mixed up the wrong potions¡ª¡±

¡°And how did you get them to begin with? Did you sneak into mum¡¯s office again?¡±


¡°Liam, you know lying is very bad…¡±

¡°I didn¡¯t steal them from mum. I got them in dad¡¯s office, I swear,¡± Liam said. ¡°But I think dad labelled them wrong, as this was meant to be dittany but, instead, it creates worms. And, now, I cannot get rid of them.¡±

Harry doubted his dad had labelled the vials wrongly. Harry didn¡¯t know why, but nothing at his dad’s office was what it was meant to be – the books screamed when they were opened, he kept a cupboard in it just so he could store a boggart, there was this weird book and a quill that randomly written names, among dozens of other oddities.?

Overall, Lily and James Potter weren¡¯t strict parents. They only had two rules that the four kids had to follow by heart: don¡¯t use magic outside the house and never touch anything from their offices. So, Harry had always guessed that whatever they kept in their offices were truly important for some reason, as if they were not, they wouldn¡¯t have created the rule.

¡°Why were you searching for dittany?¡±?

His brother who was always so confident suddenly looked embarrassed, ¡°I hurt myself while flying today.¡±

Harry sighed, ¡°You went flying on your own again? We¡¯ve talked about this ¡ª you need supervision.¡±

¡°I just wanted to get better at it ¡ª even Edward, who¡¯s 5, flys better than I do.¡±

¡°Hurting yourself is not going to help to get better.¡±

¡°I know,¡± Liam murmured. ¡°But can you just help me? Please?¡±

¡°Fine. Where are the worms?¡±

¡°In the sink,¡±

It took Harry and Liam almost an hour to get rid of the worms. They probably could¡¯ve done faster if they had noticed earlier that the potion vial was spilling the potion on the sink, causing more and more worms to be created with each drop. Fortunately, all they had to do to make them disappear was to get them out of the water and wait for a couple of minutes.?

As the two eldest children made their way to the dining room, they quickly realised they were the only ones missing ¡ª even the three uncles were there. There was one spot missing between the Potter couple and another one by Peter¡¯s side.?

¡°Finally,¡± Sirius murmured, only to receive a reprehensive look from Mary, his wife.

¡°What were you two doing upstairs? We¡¯ve been calling you for so long,¡± James said, giving each of them very curious eyes. If it was Harry and Edward upstairs, or Edward and Holly, he would¡¯ve known there was nothing to worry about. However, Harry and Liam together were always the recipe for trouble.?

¡°We were arguing,¡± Liam said simply as he took the seat by Peter¡¯s side.?

¡°What about?¡± Lily inquired, looking especially at Harry, who she doubted would have started an argument between any of his siblings.?

¡°I stole his broom again and it¡¯s a bit damaged now,¡± Liam said. ¡°Sorry again, Harry.¡±

Harry, who had just now learned about the broom part, made his best effort to not look surprised with the information.?

¡°Again, Liam? Honestly, you are just as stubborn as your father¡ª¡±

¡°I could say the same about you,



Lily was about to reply, when Peter cleared his throat, in a very well-executed attempt to gather everyone¡¯s attention.

¡°With all the excuses, I believe we are forgetting the point why we are all here tonight,¡± Peter said. He then smiled brightly at Harry. ¡°Our little man will be off to Hogwarts tomorrow and it calls for a celebration. Let¡¯s not waste his last night here, with silly arguments over a broom.¡±

¡°Couldn¡¯t have said it better if I tried, Wormy,¡± Sirius said, raising his glass to the short man, before drinking the wine.?

Lily and James eyed each other and, then, at William, before smiling like proud parents at Harry. Anyone who knew them knew that their discussion was far from ending, even if they had called for a temporary truce.??

¡°Why can¡¯t I go to Hogwarts too?¡± Edward asked, making the adults and Harry laugh. Everybody knew that the little boy wanted to go to Hogwarts more than any other thing in the world.

¡°Hogwarts only accepts students above eleven, Eddie,¡± Remus said kindly.?

¡°I don¡¯t need to be a student, I just want to know the castle. Oh, Wormy said that the statues can come alive with a spell, is it true, daddy?¡± Edward said, speaking very quickly as he would always do when the subject was Hogwarts.?

¡°It is, but it¡¯s very rare for it to happen.¡±


¡°Why don¡¯t we talk about this later, Eddie? We¡¯ve already waited too long for the food, I bet everyone is hungry now,¡± James said and Edward nodded. ¡°Bumi.¡±

In a matter of moments, the food materialised in front of them. Each and every of Harry¡¯s favourite dishes were on the table. Shepherd’s pie, roast beef, pork chops, bacon and steak, roast potatoes….and, most importantly, that beautiful treacle tart.?

¡°Shouldn¡¯t we make a toast first?¡± Sirius asked, already raising his glass, being quickly followed by the others. ¡°To Harry, our pride and joy!¡±

¡°To Harry!¡±

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