Fanfic: Harry Potter and the Slytherin Ideal by PreciousLadyAthena (Read for Free, 1,332,114 Clicks)

Description: What if Hagrid caught a nasty case of dragonpox, and was unable to introduce Harry Potter into the wizarding world? What if the only other person who Dumbledore trusted to handle the situation, who was not otherwise indisposed, was a very reluctant Severus Snape? What if this one difference created a butterfly effect that would change Harry Potter’s life, and the future of the wizarding world forever?

Characters: No Archive Warnings ApplyHarry Potter Severus Snape Draco MalfoySlytherin Harry Potter Resorting what if Protective Severus Snape Good Friend Draco Malfoy Smart Harry Potter Alternate Universe – Canon Divergence Hogwarts First Year Mild Dumbledore Bashing Mild Ron Weasley Bashing Mild Hermione Granger Bashing Slytherin-centric Not Beta Read Multi POV

Summary: Summary:

What if Hagrid caught a nasty case of dragonpox, and was unable to introduce Harry Potter into the wizarding world? What if the only other person who Dumbledore trusted to handle the situation, who was not otherwise indisposed, was a very reluctant Severus Snape? What if this one difference created a butterfly effect that would change Harry Potter’s life, and the future of the wizarding world forever?
Harry is determined to impress Snape and prove his worth beyond the stupid title and scar that have made him famous.
Draco is determined to impress Harry Potter and become the boy’s new best friend.
Severus is determined to survive the headache that is two hyperactive new Slytherins who seem hell-bent on bending the status quo of his entire House, and their common room, to their will.

Notes: Notes:

This work is non-beta’d or Brit-picked. I apologize for any mistakes or inconsistencies!
Later works in this series may contain canon or non-canon relationships, but romance or erotica will not be a focus.

Chapter 1: 1. A Bad Case of Dragonpox – Severus Snape

Chapter Text
Severus Snape was in a rare good mood, brewing an experimental variant of the felix felicis potion, when a Hogwarts owl began tapping aggressively at the small, grimy window of the spare bedroom in Spinner¡¯s End that he had converted into his personal potions¡¯ laboratory.? Placing a stasis spell over the bubbling cauldron, Severus opened the window for the aggravating bird, and waited impatiently as the beast flew an erratic circuit around his lab, before alighting on an empty space of shelf, and proffering a letter.
It was a summons from Dumbledore.? Of course, it was.? Merlin-forbid Severus be allowed to enjoy a full summer away from that infernal school, with its bad memories and unpleasant associations.? At least it would be free from students, this time of year.? That was something, he supposed.
He used his living room floo to travel directly into the headmaster¡¯s office, and frowned pointed at the elderly wizard and his benign smile, sitting behind his oversized desk in his absurdly cluttered office.
¡°Severus, my boy!¡± Dumbledore greeted cheerfully, gesturing for him to take a seat.? ¡°Lemon drop?¡±
¡°No, thank-you,¡± Severus bit out, pacing impatiently across the room.? ¡°What is this about, Headmaster?? I was in the middle of brewing.¡±
¡°I have a delicate matter to which I need attending, two actually, and I¡¯m afraid I cannot deal with them, myself.? I was planning to have Rubeus take care of them for me, but it seems he has come down with a case of dragonpox, and is rather indisposed at the moment.? I¡¯m afraid I need you to step in.¡±
¡°Hagrid,¡± Severus said in disbelief.? ¡°You have delicate matters, and you wanted Hagrid to handle them.¡±
¡°Well, I had thought someone friendly and unimposing¡­¡±
¡°Unimposing?? The man is as na?ve as he is clumsy, cannot keep a secret if his life depended on it, and is a half giant, for merlin¡¯s sake.? He is both imposing and incompetent.? What are these delicate matters, then?¡±
¡°Ah, yes.? Do try not to over react, and know that I would send Minerva, or perhaps Pomona, if I could, but they are both tending to personal matters¡­¡±
¡°I was tending to personal matters,¡± Severus muttered.
¡°Potions are hardly the same as family, my boy.? Now, as I was saying, I need you to stay calm.¡±
¡°What.? Is.? It?¡± Severus bit out.
¡°Right.? Well, first things, first.? There is an item I need retrieved from a certain vault at Gringotts, and brought back to me.? I have the details written here.¡±
Severus grabbed the note Albus extended to him with a snap of his wrist.? ¡°And the other matter?¡± he asked, a strange foreboding coiling in his gut.? What could the headmaster want of him, that would lead him to hedge and delay to such an extent as this?
¡°It seems that one of our muggle-raised students has not been receiving his Hogwarts admittance letters.¡±
¡°The address to his first letter was addressed to the cupboard under the stairs of his family home.? It has since changed to the smallest bedroom of the same address, and then to a hotel.? He appears to be moving to the coast.¡±
¡°Do you suspect abuse?¡±
¡°Oh, no.? Nothing so drastic as that, my boy.? I simply need someone to track the boy down, make sure he receives his letter, and ah, perhaps to inform him of some of the details of our world and his heritage.¡±
¡°His heritage.? Who is this student, Headmaster?¡±
¡°Are you sure you wouldn¡¯t be more comfortable sitting, Severus?¡±
¡°Who is it?¡± Severus snapped.
¡°It¡¯s Harry Potter.¡±
Severus sank into one of the chairs, and let out a sharp, bitter laugh.? ¡°You want me to introduce Harry Potter to Hogwarts?¡±
¡°And perhaps to help him gather his school supplies, yes.¡±
¡°You must be mad.? Wait, why is Potter being raised by muggles, in the first place?? Surely that isn¡¯t safe.¡±
¡°He needed to remain with family.? The only clear contender was Lily¡¯s sister¡­¡±
¡°You must be joking.¡±
¡°No.? I will not pay a social call to Petunia Evans and that bully of a walrus husband she lorded over me and Lily every summer, so I can babysit their no-doubt spoiled, pampered brat of a stepson, as he is hero-worshipped all through Diagon Alley.? I refuse.¡±
¡°Surely Petunia and Vernon are not as bad as all of that, and Harry is only a boy.¡±
¡°I have been at the mercy of boys before, Headmaster, as you well know.? His father and his friends nearly got me killed when they were ¡®only boys¡¯, and I have no doubt that this generation¡¯s brat is just as entitled.¡±
¡°Petunia and Vernon were always resistant to the idea of magic, especially after Lily¡¯s death.? There is a chance they are attempting to keep Harry from the magical world, and from Hogwarts, intentionally.? I¡¯m sure you can agree that it is imperative that Harry get a quality wizarding education.¡±
¡°Send someone else.? Anyone else.? I don¡¯t want to see them.¡±
¡°I cannot trust just anyone with the Dursley¡¯s location, Severus.¡±
¡°Go, yourself.¡±
¡°I cannot.¡±
¡°I can¡¯t either.? You can¡¯t ask this of me!¡±
¡°I¡¯m afraid I must.? You swore to me that you would protect the boy, Severus.? Go to him.? Make sure he is safe.? Make sure his introduction to the wizarding world happens in a manner that will keep him sane; keep him grounded.¡±
¡°I can¡¯t pretend to like him.¡±
¡°I¡¯m not asking you to.? When Voldemort returns, it will be safer for you, and more useful to us both, if Harry and the rest of the wizarding world believe that you do not like him.? He must not dread the wizarding world as a whole, though.? Make sure that he sees its wonder.? Make sure he takes his first step into believing that it is something worth saving.¡±
¡°That¡¯s a lot to ask of a child.¡±
¡°I am hoping that his assistance in saving the world will not be needed for a good, long time, but you and I both know what resentment can do to a young, promising wizard.¡±
¡°And how am I supposed to accomplish this balancing act?¡±
¡°I¡¯m sure you¡¯ll find a way, my boy.? Tomorrow is his birthday, as I recall.? Perhaps you can begrudgingly buy him a suitable magical gift.? Now, as soon as Harry stops moving and settles down for the night, a new letter will be generated, and you¡¯ll be able to find him.? Oh, and do me a favor, if you would, and allow him to watch you take that item from the vault, but don¡¯t tell him what it is.¡±
. . . . .

The Floor


The Sea

How annoyingly unhelpful.? Severus ground his teeth as he stared at the address.? What was Potter doing in a hut on the sea?
To make matters worse, it was already dark.? The letter had not materialized until after the brat had gone to bed, it seemed.
At least the succession of addresses gave Severus a trajectory to follow.? Hopefully a series of location charms would be enough to point him the rest of the way.
He apparated to a public dock on the correct stretch of coastline and looked around, frowning at the clear signs of a gathering storm.? The chill of the sea air stung his face, and his hands were growing numb.? He cast a quick warming charm, followed by a location spell.
Potter was further north.
He apparated a few kilometers up the coast and cast the location charm, again.? Still north.
It took three more apparations to find it.? By then the storm was blowing in full force, and Severus¡¯ mood was storming to match.
He almost slipped as he apparated onto the rock itself, and had to hold his cloak to keep it from whipping around his legs and tripping him in the strong wind and pelting rain.? The shack was dark, and it was almost midnight.? Potter and whoever else was with him, presumably the Dursleys, were likely already asleep.? Still, Severus did not like surprises, and years of being first a bullied and abused child, then a Death Eater and finally a spy had given him a healthy dose of paranoia.
Casting a disillusionment spell on himself, Severus peered into one of the cabin windows.? A large lump hidden under a blanket rested on the only sofa in the room, and a small lump, moving restlessly, huddled on the floor.? He could not make out anything to identify the lumps, but he assumed the one on the floor had to be Potter, as per the letter, and the other was likely to be the Dursleys¡¯ own brat.? He wondered how uncomfortable the sofa must be that the Potter brat had chosen the floor over it, and sneered.
Carefully, he moved to the back of the cabin and looked into the window of the second room.? He could not make out Petunia Evans¡¯ face, but her blond hair shone bright in the glint of the next flash of lightning, and the mountainous form of Vernon Dursley was unmistakable.? The whale had gotten even fatter over the years.
There were four people in the shack, two of them confirmed muggles.? One was the target, an untrained wizarding child, and one was an unknown, but likely a muggle child.? It was probably safe, but Severus was not in the mood to take chances.? He knew for a fact that both Petunia and Vernon were antagonistic against him, personally, and the fact that they seemed to be fleeing from Potter¡¯s admissions letters indicated that they were antagonistic against the wizarding world at large.? Who knew what sort of self-congratulatory bigoted nonsense they had filled the Potter boy¡¯s mind with, either?? The boy might feel too highly of himself to associate with regular witches and wizards at all, or he might feel destined to rule them.? It was impossible to tell which way the Dursleys¡¯ inevitable propaganda had been slanted.
Severus made his way over slick, uneven boulders, back to the cabin¡¯s only door, and raised a simple shield charm before dropping the disillusionment spell and knocking loudly.
He heard muffled shouting inside, but could not make out what was being said.? Impatiently, he knocked again, and was met with silence.
With a huff, he took a step back and blasted open the door.? He cast lumos as he stepped inside, and came face to face with Vernon Dursley aiming a muggle rifle right at him.? Severus glared at the man with contempt, and at the diminutive woman cowering behind him.
¡°Petunia,¡± he greeted stiffly, coldly, ¡°Dursley.¡±
¡°You,¡± Petunia whispered as recognition set in.? ¡°You!? You¡¯re here for the boy!? You can¡¯t have him!¡±
¡°You can¡¯t coddle the brat forever, Tunes,¡± Severus sneered.
¡°You stole Lily from me already, teaching her how to turn teacups into rats, always showing off in front of our parents, blinding them to the fact that she was a freak!? You can¡¯t take the boy, too!? He wants nothing to do with you people!¡±
¡°I didn¡¯t make your sister a witch,¡± Severus snapped.? He had heard these accusations from Petunia before.? ¡°It¡¯s not my fault that she was special, and you aren¡¯t.¡±
¡°You people got her killed!¡± she shrieked.? ¡°You can¡¯t deny it!¡±
No, Severus thought with a grimace, I can¡¯t.? ¡°It wasn¡¯t that simple, and you know it.? You-Know-Who hunted her down.? He tried to kill the brat, too.? He¡¯s gone for now, but there¡¯s no proof that he¡¯s dead, Petunia.? He¡¯ll come back, and he¡¯ll try to finish the job, whether the boy is trained or not.? His only chance is to come to Hogwarts and learn to defend himself.¡±
¡°What are you all talking about?¡± Potter asked in a petulant voice.? Merlin, he even sounded like James.? Severus¡¯ lip curled in disgust.? ¡°Are you talking about my parents?? About¡­ about me?¡±
¡°Be quiet, boy,¡± Vernon shouted.? ¡°This doesn¡¯t concern you.¡±
¡°Actually,¡± Severus said in exasperation, ¡°since I have been tasked with delivering him his Hogwarts letter in person, as he seems to have not received the previous incarnations, and to assist him with gathering his school supplies, as needed, it rather is his business, much as I am loathe to admit it.¡±
¡°He¡¯s not going,¡± Vernon said, shaking with rage and brandishing the rifle haphazardly about.? ¡°The boy might be stubborn, but this freakishness is nothing that can¡¯t be beaten out of him!¡±
Potter flinched at the words, and his eyes, Lily¡¯s eyes, flashed with fear.
Severus saw red.? He summoned the rifle with a quick accio spell, and threw it out the still open door behind him, and then hoisted Vernon and Petunia into the air with two levitation charms cast back-to-back.? ¡°Magic is not something that can be beaten out of a child!¡±
He knew it was happening as it happened.? He was conflating Potter with himself as a child.? He was feeling defensive, protective of the boy.? He could not allow that to happen.? It had been an idle threat.? It had to be.? Dumbledore would not leave the Boy Who Lived with muggles as cruel as Severus¡¯ father.
¡°Potter¡¯s parents signed the brat up to attend Hogwarts as soon as he was born.? Their intentions were clear.? The boy is going, and there is absolutely nothing you can do to stop it.? Wizarding law is very clear on the matter.? I am taking Potter with me, to gather his school supplies, and then I¡¯ll drop him off at his home at Little Whinging.? I¡¯m assuming your current accommodations aren¡¯t permanent.¡±
Not waiting for a response, Severus grabbed the Potter boy by the arm, and apparated them both to Spinner¡¯s End.? He cast a sleeping charm on the boy before he could make a fuss, and dumped him on his living room sofa.? They might as well get a few hours of sleep before facing the oppressive crowds and public scrutiny of Diagon Alley.

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