Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Poly Relationship by CaptainNinnin (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: Harry and Cho had one disastrous date in their relationship. And then he went on to marry and have kids with Ginny Weasley…but what if it went differently? What if Cho ran into Ginny after the date? Ginny was left behind because she was underage when Hary, Ron, and Hermione went off on the mission from Dumbledore…but what if she wasn’t as young as everyone thought? What if Ginny was a little older and was able to be more part of the group during that time? And what if they both fell for the Boy Who Lived? I do not own anything but the idea.

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Harry and Cho had one disastrous date in their relationship. And then he went on to marry and have kids with Ginny Weasley…but what if it went differently? What if Cho ran into Ginny after the date? Ginny was left behind because she was underage when Hary, Ron, and Hermione went off on the mission from Dumbledore…but what if she wasn’t as young as everyone thought? What if Ginny was a little older and was able to be more part of the group during that time? And what if they both fell for the Boy Who Lived? I do not own anything but the idea.


Chapter 1

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Cho Chang ran back to the castle with tears on her face. The rain falling around her. It had started shortly after she left Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop in Hogsmeade. But she didn¡¯t care about getting a little wet. She didn¡¯t care that she was bumping into students taking cover in shops or the Three Broomsticks. She wanted nothing more than to get back to the Ravenclaw Tower and cry and cry and cry.

She couldn¡¯t believe it. She had hoped that today she was finally going to talk to someone that could understand what she was going through. That she was finally going to be able to put Cedric behind her. She had just left Harry Potter to go on his date with Hermione Granger. Cursing the day that Hermione had gotten her letter to come to Hogwarts. If she wasn¡¯t here she would have found peace with what happened the year before she was sure of it.

Her eyes were so filled with tears as she passed the entrance hall of the castle and up the Grand Staircase. She made her way around the castle not thinking or caring what was in her way. She didn¡¯t notice Ginny Weasley as she made her way back to Gryffindor Tower after her Quidditch practice. And she ran headfirst into the new Gryffindor Seeker. ¡°Oi!¡± Ginny said not even knowing who it was that had bumped into her.

¡°Get out of my way.¡± Cho cried as she tried to push past her. The last thing she wanted to do was to talk to Ginny Weasley right now. The rumor going around was that she was in love with Harry. Hell for all she knew he might have tried to arrange a date with her too until he found out that she was going to be training all day on the pitch. Which she guessed had to have been called off because of the rain that was pouring down outside.

¡°Not until you give me an apology,¡± Ginny demanded. ¡°I know Harry likes you but that doesn¡¯t give you a free pass with me Chang,¡± Ginny said to her.

¡°HA! If Harry ¡®liked¡¯ me why did he make a date with Hermione? His dream girl.¡± she said in a huff.

¡°She isn¡¯t his dream girl,¡± Ginny said to Chang tears reforming in her eyes. As she heard Ginny¡¯s words. Ginny looked at her trying to figure out what was happening here. She knew that Harry was looking forward to today…which caused her some personal pain that she wasn¡¯t willing to deal with right now.

¡°You should have heard him on our date. Telling me that he was going to meet her after me. And how he would talk to her over talking to m-¡± Chang started but she was stopped by Ginny who slapped her.


!¡± Ginny roared her voice echoing off the walls so it sounded like a hundred Ginny Weasleys were yelling at Cho. And something about this made Cho calm herself.

¡°I wish more than anything Harry had asked me out instead of you. But he loves you. It took me years to even try and walk away from that. And I never could fully.¡± she said huffing out.

¡°I thought you were dating Michael Corner?¡± Cho asked her.

¡°Yes, I am…but I don¡¯t like him in that way,¡± Ginny said to Cho. ¡°My friends here wanted me to go out with someone to just try and get over Harry. And I am trying…but I don¡¯t like him as a boyfriend.¡± Ginny said.

¡°That must suck,¡± Cho said to her.

¡°It does. So…start from the beginning and tell me what happened.¡± Ginny said to her. She found talking to Cho that she didn¡¯t hate her as she thought she would. If anything she was surprised at how easy it was to open up to her about her sham of a relationship. So for whatever it would do she wanted to hear Cho out.

¡°Y-You want to hear my side out?¡± Cho asked her trying to figure out why. She was going out with the one man that Ginny wanted to be with. The man that had saved her in her first year. Why would you want to hear the side of that person after the date failed and not celebrate how badly it went?

Ginny sized Cho up as she sat down across from her. ¡°I don¡¯t have many girlfriends here. I grew up the youngest of seven with six brothers. I know how they think. And why they do the things that they do…Harry likes you, Cho. And if he truly messed things up I want to understand why.¡± Ginny said looking at her.

¡°Fair enough…I guess,¡± Cho said then turned her head and looked out the window watching the rain coming down outside, and slowly opened up and told Ginny everything. Told her about how the date started great talking and laughing. Then a couple of Slytherin girls made fun of them. Followed by unease about what to do next. Finally going to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop.

¡°I had been there with Cedric last year. And it is so romantic with him,¡± Cho said leaning up against the window looking at Ginny sitting there holding her broom.

¡°And that was mistake one,¡± Ginny said to her.

¡°What do you mean?¡± Cho asked her.

¡°1) Harry isn¡¯t Cedric. They are two different people, what worked with one won¡¯t work with the other. Trust me I have six brothers and none of them are even remotely similar apart from Fred and George. Bill, Charlie, Percy, and Ron are so different from each other. Filling the range of everything from super-cool dragon tamer to disowning his own family for a job with the Ministry.

¡°2) Talking about Cedric with Harry right now is just going to cause problems. He saw him die and the Prophet calls him mad for it. I know that you miss him. But just dropping that in his lap out of nowhere. That would cause him to clam up.¡± Ginny explained. Cho¡¯s face changed with each bit of information. From finding out that Ginny¡¯s family had fallen apart to some degree thanks to the Ministry¡¯s stance on You Know Who¡¯s return. To thinking about how she was trying to hold Harry to Cedric¡¯s standards.

¡°Which is what happened,¡± Cho admitted thinking about how Harry had started to act more uncomfortable as the date went on looking at the other couples there kissing and holding hands. But she also wanted something and she thought that she should bring that up with Ginny now. ¡°I thought he would want to talk to someone about all of that. I know I do.¡± Cho said looking out the window.

¡°He didn¡¯t talk about it for the longest time. We were with him through the end of last year and the summer too, he barely talked about it. And if it wasn¡¯t for that Dementor attack he wouldn¡¯t have come with us yet.¡± Ginny said and saw the look on Cho¡¯s face, having not heard about the Dementor attack. ¡°Long story. Anyway, he tried to bury it for as long as he could. Then Hermione AND Ron broke him down and got him to open up.¡± Ginny said to her.

¡°And then there is the fact…he had no friends growing up,¡± Ginny said thinking about his past before he came here.

¡°Huh?¡± Cho asked her.

¡°The Muggles he lives with. They treat him badly. Before he got his first letter he would be shut up in the cupboard under the stairs if he used his magic. And his cousin would enjoy getting his parents to shut him up for next to nothing. Plus he was bullying git that would scare anyone away so that Harry would always be alone…¡± Ginny said balling her hand into a tight fist. Every time she thought about what the Dursleys put him through she wanted nothing more than to punch them.

¡°I had no idea…he never talks about them,¡± Cho said looking at her and imagining a young boy trying to make friends and then a bigger kid getting rid of anyone that came close to being a friend. It was horrible but to think that he would have to go home and live with that bully.

¡°Well, he never wants people to pity him. So he clams up when he comes across anything that might cause him pain. He bottles it up and tries to ignore it. Burying it deep inside.¡± Ginny said looking off into space. Wanting nothing more than to help Harry unbottle that pain and help him erase it.

¡°So he buried it too?¡± Cho asked Ginny shaking her from her thoughts. Not feeling alone right now. Not here with Ginny pouring their emotions out to one another. And, like Ginny, wanting to take Harry and help erase that pain making it a distant memory that would never hurt him ever again.

¡°Yup. He had nightmares about it. I heard him over the summer talking in his sleep. Still might in all honesty. What happened next?¡± Ginny asked forcing the conversation forward.

¡°We sat in silence looking at other couples holding hands and kissing. Which I guess was mistake two or continuation of mistake one.¡± Cho said.

¡°Yup,¡± Ginny said to her with a smile looking up at her. The first smile she had during this whole conversation. And Cho noticed she had a nice smile. ¡°Harry is a great guy. But the keyword there is GUY. He would get uncomfortable in a place like that. Hence the silence.¡± Ginny said with a smile. Thinking back Cho remembered something.

¡°I-I think he tried to grab my hand…¡± Cho said thinking about the lurching motion he made for the sugar bowl.

¡°He probably felt like he had to. And then what?¡± Ginny asked.

¡°He said he was going to meet Hermione. And I tried to make him jealous…¡± Cho said to her now learning from this woman the truth about that action.

¡± they said together. And then they started giggling.

¡°Yeah looking back on it that was when he seemed to put every foot in his mouth,¡± Cho said with a smile.

¡°So Harry has athlete¡¯s tongue from the number of feet in his mouth right now?¡± Ginny asked with a similar smile.

¡°Yup,¡± Cho said. They giggled again. ¡°How do I fix this?¡± Cho asked her earnestly.

¡°I don¡¯t know,¡± Ginny said looking down. She had heard her out and learned what happened. She wished it was easy for her to say no she couldn¡¯t help her. She didn¡¯t want to like Cho. Cho was taking the man she daydreamed about. The man she would give almost anything to make her man…but she was finding that she liked her. And that she wanted this to work out. She just didn¡¯t know where to begin or why she wanted them together in the first place.

¡°Common,¡± Cho said going to sit next to Ginny. ¡°You have been sitting here listing to all of this and telling me what I did wrong. So what should I do to make this right?¡± Cho asked holding her hand. They looked at each other and Ginny pulled her hand away. Somehow she felt weird holding Cho¡¯s hand. She didn¡¯t know why but holding her hand made her insides turn to butterflies.

¡°I can talk to Harry for you. Tell him that you want to try the date again.¡± Ginny said looking at Cho uncomfortable now and she didn¡¯t understand why or where these butterflies were coming from.

¡°Thank you,¡± Cho said smiling at her. She liked talking to her…but she also felt a little uneasy tension. She didn¡¯t know where it was coming from but she knew that she was happy to have run into her on the way back to Ravenclaw Tower. ¡°Oh, I forgot. I¡¯m sorry for running into you.¡± Cho said with a smirk.

Ginny started laughing at that. ¡°It¡¯s about time you apologized for that.¡± Ginny joked. And the two laughed together.

* * *

¡°Harry, can I talk to you?¡± Ginny said later in the Common Room. He was sitting with Ron and Hermione like normal.

¡°Sure,¡± he said looking up at her and gesturing to a free chair next to him.

¡°Alone?¡± she asked. She didn¡¯t want to bring this up in front of Ron. And she didn¡¯t know why. She just felt uncomfortable talking about this with Ron there.

¡°O-Okay, I¡¯ll be back guys,¡± Harry said with both Ron and Hermione looking a little unsure of what she was about to talk to Harry about without them.

They climbed through the portrait and quickly found an empty classroom nearby. ¡°I ran into Cho earlier,¡± Ginny said to Harry. Harry was shocked but listened to what she had to say. ¡°Well, to be more precise she ran into me. She was really upset,¡± she said.

¡°Yeah, I know. I blew it during the date. Hermione already talked to me about what I did wrong. I didn¡¯t understand half of it…¡± Harry admitted to her.

¡°You¡¯re a guy. You¡¯ll never understand any of it.¡± Ginny said matter of factly. Harry chuckled a little. ¡°We talked about everything that happened. You managed to put your foot in your mouth a couple times from what I heard…along with everyone else¡¯s too.¡± Ginny smiled at him who chuckled. ¡°But it was half her fault too. Trying to compare you to Cedric. And trying to make you jealous after hearing about Hermione. It ended with her wanting to have another date. To try and

¡®fix things.¡¯

¡± Ginny said to him.

¡°Really?¡± Harry asked shocked by the turnaround. Crying about Cedric and, by her own admission apparently, jealousy of Hermione and then asking Ginny to help her set up a new date.

¡°Yes. She said she is going to be free next Saturday. And was hoping that you two could try to have a better date.¡± Ginny said with a small smile. She was nervous about the answer and she didn¡¯t know what she was nervous about. Him saying yes or him saying no and not knowing why either way.

¡°I-I don¡¯t know what to do here,¡± Harry admitted to Ginny.

¡°What do you mean?¡± Ginny asked.

¡°I want to go out with her again…but what if it ends as badly as before? Me putting my foot in my mouth or her asking about…¡± he said to her. He didn¡¯t want to talk about Cedric. He couldn¡¯t not with her…not yet.?

¡°It won¡¯t if you be yourself. And let her see what she liked about you before she agreed to go to the ball with Cedric,¡± Ginny said taking his hand and she felt that same feeling like she did years ago when he came to visit the Barrow. Wanting to impress him with anything and everything so that he would see her as more than just Ron¡¯s sister.

¡°Thanks, Ginny…if you run into her again tell her I¡¯ll be waiting for her in the Entrance Hall after breakfast,¡± he said to her. He went back to Ron and Hermione. He felt a world better hoping that he hadn¡¯t blown it yet and could make it up to Cho somehow.

Ginny stayed there for a minute trying to get a grip on herself. She felt happy, sad…and lonely. When she heard about the date the first time she was so jealous it made her shake with rage at the mere thought of it…but she wasn¡¯t jealous anymore. She didn¡¯t know what she was anymore. All she knew was she might have just gotten Harry and Cho together again…but she was so lonely. In a relationship, she didn¡¯t want to be in and not in love with any man but Harry right now. ¡°Don¡¯t blow this you two,¡± she said looking at the door as a tear formed in her eye.

* * *

Saturday morning came and Ginny, Cho, and Harry were thinking about the days¡¯ events. Cho walked down to the Great Hall smiling and hoping that today they weren¡¯t going to step in it and both of them were going to truly go out on a date together. Cho was walking down a hallway and heard yelling.

¡°Why do you want to break up with me out of the blue?¡± she heard a male voice.

¡°I just can¡¯t pretend anymore.¡± Ginny¡¯s voice said. This caught Cho¡¯s attention. She had been talking to Ginny almost every day since the failed Valentine¡¯s date with Harry. Her friend Marietta Edgecombe was getting jealous.

They had been best friends for years. But Cho found it easy to talk to Ginny about a lot of things she just couldn¡¯t talk to Marietta about. Like her feelings about Cedric and his death. Cho was certain that that wasn¡¯t going to bring down this date with Harry today. ¡°And what the hell does that even mean?¡± Michael demanded.

¡°Look I don¡¯t want to drag this on and make you or I regret anything that we have done together. Because I do care about you. I just don¡¯t want a relationship with you.¡± Ginny said to him.

¡°Bullshit. I saw you with Chang. She is going out with Potter. Everyone knows that you have a crush on him. You¡¯re living through her, aren¡¯t you? At least until you find a way to weasel your way in and make him love you instead…bitch?¡± he said. Cho slammed the door open with her wand drawn.

¡°You don¡¯t apologize for that I think you might need the hospital wing,¡± Cho said pointing her wand at him. Ginny watched her standing up to Michael for her and felt something deep inside of her cheer. But she put her hand on Cho¡¯s shoulder.

¡°Let him think what he wants,¡± Ginny said to her.

¡°I don¡¯t care what he thinks. But I¡¯ll be damned if someone calls you a bitch.¡± Cho said still pointing her wand at Michael who looked grumpy. Ginny felt that same something start dancing inside her.

¡°Sorry,¡± Michael said with a snide smile and stormed out of the room in a huff clearly upset that his relationship with Ginny was over.

¡°You didn¡¯t have to do that ya know,¡± Ginny said to her with a small smile.

¡°I know. If you wanted him to pay he would pay. I was just passing and heard you and…damn it after everything you have done for me I just couldn¡¯t stand it.¡± Cho said looking at her. Ginny started to blush a little slowly matching the color of her hair.

¡°Are you embarrassed?¡± Cho asked with a smile.

¡°N-No,¡± Ginny said shyly.

¡°You are.


.¡± Cho started sing teasing her. Ginny didn¡¯t want to laugh but seeing the smile on Cho¡¯s face as she sang the line over and over again made her burst out laughing. The two girls went down to breakfast smiling and giggling about what had just happened. Then the two went to their House Tables both happy.

Ginny felt the weight of the relationship she knew wasn¡¯t going to last was over. And that today the date was going to happen. Harry smiled as he saw both Ginny and Cho walk into the Great Hall together.

¡°When did you get so friendly with Cho?¡± Hermione asked.

¡°Valentine¡¯s Day.¡± both Harry and Ginny said together and then smiled at each other.

¡°Wasn¡¯t that the day of your first date?¡± Ron asked.

¡°Yeah. I ran into her afterward and helped arrange this new date. I assume you told them it was me that helped set this up?¡± Ginny said to Harry.

¡°Nope. I thought you wanted me to keep it secret.¡± Harry said looking at her.

¡°Not really. I just didn¡¯t want to talk to you about it in front of…these two.¡± Ginny said covering for her true reason for not wanting to talk to him because Ron was there and didn¡¯t want to do that with him present. Hermione eyed Ginny and then looked at Cho who was looking nervous talking with Marietta. Now and then shoot glances at Harry. And she could swear she was looking at Ginny too.

The four of them ate breakfast talking and laughing. Harry talked with Ginny a lot for tips with Cho but was also just laughing and talking with her too. Quidditch came up a lot. But he also asked for her advice about how he looked. Hermione watched this and you could almost see her thinking about something. After Harry saw Cho stand up he jumped up too.

¡°Well, I¡¯m off wish us luck,¡± Harry said looking nervous as he started for the door.

¡°Merlin¡¯s beard, I hope that boy doesn¡¯t put his foot in his mouth this time,¡± Ginny said watching as the two of them walked out of the Great Hall.

¡°Oh, he¡¯ll be fine. I gave him a bunch of tips for this date,¡± Ron said with a smile.

¡°And when was this Ronald?¡± Hermione asked looking at him sternly.

¡°What? It was during one of your many trips to the library,¡± he said and then felt Ginny punch him in the shoulder before she stood up. ¡°What was that for?¡± he asked Ginny.

¡°Too many reasons,¡± Ginny said rushing out of the Great Hall.

¡°Seriously what did I do?¡± Ron asked Hermione who just looked at the entrance of the Great Hall sure that she was right about what was going to happen.

* * *

¡°Uh, Harry we just ate breakfast why are you trying to set up a picnic?¡± Cho asked with a nervous little smile. As she watched Harry ruin the flowers he was going to try to give her by trying to set the blanket up near the lake. The kite that he had brought was bobbing on the surface of the lake where it landed because there was no real wind today to make it fly without magic. The giant squid was poking it trying to figure out what it was. The only thing that Ron had suggested for the date that wasn¡¯t going awkwardly was the Chocolate Frog in Cho¡¯s hand.

¡°Uh,¡± Harry started to get nervous.

¡°Because he got advice from an idiot,¡± Ginny said coming up to them.

¡°Ginny?¡± both of them asked seeing her.

¡°I know that Ron is a good guy…but don¡¯t listen to him for dating advice,¡± Ginny said to Harry holding his hand. Then she quickly took her hand away and looked at Cho who just smirked at her.

¡°So you have something in mind for the date?¡± Cho asked with a smile. Even Harry smirked a bit looking at her.

¡°Follow me,¡± Ginny said with a smile as she lead the way to the Quidditch Pitch. She lead them to the Broom Cupboard and brought out two school brooms. ¡°I double-checked that the Pitch is free today before I thought of bringing you two here. And you¡¯re good. The next training session isn¡¯t until tomorrow. So you two have the Pitch to yourselves today.¡± Ginny said with a smile.

¡°Thanks, Ginny. You¡¯re a lifesaver.¡± Harry said with a smile.

¡°More like a date saver,¡± Cho said with a smile.

* * *

¡°Common why would Harry be down here at the Quidditch Pitch? I told him to take her on a picnic.¡± Ron said as he and Hermione went looking for Harry hours later. It was almost dinner. And he still hadn¡¯t returned from his date with Cho.

¡°About that Ronald, they had just finished eating breakfast. So why would a picnic on the edge of the lake be a good idea?¡± Hermione asked as they slowly made their way through the areas of the Pitch.

¡°Well, it¡¯s romantic right? And Cho likes romantic things.¡± Ron said. Hermione rolled her eyes. As she walked through the stand and found a light on in the changing area and she heard something. She peeked inside and then elbowed Ron. ¡°Ow! What was that for?¡± he asked her and tried to bully his way past. But she put up a fight and considering Ron was a lot bigger than she was giving him hell. But inevitably she lost and he made his way into the changing area. And was shocked by what he had found.

* * *

¡°Well, I think I should leave the two love birds alone,¡± Ginny had said when she handed Harry and Cho their brooms.

¡°Why don¡¯t you join us?¡± Cho asked with a smile as she walked past her and got out another broom.

¡°This is your date,¡± Ginny said uncomfortably looking at her.

¡°You saved it from it being awkward…again,¡± Cho said with a smile looking at Harry who just rubbed his hair messing it up a little.

¡°Are you sure?¡± Ginny asked looking at Harry.

¡°If Cho wants it I¡¯m fine with it. And it could be fun. We can test who is the better Seeker.¡± Harry said with a smile as the three of them made their way out onto the pitch proper.

¡°Maybe, but I really want to be a Chaser when the frog is sent packing,¡± Ginny said talking about Umbridge.

¡°One can hope that¡¯s soon,¡± Cho said too smiling as the three of them mounted their brooms and started to fly around the Pitch. The three of them flew around and dive-bombed each other at times at others they would throw around the Quaffle for Ginny to practice for her ultimate Quidditch goal.

The whole time Harry would start slyly flirting with Cho who smiled as she heard his words. Ginny would smile at this too. And she could see what Harry was saying about Cho. She was beautiful as she flew around the pitch. Harry on the other hand when he wasn¡¯t flirting with Cho he

Her red hair blew in the breeze behind her. And her smile as she laughed at some of the jokes that Harry would say to both of them. And Harry was wondering why he hadn¡¯t noticed any of this before. And Cho noticed something too. She noticed what made her attracted to
in the first place.

She had been seeking him out this last year for an outlet for her grief. But right here right now she was falling in love with his skill on a broom. He wasn¡¯t someone that was a hero. He was a man that knew his way around a broom. She watched as he flew through the air with ease on a broom that was miles behind what he had gotten used to with the Firebolt. But he might as well be flying his old Nimbus 2000 right now.

And the other thing she noticed was how pretty Ginny was. She flew with grace and appeal. And she found herself flirting too. But with Ginny and not Harry. At first, she did it to tease Harry. Then she found herself doing it hoping to get some return reaction.

Ginny liked being flirted with. She never thought about a woman before, but Cho was flirting with her, and the thing that she felt inside when Cho came to defend her started to cheer again. But Ginny would look at Harry who smiled as Cho flirted with her. And then she started flirting with Harry in return.

The three of them flirted with each other in a never-ending triangle. Harry would flirt with Cho. Cho with Ginny. And Ginny with Harry. They laughed as Ginny showed off with the Quaffle. And then flirted some more. Harry found a Snitch and released it so Cho and he could have a mini race to find it with Ginny being their audience and cheering for them.

¡± she yelled.

¡± Harry yelled back to her with a smile on his face as he and Cho came closer to the Snitch.

¡± Cho yelled as she snatched the Snitch out from under Harry¡¯s outstretched hand with cheers from Ginny watching the two of them. Harry had a hand on Cho¡¯s as he looked into her eyes. Before he could stop himself he kissed her.

Cho welcomed this kiss. And it wasn¡¯t like the kiss they shared after that DA meeting months before. It was warm and passionate. Ginny watched this kiss and felt mixed feelings. She loved that she was able to fix the relationship with her two friends Cho and Harry…but she also wanted to be in the kiss too.

Harry kissing her as they won the Quidditch Cup flashed in Ginny¡¯s mind. Then a scene where she was kissing Cho sitting on the edge of the lake flashed in her mind. She shook herself and tried to get herself back to the moment at hand. Not wanting either to realize that she had just had a fantasy about both. And not sure where the second one came from.

Cho broke the kiss and Harry breathed in her scent. That was the kiss he always wanted from Cho. It was everything that he had ever wanted…but something was missing. Cho smiled at him then flew over to Ginny. Who didn¡¯t know what to do as Cho approached her.

¡°How can I forget my cheering section?¡± Cho asked with a smile and she kissed her. Ginny felt the wings of the Snitch on her cheek as Cho placed both hands on her cheeks. Ginny kissed her back longing for this kiss to never end. But Cho ended the kiss and the two of them looked into each other¡¯s eyes.

As Cho lowered her hands Ginny knew what she was about to do and she couldn¡¯t believe she was about to do this. She floated over to Harry who looked at her as Cho smiled at the pair. Ginny slowly pressed their lips together and kiss her crush, Harry Potter. Harry welcomed her kissed and kissed back hungrily. Like this was his life-saving water. And Harry knew what was missing in the kiss with Cho, Ginny Weasley.

¡°Shall we find someplace to explore this a little more?¡± Cho asked floating next to them. Harry and Ginny broke the kiss and look at Cho and then at each other.

¡°Yes.¡± they both moaned and the three of them almost literally flew to the changing room area the afternoon sun beaming down on the three of them as they dismounted their brooms and ran to the changing room area with both Ginny and Cho giggling hard as Harry smalled at the two of them.

* * *

They had spent the rest of the afternoon kissing each other. Nothing more, none of the three were ready to make that next leap yet. But they shared their fantasies and their desires when they felt like they needed a breather. With each kiss, they shared with each desire or fantasy spoken they knew that they were in love.

But then Ron burst into the changing area dumbstruck. Seeing the three locked in an embrace kissing each other passionately. ¡°
¡± Ron asked the three of them and this caused them to split and Cho and Harry to look like kids caught doing something bad.

¡°And what does it matter to you?¡± Ginny asked completely mad that the fact that the best kiss of her life was interrupted.

¡°You¡¯re my little sister,¡± Ron said to her.

¡°And I happen to have been kissing these two do you mind?¡± she asked standing up to him.

¡°But you were dating Michael Corner?¡± Ron asked.

¡°She broke up with him before breakfast,¡± Cho said trying not to look bad in front of Ginny¡¯s brother.

¡°So I¡¯m a single woman and I really like these two what is wrong with me kissing them? And before you start with a scarlet letter or whatever we haven¡¯t done
but kiss!¡± Ginny said crossing her arms in front of her getting a little red getting angry like many of the Weasley¡¯s.

¡°You¡¯re my
sister,¡± Ron said to her trying to find the correct path to take.

¡°Ron she is almost our age,¡± Hermoine said.

¡°Huh?¡± Cho asked.

¡°It¡¯s something that the Weasley family don¡¯t talk about much but, Mrs. Weasley really wanted a girl. So she would try and have another child almost as soon as she could conceive one after she gave birth. It would always take her months if not years to get pregnant again. But with Ginny she got lucky almost as soon as she could have another kid she conceived Ginny…and Ginny was the most difficult of the lot.¡± Hermione said to Cho.

¡°I was a premature baby coming out when I was only under five months along. Under Muggle standards, I would have died. Thanks to several potions I was able to survive. So I was born the same year as Ron just a matter of about five months or so later. Mum thought it would be a good idea if I waited a year before I came to Hogwarts. I hated it and wanted to come here with Ron. But Dad sided with Mum and I had to wait.¡± Ginny said.

¡°I had no idea. I knew that you were the oldest of your year but I didn¡¯t realize why,¡± Cho said.

¡°Yeah. Ginny was the last baby they had for two reasons. First and foremost was that Mr. Weasley didn¡¯t want his wife to go through something like that again. The second was that she was the girl that their mother wanted.¡± Harry said putting a hand on Ginny¡¯s shoulder as he held Cho¡¯s hand.

Ginny reached up and grabbed his hand and held it wishing that they could go back to kissing again after the day they had together. It was a dream come true. ¡°I have earned happiness Ron. After all the shit that happened to me. Held back because I was a premature baby. Taken over by You Know Who to set free that damn Basilisk. Always treated like a kid because I am a year below where I should be. I have been crushing on Harry for years and I have fallen hard for Cho over the last week. So Ron just shut up and let me have some damn fun.¡± Ginny said and pushed him out of the changing room.

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